we shared in the previous post on "jesus a myth" ... what this looks like---what this might mean

in continuing on what evolved into a "JESUS" MOVEMENT ... through many sects - theories - practices ... we want to share on another movement, one that probably most americans are not aware of:


we have no doubt that there are people falling in line on both sides of this issue, especially since news came out recently on gulen's taxpayer funded trips. imagine for a moment if every "group" or every individual establishing a movement used the taxpayer's money to recruit and create sympathizers. how much money goes out to ideology and theology that you personally dislike or disagree with, especially on a larger scale. what happens when people join these movements because they 1. want the trip ... 2. want some power in some form 3. desire credential 4. become intoxicated and need more of this same---a stronger drug because it becomes "dry" after a while and a stronger more intense drink is needed.

history shows us these curbs. 

"Jesus" did not use the taxpayer's dollars if anyone is in confusion on what is acceptable belief and practice and what is not. he was not a socialist, if anyone is in confusion on what is a prophet on truth. he was not a religionist, if anyone is unaware on the magnitude of the message. "go out in twos" "take nothing with you" ... and to say this for the umpteenth time: GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS

note: personS ... per sonS. (the prodigal's son has a bit of teaching on this ;)

to understand this "respect", one, and we repeat, one ... must realize that universalism is not God. is not the Christ. people speak of the BODY of believers but miss the epic teaching ON this rock. plowing ox and ass yoked together cannot find its way to be fruitful when artesian wells run frightfully arid. but what of going out in twos as Jesus says? you may ask. would this not be two brothers? like in the story of Tobit ... it would be Tobias and Raphael ... Mary and Gabriel ... and in our Day? what did Jesus say to Peter? 

Then Peter, TURNING AROUND, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following, who also had leaned on His breast at the supper, and said, "Lord, who is the one who betrays you?" Peter, seeing him, said to Jesus, "But Lord, what about this man?"
Jesus said to him, "If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me."

cont ...

we shared at one point that abortion is offensive to us, but we do understand its necessity. and this would be any form of 'life' , because it is a living process underway. but even being aborted from a church setting (assembly) is sometimes a necessity where you find a group preparing for attack ... a place where bad is moving into an area and setting up shop. this is highly gnostic stuff and those not aware in matters spiritual will not get this. that's okay, but do know that there is far more to that jesus story than man gives ... 
you are probably aware of 'aborting a mission' if some very important part gets off course, or something critical goes awry ... plans accessed by an enemy faction and the move would become disastrous should the mission continue ... losing all. creating a horrendous fall out ... loss of very, VERY important 'something' ... 

Simon Peter said to Him, "Lord, where are you going?"
Jesus answered him, "Where I am going you cannot follow Me now, but you shall follow Me afterward."

the rooster has crowed 3 times ... did you not hear its call?


this caught my eye, and thank you jeffrey salkin at rns for the link.


first, salkin makes his points regarding judaism. judaism is his steed, and there is no reason we would take a position on his commentary. how he rides the steed is his choice, and we do understand its value ... as we have shared here and there ;) *there being where we were offended by judaism's "hierarchy" or hierarchal view, which brings us to ... lagarde, a roman catholic ...

we recognize that she chooses roman catholicism, and her response to Ignatius's question was much as we would expect, and a decent enough answer ... especially given her place ... but we would be remiss if we did not question her alliance with an institution that forbids FEMALE her place at that table? (the God of Truth); what role does she represent to those of belief and faith in a Living God ... in the Christ? these are reasonable questions, folks ... for people capable of handling these. she of all people is in a position to speak out ... and maybe she has, admonishing the religious elite ... but her credential reads ... RELIGION: ROMAN CATHOLICISM

we cannot be of these seats ... these schools. it goes against our inner core---our CONSCIENCE ... and lagarde must surely be able to see this for what it is ... so, does she actually believe she is not to share the vocation of priesthood, or that jesus was man, and not an impartial prophet speaking in the tongue of the RISEN LORD? does she know or understand what is the Christ? I suppose maybe not with that crucifix so prominently a symbol of her wealth of spirit.

as for Summer ... what can we say? he is Summer and we are entering the SEASON of the EAST: the harvest is Autumn :)

and there is also the flip side to man's "FORTUNES" ... which man is finally beginning to realize after much excess and, the very profound question for those commenting on these fortunes: was it fortune they were after or a hunger that drew them? 

continuing ...


I have been meaning to post something here on the orthodox christian laity (a recent advance), but first allow me to share a little something I read online a few years ago. I can't share the link because I don't remember it but, when I was on the amazon discussion forums a few years back, there were a lot of roman catholics posting and what I read over and over from the rcs is that the roman catholic church is the MOTHER CHURCH, and this sounded very off to me ... so, I did a wee search and I shared something from a greek orthodox writer. he said that JERUSALEM IS THE MOTHER CHURCH. he, like me, sees in spiritual continuance ... possibly spiritual metaphor, but the truth is that Israel, including Jerusalem (its wealth-spiritally speaking) IS Mother in the esoteric imagery. in order to understand that wisdom calling ... one must first respect the ideal of {this}---understand its process and deliverance. rome is not mother. EVE, MIRIAM, MARY (Theotokos)  all of this same Light in gnostic WISDOM (our Sophia) is the redeeming quest. without MOTHER no birth of renewal. 

what I came to see was where and how this plays out with the religions. it is clear that rome was not willing to give MOTHER her reward ... her fair share in the waltz. naughty boys they are ... ditch female and you pair with men---all male ... even the REAL francis had his clare ;)

*here is the orthodox christian laity DRAFT, in part (did not copy the whole letter, just the beginning)

Amidst great spiritual and practical need, this declaration has been written to send out a clarion call for unity – unity in practice and unity within hearts – among American Orthodox Christian believers. Such unity is inevitable, it is the right thing, and it is based on the historic precedents of the Orthodox Church throughout the ages. It is also urgent, for the world is changing ever more rapidly, with dire consequences to traditional faith and Christian virtues, consequences that we can see on a daily basis. The opportunity to do the right thing, the consequential thing, is often fleeting, and once it passes without courageous and principled action, it can be gone forever.


“We are a new nationality. We require a new nation.” This call for independence,

what they had also said (my words) was that since the bishops outside the US had not responded in this call for unity as is needed ... they moved ahead without them

it happens

we have seen how the FEMALE DIVINE has been exploited in roman catholic "marriage": she (Mary) had to be immaculate to fit the bill of the patriarchs of this religion (calling itself christianity ... ?), which denied her a place in the seat of prosperity. very simply, she was used as a whore for wanting men ... and a goal of no attainability for women. it's a sad affair to be sure. there is no such person ever in the whole of life ... that is or was immaculate. the word does not exist in gnosis of the Christ, for it is in 'her' humanness and her 'femaleness' that we find the gift of truce. even Jesus said, why do you call me good? only ONE is good; that is God alone. to have EVE/MARY/MIRIAM a caricature of God is sad ... the image bears no LIFE, and the Name Eve means what? ... for even God's angels are given choice ... yes! to miss this is to live on the outskirts like a mangy dog that no one wants to be near (my gosh, the thought makes me want to weep) ... and this is how the "jew" in his culture was often viewed. uh-huh ... it's true. 

 allow us to share something from a book I am reading (JOY by Abigail Santamaria) ... "the Jewish Highway" the mass exodus...

America did not prove to be a perfect Fairyland. At the height of summer 1893, the year Joe and Jen (as they became known) arrived with their families, a reporter from the New York Times toured their Lower East Side neighborhood, collecting impressions for a story. An overwhelming stench spiked the hot air. Fruits and vegetables lay rotting in the gutters; the odor of decay mingled with the stink of raw sewage wafting from the backyard toilets that served several families and drained nowhere."Now the lowest scum of foreign countries has turned [the streets] into pest holes," the reporter declared. The "scum" consisted of men with "thin sharp features and black beards ... dressed in filthy old clothes," women "even less tidy," and "dirty-feaced children" playing in "stagnant pools of water."  The reporter didn't mention that housing laws required no more than one outhouse---connected to city sewers "if possible"---for every twenty occupants. Landlords cut costs wherever thy could, knowing that immigrants had little choice but to endure. Airshafts were clogged with trash because the city provided nowhere to dispose of it. Fire escapes functioned as storage for bedding cleared from floors after dawn to make room for work space. Two-or three-room apartments sometimes housed multiple families by night while serving as sweatshops by day. The article's headline read "Streets Where Once Fashionable People Lived Now Filled by an Undesirable Class; Push-Cart Men and Street Peddlers Abound with Their Unwholesome Wares."
Joe and Jenny, Joy's parents, were among the "dirty-faced children." Marginalized by the greater society, they grew up believing that as Jews, they had to prove themselves through hard work and achievement. Education would be their way out of the Lower East Side.

well spotted, new york times reporter ... :(

of course we know that Joy Davidman came to marry CS Lewis after leaving her marxist life ... coming into christianity. 

cont ...

moderate judaism is in decline. reports out state this ... rabbis write on it ... it is a fact. embrace it. 

embrace it? yes, do not sell yourself short ... your reach is pivotal in this day, and it is time for you to reach, which will require you leaving your father, brother, sister ... whatever ... to help them move. this is the way, dear ones :) 

small is good, more manageable. do you see? this allows you to reconvene in a way that doesn't require the big oz head telling you what you can and cannot do according to the indoctrinated or the excessive clouts of this or that media craze.
become something other ... build a church of character born of truce within the light on LOVE. chastise as necessary to keep the garden untaxed yet proven. study the work of the Philo-men of heartship but do not navel gaze. it's hard on the knees ... and the spine ;) ... be the hesychasts of SHE and find the black pearl beneath the waves of time. listen.