MAN with dart/spear … and "son" of ENOCH. if you have read anything on ENOCH you know the Writings say that enoch will not see death. 

to understand what this means, one would need to understand two parts: seeing and death in the Language of the Spirit. MAN has misunderstood this place of Enoch if he thinks that enoch did not die. enoch moved from the flesh so his flesh did cease to exist. … he moved into the Spirit of the Living God … which required him to die, even while he walked. but he did not "see" his dying.

why didn't he see his dying? first, even after leaving the flesh that held his contemplation, he moved to his place within Spirit of the Living God. if IN {this}, one moves with Prophesy (an active, rebelling place of ministry and worth). one moves to and for the Living God. this is without question a SPIRIT state or place of Spirit BEING. there are heavenS (recall PAUL spoke of the third heaven) and enoch moved to the third heaven where he found his source of Light. this was, is and will be his purpose. and he has purpose, because he was not of man. he was of God. he was Human Being within the carriage of the Living. he works in this Day, still … in Spirit.

one of angelkind has purpose and either leaves the place of his earthly birth or he does not. where angelkind goes is not clearly seen. where man goes is not seen, even by the Angels of God. why? why can't the angels see where man of flesh is after he passes? if not IN the Spirit, moving toward his Spirit ID, the purpose of the Living God… he is not seen. he is without vision. Angels of the Living need one within Prophesy order to "see". 

which brings us to enoch, truly one in the Spirit … he did not see his death because he was/is of Spirit, the Angelic Host, a recipient of Lord's Most High and … a Prophet on Truth (not JUDGING, as he is often mistakenly labeled … prophesying what was, is and will be. the Lord used enoch to prophesy. this is an ever-present place of Being. but remember, his words were misinterpreted and the message was missed. MAN in his religious sequestering and political endeavor, and the many vagaries that go along with these posts … missed the message, and either added or took from the Writings for self-evaluation. for his own agendas). enoch did not SEE death because he saw LIFE.recall we shared many times that seeing is of the MIND and hearing is of the HEART.

enoch was hearing. he was hearing because Prophesy had not yet been realized, and in many ways … it is still not realized/recognized.  "the son" had not yet arrived. child had not yet grown to a place of partnering in the Spirit. Angels were young …some are still young, and growing. THE MARRIAGE had not yet come to fruition: bearing fruits of the Spirit. the son of enoch, that man with the spear is none other than "the anointed", Jesus, a Prophet on Truth, carrying the sword: the Christ.

continued …