allow us a moment to point out the HYPOCRISY of our government 

case a ... female clerk working for government refuses to sign marriage contracts for ssm couples

result: charged with contempt of court and sentenced to jail

case b ... institution/pontiff having established teaching/rule on ssm of female clerk invited to speak to US congress 

result: MEGA SALUTE AND CELEBRATION with special accommodations given to pontiff, which include things like: USE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS, secret service, officers of the law, and use of other public servants not doing their job FOR ALL US CITIZENS, esp ones abused by said teaching/institution, and the inconvenience for workers and students because of the closing down of roads and streets, businesses/schools ... because government? Roman Catholics?- demand SPECIAL TREATMENT for pontiff.   

huh ... yep, real decent of you ... 


which brings to mind something I have wondered about ...

all those gay pride parades? wonder how many officers tell their superiors, sorry, man, I'm not working the gay parades ... no can do" ... okay, I'll find somebody else ... but we will still keep you on the force.


wonder how much tax payer money goes into gay pride parades---use of roads and ... public servants ... just to tell the world: hey, I am gay and proud of it!

TBH, I am not gay, but if a heterosexual asked me to participate in something supporting heterosexual pride ... I wouldn't do it ... goes against my Conscience---pride of sex preferences? just feels wrong ... not for me.