I communed on this case and am shown sterling has been illicitly charged to protect high government offices. and this you call your truth, atheist?

I will use this example, along with my experience in the court of american law, to announce that I cannot be used on their seat of justice … as I am summoned to serve for trial duty. 

In an article that Risen cowrote with Jeff Gerth for The New York Times that appeared on March 6, 1999, they allege that "a Los Alamos computer scientist who is Chinese-American" had stolen nuclear secrets for China.[18][19][20]

The suspect, later identified as Wen Ho Lee, pleaded guilty to a single charge of improper handling of national defense information, the 58 other counts against him were dropped, and he was released from jail. No espionage charges were ever proven.[21] The judge apologized to Lee for believing the government and putting him in pretrial solitary confinement for months.

On September 26, 2000, The New York Times apologized for significant errors in reporting of the case.[22] Lee and Helen Zia would later write a book, My Country Versus Me, in which he described Risen and Gerth's work as a "hatchet job on me, and a sloppy one at that", and he points out numerous factual errors in Risen and Gerth's reporting.[23] The New York Times was one of five newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, which jointly agreed to pay damages to settle a lawsuit concerning their coverage of the case and invasion of privacy.

 do you think
we should sue
the RCC for
lies told about
the gnostic? that
has caused my life
to be viewed as less than 
and as female … 

imagine what truths
would be revealed in that!

yes, it is most definitely time for both judaism and the RCC and those 
in legion with these industries to pay for those … untruths.

so be it.

why is US government so upset about this? will it upset their overweight apple cart? sounds to us like taiwan would like to break from the dictates of … china. china no likey? hmmm… maybe the pope george … god of the masses will fix it for them. he has certainly been making his egotistical rounds since his vatican elites elected him political puppet.

and the liberal---PROGRESSIVE---left is … what do they classify themselves again? moral? morally elected as the authority on just practices and beliefs? hmm … riiiiight ... under their obama strain.


we live in a day where what is written by journalist … or tweeter, blogger … cannot be trusted because if one head is bigger than other … other's life could be destroyed … family hurt … by the massive weight of ideologies gone amuck.

I am of the East and see that catholic thought is mired in illegitimate feed. this is dangerous … very dangerous.  


I will not comment on the kapo as it sounds as if this is infighting and not seeing at this time how it impacts my ID, but I will comment again on something regarding living a lie. salkin says the jews were treated better by muslims than the christians. first, he needs to be much more specific on which christians, AND … he needs to clarify the muslim. just as he desires others to know that he is not in communal agreement on a number of things with his jewish brother, many christians are not in agreement … and this is likely true with practicing muslims, and is exactly why we brought up the topic of the islamic prophet.  the treatment, was it under islam or a muslim occupied land? which rule of law is he referring in this comparison? also, as a gnostic one does not look at himself, and say: how am I being treated by him or by him? if I am obviously ignorant on some matters and refuse change for the health and wellbeing of society … I have brought lesser treatment on myself. there may be some reason I am being treated as less than. metanioa. understand what this is. second, in the day of the treatment that salkin is referring … a gnostic true to the Christ would be calling out the inequality and injustice of all religious and the powers in charge. again, how was female being treated by them… all of them? along with gays and atheists and … and was the jew under islam/muslim being given better treatment because he wasn't willing to challenge the powers on this injustice? is it that he went along with the laws? worked in and for them despite its obvious indecency, but maybe he himself was not aware of this?  he did work in influential fields---yes? if not moving---WORKING---toward proper living for Truth … can one be protected by the Source he says he now trusts? believes will … not accuse him unjustly … and will not attack him directly. is the jew protected under muhammad more than the other … 

whatever this becomes? and in all fairness, which jew is choosing … where?

saw a movie last night that ended with  a woman having a gun stuck up under her chin by a man demanding she sign a paper that said his behavior and the behavior of their mission (to do with mexican drug cartels) was done according to proper procedure. what choice did she have? that ink was not worth losing her life, and the guys that got shot and killed so brutally were doing bad things. the man with the gun had lost his wife and child by these men working for the drug cartels, including police officers, but he too had been of these actions so … how could he or his family be protected should powers change? he was relying on a system---a dual system---to keep him and his family safe, and both failed him terribly. and that female agent was fortunate to even be alive during the mission and all that happened to her. and she basically lost her job through it because she was then told to "disappear" to a small town. these men MISUSED her merely for her signature so that they got a clear pass for their agendas. but from the start … she signed on without getting the necessary info needed to make the right choices. she would not have been in that awful spot had she not reacted to something ... waited and researched the necessary and … if these men were unwilling to provide the information she needed to make the right choice then … she put herself in danger.

you see how quickly things can change for you.

as for gulen? obama should stop protecting a man misusing america. he needs to send him back before … more blood is shed.


read the reviews

as we were saying …
if marriage is such an important sacrament, why don't their clergy do it … do what they tell others to do?  instead of BURNING? of course, some do it, sneakily … like their macial maciel, best buds with their saint john paul the second. and of course, quite a number engage in sex, and according to EVIDENCE quite a few, forcefully … as in raping children. and their masters hide these crimes. and governments don't seem to care that this institution is so sick with these awful incidents. if government cared a hoot about their citizens, esp children, they would have every one of these investigated. but hey, they will be paying a very hard price for their denial, and their hardheartedness


do you think you will get an honest answer from the roman catholic? sick is what it is … shame on you religionists and pope worshippers and shame on governments for allowing these crimes to go unpunished, and allowing them to continue.

another reason not to do trial duty. maybe I should add that to my comments in response to my summons. 


False. You're confused.

The Latin Vulgate, which was the official Bible of the Church, sanctioned by the pope at the time, calls marriage a "sacramentum."

4th century.

The Catholic Church taught that holy matrimony was a sacrament from the very beginning. St. Paul blatantly announces it in Sacred Scripture.

You're wrong. You don't know what you're talking about.

recall we asked the question some time ago: what happened in the 4thC?

the VULGATE was the official "Bbile of the Church" is … not CHRIST of the Living God but ROMAN CATHOLIC gods. it's a pagan institution like most religions. why it pretends to be otherwise is THE question of this Day. and not only that, why has it become policy? why is it political … impacting others ...since its inception? and most notoriously … HOW? in what ways has it hurt or helped people … making man more responsible or more aware … or more careful … or more TRUTHFUL? or does it demand that you abuse and misuse? lie? deny … hurt others for ITS name's sake?

has the RCC's "bible" hurt the Life of the Spirit? are beings silenced because of big heads, orchestrating government to think and act a certain way? this is industry, folks, and you have a right to speak and speak harshly at these industries, because LIVES have been lost … danger is within, hiding behind that vulgate. what you do battle with is THE EVIL posing as an angel of Light, and you can view it as SYSTEM, INSTITUTION, IDEOLOGY, ARROGANCE, HYPOCRISY … mindset. the roman catholic church does not speak for Christ! how could it possibly speak for Spirit of the Living under those conditions? you have been seriously deceived if you believe the vulgate is the bible of the church spoken in the Writings.  clearly, it is not. a person has choice in what he follows, but in this Day, it should be apparent that roma is just politics. vatican is of political intent. and this should never have been meddling in american affairs.  

yesterday I received a text from one of my brothers. it had to do with my parents. I knew immediately that it was not him but his wife. and the text came without a premise. it showed up several days after I talked with my brother about something having to do with my parents---for safety and well being. the text was sort of off topic. so she used him to text me, but pretended that it was him. she and I text occasionally so there was no reason she couldn't use her own phone, unless her phone is dead. but she did not say, hi, this is ___  (my phone is ___) about your mom and dad … I even responded nicely by saying: you sound just like ___ (my sister-IN-LAW). no reply until the next day … just a few minutes ago: it was her. (and I replied: I know)
my brother's wife is roman catholic. 

you see, we think very differently. and we act differently. 

here's another example:

I was at a special dinner about six yrs ago and a niece in training to be a school teacher asked: what do you do when a student asks a question that you can't answer? 

of course the experience might be for the teacher that she should know the answer as she is the teacher, but one cannot know everything. also, one does not want the class to lose faith in teacher's ability to conduct a class on subjects. and teacher does not want to appear 'dumb' . someone at the dinner who was a retired teacher in the public school said: tell them something, but never let them know that you don't know the answer. 

my niece and I locked eyes and both of us felt that this was dishonest. she said: I told the class that we should do research for the answer and I chose someone in the class that I knew was capable of doing that research. 

I found that an acceptable response for that moment … as she was likely put on the spot, and one cannot answer every question children ask because they ask a loooot of questions :)

also one can tell the class that it will be a side project, maybe even extra credit for those who desire to do research. it's not about right and wrong, not in a lot of cases, but the willingness to make the effort to find answers … and this would be an eye opener for these young students that there is often more than one answer to their questions. that their textbooks are not the final say. and interpretations vary from one person to the next. and that things are not black and white on history and many other topics, like science and creative writing and …
this is being truthful. this is of the Christ. 

the retired teacher is roman catholic.

you see how we think and act differently? yes, you do have a choice. so how have the children been taught in schools? how are they being taught? we addressed some of this in SPIR at least 2 yrs ago. there is no reason in this Day that conducting a class should be confined to one teacher's mindset or one textbook on the topics. this is stifling, of a fascist ideal and … kids grow up ignorant unless … they meet new and different marriages or … marry for mirth/myrrh. 

SHOW them first how to experience learning. they are not robots being programmed to think ___.

*matt on silk's commentary, a catholic, still beholden to his roman catholic church, tries to make it smell good, but it still stinks. you notice he does not address the more severe of its crimes. the divorce thing is, of course, quite ridiculous, and pope george and his vatican statehood knows this. they play the good cop bad cop to try to make pop-up pope shine on that cardboard meme … but it's not woooooooorrrrrkkkkking ;) the jews and the so-called progressives may be folledbut not anyone truly impartial. 

so why 1 mil? and why such negativity and the refusal to do a recount? one can easily wonder :)

:D but am I the only one seeing the outcome on this :D
didn't we share here even before trump won the election that we saw jill stein and a familiar face going at it? how could I possibly know that jill would do this? and that the election is not over? if I was not in some way communing {within} something higher than Man? atheist, and religionist, I read his comments on those boards, continue to deny us :D they deny my experience … what I share … and I share just a little. imagine if I show a lot! atheist and religionist will look quite … dumb ;( to use one of their words not mine, but you see, it is the case that I must use his words … to help him navigate within his world.


MUSA means MOSES in Islam… in case you did not knowülen-13504.html

if I was a betting person I would bet that obama had put his FAITH in gulen as his master, "its movement" for his version of world peace  …but secretly, and this master he has been aligned with for some time. now given he is president of the US … your president … do you think you have a right to know what he is doing in the american school system and … if he has been dishonest about his beliefs and practices, steering america toward islamic dominion?

if being honest, one can not DENY that many of obama's comments reflect a RELIGIOUSLY-MINDED intent toward islam. it's clearly before your eyes so … what is it that you cannot see? and why do you not ask questions? now … regarding salkin's recent america getting  dumber article … is he secretly or sneakily saying he wants gulen's movement to rule over america, the world, the jews … and not christianity or any other form of belief and practices? if he sees judaism fading is he saying he desires the islamic teachers, much like his roman catholic pope george?


here is the follow up on that beheaded boy found in lawrence

and it is the other brutal act we said was going to come forth in the news (the first was the papini kidnapping). I did not see it at first, but was alarmed by the brutality of it (hands were also cut off), but I realized after I went to read the articles just now, shortly after seeing it on the local news that this is that other horrible incident. and what is unnerving is that I know a borges family from my childhood, and one of the children a few yrs younger than me came to mind … yesterday. in the morning, maybe … I can't remember exactly. for some reason borges was shown to me, and I would not be thinking of this family for any reason because I have not heard anything on them for a few yrs now, but they came to mind and I was shown that boy, and the name … wow, there you go … and I was shown a mop of curly dark hair, and I thought to myself: he had such beautiful dark, curly hair … wonder why I am seeing this? when I saw this boy (mathew borges) on the news earlier I thought, wow, he has quite the mop of dark curly hair. it was like he had his head under a shrub. seriously. his hair was down practically covering his eyes, and it was all mushroomed out. 
the news also said that the boy said they went to smoke marijuana. they wondered if it is gang related. 

yes, it is most definitely gang related. and I am seeing it is related to what happened to the papini woman. there is something in this that is related … hmm . need more time.

like we said of the other crime … the brutality on the body is a distraction … 
but how did this "group" get a 16-yr-old to confess to the killing? did he actually do the killing? not seeing it. 
and why the distraction of such horrific abuse to the body? this group used these two incidents to direct the attention of the public and law enforcement away from something to something else. they are hiding behind a mutilated body but why? and is this the same group? no, not seeing it as the same group but … it is a tactic. it's a tactic. 

but what is the motive behind it? what is its purpose?


what I hear is this: there are two gangs. both are involved in a plot. they desire more terror. because they need more indecent pilgrimage. 
to what? for what?
to restore their identity. they were once powerful and lost members … but the riotous climate is ripe for restoring their power. 

but the boy will speak. 

that's all for now.


going on Tuesday

At its inception on October 15,[4] 1966, the Black Panther Party's core practice was its armed citizens' patrols to monitor the behavior of police officers and challenge police brutality in Oakland, California. wiki



oh what a night. back in … 

2 gangs: I communed more in the restoring of identity and the desire for power. but why kill the boy? I asked. to send a message. the message is in this case … to the hispanic community. listen up, because it makes sense in tactical teaching of the militant rise. they chose a poor hispanic community. and there is complaining that law enforcement did not do enough to save the child (need more info on what they could have done to SAVE him if he was killed and lay by the river until the person walking a dog found him) but it's out there. family members are saying they are poor hispanic and the police did not do enough. yes, he was missing for a few days … what were the police doing to try to find him? a gang could easily have set this up to send a message … to get the poor hispanic communities riled up. yes? such a brutal murder and for … what purpose?

mathew borges has something to say, but will the powers allow the public to hear it? or do they want to look like they "caught their man"?

to conclude this jury elect posting … I replied to my trail duty summons online and fortunately, there is a place at the very end of the questions that allows you to comment. I saw that think would be better than thick … and made three point:

I was labeled WHITE in the info (from previous records serving jury duty), but what choice did I have? I asked the question as a white … what does this truly mean (to be white) … where NPP is permitted freedoms … does it subject me to ridicule and or harassment? and I stated briefly, as a FEMALE … if the court of law could not see to something as simple as equal pay … how is it capable of addressing the dangers of something like NPP?