crime is a way of life. the only away to combat this evil is to come into understanding on its services. who/what feeds crime? will the militant atheist chime in: RELIGION! hmm … yes, but religion can be anything. this is what people fail to understand in their rigidity. somewhere a system is in place that decides what is religion. we see it in its full blown ____ everywhere as we understand religion to be any place within a system of beliefs and practices. if you can grasp this you begin to enter gnosis and can … enter the climb to the places of divine censure. 

man cooperates within system based on his condition. what is his condition? it depends on his mentoring: where and how he has been taught. in a previous post we joked about the roman catholic boy stealing benny's lunch money, confessing to a priest, saying his hail marys then stealing benny's lunch money again, the very next day. his buddy questions him on this act and the fact that he confessed to the priest. the boy replies, "that was yesterday; I will confess to the priest my crime next week." what if the boy does not make it to the confessional next week? what if he is struck down by a car? where does the boy end up on that climb? the religious confessional is a false prophet, and the priest a negligent parent. he (ordained priest) follows the system of his vocation which is also how he was brought up, or he might not be committing this crime. crime? you say, what crime? the lie of sins absolved through vocationalist. where and how is a sin absolved if it is repeated? is it not a crime to abuse children by teaching them that a priest can absolve sins? a priest can do no such thing. this is either manipulation or dumb reasoning. the proof here is that the boy learned nothing about his crime, and if it is within him to steal and hurt another he will find ways to appease this---his appetite for this type of behavior. and he knew it to be wrong for why else would he confess? and yet he learned nothing on the crime itself. he moved merely to protect his own shallow fear---the fear that comes with committing the crime of stealing. he doesn't get to receive communion at mass? another misleading objective … and so on … one right after the other the system leads the boy away from what is truth. BUT IT'S WRITTEN! the forgiveness of sins and … yell the religionists. it's in the bible, they argue. where in the Writings does it say that a vocational priest in any roman catholic dominion can absolve sins? you see, shallow thinking---shallow reasoning and … no responsibility for what comes after? the boy grows up and becomes involved in a crime syndicate and where does he find "mentor" in honesty and love? this is poor parenting … unless "parent" steps in and says, you did what? you confessed but did it again? what are they feeding you in that box? no more catholic mindset. we will work on loving you THROUGH neighbor.

loving through neighbor is not catholic, despite what much of man was led to believe. universalism, as we shared several times before, is borne out of man's theology, nothing more than what one group of men believed to be truth, or truth about God, or a god. it bears little resemblance to EASTERN thought. catholicism made ITSELF a god to feed in some manner, and it grew and grew and grew into an enormous thing of force and premeditated law, also viewed by some as … crimes. eastern thought IS … it is borne WITHIN knowledge and understanding of one, and if of Spirit, that knowledge and understanding comes by way of truth … but truth is heard through the voices of many. this can change in any given eon. one 'generation' may adapt to free the slaves of certain sect or race or realm. another may adapt to create palpable gift. in this day, the final eon, we are called to rectify truths … as man keeps glossing over bastard teaching. he refuses to come into understanding on the root of evil, and often ends up using crime (also seen as dishonesty if generating spiritual unhealthiness) to try to solve problems. we see it in religion/government all the time. eastern thought is understanding that to achieve a state of christlikeness, one must become in God's image … but where and how one does this is unique and can not be borne of formula. no one holds "the recipe" for goodness as not one is good, at least not in the sense of completeness. completeness, or wholeness, comes in the dowry: what you gift to others

and is why no one should mess with Arkimnel ;)

there are enough (numbers sanctity … if you recall a SPIR essay some time ago) that we can now move, finally. we put away the things of a child and grow within EASTERN sanity. 


catholic mindset … 
ask any atheist or nonbeliever if he wishes to be judged by roman catholic law, or even catholic law if there is a difference. I am not to be viewed through this theology so … why does mankind, including atheist judge me through catholic belief system? maybe because he is catholic? thinks catholic? thinks all believers are catholic? my only connection to catholic is my work in this day, and this, my dear brothers, is where and how one begins that climb in the east.

you are not at the mercy of catholic unless catholic forces this, and this is where crime is borne from religion, including government law---its thinking. how long has latin america been roman catholic in all governance? is the USA catholic? yes, yes and yes, and is why and how there is so much militancy and ignorance. remember, catholic was born from a group of males in an environment of governing peoples. it is political and it is of one mental stream---its own. man often chooses cooperation where he sees himself provided for. he seldom takes the road less travelled … he wants easy street where power and money are more easily attained and if he has to lie, manipulate and use force to achieve his goals, and remember, many of these goals are connected to and work within a system of beliefs like rc governance, he will do so … and he will do this without CONSCIENCE, or limited activity within this. eastern heart mind is a command on self to love within not forced marriages, but within truth---the Spiritual Being. this is not to say that all catholic values are wrong or without conscience … certainly not! we are speaking of law here---governance and the theology that prevails which includes inane practices or practices that create/cause stumbling blocks which lead to criminal activity … like the hiding of abusive clergy and staff and the cover up of crimes. catholic mindset desires itself be correct---without regard for neighbor and his experience and or life … as we see the continuation of communion and practices even though PAUL teaches that should eat at home if all are not  … what? catholic within sect eats while his brother starves (within mass, a spiritual metaphor).  so, ask which is truer to God? methodology that binds or looses? it is here we see that LIFE was not meant for man's archaic needs---his appetite. as he would easily murder his brother for a slice of bread. he fights for survival in every step, depending on where he resides---in who/what church … 

man in his theological and moral/ethical attempts to teach tell the world of roman catholic value not realizing that in the beginning was the WORD and the Word was … what? it is ignorance to think that roma is God's mouthpiece. even before judaism there was what? 

Spirit. and this translates into what? ANGELS. so, no, c-a-t-h-o-l-i-c church, you do not hold the keys to the KINGDOM OF THE MOST HIGH, as you live in ignorance and arrogance on what IS. 

roman catholic dynasty if not having kicked itself some time ago must surely be kicking itself now for not thinking to call themselves something other than roman catholicism. maybe they kick because their predecessors translating the Writings did not think to put in 'their' bible the title rome, or  … catholic substance ;) ah, the wiles that bind … it looks very much like the rcc has backed itself into a corner. how can it explain its errancy now? how can it fight to win favor? how can it show itself credible in a changing world, a world growing out of its sacraments of … ? where has it shown its sacraments or even staunch membership and alignment with catholic church teachings free of crime? ha, oh boy! the FACT ---EVIDENCE--- that its headship, including their "holy father" covered the abuses of little boys and girls. from the top down it MASTERMINDED to HIDE CRIMES. yikes … AND, if you go back to its inception, the rcc DEMANDED ---forced others to bow to it, even torturing and murdering to have its way. this, dear brothers, is NOT Christ. it is not of the Christ Way. so, how in this day can an unchanged religious denomination claiming itself Christ's representatives be {this} … in old skins? 

Jesus came not to bring peace but a sword. a sword for what? severing ties … removing dead branches. one cannot follow the Christ Way and this is OF GNOSIS … while bound to derelict law. people want to make Jesus out to be a dorothy day or something like this. whatever you think of day is irrelevant in where we speak. day relied on roman catholicism to do what she did and roman catholicism relied on her to look "good". it reminds me a little of nuns feeding the homeless sandwiches under the bridge … day after day after day … and taxpayers pay for that bridge and the churches and charities and … the homeless never have to pick up their mantle and walk … unless, unless water comes crashing through washing out the old bridge along with everything else … or, the bridge collapses during a stampede … 

ah, the wiles of man … 


you know, early today I read of 30 people killed in uganda … this includes 1 peace keeper. the pope's condemnation of crimes like this does nothing. criminals don't care … they are within a life of crime. the pope has no power … not even in his institution, as this has become obvious … or, he lies to the public, pretending at change but secretly desiring the usual oder of things. but look, see! more killing … pope in africa means what? follow this current roman pontiff's tracks and what will you find? life or death? be honest in this … do your homework! what do these religionists bring to these nations? how will they solve granny's seat? they don't ---- they won't ---and at this point, he can't. it's just a lot of money spent on saving his ass while others suffer in his wake. so, remove the mindset that refuses to allow these people to live and grow in a more stable environment! how much longer are we to witness these crimes? 

let us just say, again, our work is not about ssm or abortion … we are working in areas man has not yet seen but … but, we need to get within a place of agreement and truce to gather and move and we cannot do this if the world's political pander to the lies and the diseases. the roman pontiff speaks from an aging caliphate in Time … not from a source of rebirth, or regenerating arts. 



many of the palestinian youths are parenting where and how? but these of judaism? which sect orchestrated this atrocity. and from youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! children murdering children! who teaches this? jews of civil discourse better get up off those asses and get to work! whatever it is that you are currently doing --- such as decrying these wrings--- is NOT enough! does little to nothing! what messages are YOU sending to the world? who/what of JUDAISM is causing this retaliation? this horrid business?!

WE WANT TO SEE/HEAR WHAT YOU ARE DOING ABOUT IT … because governments are lame duckies




“Do not learn the ways of the nations!
For their practices are worthless;
they cut a tree from the forest,
They adorn it with silver and gold;
they fasten it with hammer and nails
so it will not totter.”

Yahweh – (Jeremiah 10:2-4)


huh, suddenly now he likes the OT? he uses for his OWN agendas much like the institution that taught him ;(

so, atheist, forego the tree … Christ never sought this … and giving gifts? is that such a horrid thing, atheist? 

I buy gifts … make gifts, try new recipes, get together with family and friends that I don't often see and like some of the music that has come out of this TRADITION … atheist, if you don't like glowing lights and festive trees, and gifts, that is your business … don't join in! I won't twist your arm. go sit in a corner and mope … :O

it is a TRADITION like so many traditions and to snub it because you think yourself better or more special than others … or because YOU HATE how it came to be … that is your problem, not ours. truth is I celebrate all seasons … with the fruits of its labor. 

CHRISTMAS is a wonderful time for storytelling … but militant atheist hates storytelling … yes? his rigid mindset demands himself not allow for this … even when it made it possible for him to be where he is. ho-hum!


I finally was able to take a look at this ...

*sigh* this can be a theology within a religion practiced apart from the natural specter, but is in no way a reality for america IF … IF we get into a place of transformation. you dig? transformation will prevent this "brand" from taking shape within the lives of americans. it is really a repeat of roma, in theological earthenware, but that should be no surprise given ted is within offspring of this carriage. he is merely regrouping what is losing steam, and giving it a different name. the question is: why are people allowing it? I would think those consistent with Judaism would put their hands up and say, hell no! we don't want this form of governance. it reeks of caliphate mirage. but hey, politics is politics----yes? there is money and power in these affairs and man gets his promotions in and through these. 

you won't find THE CHRIST in this dominion. you will not have {this} protection … and politicians and party prelates? know this. your choice. 

An orthodox christian priest once shared with me the time he felt GOD look at him. He said it was nothing he had ever experienced before. It was that immense, that starling and that pronounced. In return, I shared with him the time I felt God turn his face away from me. It was for the briefest moment and I thought I might die! I can't share the details of what prompted this, but I fell to the floor in agony. I never want that to happen again. 


this comment posted to an article I found at rns … pp attack

Where are the all moderate Christians? Shouldn’t they be speaking out against the Radicalized Christian terrorists…..

um, I did not read the article in any great detail … because there is not a lot out about the attacker's beliefs … but did the rns news article state that he is a christian? I do not recall anyone anywhere saying he is a christian … 

is it the assumption that all terroristic, hate and or violent crimes committed on or at pp, or abortion related places-people is done by "christians" ? where do we get this info? does anyone find mary's statement bigoted? the man attacker may claim christianity at some point … we shall wait to hear, but as far as we have heard there has been no claim of christianity in this terrorist act. we would think ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE SPEAKING OUT ON MARY'S COMMENT … no?

could it be people are waiting to hear more, mary? btw, you wouldn't happen to be with pp, would you? … ah, yes … where there is smoke garshdarnit there is firer-r!