Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN


After reading the comments, people need to know as Adrienne Speyer, a Catholic physician and writer wrote, “When you are a member of the Church, she has a claim on you. You are to confess your sins honestly with a firm purpose of amendment not to commit those sins again OR ABSOLUTION MEANS NOTHING.” One cannot fool the Almighty! And when you walk away from the confessional, you have committed sacrilege (an even greater sin, which will have to be confessed) by lying to the priest who stands in the place of Christ-Messiah. If you then receive Communion, you have committed another sacrilege, which must be confessed. Confessing sins to a priest was commanded by Yah’shua (Jesus) after His resurrection (John 20:23).
The Mafia do not lead Christian lives and are therefore not permitted to receive a Christian burial. If their repentance is public, that would be another matter.


the priest stands in the place of Christ-messiah? this has to be one of the most insidious lies the roman catholic church taught the masses. how is this even a TEACHING? IT COMES NO WHERE NEAR THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHRIST! we can pretty much understand why rome designed this feature, but WHERE in the Writings did rome get this feature?

if you UNDERSTAND Scripture ... there is no need for a priest to stand in the place of Christ messiah! did the popes and their henchies not realize their came a PROPHET on Truth? well, obviously not, because they established their doctrine and claimed themselves God's mouthpiece. wow, did they ever miss the message on {this}!

this will be the straw that will break the camel's back for the roman catholic church. they demanded obedience through their ordination of priests ... and, of course, those darn piggy cult bishops ... but what comes will show these practices for what they are: errant ... some may CHARGE these as evil ... 

sigh ... they were warned ... and warned 

think there is nothing to prove their errancy on what this commenter says? think again...