last night the discussion …
with a person who does not believe in Spirit (of the Living God), one having cast his vote for clinton confessed to me that he did this because he did not want trump to win (the nader thing) but he wished that he had voted for bernie sanders.  "I never said I liked hillary," he said, "but I did not want trump to win." I had argued some with this person off and on throughout the election saying: you say you are voting in the lesser of two evils, but you are still voting for … evil, paying for, supporting and selling yourself to … evil. if hillary is to win and she continues in all those things you do not like, and she cannot be trusted … you not only did this to yourself, you did it to many others.

I would not want this on me---my Conscience. I would not feel this to be a sincere and honest act. it betrays me, and it betrays others. but I also believe there are other choices, other voices to choose from if … given the opportunity. if given a chance to present itself. the democratic ticket sabotaged those choices and denied those voices … as they almost always do. no change, really. and it is more than obvious that change is needed and we must turn a page on democracy as it currently holds. people have been fractured for a while and mental illness is on the rise and … drugs, drugs and more drugs and … obama wants the american people to place his chosen temptress as authority, honor it and allow it to educate the american youth (think gulen's charter schools for one. what happened? he is being investigated for misuse of funds, and not only that … he is being blamed for something huge going on in turkey. why is the obama admin holding fast to something that might explode in his and our faces at any moment? *keep that question in your mind).

this person then called me out on a couple of things:

1. you said hillary would drop out
2. you said trump would self-destruct

first, many do not understand me. they do not understand what I write, how and why I write. so I will explain why I said those two things. before hillary hit the trail in her dazzling pantsuits and glossed-up hair … she visited a coffee shop. when she came out there was a black female reporter right there next to her trying to ask a question. hillary did not stop and say, I am sorry, but I am not answering questions at this time, but thank you for your time, your interest … for being here … to inquire about me and my(our) plans for the seat of the white house. she ignored that woman right next to her, climbed into a car and left. I was a bit miffed. wow, I said, that was rude. who does she think she is? and she acted not like she was hungry for a chance to serve, instead she behaved as if she could care less about america and what it might have to say. it feels like she is expecting america to wait on her.

and they did. but I also said, I would not be surprised if hillary dropped out. she did not seem to have it in her to do the job. of course, that man calling me out only remembered it in the mirror of his own mind, certainly not mine, because … as a liberal type in several areas, like hillary, he was not interested in what I had to say. I was looking closely at that exchange outside the coffee shop, he was not. I was questioning her intent. he wasn't all that interested at that point, but interestingly, he remembered I'd said something just not why I had said it

I said several times do not take trump seriously. he does not even take himself seriously. I explained this already. early on it was clear to me he was saying things to get people riled. I cannot be baited. then again, I am not in a position of serious fall out. I am not hurting like many very dissatisfied with obama and needing a trump ego to get me up in the morning. and yes, many of these saw in trump what they wanted to see in themselves. he said what they could not because … like what was happening with me, they are not understood and were being silenced by the liberal lordship. accused, berated and denied voice. and much of their gripes and dissatisfaction on the obama admin has nothing to do with JESUS CHRIST. it has a lot to do with the economy and crime and … 

I was seeing that trump would self-destruct as I watched him go deeper into that vanity, like he was looking for something he'd lost and was frantic to find it. a new face, perhaps? whatever … his past came back to haunt him because he was that crass and prickly in his deliveries. I said he would self-destruct and he did. he is still in self-destruct, but the people who voted him to the seat of the white house cared more about change than what that change might look like. it's not new. it's old, too. it's over the hill old. but, hey … they believed themselves to be without voice so they used his. 

who told them that this was the way?

hillary did drop out. and she lost the seat. she was a mannequin on display repeating things that have been said a million times and have yet to be resolved. trump is as trump does, and I never said trump would win … I said: I saw some time ago that a republican would … 

this election isn't over yet. what are you going to do about it? burning businesses and bashing people in the face is not the answer, democrat … 

who told you that this was the way?



hillary is blaming comey because she lost that white house seat. do you see what I am WRITING? "white house seat". this isn't a monopoly. it is or should be a call to justice and justice does not speak through one megaHead. it is one seat at a table of seats. in the LAST SUPPER, as it is known, the seat of Jesus is one seat among "many" as each disciple represents something crucial for Truth and Justice (we shared a glimpse on this already). it is not a warring prophet luring in males to fuck enslaved female and child, or a dynasty entitled DEMOCRAT CLINTON. there is a world of a difference between those two. so big it amazes the good how easily man is filled by the bad. drink up, they say … do this in remembrance of

there is no way I will drink the drink of thieves and murderers. there is no way I will honor a prophet like the islamic prophet. obama is delusional if he thinks a waking people will not slander the prophet of islam, or the islamists themselves. I am not a liar and I do not deceive by pretend behavior. I tell it like it is where it needs clarification. but people are of course able to choose their prophets in america. yes? unless he is silenced by fascist ideology and … practices. that another might be hoisted up and placed on a pedestal for all citizens to respect and honor, even if it is against their will … and their CONSCIENCE …? and my Conscience says: the islamic prophet is a murderer and an abuser, and the liberal in his democratic lick-it is a drug dealer of sorts, a lollipop sorceress. was JESUS, PAUL his disciples and the female that followed … a murderer and an abuser? where in the Story do you read that any of them murdered? or enslaved? the LANGUAGE, of course, has been translated but is and was of Spirit not man. people can pretend many things, but one thing not pretend is the history of the prophet of islam. 

hillary does not want to remember her acts, her behavior … her choices. she does not want to see the reflection of what she really looks like to many having watched her, even experienced her over many years. she walks as if she has no past, and in doing so she denied you a future. your children and your grandchildren. if trump is a deadened seat it is because the democratic ticket put him there. to ignore half of the voting population of a nation, calling them deplorables is to ignore half the population that is hurting because of a system failing the people … and we know it is more than half because many having voted for hillary voted out of fear. but let's turn the table for a moment and say that hillary is really the one that you should fear. what would you think then? the clinton train is still at it filling the public square with junk. and now the psychologists have gotten into the INK of it? do you trust what these "experts" write? where were the psychologists when mateen and his wife murdered in CA, or the successful sex predator realtor having filled the system and many many people over many years, having killed several and chained a woman in a metal box? or the man in ohio having kidnapped three women, sexually abusing them for ten years! or the millions of children raped by roman catholic clergy? where was the psychologist when bill clinton used and abused women? the psychologists from our vantage point drink from the vine of heaves … now puking up what they overindulged in. can yu trust these hypocrites to diagnose your family member … your child? 

they will likely pump them with drugs, keeping them in a haze until the hangover wears off and they explode in a panic. hey, just look at their worldly advise … 

okay, hillary … if you blame comey then it makes sense that we see those emails you tried to ignore. that you wanted the people to forget and deny existed. can we see them … all? shall we see them all? evidence of something is very important … PROOF OF MALPRACTICE, CORRUPTION, POSSIBLY MURDER is important for people to hear, right? maybe it will be you, hillary, and your liberal left democratic ticket that people will fear. 


I was waiting for this article.

:D it was a gift placed right in my hands to use to clarify something people deny … repeatedly. the pope calling himself francis is a political puppet for not only this establishment at RNS but the media needing an outlet to hide their bad behavior. but before I say AGAIN how this is timely and oh so true … let me just say that the author of this article got it part right: the first part … the rest is what experienced SPIRITUAL GNOSTICS call PROPAGANDA, the continued agenda of ...the denying the mirror on liberalist left wielding disease.

hold a sec while I find evidence that PROVES to you the arrogance of their acts.

going to use a source (article) that I would not normally use but somehow it seems relevant:

it was obvious to anyone aware in what was going on in italy that ITALY as a nation was unjust in dealing with this murder. they made amanda into a demon, because they like it that way. it made them look somehow better. their italian pride oozed all over the the place and when more info came out after victimizing amanda AND PLEASE KNOW THAT WE SAID AMANDA and not the boyfriend that they so easily made into a media star (if you see the film), but after all, He was italian and MALE … they still could not let go of that image of her---the one they created through use of their prosecutors, investigators, law enforcement and … their media, the whores of the underworld of a cut throat livelihood. they spared no expense in creating for YOU, the reader, a demon worthy of the worst possible sentence. 

but in doing so, they created for you … a VICTIM. 

but where does the pontiff stand in all of this? he is as we said a political puppet and the italian author's words demonstrate clearly in ink that his religion is a political entity as his hierarchy is intertwined in the affairs of the state, and…  actively attempting to hide their pontiffs actions on a number of serious concerns but esp on the clergy/staff/LAITY sexual abuse of children and how their master has denied and lied and IS USED to distract from these CRIMES, yes crimes …

but why would or why should a president go to the residence of a religion? why spend the taxpayers dollars to fly to rome and engage in religion?oppressive and ignorant and unjust, unfair, corrupt and criminal religion? just remove those guilty of the injustice and the breaking of american law ... the crimes, and you solve the problem in your nation, at that end. yes? no one who hates roman catholicism, esp one a victim of its hierarchal lack of diplomacy and respect for female and the horrendous behavior of it (popes, bishops, laity, theologians and scholars, monks, nuns, pew dwellers and saint worshippers) wants her $ or the president of her country paying homage to something illegal according to american law and america under separation of church and state so … what is this savvy actor knitting for you to wear? 

cheap trick … as always at RNS and in the halls of roman catholic "justice" .

NOW … all you need to do is research to see if this contributor at RNS (the author of that article) has written anything on the amanda knox incident and what it says. 


the quandary (when) should not exist, and in Spirit of the Living, it really does not exist because TRUTH is an oncoming revelation within good and evil. it stops for no man, no political ideology and no fat, big, sordidly ignorant religions. the actions of a militantly fed roman catholic church never ceases. it just finds new ways to calculate the disease. it's old news with a whitewashed look. pope as institution of the RCC has lost a lot of credibility and along with it THOSE STILL ENGAGING IN AND WITH IT, and this loses them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$so … how do they establish an image that allows them a seat at that table? well, they do as their pope is doing, pretend to be something they are not: the judas, but remember … IN THE STORY JESUS KNEW …  'sugar pop as institution' is an actor and it shows more and more every day, because he is a very bad actor, esp in his use of party officiates. we see their trade and it's really not good art. so even their art of deception is wanting :D theirs is baaaaaaaaad art.  

if non believer/atheist does not see it now, he is not as intelligent as he thinks or … he is in league with the deception. the vatican and its cohorts want power in the US. they know they have lost power, and like any organization run by caliphate design … they need and want control and with it comes the money and the influence and yes, they will use those poor refugees as they always have to get what they want. but they need chaos as much as lethargy. strange as this may sound but it's using fear to drug them into submission. it soon becomes indistinguishable. much like the hillary storm front. 

___ dangerous beyond your wildest dreams:

although the paris suspect may never leave prison many of his believers will. 

allow us an example of poor leadership. obama takes the working class for granted. he uses the poor to build his tech villas and to service wall streets lusts but … what is left are victims, either too paralyzed to be of responsible means, and worth in a trying society or … too angry to make the right choices. teachers … what did JESUS CHRIST say about teachers …

professors and pastors, politicians and priests … popes, do you know the answer to our question? 

now, have we 
witnessed anything at all to you on how mark silk does not understand JESUS CHRIST?


 Clinton supported: the Paris climate accords to reduce greenhouse glasses worldwide, ;)

like we said, give him an offer he can't refuse. he's a business man. 



this was brought to my attention yesterday and I communed on it late and early this morning. first of all, the million man march was an all man allegiance, which immediately tells us something, something that should have raised alarms. not only that, it was a black superiority gig in a day of retribution. why was obama interested in being a part of it? what drew him to it? a man black? only black? what about the white of his mother? why in a society trying to reach to move out of the black and white mindset did he decide to revel in it? did it hold two prominent features anti-american? against equality? remember the female is still without equal pay nationwide, and her oppression within forced religious/political ideal is still a message screaming out that most politicians refuse to address, because as girls born into religion, often with political pairing, she is without the ability to advocate for relief and … when promoters within government and religion continue this stream, she is without voice. but what of those women politicians using all man methods for power and influence? seems just as bad if not worse that a woman politician should not in this day speak boldly against patriarchal nemesis for the youth.

now, should any of this type of ideology be permitted  in a civil society, a society supposed to be thriving for civility, including the white supreme idealists? are these not dangerous, warring factions in society? costing lives? was it just foolishness on obama's part to be engaging in this? or should he have known better? lack of knowledge and understanding? I mean, blacks had already achieved high political and religious status, including the wealth of the arts and entertainment … in america, and could have or should have seen where and how injustice was being served over impartiality but … this is not really the case is it, for some things are off. and …  some things are overlooked for political and religious profit. makes you ask the question was dylann roof misfed? misled by factions not for unity but for power and control, something to fear and something a child would not be able to process without maturity, experience ... although he was experiencing something at the hands of a failed SYSTEM, for was he without proper parenting, a child relying on his educators ... within a society negligent? add drugs to his confused state and you have a child in danger.

are YOU creating a victim who creates victims? 

should I be not an advocate for violence, but a messenger bearing the gifts of truth, on the seat of justice, I would show you as an american that dylann roof was a victim first before choosing to make victims, for what was born of violence is violence. did the american system create a dylann roof? is the american way a way of errancy in its currency? is it a dangerous way? it matters not so much that he is white because I am not seeing he is a hater of blacks but a fear-filled victim of a negligent system of unjust means. and stunningly poignant is a christian ideal that the church members, including those having lost loved ones is more about forgiveness than retribution. how stunningly poignant. and wouldn't it benefit them more … far more to change this negligent and inconstant and dangerous democratic system under hypocritical oath than to create more victims?


lawless societies create lawlessness


van jones as a black man, if this is what he espouses, should be talking to a black audience about their behavior should he think it in some form of error. he can ask government to change laws on allowing any intruder of justice and equality to be investigated, but what can he say about white that isn't also happening in the black? once you place yourself in seats of denial you loose credibility. either camp. it comes back to hurt YOU.

the Writings speak of marriage. this is a marriage within the Body. how does that Body witness in unity? is it blind leading the blind? does it make trade in darkness? does it spend its blood money thinking it will solve the errant and unjust and ill advised dissemination within societies?  let's look at marriage as an example of poor advising. the LAW and THE PROPHETS is not recognized within the bodies of political entity in american marriage. is this an institution born from religious entity forced on state? or did state in doing deals with it itch religion willingly by accepting these terms? either way it is not the law spoken in the Writings. if burning then marry. this is not about choosing roman catholic celibate life verses getting married and having kids, folks, this is about politics and religion. as bedfellows. the RCC was operating from an industrial mindset and wanted power and control, and in continuing an errant view … forced both images on man under what he claims is JESUS CHRIST. nope, this is not right. the MARRIAGE spoken in the Writings is of Spirit, not a contract serving roman catholic ideal or state. this is not to say that there is no SPIRIT in a coming together of two, but it does not guarantee Spirit of the Living God. it does not guarantee Truth. if it did, you would have been told this. you would have been told that roman catholicism or judeo-christian or abrahamic religious marriage is truth. there is no mention of these in the Writings speaking ON Truth. that man has chosen religions to assist him in some way or to allow him some measure of civility that he cannot find in government is … honest enough from where he is. but it is not Spirit. 

government, if it understood the LAW AND THE PROPHET would have called all two person coming together  CIVIL UNIONS, because it is a license required by state for state purposes---A CIVIL ACT--- and left the religious to use within their houses the language they desire. and if some refuse same gender union within their houses then they refuse it, because to them it does not mean the same thing. you cannot force someone to accept marriages they do not recognize to be of their faith, beliefs, practices. but there must still be laws to protect the vulnerable. there has to be!  a religion or a government cannot play god for all man. and when both team up against the health and wellbeing of the people you have a very big problem on your hands, for who-what is the voice for honest witness? death becomes his namesake. 



with the hierarchy it isn't 
about care and concern regarding people in need or as victim, or they have would have dealt with the clergy/staff/laity sexual abuse of children in an urgent and repulsed manner .. it's about their god: institution of power and influence, control and … money. and your government is all too happy to give it what it wants. no investigations, no questions asked … no vetting of anything and it all comes back to cost you … in more ways than one.