we shared on SPIR ... we would never vote for trump as president, but we are watching the politicians squirm in their sitting rooms, and smiling on occasion. 
it had to happen---it absolutely had to happen ... the weak rhetoric---familiar and fast promises with no real intent were beyond escape. trump may be extreme in his boasting, but he hits nails where there are loose threads ... biblically speaking ;)

if you cannot toughen you are not ripe for the sweltering heat and the rice of winter, nor will you bear the cross of spring when the summer is dew ... gnostically speaking, of course ;)

trump upset that giddy apple cart... made things a bit more interesting because the wool gets stilted after a while ... even moss-riddled and it is hard to be around, sometimes even hard to see and hear ... but when art speaks, even raucous art ... we no likey ...but when stakes are high, we can level the playing field ...

when the same share the stage in half truths and unfulfilled promises ... outstanding tickets ... religionist backwater baiting ... a trump card is sometimes necessary

our lawmakers have not been transparent in their dealings ... know this

stand up ---enjoy the show--- and please be heard ... 

looking the other way can leave you with raped, molested women and children, even suicidal family members ... depression ... substance abuse and overdoses ... while your children struggle  ... and you say:

but I never saw the signs! I never knew he was ...