interesting ... 
is this what the militant atheists fear? and why they have used islam to attack christianity? if so, what do they fear about this pastor's process? the converted already believed in a good and an evil ... so, he saw/experienced something in christianity prior to his exodus then acted on it. if it keeps him and his family safe, and permits these---ESP THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN---a chance at a decent education, healthy food and a community that will look after him and his family, what's "bad" about it? nobody is forcing these people to convert to anything other than the necessary change needed for gaining entry into a way of life in [berlin] that is likely very different from the previous life ... and so, it is a beginning for this man and his family. he will not be forced to stay in this church or this area or this place of understanding---we hope---but it is a place to start anew.
sad that others cannot share for fear of their families being harmed. 

why anyone supports government and regimes that treat people as these people were being treated is a question all should be asking?