as MOTHER ... is  ... not missing in action. she is source of food and shelter. like God's angels are fierce, she is fierce ... chastising and scolding when necessary ... protective and care-filled ... not denying or lying. she does not favor one over another but understands the vulnerability of the younger sibling in the hands of a careless or bullish older sibling. she is fortitude .. enduring ... she is not a celibate whitewashed empty frig ... she is constantly restocking with new. she understands the ways of the youth but petitions for wellbeing and safe marriage. she does not hide or deny crucial information in the health and wellbeing of her children. she informs ... guides ... warns and multiplies in times of need. she does not strut the market places and fill her belly to achieve fortunes while the children starve ... beaten and abused, forced into slavery and denied voice. she listens and is there for their cries ... their wounding, and she treats those wounds as if they are her own. no child is greater than the other ... all sit at the table offered something. she does not allow her children to die at the hands of callous practices ... false IDs and ignorance. she stays ... never too hot or too cold ... never wretched or wasted ... she is hindsight ... she is wisdom ... she does read the news and she forgoes the pews to find the minds of those caught in the nets of the negligent caregivers and feckless ...   arbiters, and ...

her house has many rooms and she prepares a place for those seeing to knock ... 

a small mind finds room for his own intellect, but a wise one builds a house for may ;)

and she keeps those rooms clean ...  of danger and corruption ... and does not deceive and deny for any institutionpolicy or pact ... SHE IS ... LIFE not death ... and she will act to remove those things unclean that threaten her or her precious CHILD ...



looks to us like there are a few big-headed institutions with a gender problem. maybe they should just admit their dull and derelict artistry and move over rover ... let mommy take over :D ...

and stop misleading the public! shame on you institutions pretending at LOVE!


wow, how often do you see this?!


was taking note of recent developments ... saw a prominent figure in the religio-political set himself up for ridicule. he knew what would come forth, but the purpose is to see where and how "the pimps" are in operation. it is a strategy we have seen before. there is a form of contempt for the female within this plan and the usual fear that accompanies this ... it is not male agenda that is of concern, but female ... there is money to be made in these sectors and he and his clansmen desire to know the where and the how. recruitment is a part of movement crashing onto any stage ... I have seen this in my area many times, often more interested in the sexual aspect rather than appealing for equality. some may refuse to believe it true, but every sector has its militancy and its misdirection. when I first saw it I was gravely disappointed, but those engaging in this conduct know how easily the youth can be swayed---they count on it, and when government plays at free for all ... they do not serve in the warning or the protective place of foster parenting. they simply do not care as they are overwhelmed by agenda ... policies ... getting their interests on the table first. the children are seldom a priority, but they will not hesitate to use them, too ... for votes. look at the drug culture ... the opioid epidemic in our nation ... and the doctors involved in this? will they be held accountable? nah... government sticks to its agendas while the weak grow weaker. 

now ...  this strategy --- what is it? it is a system in operation that uses social media/propaganda to see where the pimps congregate and exercise their wares ... yup. I have myself been used to see, but more to listen ... as I was new to these arenas and needed to learn ... and I step out as I am not of these systems and do not desire to pimp or be pimped ;) (which in the OT was told to marry the harlot?;)... even the channels used are operating under the pimp process (a form of prostitution, spiritually speaking) as these are paid to do as the system demands or desires ... apart from conscience or integrity. ALL FOR AGENDA---specific agenda. the blind leading the blind? sadly, often times this is a yes, true. anyhow, what this prominent figure (group/sector) is doing is accessing information. it is not about that "ridiculous" sermon put out ... it's the party agendas.


you see, if certain members of the religio-political were truly concerned about "gays" ... they would have gone after the rcc a looong time ago, but they did not want to lose their henchmen in the patriarchal dynasty. 

but there is a twist coming they cannot see ... wouldn't they like to know its source ;)


and btw, that pact that was suddenly unearthed is bull-shit. it is all part of the script to appeal to the masses. you are free to be deceived or you can choose awareness.

you will hear things like: Jesus Theology is Liberation Theology. not. absolutely not. the catholic church is trying desperately to "reprogram" the minds and recruit for war ... THEIR REVOLUTION . no thanks ... 
anyone who thinks JESUS of the Writings was teaching or IS teaching liberation theology does not know THE CHRIST, does not  UNDERSTAND PEACE or what is CHURCH spoken of in the Writings.


I am not hiding my online visits are you?


something we saw on the rosie situation with her daughter.  when I read that she was looking for her daughter, but posted that her daughter is mentally ill ... I thought, wow, that is raw. this is a young person not yet a woman ... going through what so many young people go through who really do end up decent enough getting on in life ... so blunt a statement to make about a missing child---what's up with this? time passed and I listened to her daughter speak about how hurt she was that rosie had said to the world that she was mentally ill. wow, what a way to start your life out there in the big, wide world! we do not agree with how rosie handled this but we had to think ... gee, what possessed her to act as she did---to say what she did? what we are seeing is that rosie, as it turns out, in the breakup of a marriage, a high profile lesbian, may have been more concerned about what her daughter, in upset or anger (we still don't know specifically why she left home), might say about her parenting skills ... and this would most definitely reflect badly on the ssm adopting children ... it's there ... it's going to happen ... realize this and stop making excuses either way. we see how many marriages folks in the entertainment business go through ... you hang your hat where you hang your hat.

added:: we wonder how long it will take for the anti-christianity posters and anti-republican posters to start showing their aggression against the muslim sects ... as of now, most hide behind fake names if they want to say something derogatory and it is usually toward those far far away like those nasty ISIL members ... but it looks bad for them to attack the ones in the more "civil" countries ... we wonder if they ever bothered to check the money flow and how the nation is shaping up to suit islamic creeds?
there is great animosity in the atheist crowd ... a demeaning and damaging hatred that these hold for believers that happen to be outspoken and or republican, but hey, these should be thanking them for the diversity ;) and the fact that you know WHERE they stand on issues. you don't have to agree and debate and disagreement is a part of any life, marriage, contract ... institution ... job ... and so on ... balance is important ... and not one is wise and all knowing, not even an atheist with lots of titles and credentials hanging on his walls and sitting on his desks.

the muslims want their religious beliefs and freedoms and all the special perks that go with this and hey, they have quite a few nations outside the US of A willing to set them up in america ... big money-big dollars ... and do the christianity attackers even know where and how these align with democracy in a just and non discriminatory way? do they even care? or is attacking christianity their "thang" 

God, it is so immensely boring ... 

things going on right under their noses but they seem to have no sense of smell, or maybe it is the case that they are secretly supporting islam ... and maybe this is what the regio-politicos want to find out. hmm? money to be made off of women, especially young women  ... and children... who have little to no voice in the houses of the pretend gods ... yep.