we left off in the previous post with a physician, an "expert" in medicine, treating patients … giving his patient pain killers which led to an addiction not just for his patient but the patient's murderer … and possibly the murderer's family members and friends. our next question is …
who benefits from receiving/using the drugs? what is the physician's intent? what is the intent of the manufacturer of the drugs? what is the intent of the creator of the drugs? who makes money and for what? no question highly addictive and highly destructive drugs assist in reducing pain and aid the physicians in their work. like a RELIGION, there is a reality in the usage of a drug or some form of medicine that enables … religious … but the question is and will always be … for any thing, practice, doctrine, law … life … enables for what purpose? when is overuse recognized as a serious problem?when is misuse a realization for the people in a position to cease the abuse and the destruction and …where do these posts feed that they might realize this chaos? our first question becomes our last regarding the agreeable man … if he agrees to all manmade creations used for some type of order and control (its disease, suffering, confusion, abuse …), at what point does he see his poor care and or lack of vision within this same?

PROPHESY teaches (shows) us where man is in his use and misuse … abuse … and history is tripping over itself with evidence on these … but man repeats rather than RETURNS to Prophesy. over and over and over mistakes are made and people suffer and die senselessly, confusedly, chaotically, destructively ... in that "liberated" state, whether religious or political or both. instead of returning to  "vocation" of care in partnership with Love (God), man weds self to destination. but like is not Love. Love is not destination. A dream is not a place of awareness. It is merely a stepping stone to …something  … somewhere. whether this be a dream of becoming a nurse or a doctor or a pastor or a priest … or a mystic's dream, which can mislead him into … a barren field … along with those who he coerced into the following____

the agreeable man is not a rebellious dynamic of Spir, rivaling the system that fosters poor parenting, he is a pawn for the agents of ….


if you read the beginning, that first question is … ? 

continued: LOVE