there is not a day that goes by that I am not seeing a 'church organization' talking about the decline of their numbers and what they need to do to 'reform' or 'radicalize' to be inviting---exciting ... relevant to people? they hold big meetings wearing their cossacks and gowns and spend time and money galore talking about issues that are actually the lesser of the greater evils, and it is not hard to understand why people are leaving these institutions. are these clergymen so removed from the realities of the needs of society that they cannot see where and how mankind suffers? ah, but this could very well be why they are not relevant and why the decline of numbers.

while they sit and discuss endlessly on 'the bait' to lure the people in, the Christ of Relevance is not trying to make men bait. he calls them to be fishers of men. to become fishers of men requires following me ... and following me requires understanding what is a fisher of man in the words of Jesus, Prophet on Truth. 

but it strikes me as odd that after all this time and the many theologians and all that has been written in the religious circles (topics God/Christ related) religionists are still confused about the jew and the gentile. and it's no wonder he loses numbers because to miss this epic point in the Writings is to be spiritually immature ... and not anywhere near "what is God", and I keep waiting for that 'something' to show up that will be like the hit on the side of the head and the person says, "gee, I could have had a V-8!" (remember that commercial for the vegetable drink?). 

but where and how did he get so mixed up on this?

ah, what a great sermon for BC, The Trilogy. if they won't allow me in their organizations to speak then I shall speak through the characters of moses and matthew ... noah and paul ... enoch and john ... isaiah and ... but with names like gunner and marc ... xavier and ... you see, there are other ways to be fishers of men, men ... 

and it does not require a theology degree and vestments size male. 


"Her mind was lithe and quick and muscular as a leopard, " he writes on one particularly enchanting passage. "Passion, tenderness, and pain were all equally unable to disarm it. It scented the first whiff of cant or slush; then sprang, and knocked you over before you knew what was happening. How many bubbles of mine she pricked! I soon learned not to talk rot to her unless I did it for the sheer pleasure ... of being exposed and laughed at. I was never less silly than as [Joy's] lover." CS Lewis from the Forward on JOY Poet. Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated C. S. Lewis by Abigail Santamaria.

This made me smile. Artist Lovers ... destined to become within a challenging and emerging portent. The communism ... marxism of Joy's youth ...

Gradually Davidman found that her communism "shriveled up and blew away like a withered tumbleweed," as she put it in a 1951 essay about her conversion to Christianity," I cannot tell exactly when it went but I looked and found it gone."

 from the BOOKS section of the Wall Street Journal: Jack and Joy ... by Ruth Scurr 

That was October 10-11 ... while I was attending a wedding in NC. I quickly ordered the book; it arrived yesterday and I am now thinking of someone that might benefit from it---------a Christmas gift? If I told you a recent story on this person, unmarried, and of the mindset to accuse the unwedded sleeping together, and the row it caused in her family ... you might agree in the choice of gift. 

I once said to a family member whose dad was not pleased with her and her boyfriend "living together" before marriage ... both having moved to a new area for work ... "you won't hear any chastising from me. I am glad you have him with you because I think it is safer ... especially in this day." I let them work out the details of their relationship ... which they did. they will be married next summer ... the wedding is all planned. 

when I hear on the news of the drug epidemic in NE I think how thankful family should be that their children act like adults ... behave rationally and not religiously (all the time) ;)