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if these stats are correct … why are we seeing an upsurge in HIV? drug abuse? murders? child abuse? road rage? MENTAL ILLNESS? and there is an upsurge. if the charitable organizations of RELIGION have been addressing these epidemics for decades, why in this Day are we seeing the escalation of seemingly random murders? restaurants, schools, homes … playgrounds and in broad daylight acts of violence …
 and the opioid epidemic with more mothers now dealing?  do you want for me to again post the stats on this? every day it's in the news with overwhelming numbers, along with some truly whacked out murders. student shoots elderly couple in in their garage then starts eating the man? 

if religion is doing such a wonderful job why do politics look so bleak? so untrustworthy? why so many leaving religion to embrace none-ville … could it be that the charitable organizations do it for self-serving purposes? but this man (article) is misled into believing through fancy numbers they are to be commended? praised? I am not going to tell you some of what I have seen in the charity game … 

as for being good for the economy … it would depend on which cat was let out of the bag.


what if letting the cat out of the bag has more to do with the noise it makes when sacked?

which brings us to america's future economy:

any chance this religious ritual might cause an uproar ?


abraham and isaac


no one would hide something valuable and precious in a valuable container, but countless sums are commonly kept in a container worth only a cent. so it is with the soul. it is something precious, and it has come to be in a worthless body.

it has come to be in a worthless body?

man blames women for acting badly but who-what sentenced her long ago? who mistreated her? viewed her as less than himself and … who-what abused her, like man abuses and MISUSES animal? who treats women as second class body with a lesser soul? a soul not capable of what he advertises about himself … 

the pope in all his finery, a legion of popes … ? imams and jews … hmmm? islamic prophet with many wives? what is the purpose of one man and a many wives but gluttony and indifference? self-serving piggishness. what have you injected into the world matters. if you believe evil exists, it runs the show … and you missed the message while in these added beefs, overreach and in the most indecent of ways … and of course that cross has no precious value to you.

would it be that a child treated poorly behaves poorly? and this is a look at both religion and government.

but THE CHRIST is not dualistic if you understand the TRINITY. the JESUS Story shows us the feast in the Mother and the Father of CHILD. what was Child became … not Man but Master. even in this one understands that the body must be pure to move to Spirit ID. TEATED WITH CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY. theft and dishonesty, false teaching, luring and manipulation, hardheadedness and stick-necked attribute, LAWS-LAWS-LAWS, treating female as cheap or a "good f-" or something to use, misuse, abuse for self-centered agenda, breeding her to build your farm hands, your armies, your businesses is sick in the head belief and practice. it shows Man's ignorance on LIFE, and treating animal disrespectfully for RELIGION OR POLITICS (rules and laws and errant feeding) shows gluttonous and manufactured inbreeding. unnatural types … not for TRuth. 

going to take this on:

would that be muslims or islamists? muslim to me is more a person from a family-ethnic tribe, could be nation related, but nations do change hands … over time. what was once this then becomes that. some call themselves muslim but never step foot inside a mosque nor do they follow any prophet's attire. these are not islamic or islamists. like catholics not following the tenets of roman catholicism, but still remain within this body … by way of manufactured means, the contract instituted by heads of 'state' within community-groups, the dad, the brother, the sister … and these never understand what it means to the wealth of liberty … to leave it, but not for secular industry but something greater than himself, the marriage feast of Spiritual information. islam, roma …  is not THE EAST of which we have spoken and of which we speak. catholic and muslim are of similar veil. no reason they would not get along in american society as they think similarly and feed similarly. but islam is a political entity that requires itself be made truth. this is the commission of its founder. that prophet, muhammad. look at the islamic prophet's history. what is his mission? what works in and through this mission requires its followers to become "the truth", or "the way", by way of their prophet's creed. this is what many americans fear. I do not fear it, but I caution all of you to pay attention to what your leaders teach and preach and … what your lawmakers invite into yOUR precious soul. they do force through their vision of "democracy" a faulty system that denies the patterns of political nefariousness, dressed as a peaceful religion. 

cont …

some believe "fucking" a woman without loving her, without any desire to build a LIFE with her within a place of respect … using, misusing her for self-pleasuring… is impure. a sin. … specially if pretending to like-love her, giving hope to her when the truth is user-abuser has/had no intention of allowing her … to become his partner in LIFE … so, you see, some will and some won't, and government cannot fire a man if he does believe its a sin and will not go along with it, although it is the more likely these admins promote sexual harassment and poor relations (with her) than it does HELP man.

and no priesthood for her in these waddlers. pretending at something that will never be? and government says, hey, let's climb in bed with the catholic conference of bishops and pope fran, for our self-serving agendas ... using PUBLIC SERVICE and the PUBLIC in all aspects of THEIR BUSINESSES and … why aren't these public services going after the discrimination of these religious groups?


why is it that these establishments attack this man but not those they are heavily in bed with? both this man and pope sit on the same side of the table. yes? is it because pope's admin is also full of liars and deceivers and those playing the hypocrite rather than being HONEST about their affairs? pope's men have so many fellows sexually active with other fellows while pretending to be celibate … that it is a freaking joke in this Day! but because they lie and hide behind "holy" names and big establishment and have billions bowing and licking their feckless feet and oh, that big, fad wad the GOVERNMENT gets from RELIGIONS …nothing gets done about it? no truth to be found in these affairs? while government now plays communist! 

come on, government …this is fascist principle plain and simple. agree or not agree with the man docked but the truth in the LAWS of this admin is false---a false remedy, a false bureaucracy. it is insincere and full of weeding. 

I WOULD REFUSE TO WATCH THIS BULLSHIT , TOO! it is the PRINCIPLE of this act that reeks. forced agenda just like the rotten crusades in mission control.

well, it's all going to blow up in their faces and guess who is going to feel the brunt of this blowback?


government is GUILTY HANDS DOWN OF SHOWING FAVORITISM TO CERTAIN RELIGIOUS GROUPS. and they refuse to have charities and churches/parishes/mosques/synagogues/temples … that receive special status and SERVE THE PUBLIC INCLUDING YOUTH … investigated or even simply reviewed to make sure these organizations/institutions/schools/houses of worship of a profit-making industry … including POWER AND INFLUENCE THAT AFFECTS BOTH WOMAN AND CHILD (quite often in a bad and evil way) …and man (steering him in a direction to use and misuse woman and child in a bad and evil way) … are not breaking laws or worse … harming people, esp woman and child … and man where improper preaching leads to violence, death and destruction. 

and religious(religion is) are guilty hands down of showing favoritism to politicians-lawmakers/candidates to keep their crimes hidden. 

what a rotten smelling relationship. filthy dirty bloody abusive hands … does it not say to remove that which offends. cut the hand-the arm off? so … which branch is causing the breech? which branch is harboring the disease that is ultimately causing hell on Earth?


like we said … 

there are groups/organizations self-serving for … who knows … careless feeding? this will be your future if you follow … the system is already so messed up, these cases will increase and put a strain on the american body so immense it will IMPLODE. these immigrants DO NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND that there are laws that are supposed to protect the existing nation, those who reside there and work, raise families and pay their taxes … and there may not be the $, the housing and the desire for more, and more religion done islamist way. DEMOCRACY BY WAY OF OBAMA AND HIS KIN can't see what's up ahead despite europe showing him … but he covers his eyes and ears and plays his party game. does he care only to use and abuse the american citizen ... even more? so long as his kin are protected, he cares little for those he swore to help govern---AMERICA, not islam and islamic nations---but AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO GOT HIM TO WHERE HE NOW SITS! protection? and I am not talking about these immigrants coming in with guns blazing, although dissatisfied with the situation---not pleased with the opportunity or what is being offered them some may seek alternative means of ACCOMPLISHING THEIR MISSION, in the mass exodus that these people should see BY NOW is dangerous … dangerous to female, to child, elderly … youth getting into trouble and angry residents feeling betrayed by a system playing politics. these immigrants through this organization, seem to feel the nations owe them a grand hotel. sad but hey … the reality is and obama is betraying the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by pushing his deals and his very questionable agendas. 


who does barack obama work for? 

a. his constituents?
b. overseas nations/nationals?
c. his god, ideology, beliefs …opinions and views?
d. trusted friends?
e. american citizens? those living and working in america, paying taxes, following the laws of the states, owning homes and businesses, including the farms …

if you work for someone or something that someone or something should know what you are doing or not doing. you must answer to who-what you work for. right?

if democracy fails the people time and time again, and society becomes not safer but more dangerous. with more pitfalls and more concerns and children are at greater risk, the elderly, the student  … predators of all stripes … lurking behind every bush and barrel, hiding within the establishments/institutions/clubs/law enforcement/peace keeper initiative … charitable organizations and … as much as they are on the streets and playgrounds and sports fields selling drugs that cause enormous death and destruction … to individual, family, friends, social services depleted or deleted … misused …

is democracy a failed system of belief and practices? or is it the government/ the hierarchy---THE LAW MAKERS AND LAW BREAKERS---that is failing democracy? is democracy and government the same thing or separate minds? with separate ideals? inconsistent and hypocritical? 

was reading about the jewish man having torched an area of an islamic mosque, the same mosque that the florida islamic terrorist used to worship in and a suicide bomber … and I saw a parallel in what we ask above … of similar questions. all the public knows right now is that a jewish man, saying now that he is embarrassed because of his crime, attacked a mosque with flammable liquid. he won't tell the authorities what he used and … he has a criminal record. he spent time studying judaism with a rabbi but left after a short time. and if convicted he will be sentenced to 30 years. we read ruiz's comments in earlier news articles specifically stating that it was a terrorist attack. do you agree without knowing the motive? without even knowing who actually committed the crime or the details other than video footage showing a man … "white or hispanic … on a motorcycle … there was a flash and fire and those informing the media say it must be flammable liquid." (info in early news reports).

first, white or hispanic? hmm … that's a big uncertainty unless you can see an up close image of a face, and only a face. white … yes, it's possible, but hispanic? how many hispanic 'looks' are in the US?:D is there one look that specifies "hispanic"? law enforcement may want to rethink that call, but the skin dark or not dark … is a start … AND, the question of is it a man or a woman is important, too, but who can say for sure in this day? one day he is a man, the next a woman? and maybe he committed crimes as a man and decided to try to hide these by becoming a woman … there are all types of possibilities because there are all types of FREEDOMS to do and be, and drugs pave the way, and doctors willing to perform just about anything for the industry, the climate, the money … agenda.

skin color … but if the criminal is heavily tanned that may be a miscall ( or wearing a mask, facial hair). the visual IS important, but can lead to missteps or looking in wrong places, if this is even a consideration nowadays. what is considered the wrong place? if looking for a child rapist does one think to go to an abbey or a church parish or a school? in the days of old, no one would even dream of looking there. today? a priest or a bishop or even a cardinal can sexually use and abuse, molest, rape children as easily as a layperson (as these are called) or … a citizen or non citizen of a country. and interestingly, a child rapist gets caught and serves what? maybe he molested one or two before getting caught. maybe he molested the same child for years … and what does he serve? and the clergy having committed decades worth of crimes of 50-100 children per priest or bishop or minister due to having been shuffled around by the hierarchy trying to hide the crimes serves what? how?(and this, my friends, is the BIGGEST crime of all because a young man cloistered in an unhealthy setting without proper parenting and proper CIVIL discourse, embedded in false teaching and maybe even raped by other men, his teachers, advisor … is sick in a certain way, but the one criminally hiding the sickness causing even greater harm, even DEATHS … is an EVIL of SYSTEMIC INTERCOURSE, having created an evil beyond repair … and should be the one that stands trial for all the illnesses born out of these horrid affairs, and the law enforcement and politicians having ignored these crimes, hiding them, creating a climate of danger for children are also GUILTY).

that was a big first. now second …
why commit the crime?


please read the comments. one in particular sums up the situation quite neatly, but we know it is not as neat as all that. 

surrender is an interesting word, but that alone does not solve the greater epidemic---the infestation of abuse, deception, criminal activity, and war-mongering---sources of evil. if every criminal surrendered, what would happen next? well, one might ask why commit the crime in the first place …then surrender? if surrendering keeps you from acting badly or with evil, why surrender? or maybe it keeps you away from an evil that you could not previously be free of. another scenario as each person's story varies. or unless you know you will be caught so surrendering might give you a lighter sentence. or perhaps you get into a a better situation in the criminal system than you had before (comforts) or… it puts you right where you want to be … for business of some sort or … access to something like sex with men or … (quick question: do transgender criminals get to choose their prison male or female?) …

it can be a wrap around lifestyle but whatever the reason for surrendering there is still the question of "why commit the crime?" what purpose does it serve to person committing the crime? and crimes as we all know vary greatly. there is the crime of stealing food because you and/or family is starving. this to me is not a crime, nor is it a sin … because if given the chance the person might be more than willing to surrender and give voice to his situation which led him to steal and this is important information for any magistrate to hear that he might take the necessary steps to help those in greater need, see the disparity for what it is---where it is---how it came to be--- and make super necessary changes in his lifestyle and the lifestyle of those like him ( this is assuming the theft was not done out of laziness, refusing to work, but one should never assume). then there is the crimes of the magistrate playing god, using and missing and abusing the people he governs, feels he owns, in order to serve his ideology, desires … power and control. this is also a crime of arrogance and elitism … in system and censure. 

one would have to know or get to know a person pretty well to move to a place of understanding the reason ---motive--- of crimes and criminal intent, but there is also the understanding that some laws are criminally invasive or criminal in themselves or just flat out poor legislature … a weak and chaotic jurisdiction, inconsistent and hypocritical, heavy handed or not severe enough. one would need to see not only these smaller trees in the crime field but also the field laws and why these are what they are. why this law or that law? what led to it becoming law? what reason/motive? 

getting back to the arsonist's motive, I would say he was used to create ATTENTION on something. several things so far don't add up but I am not going into these …  being embarrassed is not surrendering, or even saying I am sorry. but I think most see that. but why is he embarrassed? embarrassed he got caught? embarrassed he got caught committing THAT PARTICULAR crime. why not be embarrassed for his other crimes? why this crime? and do not forget that this is THE mosque that mateen worshipped in, and the same place where a suicide bomber attended (see news article). this pc of info is significant. the fact that the arsonist is jewish is also telling but may not say a lot in why he committed the crime. 


I have seen video footage on the man setting the mosque on fire, have you? was he white? hispanic looking? sounds like a strange thing to announce when you see the footage. and do they show from the SURVEILLANCE CAMERA a motorcycle? 

why would the arsonist, picking a time when people are not in the building, set the dinner area on fire. it is likely he wanted to make it look like someone in the kitchen left the stovetop on or something like that but again, this might very well be a way to draw attention to something regarding that particular mosque. 

news says that the arsonist's FBK page shows anti-islam posts. * wonder if they have taken a peek at our site/SPIRwordpress :) being anti-islam is not the same as being anti-muslim or … is it in the eyes of law? whose law? whose admin? one can hate the ideology---the methodology---a particular food or feeding … while not hating the people engaging in it. right? to post I hate islam as much as I hate liver is saying what? boy, christopher hitchens left and the whacky world went whacky religious? lol. thou shalt not slander the prophet of islam …? , actually, it's not funny in that this is serious. 30 years for arson on a "hate" crime. had he hated that the islamist's were preparing to butcher animals by the droves and he is a herbivore so he set fire to their kitchen in protest ... be considered a hate crime? worthy of 30 years imprisonment?

many questions … to get to the reasoning behind crime and criminal intent. 

now, the parallel … obama … where was i? oh, yes … the parallel is that obama is following a system outdated, already been done before and failed. the arsonist, desiring attention on that mosque and islamic ties … is acting in an old way to show that something is off or not right (two terrorists from the same mosque) … already been done before and failed. both use  a type of FORCED method to try to make something change he finds unwanted or undesirable  … but change based on a certain ideology. and the question regarding obama and his kin: what is that ideology?  

what does obama and co want for his democracy---for america? is he trying change american values? change what's valuable in america---what's of value? if so, how is he going about doing this? is he and his kin god of what should be? he speaks and all bow to king louie chieftain?  give me the red flower! I command this!, sitting atop his crumbling ruins. 

it's almost as if he thinks math and science having assisted in creating those ancient cities will save the world, forgetting that an artist envisioned this in poetry and song …paintings of a world unseen, creatures of metaphor that delight the minds of the children but are being overrun by lesser giants.what does obama know of THE ARTS? while he pushes  a failed platform, crumbling beneath his feet. islam his medallion … without understanding how islam operates. and he uses the hollywood crowd most ostentatiously without asking them how they treat their environment. in their desires and homes and work ethic … how do they treat the environment, their wives … a part of EARTH that belongs not to obama or the hollywood crown in all their mega homes and toys for tots and … attire …
math and science is nothing without awareness. awareness come through the ARTS but specifically the SPIRITUAL ARTS as Man will see and realize he has been shooting arrows in the dark.

does obama desire only oil ... and is willing to kill ARTISTIC ENDEAVOR and Spiritual Wellness to achieve his goal?


I was reading an article @RNS (the splainer) about the ND pipeline dispute and saw that at the end of the article it says that the Nation of Islam has spoken out 'against'? the construction of the pipeline (or so we are led to believe).  so … I went to see where---what they had to say. it would have been proper for the author to include the link on this … so that we could see exactly what-where=how this was said. I could not find it in a simple search so maybe it isn't really worth mentioning, but the author HAS to include it in her article because … the obama admin in league with other caliphate religious says so?

but I did find this:

the comments usually provide more info so do take time to drink your tea before it turns lukewarm.

here is more info and those POLITICIANS ON STAGE AND WHERE THEY STAND:

seems RNS can use these candidates for THEIR industry, but ignore what they don't want people to know?

 but the facts (according to the CNN article):

bernie sanders spoke out against the pipeline, but of course is now promoting the clintons/obama? (does that delete his pipeline stance or merely allow it to go lukewarm then cold?) hillary clinton has not commented (as of aug 31, 2016-date of article).


RNS failed to mention her involvement because like the good little followers of the clintons that they are, jill stein does not exist … ?
should not exist? hmm. maybe it is time these media moguls loose that … paying, responsible … position. 


interesting piece of information------no? and could it be hillary (and obama's) silence on this OPPOSITION is because there are others involved in this big deal? like islamic moguls? of the nation of islam fully supporting this massive snake cutting into the land? so much for obama's transparency … only when it suits him and his, creating for him a fatter, wealthier statesmanship, but … it looks bad in the ENVIRONMENTAL sense … so where does obama and his clan really stand on environmental issues? and we know how oil leaks wreck and murder life.

now how about SPIRITUAL ISSUES, of which RNS seems lacking and … big parties don't quite know how SPIRIT operates, good or bad, despite their claims of … loyalty to this teaching or that teaching. propaganda. advertising religion and politics in their big, fat wedding. I sense inconsistent truths in these waters. seems some groups are not being upfront about their intent and speak with a FORKED tongue. 

now … it's not that I hate rns writers/journalists-contributors … not all at, just like it's not that I hate muslims or catholics or … because I OPPOSE their choices, where these feed or find their truisms. who they trust … to be honest and just? what is their god … 

i ask them who-what they are paying into and supporting, and if much evidence shows bad, even evil … why give yourself to it? why give in to it? why be of the blood diamond industry? not knowing or wanting to know or willfully looking the other way and supporting ignorance and dishonesty and bad behavior, even murder … violence … lies and deception … because you belong or want to belong to something big, powerful and …controlling. surely in this Day you can see where this leads. no?

going to use one of my mum's favorite scolding lines: you need to have your head examined. ;)