the constipated constitution?

at our market co-op yesterday the total charge came up as $17.96. I said to the young cashier, 1796 … now what happened in 1796?  

before I answer my own question allow me to share just one comment by a founding AMERICAN "father" on the topic of religion:

Benjamin FranklinSigner of the Declaration of Independence "[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."

"Whereas true religion and good morals are the only solid foundations of public liberty and happiness . . . it is hereby earnestly recommended to the several States to take the most effectual measures for the encouragement thereof." Continental Congress, 1778

WASHINGTON's FAREWELL ADDRESS ISSUED IN 1796 was one of the most influential statements of REPUBLICANISM. Drafted primarily by Washington himself, with help from Hamilton, it gives advice on the necessity and importance of national union, the value of the Constitution, and the Rule of Law, the EVILS OF POLITICAL PARTIES and the proper virtues of a REPUBLICAN PEOPLE. He referred to morality as "a necessary spring of popular 
government". "Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar  structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that NATIONAL morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." 
The address warned against foreign influence in domestic affairs and American meddling in European affairs. He also cautioned against "permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign , saying the UNITED STATES MUST CONCENTRATE ON AMERICAN INTERESTS.

from wikipedia

what are the prevailing interests of each party? and why? and where have these, while in office, shown itself true---having followed through and REMAINED within the context and deliverance of these interests, often understood as promises or manifestos for WINNING VOTES---the intended seat of office. and did the party along with president violate his oath by not staying true to that manifesto. is he/it in violation of law … and order of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and let me remind you that roman catholicism on american soil does not permit its citizens to vote---no choice in who becomes head of rule of law, or who speaks for institution, much like a business where employee does not get to choose his boss, managers and the CEO. and we see clearly where these heads chosen by a foreign government have meddled in domestic affairs and have engaged in politics and is why I CANNOT IN GOOD FAITH AND IN PROPER CONSCIENCE VOTE FOR A ROMAN CATHOLIC PRESIDENT OR ANY OF SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC OFFICE due to dual allegiance, not in agreement with the freedoms that are to be of  state.

again ...where has each party made its bed, headship and driven the american mother ship? who-what has betrayed THE FOUNDING ADDRESS of WASHINGTON, and the Constitution of THE UNITED STATES, esp by allowing foreign POLITICS to prevail (like in the name of islam and or rome)? 

and a very important question regarding wikileaks … is this a result of russian hackers or an inside group trying to reveal "evil party politics" and improper governance based not only on THE CONSTITUTIONAL efforts of America and its founders, but also regarding moral standards based on "religious" intent? having established itself within governing principle of america? 

convoluted at this stage? very. but what is the original manifesto and WHERE has democracy strayed? has the democratic party instigated a foreign policy? 

and … the very BIG and ... if the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION/DNC decides who-what is hacking WITHOUT ACTUAL EVIDENCE--proof. … and SILENCES THE VOICES OF THOSE who might be of WASHINGTON's VOICE within the CONSTITUTION and founding principles of america, how can america made up of AMERICAN CITIZENS know or learn the TRUTH about the emails? and vote with clear not murky mind? knowing full well the weight of his choice. if no one is allowed to share in these … for fear of harassment, attack … being threatened and despised … where is justice and honesty and truth in america? any party acting in evil politics or any powerful evil person with powerful allies, both foreign and domestic, can destroy america as america … or what we have come to experience of america. any foreign politically and or religiously minded entity can take control of america and its residents.

america has no voice, no choice, no recourse … no way to defend herself and her loved ones if denied important facts and ...

that hallowed evidence.


let me ask you a simple question, if you travel to greece for  vacation or a get away or while on honeymoon  … do you go to see greece and its culture or do you go to see america or saudi arabia or russia or hong kong or … ? if you travel to egypt what do you enjoy seeing? political entity forcing female to cover herself? public floggings? in iran to you go for abuse and misuse of women and girls? how about attacks on gays who might be holding hands not sodomizing each other in the public square? 

I once said to a greek orthodox priest: why would greece want to be like america? I would not want to go to greece to experience america. if greece becomes america why bother going to greece? of course the climate and landscape are different, but what of the food and fashion? art and architecture? stories and culture? a get away should be just that … a get away … but no one wants to sit in houses of injustice. right? I don't want to sit in a parish that  denies  female her rights as a HUMAN BEING. but what is right? according to whose destiny and dynasty is one right? exactly what  are these rights? if being a religious priest means deceiving the people … pretending at something not true then hell, who in their right mind would want to be a religious priest? maybe it is best that women not be allowed the roman catholic priesthood as this is in error on the Christ and … if claiming you are of the Christ then … stay away from halls of injustice … which brings us to the political systems of nations. why pay into and support nations/institutions/political parties that deny truth? deny people important information … information that has everything to do with a healthy life within that nation? why breed within dishonest portent? why condone what is understood as dishonest measure and irreverent sentencing? why work for enterprise biased in reporting or being paid for half truths and misinformation? why take the judas money? only to fall on it? 

do you desire dead head initiative or detailed 


let it be known that we do not support these murders:

we do not support the american government's choice of using violence to stop violence. it is nonsensical in the realm of SPIRIT of the Living G-D … thou shalt not kill is exactly that in addressing HUMANITY or of HUMAN APPEAL: thou shalt not kill. now, where is your belief ? what do you believe to be ethical? and how do your morals of murder fit into your tight rope walk of allegiance to your vested party? democrat or republican … or other … is murdering as we see in this news article a part of YOU? is this your policy, your religion … your way to Heaven? or your way to living? freedom? life saving? care, justice, truth and deliverance on the font of liberty? 

I do not desire blood on my hands. these are not my acts. impartiality commands that you imagine what this might look like with your own wife and child murdered. how does that suit you? how do you wear that costume to the white house obamawood balls, walking through those "halls of justice"? and these are your heroes? your gods of justice and mercy? your tenets of truth?

now it would make sense not to have engaged there in the first place. yes? so … when is it that you make that choice to stop? it will be your children going to war and it will be your families put under those war machines … on american soil, murdered. those you call enemies and those who betray you have the capability to do exactly what you are doing to them. 

look at turkey … a mess of terrorism. and your own governing party denies YOU the information you need to make important decisions. and you are fine with that? you are fine with being silenced on those emails? you are good with that party policy? what if those emails have been masterminded by an in house group to address a rising epidemic of ignorance and injustice that is taking the american people into seriously dangerous waters, would you want to know then? what if trumpism was a form of islam redecorated to look like an angel of deliverance … said all the things that people like to hear … but was dealing unsoundly, politically, religiously and unjustly, as well as unlawfully, behind closed doors, in secret, not transparent … and in league with foreign national interests that are unjust and ... systemically violent and uncivil … would you care to know? or do you prefer darkness on these topics. do you like not knowing if your priests and bishops are sodomizing altar boys and raping girls … videoing children in sexual acts for money and … giving money to terrorists for protection. do you like being dead to awareness on right from wrong? are you happy-clappy with being denied your right to KNOW things about candidates and religious leaders of all institutions who hold power, influence and a hell of a lot of money? 

is this your way to liberation and the way to raise up children in the way he should go? 

if so, we think you mentally unstable and not well enough to be around children and not of a careful and honest character to lead anyone anywhere, especially not a nation … 


businessmen and political geeks going to warring nations put their own nations at risk. why do business with unjust leaders to begin with? who kidnaps citizens of other nations, arrests them then lies, fabricating reasons for the arrests... to set up politically-religiously unaware leaders like obama and co. and obama in poor advisement pays into and supports these acts … giving away billions of american dollars for what? the law should be that america does not do business with injustice and death. but the hypocrite that it is … how does that play out?  if you do not go where you might be in this type of danger, and where dishonesty and injustice prevail, you do not bring that danger into your hour. 
again! G-D … Spirit of the LIVING cannot PROTECT you in these affairs. but what are you really bringing on your neighbor? what is your government doing to you and your children? what are high wheeling dealing businessmen and women and politically correlated situations in these unjust nations bringing to your home? your house? your place of reaching? if you go there … you go alone, unless you KNOW you are to be there for a purpose that will help save lives. america should be clear on this. but for greedy business deals and walking by the broken without understanding of the JUST SAMARITAN ... is without vision, without hearing … without conscience. you should know by now who-what gains from money pouring into iran and places like it. 

do not play the fool. you risk lives not yours to risk.

when you vote on that marijuana bill … think about this.



and is it that the liberal has now  … in his masterminding ways … become incontinent?

you see, one of the things I have noticed over many years is that liberals … democrats of the obama style camp and others … say things they think no one has heard. they think their comments are without reproach and should not be questioned. their mindset not questioned. their theories and ideologies and actions above others and that they lead in a genuine and just way. but things come out about certain groups of people, along with the several glasses of wine and beer and … they make truly offensive comments about certain groups, their looks and their style of dress. they are big on "looks", you see and "white" character while obsessing about how others are not up to snuff. a bit alarming to watch, especially while friends I have known for years, spouting politics and their hate for "that white trash, uneducated" republican …voting bush or voting trump. I see in their choices (including their vote for the clinton establishment) and their comments what they truly believe. what they really are. as I look deeper I see the darkness and the disparity. they think themselves ABOVE other and they know not what they do. it's a form of ignorance, lacking in understanding … on how and why, lack of experience and lack of hurting and lack of self-evaluation. or simply that some people are different from him, the liberal … the atheist … the left. and it's not necessarily far left or progressive in ideal … it's simply arrogance at war with something incoherent within their stream. but what is highly problematic is that these are regarded as successful and leader worthy and, his own won't call out that ignorance or that arrogance because of its own disparity. while in darkness one has no light. there is no one to show him what he really looks like … inside. and pastors, priests, rabbis and the like … are often just as much in darkness as those they fondle. after all, too often they are trying to appear a success. look at obama and hillary and many other politicians … and the youth die in ignorance on how and where to debate … ethically. 

if you must engineer placards for looking successful and righteous what are you really? 

all one has to do is go on to a religious news site, often biased in promoting political entity, and you see a garage of druggists. yes, my creative license allows me these expressions. and I am not shy about sharing exactly what I see … and HEAR, and will use the GIFT bestowed on ME to do this work. because I know I am impartial and it is not within me to fondle for self-aggrandizing or to pander to political arrogance or religious tolerance when I see and hear great poverty. poverty so big it stifled and stifles movement. it silences victims and it builds ancient walls of disrepute. 

the masters at their work … most pretending they are not calling this group slit-eyed or that group … effusive. ignorance is not knowing and all are of some form of ignorance, but arrogance and denial are a disease. and it looks and sounds very much like their masters are running a once environmentally beautiful nation, and its inhabitants, straight into the ground. they will use groups to boost their agenda to make themselves look good and just … but they are often just as greedy and lecherous and nasty and cruel and verbose as those they work to destroy. and sometimes much worse. if they hide their crimes with whitewashed denial … fancy white words … engineered causes and fast track initiative … you can pretty much count on a severe blowback. so where are you standing?

__ I live mostly surrounded by liberals, or people voting what they say is the lesser of two evils, clinton to keep trump from becoming president. and people unwilling to listen to common sense. it's true! I cannot speak of anything having come out about clinton or obama that is actually alarming information … made to appear as innuendo, false … the big, bad russian sabotage. there is no conversation permitted on this tepid ground … that is actually burning a whole right through the heart of america. these people hold people like me hostage. where can I go? I am not in favor of trump so its not like I am blindly turning to the other camp or acting unreasonably. I am just so sadly amazed at how smart people, people well read and highly educated in some of the "finest schools", are unwilling to face the facts on these disconcerting issues, which translate into truths before long, after having cost america and others, a lot of time and money, and sorrow for a great many. if your sewer is leaking … why wait for the shit to explode on your young child's birthday or graduation … or your elderly parent's 50th wedding anniversary? 

and it matters not that I have been the only one to state the truth to family members in need of hearing it ... of the religionist arrogance and biases, self-righteousness … on what the liberal calls the far right or evangelical fundie … I have. it gave me no pleasure, but it was time for it. people wondered why I was not in attendance at a memorial service for my father-in-law … it is because I was told to get out, and so I did … not the church itself, but the house of the deceased, by a member of that tribe planning the service. this member insulted my children and our parenting, along with having made a racist comment about mexicans (and I have mexican on my side of the family) and please understand and this can be verified by those family members having witnessed it, there was no provocation on my part. it was the desire of that member to bully and to take advantage of one like me who is and was generally quiet on confrontation out of respect for family, through marriage of man (because I have and do speak regarding my own brothers and parents when seriously necessary). but enough was enough. the elder had passed and there was no reason to tolerate the abuse any longer. I spoke what I was to speak. I told the truth and in doing so I freed my children …should they chose honesty over denial (one actually thanked me, saying: I LOVE you! had you not said it I would have. it was just a matter of time). 

yes, I took the hit. I endured that … for Truth. I sat lonely waiting the many long hours until they all did their thing, looking agreeable and saintly while I appeared less than roman catholic saintly, but I am not a saint, and I am certainly not catholic and honestly, I have no need of these fairy tales, anyway. and I am also ... NOT alone. 


I started to read an article about the reactions to the findings in the emails coming out having to do with hillary, the clinton foundation,the large donations from questionable sources and the reasons for it. ties to wall street … and what came out of the journalist's findings is that the republican camp views clinton as having committed criminal acts, broken laws and been dishonest. the democrats view her as acting like a politician. as in: this is the way politics is done. this is how it is done in seeking high political seats. this is acceptable behavior. business as usual for THE POLITICIAN. what do you expect, idiot. are you naive or something? what's the matter with you? why would you think this behavior and these dealings should be something to question? 

what I saw in those emails was a severely dishonest and disingenuous political entity. A DISTURBING REALITY IN CHURCH AND STATE. the decisions for that political seat were being made based on getting votes, stealing votes, lying for votes … pretending at something to get votes, even if it meant sabotaging the campaign of another. it was all about winning for party power and not about genuine concern for the people and their concerns. it was not about SERVICE or servicing the people where there are very serious and growing problems. it was not about love of humanity or justice or truth. it was and IS … about playing the purse snatcher and strategizing to get ahead for power. no discussion about serving a nation with the best and most sincere intent. addressing the greatest and most serious problems and kindling precious trust for love of human ideal  ... and care, or, building a place of honest and safe well being with purposeful diction ... for a nation looking to hope and generosity and … fairness, justice and … unity. 

this is a lawless state and a lawless people who create and procreate it. it is dangerous and it is evil. it is filthy dishonest, and disturbing. it is mentally unstable, and I am ashamed and saddened to see so many americans willingly accepting this political endeavor under these characteristics … these conditions ... and should war be upon you and yours … you brought it on yourselves. and sadly, you will pay a dear and heavy price for what you have done to those not like you … those innocents and the vulnerable. it is really very hard to like you. why do you think that is? how canon like what tries in every way possible to destroy love of G-D, Spirit of the Living? truth ...

you have asked for death and destruction and you will receive it … unless you do THE RIGHT THING …

 stormtroopers that you are, because this is exactly what you look like from our vantage point. and your love of war and obsessively irreverent ideals and boisterous support of dishonest and reckless and lawless and DANGEROUS behavior, void of internal life and love of truth and neighbor, is what makes you look ... the enemy. 

you see now why I am not of your religions? your judaism and your islam and your christianity and … why I am now not able to even call myself … american. no, if this is america … I am not american. I am not like you.