ermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says it was "an embarrassment" that millions of white working-class voters decided to back Republican Donald Trump in Tuesday's presidential election. The former rival of Hillary Clinton is calling on Democrats to take a strong stand against the role of corporate interests in politics.

former rival? formal rival [hillary] is CALLING on democrats to stand against THE ROLE of corporate interests in politics? 

wow, maybe that paragraph belongs on the WAD. if this isn't an oxymoron I don't know what is! 

does a clown wear a big red nose? not always, but he sure does wear a turncoat. at least rudolf not only went to look for his doe (not dough) who went looking for him, kidnapped by the big white snow creature, but he also saved christmas! 

and bTW, how is your stock doing? 

you know … atheists, and liberalists reins, you will not take away MY christmas! … you are welcome to join us if your atheist insensitivities can handle it, but you will NOT destroy something that many people look forward to, count on and love. if you don't like it, you can take your hostess ho-hos and go to pakistan! let's see how welcoming you are there, you ungracious twits! (the militant movers that is). 

and atheist, if you have a problem seeing a wee baby in a manger with his mommy and daddy and a bunch of farm animals … you got a serious head problem. maybe you would prefer the islamic prophet and his harem? yep, I am pretty sure you would … if you are not on the wrong side of the law. then you wouldn't have any head at all … 


the theologians are now coming out to comment on just how bad things are that trump won. a monster in the white house? kids in tears! and they put him there. yep, the democratic ticket put trump in that seat. hillary came onto the stage unprepared for the new world (this age). she thought she could use her pricey leverage with her clinton name, and all those many long years of connections that has kept her and them rich …. to elevate her to commander, but she got hit unexpectedly with bernie's sincerity and determination. it was his moment and it showed. the youth felt his vibe. hillary then knew she had no game, so she relied on her usual cheap tricks and that weighty establishment ticket, and silenced her opponent rather than addressing his points. her campaign under the DNC sabotaged bernie sanders and in doing so, it sabotaged the future of america, throwing them off track, scattering a growing unity that was realizing itself …that was rich, and worthy of some fresh good earth and clean water … seedlings for the future under an honest commitment, or so they thought. for a time. but it soon became no longer about them for big H made it about her. and she had no answers on why she was buried in wall street and big corporate status. so she played the card she often played to keep things clinton … she lied, and the youth following sanders in naiveté and confusion put their trust in a mirage, one that would diffuse or disappear the moment you got close enough to see the truth. big H silenced those who had something to share. if anything made her look bad or caused anyone, including the youth or the minority to begin to wonder and ask questions … her big establishment mentality drowned it out … and soon it was reverse psychology. they would make trump and those leaning toward him the demons. the wicked, verbose … nasty tribe coming to kill you … the children. many seasoned voters having fought many fights over many years, not necessarily right in opinion if carefully examined, but certainly not going to be ousted by one stealing bernie's thunder and trying to use it without the magical lift … or one calling them racist even though many without question voted in a black man, agreeably … only to be with left with disappointment. and they were not to be fooled. the youth had not the experience. like most young they were looking for leaders who spoke their language, and honestly … bernie really isn't the one, but he touched on some things relevant to them. it was something different for them. something for them to cling to, and for others, it was a gender thing, and that alone never holds water without substance of heart.  

so … in the end it is the democratic ticket that gave trump that win. you play indecently you pay for its whore. 



to hear the atheist you would think the founding american leaders were advocating no Supreme Being at all. that their dream was to be God-less citizens of a God-less state. of course the Writings teach that to say there is no god is to speak foolishly. the election, and its aftermath, is clear evidence of gods. so even the atheist has its god(s). the link (INK) says one thing while the heading of the article says another. what's up with that? I read the heading and the first part of the article which states that an iranian scholar says trump should apologize for calling iranians terrorists. but the link above says something about japan and us troops. one would not know the other existed if not for the content. you go to the article and you see what it says. but what if what the article says is not current news, not correct news, or not the fuller truth on the topic(s)? what if you get a skewed or slanted or biased view based on the writer(s) or the sponsor(s) of [content]? if you speak to a devout or strict islamic scholar or an iranian fully in accord with its government … there might not be a need for an apology because to many, iranians are terrorists. but then those viewing the iranians as terrorists would need to define terror. and what is meant by terrorizing and terrorism. if I was in iran I would be verrrrry uncomfortable and if I spoke as I do now … I would be terrorized. yes? and it is very possible there are many in iran right now being silenced, afraid to speak … and america under obama walks right by them on their way to worship while the Sound Samaritan stops and helps?

of course I do not believe all iranians are terrorists but is IRAN AS A NATION  a terror to certain other(s) … not like it? and how does one fulfill PROPHESY, the EVolution of God and Man ...if terrorized by ethnic/religious/political people(s)? if trump wants to play the hypocrite he will apologize, like the obama crowned deems worthy of american liberties. :O

you know, the "american" liberal left leaning demo-gods need to take a look at their ink. I mean … really take a look at their ink. and they really need to take a look at the ink of political religions building their ideologies in the US. and I think the youth need to wake up, wake up, every Body everywhere … wake up, wake up … 

obviously they are being told what to think not how to think. this is religion, folks … and this is what I have heard many non believers say for years so … why the double standard? why the header saying one thing but the content another? the atheist has used religion to serve his purpose yet claims religion is the cause of terrorism. now who IS (as being) seriously confused or outright dishonest … and they think some don't see their groove? and call them out on it? again, the democratic ticket put trump in the seat of the white house. 

now if you are angry at the fact that trump is prepping his seat … maybe you should be questioning your democratic ticket. 

now if the jew is trying to get rid of christmas he will have to contend with islamic messianic creed. this is a given should one leave. we know multicultural political religious cannot and do not work in the wellness of truth for society desiring the evolving of man toward supreme entity. the abusers get rich and the victims are silenced because big just gets bigger with even more factions of irresolute quality. it becomes … more about quantity not quality. evil hides behind the lab coats of error. there becomes more stumbling blocks not less, and what was once proficient becomes … ineffective, and weakened by famished society and …we are currently in a famished society, knowing it needs change but confused, disillusioned on the where and the how. too many mystics posing as prophets and too many prophets posing as … 

the islamist will take over as this is the nature of man in quantity driven beliefs, esp where male dominated view female people as context of poor, un-superlative … non philosophic breed. look at the content. what does it sway? or are you to ignorant to believe?


why is this person still in the news? these people should be the in-between … interviewing, moderating, reporting … not the attention grabber. it's not supposed to be about them … if they are doing their jobs well.


going to move off of these topics for a moment … I keep seeing keith papini's  face while reading news articles. he is the husband of the women missing while jogging. 

and I have been aware of these:

something about these are related. I am certain there is a connection. not the jogging, but something else. it's not looks, either. there is something having to do with hair. when I read that keith found his wife's strands of hair with her phone and ear buds something sort of stayed there in my I was actually looking at her hair. like I was seeing it right there in front of me. I can still see it. will share more should I see or hear more.

okay …please understand that "creatures" drawn to kill (those joggers found dead) have some element of excitability within them. there is what some may call an evil within that preys on others … that evil can and does have distinct characteristics. a sense may become excited causing that creature to react. much like an animal. let's say these killers, and I do not hear these are the same killer but different killers with that same excitable sense … have a very keen sense of smell, unusually keen  … an unusually excitable sense of smell, like it is not balanced well with another sense. like it can overwhelm and overtake "him",  causing him to do things he would not do if his sense of smell had not been so highly sensitive or had he not smelled a certain smell, something that causes him to react in an uncontrollable way. let's say it causes him to act in anger and he kills out of anger. but what would trigger that anger? what would trigger that sense of smell in such a deadly way? a certain product he remembers from a horrible childhood? a failed relationship? bullying? some form of abuse, sexual, physical … verbal … ? or is there something in a hair product that causes excitability in certain people with a highly sensitive sense of smell? if a product would it cause one person to feel lethargic but another to feel highly energized? would it make one sick to his stomach causing him to want to get as far from it as possible, but it draws another to it  … in anger? and I am definitely hearing ANGER in these deaths.

the hair product. did these women … maybe three of them … use the same hair product? or a similar hair product carrying the same type smell or the same ingredient that makes them smell alike? for instance, jasmine … 

that's all I can say for now. 

back to the clinton-trump debacle. do I think the clinton selfie shot with momma and baby taking a walk was planned? what do you think? momma with baby? seriously now … is there anything the liberal left wing democratic ticket won't do to try to fool you? 

and the youth protest with signs saying to vote in big H. why? do they think things will improve? we thought bernie was their man but now he is clinton material so why can't the youth out there get this? it's still big, fat establishment having denied them the honest truth? they do not yet understand what has been going on under the obama admin or what happened under the clintons and those CLIENTS … they only know what biased media and highly paid hollywood tell them. they have been overly fed on a lot of the same milk toast … they will be even more upset when the truth comes out about their god(s). 

keep your eye on paul simon. seems there is something coming. 



we said before and we will say again … mark silk does not understand CHRIST, Christianity at its SOURCE, and how this MOVES. Christianity is stagnant as most religious are. JESUS CHRIST never said to strait a religion and call it christianity. and certainly not silk's roman catholic ideology with its god (master) the pope. I do not know what silk actually believes, as he seems inconsistent, but his commentary on christian ideal always comes up short on CHRIST … like many, many christians. 

CHRIST IS A VERB. why does silk remain in war-mongering methodology? his heroes used and continue to use war as the way to solve problems. this has never and will never succeed Prophesy. you can praise and promote your generals all you want, silk, but you will never attain freedom in male ego. 

5 AM …

one hugely important topic that mark silk has yet to address is female as a second class citizen. he promotes a democracy in its religiosity without addressing the overbearing hand that salutes itself, that shows its barren fruits. man uses others to achieve his goals. in this sense he could be looked at as a body, but if you read the content (view his acts) … you see the depravity of his soul. he cherry-picks  … steals from the gifts of "God" to attain fame, power … lordship … the presidency, riches … influence … and carnage (the apple in the garden ;). there are societies of people who stand to gain from war. they make money on war and they make for themselves vehicles to thrones of the golden calves: images. images that lure, seduce … others to bow and worship their warring gods. war is one of those images, yes … made in the image of a beast … an animal wearing robes of civility. like a child's fairy tale but without the fairy … these man-creatures come to seed, incoherently, to create ideologies that force whole societies to bleed and die for its ideal. die for it and this, they say … is honorable. the weapon of choice that kills his brother is an honor. to solve our problems of disunity we will kill … and praise in man's name the success of these acts. he lies … he denies … he deceives to win followers. he steals from THE WRITINGS OF TRUTH and fashions them into robes that will allow him … control. and he will kill and kill and kill … in these. he will die in these, too. violence breeds violence. this is fact. but man THINKS by using violence he will achieve peace, but he knows not peace. he knows only war. he knows not GOD of the Living. he knows only man of medal. a lawless society breeds lawless ideals. 

he thinks himself civil and just and of TRUTH, but his are add ons to the Writings---his religions. his glorifying of his masters and his kings. and he takes away the martyr in his master-baiting technique. 

MYSTICAL theology or … shall we say PHILOSOPHY of the East is not man-made ideal. it is Spirit-born armistice. 

the roman church in its hierarchy, made of MEN, used politics (state), stealing from the Writings, twisting these to suit itself, to create its religion … using and abusing the people. using war … FORCE ... it made people bow to its headship and this became the model for silk and others. JESUS CHRIST HAS YET TO BE REALIZED, folks. under roman ideal, and islam and others .. the Christ has yet to be realized. does silk understand what {this} is? we say … uh, nope, not from his commentary. he still advocates for war and war heroes in the name of roma. Roman catholicism was never about Christ. it was about power and control. it was about man saving male agenda. it sounds to us like silk prefers male agenda over TRuth. one cannot realize the Christ while in bed with other men. SHE is necessary for coexistence in and for Peace (of the Writings which is understanding, not warring like a bunch of rabid animals). but the hierarchy of these insults rests on the kings of men seducing. know this. but also know that your choice to kill your brother is also a sad state of affairs.

when vladimir lossky wrote on the mystical theology of the eastern church he had the ESSENCE and the ENERGY reversed. we shared on this several times. go back and begin again … that you might see your error. 


are you saying remove religion? he asks. we are saying remove what does not work. remove the barren branch, the barren trees. make room for the fruitful. till the soil properly in honesty and fairness. without the add ons of toxic meals that seduce for power and control that breeds in lethargy. chokes new growth. overpowers and strangles …

and definitely remove what breeds harm (sexual abuse in institutions?)  creating diseases that bring death and destruction … and places heavy burdens on the people. but if church and state are in bed together they ignore the arm that does harm, while using the other to wave its own flag to appear more superior. this is not unity. this is incongruity. this is not a whole Body working toward truth … this is warring factions. 

if you are dissatisfied with trump then find a way to remove him. but you cannot call him a tyrant when your own brand breeds tyranny. for this is hypocrisy and it cannot stand. it leaks. it breaks into many pcs and there is discord and in certain times of discord there is bloodshed. to pedestal the parenting screaming "burn the bitch down" is errant teaching. it is dangerous and any civil-minded citizen should have known this. you chose the wrong ticket, folks, bearing an disingenuous flag. now you must reap what you have showed off. but you can amend your ways. to remove trump you must show the elect as having been unjust to the american people, but if the american people are hypocritical in their oaths then, well … you are left to prove through your legalities that a law was broken somewhere in the election process and the people should be allowed to choose again. but if that breaking of a law involved a candidate/party ticket and its team then … these are DISQUALIFIED, which does allow for a do-over of the same. a different candidate. maybe even a different party, which does honor at least one aspect of obama's efforts …  the ENVIRONMENT. climate change issues.

and if there is a chair in the way then remove it. 

you have less than two months. what say you? 


silk, have you found any dead bodies on trump's property yet? or are many off them buried at the clinton's estates?

can you explain how so many connected to the clintons, clinton deals … clinton business, clinton hard drive and clinton-associated have disappeared … died? you are in for a whopper of a wake up.


and is this the america the liberal left -democrat lives for?

my-my … such violence … such terrible, terrible "burn the bitch down" violence.