I read the following this afternoon:



“It never happened and you saying it did makes you an enemy of the Lord! And you will go to hell for attempting to ruin the reputation of godly men”

This is what my own father writes to me. Conveniently forgetting that our neighbor went to jail for incest and that many of his colleagues engaged in rape and molestation.

The last verbal conversation I had with my father was over 3 years ago. He said he didn’t care about the molestations and rapes that occurred in the missionary organisation we were in. I put the phone down and do not answer his ranting snail mails (they go via a different address and are sent on).

Apparently my father is dying (but this could be another lie, there have been so many). Am I supposed to feel sympathetic and forgive what he has done and said? Or do I carry on my campaign to bring to justice those who have committed criminal acts?

How do you forgive someone who still maintains “it never happened”?

- See more at: http://boz.religionnews.com/2015/12/11/an-unholy-alliance-when-mob-forgiveness-meets-selective-grace/#sthash.hqrBCKEj.dpuf

and felt compelled to respond, and please note, I cannot respond on forums where I am ridiculed and dismissed as delusional, or told I am doing satan's work ... and is partly why I no longer post at RNS. It is not for me to PROVE there is a God, or to promote religious institutions as I do not belong to any, and would not sacrifice my life, or bury my SPIRITUAL GIFTS to remain in the pride of these ... or to be accepted by the standards and OPINION of "set" institution(s), including the valor of christianity and, I am not to cater to the lethargic and militant, and neither are you. Jesus calls us out of these that we might hear in the heartmind of impartial trust, not belligerent confines. It is also not for me to allow myself to be subjected to abuse, which brings us to this comment … quite nicely … 

Oscar, this is one of those cases where you are being shown the breaking away from family … friends, in order to achieve within your calling. It is a distancing … not you "walking away" from a problematic mate or patron, but you being called to move. If dad is not MOVING toward Understanding, you risk all to remain where he is. FEW are called into this (many are called: few are chosen) type of work, and are prepared within the peace on truth, and have already chosen to remain to assist those in darkness. But you … you must move. God does not ask that you sit within willful ignorance, pride of title, or institution …  or DENIAL, and people within select and partial knowledge and understanding do live in denial on these acts, and many other acts of attrition. It's not exactly easy, likely more of frustration as the mote is doggedly in the way of the silencers, but it is a necessary teaching if your desire is to move and grow in the Light on Love. You cannot sustain and breathe within a character of immense disease, and it is a disease … a sickness. Know this. See it for what it is. Don't be afraid to say it out loud no matter how many names they call you. Try to understand that theirs is ignorance, often willful ignorance, and this is living in bondage ... and it is an illness. Your servitude exists elsewhere. 

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So the Catholic Church declares that Christ made a mistake. The Pharissees were not wrong and do not need to be ‘saved’, nor even corrected.
Note the following….
“…..Christ is in hell drowning in boiling excrement….” According to the Talmud (Gittin 57a)

Catholicism is occupied territory.

huh, how lovely. do you think those of judaism missed the message on The Christ? yep … but then so have many christians. thank God I am of gnosis and not calcifying in these urns. 

you see, oscar … LIFE. 


another reason I won't comment on RNS … 

Like when Jesus made his own weapon and used it to violently attack the people in the temple?

how often we have said that the language was NOT in atheistic tongue! nor was it written in LATIN … or any other institutionalized tone. *sigh* man will never get anywhere if he continues to play out the same old broken record. over and over and over, along with his pathetic sarcasm, and where he willfully deceives to render self-agenda to his liking. rome took the Writings and made of them what it wanted to satisfy its own plans for CONTROL, folks! GROW---please! just admit you do not understand the Writings in the TONGUE of the Living God and start anew! 
I cannot wait any longer … I just cannot. this is stifling! I said I was done here but I see deceit and I say, okay, a bit more … to help … chastising is within the art of redemption but man says f-you, I am the owner of a proud and notorious institution! look at all my titles and credentials and God says:

who/what are you? 

God is no respecter of your titles and your credentials. why? because there are those not given the option of these same places because mankind is partial and serves himself and those like him, denying many, including female … while others suffer and starve. unless you use the education to move people into places of well being your place is in denial of what is SPIRIT> 

you know, people think, "she (me) is just anti-catholic. she hates catholicism… no, I am not anti-catholic, but I do hate hypocrisy. are you a hypocrite? is your institution hypocritical. I hate abuse and misuse of the innocent and the vulnerable, while pretending at love? are you abusing and misusing the innocent and the vulnerable? what is coming in the study of the brain and how this operates is going to show the world of roman catholicism in its stamping out of this and that as evil. yes! people are going to be attacking catholics and blaming them for the mindset that man has suffered under. they will blame roman catholic dogma for establishing this indigent place and we have warned of what is coming. but the catholics cannot see in this. their place is not able to move for the obstacles. but yes, science and the arts will be in awe of what they have not known of the mind! how can this be? they will say … what has kept us in the dark on this for so long! they will then look at those like islam and roma that demand obedience and deny-deny-deny mankind the offering to become and to access his BRAIN (and the wellness of the heart) in a fuller, richer capacity. the good of the rcc will be forgotten and people will attack the institution and its members for causing a systemic illness. man has yet to discover the mind of humanity and when this comes into awareness … my gosh, it will be HUGE! 




huh? she had to let them know … else she would be stoned for sharing … her voice?

I have to say this …
in a predominantly MUSLIM field, if men are that insecure about women being covered from head to toe then what does this tell you about their faith? and belief system? these are the fruits, folks … for ALL to witness. now, why would WE want MORE insecure men in our countries? 
----------> look at the immature headset of men in america … "babes" … and what the men desire on their calendars and "books" … movies and … large-breasted women, sculpted waist … long legs? showing as much as possible that they might get their piece? what they lust for? it is truly a sad world … everywhere. use and abuse of women, even little "women"---girls. it's dangerously immature. if a man cannot see a woman as one other than a fuck, a slave, a breeder that he might build himself an army, if he cannot see her as an EQUAL partner on this GOOD EARTH ( decent book, btw)  … do you think "GOD" knows him? 

GOD CANNOT KNOW WHAT IS NOT WITHIN THE SPIRIT … so, if anyone wonders how it is that bad things happen in the world of men, ask where they live … what they believe and who'what they trust for safety. is GOVERNMENT protecting the people? will they protect the people? they are just men and women like any other… just like the priests and popes and cardinals, bishops, pastors, the reverends, imams and … are MENLIKEANYOTHER. Spirit of the Living God cannot reside in darkness. remember the eye? when man moves out of the darkness … he will be known. 

evil steals from truth to try to make itself look 'credible'

we read things like "pope francis OPENING A DOOR for … " was it not "we" who SAID THIS first---quite some time ago, but WE DID NOT SAY say it was pope francis opening the door? we said it was another. follow the path and you will see its patterns. evil has been stealing the WRITING of one not like it to set itself up as "GOD" but it is a false stimulator, and merely theft. go ahead, read … you will see that they have been stealing… from us, and others … not like them. and they have used their titles and fancy robes … and POLITICS within their city states to try to appear righteous and good, but they have just REVEALED to the world their lies. look---see! do you homework.  ALL will say, MY GOD! THIS IS TRUE! WHAT OPHELIART SAYS IS TRUE!!! 

where do you want to be standing when it hits?


so … what is this really saying, folks? judaism, christianity, islam, and roman catholicism … bye-bye. it will be a while, but the tenets of religious seclusion are not within the paradox on love. this is not saying that people are without Spiritual Gift … this is saying that these 'groups' are nearing an end. that "chosen" in the Writings is referencing Israel as Mother, certainly not rome, and FATHER, of course, is the metaphor for what? "what is God" … Truth, Light, pursuit of … and within this is a FEMININE LIGHT. how could it not silence as Paul suggests in the Text? it is too immense, and Paul says that he was sharing milk and not sold food because why? where is man? until man is where he can be realized as ONE in the Light, he is wanting … poor. what desires poor is what fights to keep itself a stumbling block to the believers AND nonbelievers. they do not care about the LIFE of the people; they care about their titles and institutions: the pride of these. you can't bring any of this INTO the Way. it is cast out! if not worthy of Truth, like "Jesus" in the temple courts … cast out---driven out! the act that man argues about never actually happened. ONE OF GNOSIS WRITES IN SPIRITUAL METAPHOR. :D … how could these not see? the answer is simple. darkness. a crime? only where man seduces and lures in for self-agenda and mollifying. they use charmers and sugarcoating … the white washing. they denounce and condemn those speaking truth, because they fear this. 

augustine of hippo, like so many theologians … scholars … not God (their words). they were merely exercising limbs. they speak not the LANGUAGE as this has been coded for Eternity. the ember never runs out----yes? (one of oil is never without---the lamps!) the water never runs dry … for drink. those with eyes to see and ears to hear? 


what might this Be?

this is not the "end times" as some prescribe. this is the beginning of THE RETURN within that paradox. The Christ is not negotiable. It IS. and it is a continuation of what gnosis had 'in mind' … but where is the mind of God? recall it said no one knows the mind of God? why do you think this is? the mind of God is not without the bride. the bride IS. The Christ was never explained as it should have been. Jesus was a male human for Prophesy. He was anointed for {this} and is why he is acting in the hand of God, but the hand is not without SHE. She is the Art of Gift … needed to ascertain Wisdom, our Sophia. to be canonically linked to a method patriarchal or matriarchal minus the force (Spirit) is to be in that boat without oars, or the ability to use oars should one have them. SPIRIT is filtered through human hands, but human can only be lionized when God is within UNDERSTANDING, which is Peace spoken in the Writings. bringing a sword not peace was saying bringing the Word that man might USE THIS to remove that which is ignorant, gross, uniformed for illicit practices, hypocrisy, deluge, contaminating serfdom … and more … so, now … where is this Peace? it is within (experienced) in and through the Way (Understanding) and Knowledge is the foundation from which {this} springs forth. 




this is important, people, pay attention. what these young men did is rude. this is not appropriate behavior and WAS NOT what was shown in the Teaching of the temple courts. one must understand the SPIRITUAL SYMBOLISM to know and understand it. but this is just the beginning of what's to come for the catholic. muslims turned christians are in a unique state. if given the freedom they may act in a similar manner as the roman catholics of old … (you reap what you sow?) seriously, it does not happen overnight … and history does repeat similarly. I am not at all surprised about this. we have shared on this many times in SPIR and OWA. what's coming is not pleasant. the ordained priests are in danger (think child/clergy sex abuse, too) … even catholics will be attacked. if these young men generate enough interest in "their cause" … baby, it will turn dark … evil. we have been seeing glimpses in the "attitudes" of some young people and government says, oh let's just wait this out. these men are "black", which makes it a touchy, sticky … no one is allowed to speak or act for FEAR of being blasted. 

I say, nip it in the bud, because it is a poisonous seed. do not allow this to turn ugly, GOVERNMENT. set the laws on this ASAP. these are not harmless … these have the potential to go awry. and catholics, good grief, wake up to what is being shown to you … for crying out loud!

*I was shown some time ago that the vatican's attempt to sabotage the stage using islam (in the brotherhood) would create a backlash … and it started some time ago, but this incident is the reality for the parishioners … where it is now beginning to strike at home.

but must admit … watched another video where these men went into a rather large church and the faces on the people when these guys started preaching … it made me laugh, just a little, but …  I was imagining what the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH did to others when it set out to DEMAND OBEDIENCE … you know, THE JUNIPERO SERRAS and … of course, that was NOT funny … so, Catholics, what have you to say? are you offended by the behavior of these men charging into your territory and preaching that they know what is truth and that you are dead … wrong, not born again? BUT YOU SAID AND DID NOTHING WHEN YOUR POPE CANONIZED A TERRORIST … what say you now? what will you say when they come at you demanding you change---FORCING YOU TO CHANGE? will you thank your pope for canonizing a terrorist? an abuser? you have been warned, catholics … there's more to come. good luck.

Then the 12 summoned the multitude of the disciples and said, "It is not desirable that we should leave the word of God and serve tables. Therefore, brethren, seek out from among you 7 men of good reputation, full of the HOLY SPIRIT, and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business; but we will give ourselves continually too prayer and to the ministry of the word."  

and now … 

ADDED: http://news.yahoo.com/teenager-baseball-pitcher-break-mexico-gender-wall-185655402--mlb.html

 let's play ball :)