of Man.


immanuel kant had the right view. 

animals speak more to the tune of what is expressed in the above wikipedia pc. you might try reading the book by ted chiang that the movie ARRIVAL is based on to get a sense of what this means. now more than ever … with technology forming the language of the youth … is the need for creative outlets that aren't so of technology in endeavor. when people are handed a recipe that requires mostly button pushing … the part of the brain that can eloquently perceive truism is cut off. there is little to no capacity to arrive … FOR new destination. if you see the movie … you behold a place (awareness) to understand the possibility of "alien" using dreams and visions to try to communicate with Mankin … 

I have heard Spirit of the Living God speak through use of animals. it's not the language of Man. ANIMALS are superior to Man as Method. he(man as method) is limited by mindset absolute. Spirit even tries to conjure ID through dreams but man is not aware in this.

+from our previous post:

the black like the new black panthers and the white-nationalists and white supremacists are fielding a conclave. for its color breeding, of course. I have no illusions on what this means for the youth. and do understand that religions will take sides, often ignoring the obvious apartheid, due to that flat grid plane … so dependent on vision rather than the marriage of heart to mind (mind+vision and heart+hearing).



but remember, kant's vision of peace from a form of universalism was grounded by his own views. this excludes one like me.  there are animals, aliens and men, but which is the gem of the nile?

which do you (prefer) perceive? a lot of flawless pebbles or a diamond with one flaw?


we do not like the term agnostic for it makes GOD useless. the triune GOD makes sense and reason compelling toward evolution of God and Man. Prophesy is this Name, as {this} is active. hence the revelation of GOD IS PROPHET. 


Paul spoke the Language of the Prophets. do you now hear … way {this}?

an easy on the triune G-d is GOD-1  IS-2  PROPHET-3. (will get into more on {this} later)


the following is a comment to another regarding the roman pontiff's teaching that jesus was a refugee (@RNS) the poster said that the point of the pontiff's message was missed, that it is the message of assisting refugees ...

And you are missing my point.

There is no reason to use a fictitious event, whether or not (and there's no evidence to support it) someone now known as Jesus was a migrant, a refugee and persecuted.

If you need religious fiction to motivate you to be empathetic it probably isn't going to work is it?

The pope would make a more admirable, and possibly more potent, plea for aid to those who need it if he didn't appear to be either ignorant (which I doubt), irrationally obstinate or a liar.

Many Christians do take the bible stories literally, feeding that gullibility is profitable but, in this humanist's opinion, immoral.

first, I disagree with the comment that dog bone is missing the point on what the pontiff is teaching. the pontiff is choosing to mistreat the Teachings on JESUS CHRIST to serve an agenda for institution. the institution of roman catholicism has much to gain from cities and towns, neighborhoods taking in lots of refugees, besides trying to look empathic and caring. pontiff puts on a show while parading his poor preaching. when there is division (as this is what RCC creates in its loudspeaking, parading as AUTHORITY on G-D, author of Truth, Spirit of the Living, which the RCC is certainly not) ...an overcrowding and burdened and heavily taxed cities and towns, with fear and poor management is born and bred ... the roman catholic church wins big by gaining in the systems of power (see its breeding methods and crime infested nations instilled in the minds of its followers and how the RC is an accomplice). do you understand how it all works? and why pontiff is willing to PREACH that muslims and christians worship the same god? do you see its tactics? RCC knows it looks pretty crappy right now, esp with more and more cases of abuse coming out that show the higher ups as sinister and criminal … (wesolowski and the treatment there, along with many other cases) and how the vatican protects its hierarchy -establishment. because if its HEAD looks errant and ugly … its cracking, tearing, ignorance, carelessness, sicknesses, diseases … its denial and its lies … are revealed, and credibility is lost. you know them by their fruits.

it is sometimes amazing to us that men claiming some pastoral significance do not see/HEAR this and speak out most adamantly on these lies and the careless feeding inherent in these methods. either pastor is ignorant or he fears losing his titles, and becomes OF (at ... a place) the accomplishments FOR the agendas of the vatican. +this is a warning for those who remain silent. could it be that LORD is in the TIME OF THE HARVEST and separates the wheat from the … 

JESUS IS never a refugee … for the Writings teach abstinence on the laws of men where indecency and unjust attribute rule. it is quite the opposite in the story from what pontiff desires you to believe, a Teaching pontiff denies for its institutionalized agendas. JESUS spoke within the conclaves of ignorance and injustice---HE DID NOT FLEE---or hide behind false titles bearing names distant from Truth … or expect that government as system regard him as superior. the story had {this} speaking to the people as the system(s) of the day was hardhearted.

that he did not flee is part of the greater message of transformation both inward and outward.

but allow us to examine dog bone's comment briefly.  dog bone is correct on the lies regarding the pontiff (RCC), but he needs to be careful on stating that fictions stories bear no witness. you know the saying where fiction/fantasy is a lie to get to a truth. ;) if you begin to understand the possibility the Writings have for Spiritual Maturity and awareness through use of metaphor … telling of story … you move closer toward UNDERSTANDING (Peace spoken by Jesus the Christ) and you begin to find truth in the parable of THE PROPHET. like the scientist searching for cause and affect … believer seeks …


another area where JESUS does not flee is where satan tries to tempt … where evil tries to seduce. and who hasn't heard of the part where  satan says, "jump! jump! let your God save you!" but man might ask the question, hopefully, "but JESUS of the Story committed suicide if he walked into that setting knowing he would be killed, yes?" do not think that I have not argued this same with the Angels of God? and it did not make sense to me as a Child that a loving Father would send his Son to die. what loving Father does such a thing? it is SPIRITUAL METAPHOR, but allow us to share that while communing I was shown that Angels did not account for contemporary man. the STORY depicts a really awful scene, which in this Day we find a poor setting, too much like man's methods, which, incidentally, is  … man's methods... and is why those scenes were depicted. does this surprise you? ( hmm … the ARRIVAL movie was speaking on this form of language). but judging the Angels on the depiction? did they not know man would question a father's love in such a tale? bible literalists laiming the story actually happened are, of course, in the heat of the light …. how can you possibly believe your loving father would allow such a crime? this is not love, this is denial! hmm … could this be the Mystery spoken? a Truth unfolding … within PROPHESY? you will know them by their fruits. they would have to confess their doctrines to be in error, or, admit their god is a murderer. because no where in the Writings do we hear that man must sit, do nothing, say nothing, while injustices abound, lies preached... but still expects to enter the kingdom of the Living God. takeu p your cross and follow … me ... sounds like a clear directive; however, the me part is what needs clarifying. 

we don't believe you! shouts the atheists and the nonbelievers, angrily (God, I miss writing in my Ophelia Trilogy ;) … you make a god point about the bible literalists and their cruel god, but we do not believe you talk to angels. 

fair enough … unbelief is nothing new ;) (call me a fruit cake, what do I care :D).  I am not here to prove that god exists. some thing factual will come out once your lawyers lego of it for perspective listeners … that you cannot deny. 




roman catholic institution with its own ideology

muslim of islam with its own ideology

democrat party with its own ideology

republican party with its own ideology

shall we continue? do you claim these of hate agendas for having their own ideologies? and the religionists and nonreligious cannot deny the FACT that they ban from opportunities within its ideologies certain members of society.  so please explain in relevant terms why you would pay into and support the roman pontiff or the islamic prophet by way of imams, scholars and theologians, or even ultra strict rabbi heads ...but not richard spencer? how is spencer more hate-filled and more racist than these others? maybe because it isn't hate as society defines hate. maybe it's not racist as society defines racism. maybe it's a choice of ideals based on party membership … their experiences, their arrogance their denials … their gods. society on both sides of the aisle is looking HYPOCRITICAL and lazy. if any of the groups/parties listed are advocating death to those not like them (like roman catholics did to so very many through the ages, and islam ... and dictators of many nations) and are actively carrying these out… and do not discard children and women in catholic hospitals whose lives are in danger because the beliefs of certain parties refuse her a life saving abortion and … dangerous environments propagated by both church AND state that harm children (clergy child sex abuse) … when you examine … should you examine … the hate issue, the danger factor ... then would this not be reason enough to instill laws to protect women and children, and others?



MONDAY, MONDAY …can you trust this Day?

while communing late into the night I heard something that caused me pause. I will not share as the current surge of ID in society here in america would not understand, but I again saw evidence of it this morning in the news. 

when I was brought to state truth to a family-in-law member back in august, one of the things the person tried to do was to bait me … to argue politics. she could not deny (worm her way out of what she had said or the way she had behaved) based on what I called her as it was all true… so from nothing (as she had no evidence whatsoever) she called me hillary. she had this strange, silly smile on her face, and said, hillary. I said, hillary? (wondering at first what in hell she was talking about as our disagreement had nothing to do with political parties) … and she replied, yes … HILLARY. 

I shook my head and walked away. this shut her down. her behavior was typical of what we see in the self-righteous, people who place themselves in the "right with god" category based on a type of celibacy as law doctrine ...because their lives are focused not on Truth but on politics as played out in the conflicts of society. if her dogmatic prelates say it's god's word then it's doctrine for her and those like her, forming a base, making itself heard in the political sphere …and from this base comes fruit inconsistent with LOVE … (Love the LORD your God with all your …). it hails the wicked to form a ring that pledges itself to might instead of light.

if this in-law member knew anything about my Faith, my beliefs or my views on politicians, her baiting tactic of calling me hillary would be an outright lie, but she acted out of ignorance … knowing nothing on my views, my beliefs … because in all the years we had been in each others presence, she had never asked … nor had she been willing to listen … to me. it was mostly about her and her views. and I would not go to where she resides as I am not to be thwarted by ignorance. she acted out of nothing. she assumed based on her own "godliness" through that ring of power … and because she and I disagreed on what is racist behavior … what is bigoted behavior and what is ignorance (as I called her all three) … that I was a hillary supporter. 

too many unaware or unprepared allow themselves to be baited and say things that are used against them. society has many rings of power and should you even speak truth about something-someone on a hot topic, in a potently correct of the society of men … you may lose and lose big. but the tables will turn on this as s necessary in an attempt to bridge the divide but more to try to balance out the injustices … the hypocrisy and the denial. evil plays its cards cleverly … just don't sit at those card tables to lose everything that places you speaking from nothing.

mind where and how you use your TIME. it could be that Spirit of the Living is … looking where Truth is as Parent. 



and do read the comments.

the definition is not something I can agree with. it doesn't seem to be saying much of anything, not really. and I've yet to be shown by those complaining …  the difference between those of judaism and those jewish. is there a difference? I have read that there is not. so … how does this anti-Semitic rule really play out? if an atheist and a believer, both jewish, disagree, and the atheist says something derogatory about the jew's religion is the jewish atheist anti-semitic? or the reverse? what is it about the jew that makes his jew-ism untouchable? above negative comment or critique? if he has dark skin and someone of another color says something negative BECAUSE he has dark skin, like … because your skin is dark you are a liar. that would be speaking from nothing, right? ignorance. or possibly that person knows a dozen blacks and all lied to him and is why he believes a dark-skinned person is a liar, but I am not sure this is actually racism if a person is being honest based on his experience. if I lived in a country that treated me like a slave by forcing me to dress in black and cover myself completely while in public and denied me jobs and money and activities, choices because I am female … I would grow to hate those doing this to me, unless I understood that the reason they do this is because they follow ignorant doctrine … ignorant leaders. and might it be possible there is hatred of female somewhere in that doctrine? because how could it come into law forced on her unless somewhere in the writing of those laws female was viewed as something not worthy of the same treatment as males? think about this. if you have two children of the same age, and you give one more than the other  … do you favor one over the other? do you love one more than the other? if both are capable of doing the same things, generally speaking … for health and wellbeing ... why would a parent favor one more than the other? 

Spirit of the Living is not looking at color, nor does this like male over female. this is fact. Spirit is not like mankind. but evil spirit will use man to accrue for male dominion to establish an unbalance and cause headache, instability, lethargy and … continued arrogance and ignorance. I don't like roman catholicism and I don't like islam … and I don't like ignorant judaism. am I anti-semitic? 

but if judaism has a pact how can it be reformed? would it not be a better service to leave judaism and be defined by new vision rather than reformation that demands itself be untouched? 

if israel is saying, hey … ireland has irish and greece has greeks … each having customs and traditions, providing these treat male and female equally, and show newcomers respect and care, providing these are not demanding special privileges and rights that conflict with customs and traditions or that burden the existing nations … why shouldn't israel have israelites? 

I only call myself a gnostic just to be clear on my place of freedom, Spiritually, and to demonstrate that I am not bound by religious or political doctrine, or even NATIONAL ID. I was born in the flesh on american soil, but my Spiritual Birth is not bound to the marriages of men. politically … I must follow the laws of each nation, and I will leave the nation if I cannot abide by its laws for reasons of safety and Conscience. as we shared earlier here, things can change and what then? what will you call yourselves?

but okay, back to the white nationals … america or the soil later called america? man still has no claim based on color, or even a national ID. what of life BEFORE man on its soil? does this not count as a form of intelligence? :) something worthy of respect and consideration? atheist blaming white nationalists as christianizers ... I believe are, off the mark. that's a lazy man's argument, and many of these don't want to listen to what nationalists are really saying, even if what they say is selfish and irreconcilable. I sense atheist and nonbeliever still stuck in his privileged freedom to criticize and accuse christians. but what of islam and the jew? no touchy the jew and the muslim? and how about the black? what happens when you begin showing favoritism to some over others? 

does man ever learn?

take the gay man … why would I be a gay+ activist? what activists were/are proposing is to take away the rights of others to serve their own religions. if they can prove the doctrine of existing rights are dangerous to community members then use the theology to argue the points, but nope … it was "all or nothing" put him and her and them completely out of business. they noised in using feckless judges to demand their way, and it was not necessary. it was overreach. and so he will get back exactly what he put out. it's coming … and some of those gay pride parades? more about sexual activity and less about the right to marry. and I watch tactics at the taxpayers expense to seduce the child … things that child is no where near ready for as he is still a child. and they got away with it … and still do. is this what you believe is proper edict?

According to the Holy Torah a "convert" (sojourner the word is used, as in Ruth) was ALWAYS a Jewish soul who for reasons best know to the Infinite One G-D came to be born or adopted by Gentiles.We Orthodox Jews know that the Torah considers these "sojourners" to be from a higher spiritual origin than we Jews. "Onkelos" nephew of Roman Emperor Hadrian converted and is one of our most revered sages in the last 2000 years. It is harder to prove that my dog has a top pedigree which will get him into the British National Dog show. Papers, generations of breeding, etc. Conservative and Reform Jews are not adverse to seeking converts while Torah forbids seeking converts. A real sojourner has the Holy Fire that will not let he/him rest until they learn a few good years of Torah......how long does an immigrant of USA need to learn, study wait and be tested? 5 years, we are not so stringent.

oh? is your g-d a magician? in the REAL world it takes a Life-Time.

okay, NOW am I being anti-semitic?