what is a deity but a god. in gnosis one is god until G-d turns on a light. and says, (in a language not born of man but of Spirit) … yo, look at this room! what a mess. would you like help in cleaning it?

a dream some time ago had me standing in my apartment that belonged to the world, but it was not really an apartment … but a room. that room was filled with dry leaves. I remember thinking, wow, an apartment all to myself. the wind blew suddenly … and all the leaves were swept out. 
it was one of those dreams that is like walking on air. these are different from the ones where there is frustration. when you reach a level of SPIRITUAL MATURITY you begin to experience differences, and begin to know that you are different … from the world. 

the world is an entity, much like institution, much like system … much like title, much like image. 

honesty resides in these entities … until honesty is shown its door. what goes out comes in, what goes in comes out. in SPIRITUAL gnosis, however, what is up is down and what is down is up … what is inside is out, and what is outside is in. 

in your god bubble you are of its honesty. it being the entity you live within, or under, should you be governed by the rules of another entity. so your entity is ruled by another entity. in gnosis that entity is your equal, not above you not beneath you, unless you allow it to be one way or the other, but you are not in gnosis if you are obstructed or burdened by another. and this would depend on your view, your seat … your place in society. some believe they are above others. some believe others are above them. in gnostic appeal there is an understanding of experience that allows placement of teaching … but TRUTH is irreplaceable. it does not change. what changes is your place. 

if looking at the political camps of this american election … there are two sides. there are members in each viewing his entity as honest or … viewing himself as honest. is he honest? some are honest, but some are not of Truth. these have not seen or heard the truth about their camp. they lack knowledge. inside this bubble is a darkness not able to be seen through its own darkness but can be visible (advisable) through Light. I am the way is that Light. and I AM is a place of hearing. so the way to Truth is through hearing. in hearing one receives UNDERSTANDING> 

if left looks at right and says, I am not in full agreement with your beliefs, but I understand that you are part of the body, and should I ignore and neglect my feet for the work of my hands, my feet will soon deny that my hands are a part of my body. and the reverse. in the world you are as one body unless you deny that you are of this body. in gnosis you recognize the body as the world, but Spirit (Truth) as the savior of the world. the world cannot recognize its denial and therefore sits armless or without feet .. until the Light is tuned on inside that bubble showing that the room cannot be cleaned without the means to improve it. 


a Person of Spirit of the Living God does not need this protection. he will not be harmed if he is wHERE he is supposed to be … for the Purpose of Truth. the Story shows JESUS without guards protecting him. the Writings teach that you take nothing with you. why? because if you are of the Spirit out are not alone. the articles are metaphor. 

when trump's house is attacked it will become clear to him that he puts himself and his family in danger. he will have second thoughts about his "presidency". he will begin to realize that the world is not a TV show that he can hire and fire according to his mood of the moment. he may not see the danger he places many new yorkers or even that he is costing the tax payer a lot of money to keep him in comfort … and he is still in self destruct, remember … and that light has not been turned on in his room. he is still in the dark on what he is and the burden he is placing on others, no different from the clinton establishment looking the other way from the creating of victims. but his fear os losing what is dear to him ---his trump kingdom heirs and his tower … he may decide to turn over that seat to someone more qualified in political matters. it will be his choice as he won the election according to the system set up by the democracy americans pay into and serve. if you don't like the system don't VOTE in those married to it. and this includes sharia law type agenda. 

and as we shared in previous posts, could it be that clinton and camp should have been disqualified due to info the american voter did not have access to? it's not comey's fault clinton lied. this is on clinton and her establishment. and how is this any different from what trump is currently paying into and performing? are you aware in these acts or are you in denial, still? should there be a rematch but with another candidate? a short but intense rematch? well? 

and trump should not be allowed to serve without having turned over his tax info. this is not debatable, but who-what is allowing this to go unchallenged? remove those that live lawless public service. this may be another reason for trump's exit from the stage of that "win". 

you are running out of time, folks. and violence will not change the way you think.



the bill and brian show?

like we said, the constitution is a chokehold. 



if judaism, christianity and islam worship the same god, according to the pope of rome and many religious theologians and scholars, pastors, priests, rabbis and imams, why don't all three honor islam's prophet as the final prophet and peace maker? why would a roman catholic pope even be needed, for instance? or reform judaism? or progressive evangelicals?or any other … why would a vicar of christ be needed if muhammad is the author of these believers? why should anyone listen to roman catholicism or any other religious sect if these worship the same god, and would there need to be anything more on judaism and christianity? judaism and christianity are now considered WHAT if muhammad is the final word?

it doesn't make any sense to have judaism or christianity if these three worship the same god, otherwise that god is a liar, bearing false witness.

imagine if as a nation you voted in a president to govern, but two very large factions from a previous presidency insisted on laws from previous presidents, and not the laws of the new president, how would you live in peace?

I don't think I need to remind the readers that I do not worship the god of islam and if judaism and christianity worship the god of islam then we are not of the same Spirit … of the Living God. we are not the same. 

so tell me now, once and for all, that I might know what it is that you believe. what is it that you worship? and how is it that you worship the same god with islam's muhammad as your final authority? shouldn't you remove your old 'holy' books for these are incomplete, that your children will not be confused? why do you not teach islam to your children from the words of the islamic prophet? 

FRIday and no response? now what we wouldn't give to see the faces of the vatic ants on that question :D

if you as a searcher on LIFE are diligent, and truly honest about some of the statements made by both the religious and political figures not only of this Day but of prior Days … you see the contradictions/distractions like an epidemic. it's a haze so thick even the bull frogs get confused on when to croak. take the current pontiff of rome spilling his guts to the world … where does his material come from? where do his "writers" get the stuff pope announces or shares as teaching? stolen. how do I know this? ;) that is for YOU to find out. they are trying to make this political puppet an artsy guy with a staunch message of social freedom. mantra: feed the poor! take in refugees (recently edited: only what you can afford to take in). how many do you think the VATICAN ESTATE can afford? so maybe the refugees will run like mad to the walls of the pope's house … hmmm, what a sight that would be. but seriously, we know these feed the poor statements are rubber stamped for catholic, but no one is allowed to question exactly how RC church under pontiff has FAILED and continues to fail the people it rules, advises and denies. and his favorite movie? babette's feast? lol, I highly doubt the man has ever seen it. what makes me question his honesty on that? this was written by another some time ago and I was shown by several the vatic ants to be dealing in talent theft … for exactly this agenda. HMMM????? do your homework, and please, do not believe everything the media puts out about him. they rubber stamp you as an idiot.

but what is deity in the life of a believer? if believer is bound by house rules, rules that undermine SHE? 




four ways to raise up a child

1. when he is of the age to do household chores, you pay him an allowance for chores done … on time

2. you don't pay him an allowance for work around the house because you believe he is part of the family and should pull his own weight. if he wants money he would have to get a job mowing the neighbor's lawn or shoveling snow … 

3. you have chores for the child to do, but the child gets paid even if the chores aren't done, aren't done on time, because you believe the more important is teaching the child how to manage his money

4. you give the child a weekly allowance even though he has no weekly chores

which do you think will be the best method to help in being happy?



I hope this author intended to be OBVIOUS on the part of francis saying NO to women priests in her world of catholicism but was not allowed to say it on RNS as RNS is pro-pope due to its sponsors (kind of like the point the author is making about the bishops and trump?). if not, we call this CATHOLIC DEMENTIA. 

is there something wrong with my eyes or is this article the biggest, loudest hocker in the face of the poor? the roman catholic church is and always has been a big reason why the poor exist! they cannot survive without the poor! the vatican creates victims then its members credit themselves for looking "charitable". wow, just wow, and people wonder why I hate roman catholicism? the evidence is clear … along with that huge wooden plank sticking out of both eyes.

another article at RNS says the sanctuary churches will refuse trump's law should he decide to have persons in america illegally …  deported. okay, so they break the law and pat themselves on the back saying, look how righteous we are … so righteous we need to blab to the world about our righteousness and all that expensive humility. at the taxpayer's expense. lol. this sanctuary business, and it will be a business, will be coming out of your and your and your pockets, peeps, not the churches' banks and certainly not the bishop's pocketbooks. 

unbelievable. truly unbelievable. sometimes I have moments where I think the entire world is bonkers. maybe just the pick-pocketers. 

as we said before, let the mexican illegals stay, but do find a way to have them do their share. people are still waiting for assistance who have been here for a very long time and have done their share and … there are many hurting from poor politics and malpractice. you dig? and bring in syrian orphans first … to live with nonreligious families, that way you don't have big, fat political religious establishment in the name of hierarchy and PATRIARCHAL INSTITUTIONS making money off of the plight of others … while making the taxpayers foot the bill. the children should go to families taking a child in because they want to help a destitute child, WITHOUT PAYMENT OR MEDIA PRAISE FOR BIG HEAD EGOCENTRIC, AND ELITIST (universities?) ANGLING. God, could it be anymore obvious?!

 america has wayyyyy too much on its plate right now to create more victims. and people may think me harsh? these articles insult the SENSES, folks. and if people say, oh but you are not catholic! and bringing in people from other counties ILLEGALLY does not have an impact on the lives of others? oops, did I slip something I shouldn't have? 

anyhow, maybe a rise in inflation will get their attention



is that a RISE in inflation or should we say america is moving TOWARD inflation? I did a wee search on who-what benefits from inflation. the government, in certain ways, but the article I read did say government. but I want to understand how this moves in THAT direction. what drives the economy toward inflation? but also an article stated that borrowers gain while those loaning money lose. hmmm … can't wrap my head around this so maybe I shouldn't try because my gifts work better when not going so deep the air gets stifling. sure there are experts in these fields and much to be learned from them, but what happens when that mold is broken? after a while things do break. 

read an article @ RNS from an islamist. I think it was posted thursday, but it was definitely published mid to end of this week. there was a POINT and a COUNTERPOINT. two different authors. anne I will comment on the counterpoint, but the point was a respectable sharing on experience and view from a muslim on the racism of trump supporters and those having voted for trump, particularly in the detroit/flint area. …is he a practicing muslim? I don't recall reading in the article on his or his dad's devoutness to islam. so please understand that where we write islamist we refer to one practicing as a religionist and not like when someone is referred to as a lapsed catholic or a catholic who attends parish primarily on holidays. some are married to the religion and rely on its teachings above the laws of a nation not islamic and some who claim to be muslim but who do not adhere to the strict code of ethic in the religion.

the islamist in the counterpoint expressed his view (from experience?) that those voting for trump believe that receiving lower tax rates, for instance, is above his life as a muslim/islamist. IOW, his life is less than those voting for and/or supporting donald trump … because it may help her thrive, survive, get by … better than under the current democratic policies? first, if you look at any islamic nation where there is strict islamic code, those female and those non islamic are often if not always treated as lesser. women are second class, denied certain freedoms and certain rights, opportunities ... and are required to live under male dominated society. and it was interesting that the author chose the pronoun she.her to express his point. I thought, um, whoops … is this deliberate to pit himself as a higher authority against female? to drive men toward a certain view? could he be trying to lure in males for patriarchal governance? when people go LOOKING to accuse they usually end up misdirected. hypocritical. now as a gnostic we look to see what SPIRIT drives that thinking.

--go to the article for more details as we share briefly on author

but let's take the spotlight off of that counterpoint author and look at muslims/islamist in american society. if half of the population desires islamist view … where does that lead the other half? let us remind you before you answer, in AMERICA there is what is called a separation of church and state and it's supposed to be practiced in government to avoid the situations we see in religious quarreling, but it has yet to be achieved, and … under the obama admin, islam has been elevated to a higher position than it was originally. and we want to know why? instead of moving toward a true separation of church and state we are witnessing an insistence from government that we honor and pay for MORE not less religious tolerance. and the atheist/secularists complain of christianity but welcome the more … religion? we want to know why this is? what drives their intent on this? 

take this statement as RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY from the pope of rome:

"In God's heart there are no enemies." tell that to the jews that HITLER attempted to exterminate. the pope of rome is clearly on drugs---his papal drug, thinking he is Authority on God. love the enemies teaches what? does he even have a clue? now what about ISIL … does anyone besides ISIL itself believe it to be in GOD's HEART? the roman pontiff is a false teacher and a paralyzed politician. please, someone get this ideology off the stage … it is DANGEROUS! 

pope as institution is attempting to establish a very large political religion, using other religions, his muslim brotherhood, for sure … we have been watching this carefully. pope is our enemy … so we know about enemies in the HEARTMIND OF THE LIVING and we warn of those who carry deception within the robes of ink. think about the gnostics he warned YOU THE PEOPLE  about not so long ago. why did he warn about the gnostic? do we murder, lie, deceive to get our way? cover up sexual abuse of children in houses all over the world? continue the disease and protect those who lie to protect seats and big establishment reputation? nope. pledge allegiance to abusive and unjust dictators? nope. the RCC under papal leadership has a myriad of crimes so vast … the people cannot see clearly in its haze. and pope knows this, attempting to sow confusion. he is a false teacher and knows not Spirit of the Living God. for if he did, he would not need his title, his institution and his very expensive signature. he laps up the praise at the expense of billions … while so many die under its ignorance.

tricky sly tactic there georgie porgie … time for you to be unseated. it does you no good to lie. and let me remind you that people like your macial marciel were the greatest of deceivers. but, of course, it is this that you try to hide from the world that your institution will not be seen for what it is: the enemy to Truth.

the LOrd said nothing about forcing religion on people, demanding RELIGIOUS RIGHTS in society. the TRUTH IS Lord says if you go to a place for sharing of Spiritual Gift, and the place refuses you … you kick the dust from your feet. you don't steal money from the taxpayers to create a huge political religious establishment that places burdens on the people. and please, ask yourselves if FEMALE is in the heart of that patriarch… 

what a con job. and you lick the catholic sugar pop … because why? does it suit YOUR agenda? hmmm ...



so no one is honest and all are in disbelief? this is a lawless society. 

the booing of pence while with the children to see the hamilton show ...and the above behavior shows a lawless society. so how would any of the world believe what we share on Truth, of Spirit of the Living God? Roman Catholic says I do satan's work. atheist puts words in my mouth by saying things that are not true about me … to try to slander, to ruin my reputation, to create fear and suspicion. even larry the atheist said my deaf daughter would use a handicapped pass to get privileged parking … without knowing a thing about HER, and I had to correct him, saying that she does not have a handicapped pass, has never had one, but the damage is done. yes?  but do you see how people use LIES in their "honesty bubbles" to try to demean and destroy … something they know nothing about? my daughter? my-my. a lot of assumptions a lot of judging … WITHOUT EVIDENCE for what would atheist or religionist know or understand about one like me? and those claiming belief in Supreme Being do not defend me because they do not like the outsider of world---the GNOSTIC not of their stream. many go on and on about being inclusive, and welcoming in the other, but we are not allowed to share on something they believe is theirs by universal belief and practice, an ideology, belief system and practice evident in the RCC. and it is clear from my experience both in worldly church and state that I am rejected. these live in disbelief: a lawless society.

we do not view military as heroes. this is not our Faith. hero is not really a word for our Belief because who-what would it embrace? where does it leave HONESTY? for whom? but to boo a family having lost a loved one, even if you are wondering on the honesty of it … is lame. so lame those having booed may come to know what it is to lose children, family.

what you believe may be what you receive. and if you believe someone dishonest without evidence … what are you really? lawless? 

I was to go out to where they assemble and work … the vineyards … and what did we find? how was I treated by them? did you think Spirit is bound in a chalice held by their wards? Spirit cannot be bound. it will leave these houses where disease and malnutrition prevent breath. where Spirit of the Living is denied. and who will PROTECT you and your loved ones? Man? can you trust Man not to betray you? can you trust your brother to defend you and keep you safe from what is already within your midst? God sends the unexpected … to know the truth about your seeds. otherwise, how would God know you? you are known through one sent to the vineyard … and small is the tall, for it reaches the highest of Truth … but if you deny and misalign … where are you in SPIRIT?