@ RNS … finally a post about GREECE! and what's happening there. I thought if I see another article about the pop-up pope or LGBTQ … I might turn away … forever. waste of time? maybe. maybe not. I have been following what I can on these affairs and what strikes me as a really peculiar pitch is UNESCO's recent resolution concerning a certain holy site. this is a push-shove if there ever was one. but we have been watching the eggs roll thataway, anyway … and we have been watching the obama camp fondling the military genitalia … so something is clearly up. 

greece did their part. yes? things are growing a bit thin now in a country that has been reeling for quite some time … economically. one article I read shared that many of the islanders have lost their tourism because of the refugees pouring in, and it will eventually hurt tourism throughout much of greece should the heavy breeders get rooted and begin their religious practices. but I am shown that greece will say, uh, nope … you cannot build your religion here, and grow as you have in other countries now predominantly muslim. otherwise you will truly accomplish your mission of becoming THE RELIGION OF THE WORLD AS YOU OVERPOPULATE IT, demanding your rights … getting your politicians in power and establishing your peer base … (are you listening america? because that is HOW things like it operate in the world).
but why did "europe" close its borders suddenly leaving greece with so many? another forced operative? another tactic to force a nation to agree to islam or to agree to something that a group like the UN wants? but what's in it for the UN? what could possibly be in it for the UN to force greece to accept refugees and allow them to build their fortunes religiously in greece? to continue their islamic mission in greece?

property? delicious property? surely the UN knows that a very small percentage of orthodox actually attend liturgy in the churches and that many of these struggle to pay for upkeep and such. several yrs ago when I was dialoguing with an orthodox priest I shared that I had read an article that some of the priests in greece had already begun to sell off their religious artifacts and ikons----the very old ones. hmm … maybe the greeks will realize the threat of a big, fat religion like islam and realize their own, forgotten FAITH has been neglected and … possibly misused? by bishops? and make that move to reenergize a lagging belief-faith … a part of WHAT they are? and maybe, just maybe … in that move they will recognize their ignorance regarding female … dust off the Writings … including the Philokalia and get to work? maybe, but still … this does not answer the questions regarding the UN. 

why is the UN in this … why do I hear the UN's name keep coming up?

and, of course, the follow up at RNS. lol, gotta make sure that islam gets the final world, I men, word ;)

yes, there are bishops with a rep for being swindlers …  but not seeing this delicious property go through … for a mosque. now what might put an abrupt stop to it>

remember the "opportunistic feeders" we were talking about in an earlier post? well, this is what we see happening regarding the UN groups. should something come out about the UN being pooportunistic , I mean, opportunistic in their dealings with a certain … 

I mean, heck, if peacekeepers have been found to be raping young women and children ( have you seen THE WHISTLEBLOWER?) … starving children … can you f'ing imagine that? how unwell you have to be to be capable of such a thing? it is possible the UN has been dealing opportunistically. 

___ another opportunistic feeder?

 I spy with a very keen eye and hear with the ark of … that this act is a framing. the DNC has already shown its willingness to cheat … and cheat is has, and lie and deny and … we understand very well why people refuse to vote for trump, but the deception on the part of the hillary camp is sooo big and so filthy … people are going to weep for having been betrayed so terribly. it's stunning that anyone is voting for either one, but the democrat has shown a side of itself that we fear is beyond repair. it's time is up, and in aspiration it behaves  threateningly … truly it does!  thinking it can get away with this deception? huh. 

evil knows when it is about to be caught and will behave calculatingly … oh so calculatingly. and, of course, trump in his nastiness has given people a free pass to set him up, however … there is something the journalists fail to see. a keen journalist … a researcher-careful and care-filled investigator will see it but a careless viewer will not and will copy paste his way to a blow out. a parrot mimics what he hears in the house, but a dog knows when a burglar has twixt.  

and oh … just heard on the news that the big H is worried because the african american voters in certain states are not turning out to vote in the numbers she had hoped … 
so democrat goes on a troll launch? fear tactic ? how truly sad … how truly despicable. 

we have a very strong sense that a number of so-called fair, just, tolerant and behaviorally tepid clergy and professors are going to be eating their own words before this is all over.



it's 4:16am … been up for a while communing. am shown that today will be a day of mourning. 

11:35 am

30 civilians dead in afghanistan 

what happens when this starts happening in the US … from drone strikes? 


yesterday afternoon I saw a brief interview with a political analyst on a left wing talk show and caught a glimpse of the stats: 42% -- 42%

now at 5:27 am friday …sticky hands from eating a tangelo I typed in to find a source on where things are. I had to go to BBC news to find the up to date stats.

so what's up?

did the annihilation attempt not work? did the cheating not pay off? here are a few interesting things we observed:

1. clearly the democratic party sabotaged bernie sanders … nothing new. had hamilton had in his day the internet and emails and such, he would have used them, along with his "fan club". washington isn't called washington for nothing.

2. clearly the democratic party cheated in the debates. now had all those professors and clergy, scientists and doctors of this or that cheated ON TESTS … detentions would be on the books, possibly even one getting expelled here or there. and a doctor faking test results would surely get slapped with a law suit …should anyone care enough to address this kind of malpractice. some might even end up in prison. but there is still time for that.

3. trump may be the sacrificial lad used to LEARN WHO-WHAT are the hypocrites. maybe G-D allowed the trump to see where man has made his bed. I know WE have seen where man has made his bed and … where he thinks himself above the law of both church and state. and G-d. we frowned at how so many finger-pointed at the trump in his "boy's talk" while having engaged heavily throughout in much the same throughout their lives, and even today … after trump's self-destruct, we see them continue to misuse, abuse and undermine female while standing pompous-assed butt naked … pretending to look … righteous. 

no one enters the KINGDOM of the Living God … naked.

huh, this election has been some test. many are going to wish they'd been reborn … instead of where they slept. 

in case you are wondering … you haven't fooled Spirit of the Living … G-d. 

another thing became even more clear, obama and his team are desperate and despite their big rah-rah about religious tolerance and religious acceptance and their finger-pointing at bigotry and biased and racist commentary … their mote couldn't be wider today. shutting down all news on those leaked emails is what? a double standard? hypocrisy louder than the ring of a school bell? what does the american government … this admin … teach the youth of today? communism. 

here we are, they say … LOUD AND PROUD. well, you will reap what you have sown, hypocrites that you are. 

hell, that is some test. yes?


had some peculiar dreams these last two nights. one having to do with my compost bin which isn't really a bin but an area fenced with chicken wire tucked into a bed with four to help obscure it: a lilac tree, a dragon flower plant, and two rhodis having merged into one. I added a fifth this summer, another flower producing shrub, but it is quite small, and will likely remain small. 

how many of you have a compost pile? how many of you use chemical fertilizer on your expansive lawns? how many of you use product after product after product that is not only bad for the environment and the wildlife but bad for you and bad for your children and … life beside you? I wonder what the White House uses? inside and out … maybe the White House is too big and too expensive and too much … not worth the time and money put into it. maybe it is to be removed as it has shown itself weak in justice and militant in bias, bad seeding and butt naked fruit bearing. 

augustine of the hippo … remember him? he was the one using female then leaving her to fry. maybe now augustine's day has come … to atone for his sins. you see, augustine did not do what Spirit of the Living teaches. he did not go back to make up for his greatest sins. he set himself up in the seat of roman rule but ignored the plight of those women AND CHILDREN he used for his own pleasure. he favored men above female. he showed not impartiality but partiality and used christianity to seat himself. he mostly ignored the women and the children he helped bring into the world through his excessive and luxurious ways. he even wrote contemptuously about female in his rambling City of God … as he continued the fare of romanesque feast without the light. the REALITY of these "saints" of the roman catholic church is that it is not Truth as God. it is not the men you should look to as God's Word. it is not the face of the God of the Living.

 it is hierarchal deliverance of male-dominated lecturing. and couldn't be more OFF from where God is. 

and augustine thought that peacock meat does not decay? will not rot? he had the meat of the peacock cooked before setting it out in the sun to see if it would decay. hmm … some scientist he is ;) 

anyhow, allow us a moment to share in something shown to me last evening:

from ENOCH 



again, we remind you that the language is SPIRIT LANGUAGE, not of men but of God for those chosen to hear.

ends of the earth: the end of man, the world of men

twelve doors open: these are the 12 chosen. the apostle. each  represent a door to the mystery of life.  if you take one you must take all.  PAUL is the sword carrier.  he divides the heaven into quarters. 

to all quarters of the heaven: the quarters are the houses of Truth. 

from which the winds go out and blow over the earth: the winds are the archangels

and the three first are those of the east:  the first will be last and the last first. 


if a kid pelts another kid with rocks … the people want to know whose house. which parent(s) does the kid belong to. no where in islamic writings do I see PEACE. peace is UNDERSTANDING and I do not think most islamists understand God, neighbor … the way to impartiality. and the same could be said of roman catholicism and other groups, including state. state is not perpendicular to church. it is just as guilty of treason as church is guilty of deception. obama in his deal with islamic bodies has placed america in a stranglehold. he should have stated the obvious and stuck to it, but he made special arrangements with muslim brotherhood industry and this places many lives, homes, neighborhoods and country in a dangerous position. that he mentioned the crusades is relevant. go ahead! bring it up! the crusades, the inquisition … the church-state bloody business of power-mongering! deeming control … the whole UNIVERSAL "I AM AUTHORITY AND MY WAY IS THE WAY ALL SHOULD FOLLOW" … say it straight out and let it be heard for what it is! but remember, obama, JESUS, THE WRITINGS on the Christ NEVER say that Roman Catholicism or Lutheranism or any other group or ism is God, Truth, Spirit of the Living, and to place the blame on JESUS, something "unknown" is in error. say ROMAN CATHOLICISM, please … state the house having made the mess. The Writings of Christ never even say become Christian or build me a church calling it Christianity. never. few understand the Writings. 

and if islam is the vehicle, the parent of ignorance and abuse, terrorism and … say it, or forget you have a name. if the muslims want to distance themselves from the orcs of the universe they better find the way to leave that house! because their prophet ordered that house … and he did much of what those orcs are doing. maybe they should review their spiritual's leader's acts and see if these are right. because from our vantage point … enslaving others, misusing and abusing others, women and children …is wrong. it is wrong. setting yourself up as an entity of power and demanding your religion become a burden to others through heavy breeding, war crimes, keeping female as a second class … shouting your prayer out 5X a day that infringes on the peace and silence of others is wrong. it is wrong. and weakening an economy because of your beliefs and practices is wrong. it is wrong. this is NOT peace, it is arrogance and ignorance. any religion growing fat and fatter, including state, on the backs of others is wrong. 

are you listening catholics? as a gnostic not of religion … as a BELIEVER IN THE CHRIST … we do not want your political puppet the roman pontiff speaking for Christ! he is an arrogant sycophant and deserves jail time. please … get him off the stage! HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR TRUTH. and take your piggy cult conference of bishops with you … 

investigate these orders now or face the tyranny of your foe.


obamawood under clinton's cops … the circus speaks. and we are to trust a clinton aide? LOL! now comey is the devil because he followed his Conscience? if you people are fooled by this … wow, you really are in the dark. what a grueling fiasco. comey should have been up front and brazenly blunt the first time with clinton's behavior, but … too many fingers in the pie. and you could tell he was sweating over what he was expected to say to clear big h for duty. if terrorists wanted to storm the high hills right now they would have their passes clear. 

why are politicians running for commander and chief where lives---billions of lives---are on the line, posing on comic gigs? well, we know why and it only makes them look more desperate. 

people are dying, folks!!! and you are … ah, where exactly?


arrived just in the last few years.

so how did it arrive and who-what are these patients? unless you are in these facilities and working there or get sick from being there, you don't know very much about these diseases/infections and GOVERNMENT and PHARM CO as well as the medical field (often in league with pharm co_) don't want you to know more. they do not give you enoughinformation even though I am quite certain they know quite a bit more … so I rely on another far more honest and reliable Source. 

so … let's see if I have the origin correct, should this info actually ever become available to the citizens of these nations listed. the fungus came in by way of animals brought in illegally and not cared for properly. this is connected to the same fungus that hurt the bat and bee populations. zoos may be a new breeding ground for these where animals are dependent on drugs rather than a natural way to get rid of the fungus, out in the wild. the fungus is beginning to spread because conditions are ripe for it to. what would naturally destroy it is being eradicated by man's desire for chemicals both in his body and what he puts into the environment---air, water, soil … use of products, etc. it is related to the problems people are having with contaminated water (not the lead problem). more and more of these will be cropping up.


cheating again?

and is assange telling the truth about the emails? yes. is assange telling the truth about the clinton establishment/washington and …. yes. is assange telling the truth about revealing his source? no, but he does not know it yet that he will need to reveal his source of information. why? his life will depend on it.

 we know who-what it is that has gotten those emails and … we said before that it is an inside job.


my sources say this is correct. but it seems there are other terrorist groups planning attacks, too. but not seeing why day before election … what purpose? to introduce another log to the fire is what I hear. will they get away with it? not seeing anything on it.


someone ought to send that to mark silk … or maybe RNS for a story, and they can add their pop-up pope's reaction to it.

I know what it feels like to be told I am doing satan's work by roman catholics. but the truth is it takes an establishment to raise a religion. maybe somebody ought to educate these catholics on their own history as they seem to be in serious denial on the original manifesto of their leaders. the formation of a group is important in understanding if an institution is right or wrong. church and state were the duo that built roman catholicism into the mass murdering militarily inquisitive cad that it is. 

please, isn't there anyone out there willing to take this on?