religion and science

I adore the science news on many topics in our changing and challenging world ... am always eager to learn of new, I do not always condone the uses or even believe the results or findings to be the end all ... as I am of the faith and belief that there is always more. we have really just begun to tap into the drink of life---all life.

my FAITH is gnosis ... I am a gnostic (not of gnosticism) ... not a religion; more a science. I have shared many many times that I am not of religion and science is KNOWLEDGE, or engaging in some manner to get to ... know ... something ... and why not God------SPIRIT? as God is not stagnant and is of the necessity to evolve of Conscience. science is continuous as is gnosis ... as knowledge is continuous---ongoing. the knowing (knowledge) on any particular subject or topic is never fully known and this includes our understanding on God, or "what is God" ... and I feel very much like man closed the door on {this}, locking many into one place, not allowing others the voice to explore ... and this includes atheists who know nothing about God through "experience" ...  in and through use of religion ... as he often deems himself all-knowing, or godlike in his knowledge ... on what little he knows having used the wrong tools to measure {this}, and this is no different from the religionists refusing or denying science or important aspects of science ... having used the wrong tools to measure with. 

you do not know until you begin to know.
 this is not a trite manifesto; simple but not trite, for 
Lord does say: for my yoke is easy and my burden is light, and light being our example---our return to truth ... having learned from what came before ... should man bother to realize this and make known its attribute as well as its insolence ... rather than continue in finding new ways to obscure facts and drug himself, keeping himself from knowing the truth about many things.  and anyone claiming he has all the answers is not to be taken too seriously unless he has the capability to insist and impose this on a greater number, which we have also seen. history is riddled with these exercises and ... experiments. 

we know that smoking can cause lung cancer, but we do not know if every person smoking will die from lung cancer. meteorites hitting the earth may or may not contain a large amount of iron, although most do. if so, there is likely to be more damage when they hit. science cannot determine the iron content of every meteorite falling to earth and they sure as heck cannot determine how many if any will be killed should a large one hit a populated area, because they cannot know the damage the impact will cause (shattering glass ..). much would depend on the time of day and so forth (in a building with lots of glass ..). science cannot tell us where to be and when, although it might be able to give us a general area to stay away from, but science can tell us that we should not smoke if we want to protect ourselves and our family from this harm, and religion can tell people that smoking is like drinking alcohol, and should not be allowed to supersede God as it shows a lack of love and care for self as well as neighbor (drinking and driving, risk of poor parenting ...). 

life does not cease for fear of meteorites ...
but science/medicine should not experiment on people using addictive drugs, or drugs known to cause harm ... and I say to you ... truly, there are ways of understanding the mind of man, his ailments---maladies---sickness---diseases---without the use of dangerous drugs ...
but man loves to play with fire in his stage two mindset. he loves to dissect a living brain with the wrong tools. it is like he never learns and government and religion, often much the same ... if they can make money off of it ... their easy way out ... what we call the lazy man's purgatory ... will do it, and will spend lots of time and money without the proper CARE for neighbor, the world ... or himself.

we feel it kind of like talking to a two-year old: can I please have that knife before you stab your little brother, or severely injure yourself?

huh, they murder their own. so, what else is new?

some things are more manageable than others, and of greater value. for example, we should stop spending so much time and money on something like e-cigs and other forms of smoking and create places of interest on studying meteorites.

the Art of Life is founded within the principle "care" of anything of value. value is measured by man. mankind decides what is of value. he decides what is used and how, and what is ignored, refused ... rejected. these, of course, vary depending on each individual and where he 'sees' ... some time ago we were sitting at the kitchen table having dinner and noticed Gracie (our jack russell) at a distance over by the door, on the doormat, watching us. someone asked why she was there and not at our feet where she usually sits during dinner. my youngest pointed out that because she is so small, she needs to be at a distance to see all of us. ah, yes, we said, very good point. much later, we realized she was having difficulty hearing our voices. now, in order to get her attention, we must clap loudly and she will turn our way. she needed to see all of us because she was not hearing me. I have been her 'master' --- it is me who takes care of her needs. 

science is not master ... neither is religion, and I am not master of either as I rely on both to be of an instrument of care, but why have science or religion if the information received through these is not used in a manner that demonstrates care in the health and wellbeing of communities---societies---the world? also, science relies on religious principles as much as religion relies on scientific outcome. if science created a dust that could ultimately destroy the world, religion, which includes policies/laws, should say, you should not use that dust; it is too dangerous ... and if religion created a document that could destroy the world, science should say, you should not use that dust; it is too dangerous.

where the two argue is on what is of value in the secular (its age). 

now, if we wanted to investigate the religious through scientific method we would need honest protocol. this is not so easily procured in a society at war ... as each is desiring of voice, prestige ... money ... for his little experiments sometimes turning big and ...



speaking of experiments ...
the very recent rescue of prisoners where an american was shot and later died of his injuries ... were not kurds as originally thought but extremists ... i mean, iraq and arab dissenters? my first thought was, "why wouldn't ISIL immediately kill the prisoners knowing there was an attempt to rescue them?" c'mon, really ... it wouldn't be hard for them to do given they did not lose their compound in the fight ... unless they wanted those "prisoners" to be rescued and released into  ... 

something is certainly off in that whole exercise

bombing a hospital now this? me thinks some serious sleep fest