we left a response to a comment a few posts back regarding the worship of God. it seems many christians are under the impression that the Christ is not necessary in understanding God. :D they believe that the god of islam and the god of judaism is the same god as the god of christianity. hmm … each has their prophet? a prophet they believe to be true and correct in order to believe? this will be where religionists of all agendas will begin to see that paradox, and where atheists go, oh, wow … 

allow me to share from the experience of one of gnosis, not of religion … not bound to the principles and belief practices of the jew. what is the jew? the jew is one who demands GOD be seen before he can believe. is the atheist a jew? most likely, but not necessarily, as he does not need the religionist's articles, practices or system of beliefs, but he is often bound, however, to its way of thinking and when left without experience and only a desire to SEE evidence of "supreme being" to believe, he chooses none because he cannot see … what he does not know. the gentile (gentle as I like to think of this) does not demand that God be seen. he knows SPIRIT (God is Spirit: see JOHN) is alive in the Christ and the Christ is manifest through human (an impartial state), or humanity, should we arrive to be of truth in numbers where sanctification is a reality. how does he know of the Christ? how does he know without seeing? I once asked francis (of assisi) how it is that he saw the six-winged angel but I did not. I had seen many things, heard many things, both in dream and vision ... what man understands as real life and not dream, but the six-winged angel seemed an exaggerated specimen for the Angel, as Spirit does not look or operate like that. he replied, you have been washed by the blood of the lamb, and proceeded to share with me many things. but what does it mean to be washed by the blood of the lamb? it means that I went through the necessary spirit warfare to come into the place of awareness and this a life-giving process and not through a system of man's formulaic agendas (note: no one comes to the Father but through …), and interestingly, I was rejected, ridiculed and denied by nonbeliever and believer (in religious credential) in the manner I was sent to these to test the vineyards … ;) … and is also what moved me into where I am today, much like how Jesus was treated by the "jews" (society's laws and belief system) of his day, and it is important to understand that if of Spirit, one does not conform to be of the ingratiating systems and unjust law and derelict and dishonest practices, even where man seems honest in his endeavors. even the atheist can see the hypocrisy as he is outside the doctrine bubble of the religious and is often in the secular and can see the malpractice … the unjust ways … the manner unkept. francis did not as he relied on the institutionalized system of rome and its teachings to believe in Spirit, and this for him was CHRIST AS THE LIVING GOD, not pope or another presence in the claim to prophet, but HE WAS HONEST IN HIS DESIRE TO HELP PEOPLE HE SAW MANY UNDERNOURISHED AND SUFFERING, and made efforts to try to relieve this: a reaching out even if he did not come out of what was causing the injustice and derelict parenting. he was willing to step out of the life of ease, however, and he gave himself to others to try to help their suffering, and CLARE was instrumental in his ability to do this. were they lovers? hmm … one must understand what is love in order to understand their connection and how they came to be.

now, some experience "god" through the image of mary, because this is more gentle than a papal office demanding obedience to doctrine that often runs contrary to experience … experience of Spirit of the Living God, but many of these are often too afraid to speak out against something they often fear and were taught is above them spiritually. God, Spirit as Supreme Being is not a formula, no matter how seductive, prettified, 'ecumenical' and TITLED one tries to make it. what separates THE CHRIST from the god of the jew (need of things in the form of sacraments, practices, houses of worship, required classes, titles, statues, bling, crowns, cups, rosaries, style of dress, whatever … he cherishes and believes is necessary to be chosen, born again, orthodox, not heretical …) is love. this may sound unfair, but it's true. is one willing to give up ALL  … all those things and come out to a big, harsh world, trusting what has been shown to him, what he knows to be true, for the safety of many ... for the LOVE OF ONE? one that embodies the least? the least of these? is he willing to go not where he is accepted and pedestaled and prized because of his credentials and schools and many institutional alliances, both political and religious … to go into the darkness and call them out to a life of love where he can experience Truth? some nonbelievers are saints, or act as saints because they are the boards for people to step and not sink or slip or fall, but never does THE CHRIST masquerade indifferently. never does The CHRIST require the poor man's fair of life and living. never does The Christ behave as the God of Abraham and Isaac, tempting through death of child our obedience and trust. never does The Christ require us to church up for any person. church, if of purpose, loses the whitewash and grows in the colors of the Risen … not desiring old wineskins. we speak of the realities of the Word as a Spirit not binding allegiances to continue in discriminating practices, or to bring burdens on the people. you will know them by their fruits. the bound are clever in their desire to bind you to them … to lure you into their houses of unjust and impractical ways. The Christ does not bleed you dry. can you now see this face?


if you are very much bound to your bible and what is written there and find contradiction in what we write and what you understand of the words in your bible then you need to ask what might have been altered to serve an agenda, or … what might have been altered due to a lack of love … get thee to the governments and ask that they open the vatican vaults to witness what resides there. ask that the governments go into the houses of worship that declare themselves important enough to use taxpayers money to survive and investigate what resides there. and ask that governments investigate their own and their own agencies to witness what it serves for policy … and votes. 


and the pope of rome is an impractical twit if he thinks cities and towns can accommodate hundreds of thousands of refuges/immigrants when there own citizens suffer without food and housing and proper care! grow up pope and stop creating so many poor people! your dogma is illicit and dull … quit hogging and stealing the attention and the press and the political arena and allow others to reach … to HEAR what needs to be heard. they walk by the sick and destitute on their way to their party affiliates, voting to bring in more sick and destitute. how just is this? and the women? where does roman pontiff place these? these cannot be of what we just described above? The Christ does not call one to uniformed and formulaic habits in this day and does not ask that you bury your gifts.



we do not need these institutional strings  … therefore, NONE need worry about tax dollars going to pay for 'my' protection. but do ask how it is that you end up paying for the institutions demanding that THEIR pride be protected above others? clearly there are many men, women and children abused, raped and murdered at the hands of zealots, thieves, sick and indoctrinated … and where is their protection?
and don't just skim the surface and believe everything told to you---RESEARCH! could it be that some of the deaths of individuals were a result of them engaging in criminal activity, malpractice and illicit purpose and someone or some group found out and acted on their own to rid them and or society of the crimes? you do not know the fuller truth in most the incidents. know this. I am most certain that when people of one opinion and one view discover the reason for death, even while it is not right to attack and murder another as many have done, will change view and opinion in a matter of seconds once they learn more in the story … it is the way it works.

for instance, if someone heard on the news that a priest was murdered by a man, say, an atheist, one they found out was an avid nonbeliever, who seemed unwell … possibly an alcoholic … and he attacked and killed the priest and the world reacted--- horrified---wanting to boost the roman catholic church or give loads of money to the priest's order or his parish, SCHOOL< or seminary … but … later, through investigative reporting it was discovered that the priest had raped the man when he was a child, or as a seminarian … and others, how quickly do you think the world would demand their money back? how quickly they would change their tune! be aware and watch what comes … 


and allow me to share this …
I do not have an issue with statues and cups and what not … except where this becomes an absolute ---a mandatory belief like chrismation or baptism  at the hands of titled men of ordained status through religious vehicles. I understand the need for structure but I do not believe these are a necessary part of coming into the Spirit as the Word is very SYMBOLIC in nature … and is why statues, paintings, ikons etc … are inspirations born of something being experienced, created from this and may assist in understanding. but these have no power like titles have no power other than man's law and how he makes these a condition for belief. but for and in Spirit Holy? they cannot control {this} no matter what doctrine they demand the people obey for "heaven" or communion or …
in addition, there are people posting to look as if they harbor "spiritual intellect" when they are merely stating an obvious. on mark silk's most recent (the wheaton blow up) which mark, like the drugged seducer that he is, he has his mentor(s) posting to "loud" it to the point that no one, not even our dear samuel, can see that the man is merely a pawn for the agendas of silk and those like him …  

it is a runaway affair and carries no real significance other than to allow one like me to point out the obvious and to "explain", if you will, that THE CHRIST is a teaching that mark and those lie him completely missed in all their academia and professorial rah-rah. they continue in the old while trying to whitewash. it is systemically boring and solves nothing … but it will rally the pride filled to seat their agendas which is exactly mark's desire, shortsighted as it is. he ignores the greater scope of the trauma for these silly grievances and he will rush you all into a destitute state in his lack of vision, along with his buddy and sister susans. 

you do not alarm, me, silk … bring it on! you have not come anywhere near the catastrophe of your indigent pride ;) better yet, bring your pope to me that I might execute what is within me to ….. :D (that was for the hallowed a-max in his hell of misunderstanding).

this is for you to wrestle with, mark 

I’m not American so your Constitution is meaningless to me. But doesn’t it go on to say “..or prohibiting the free exercise thereof’?

And while we’re at it, I heard that recently Oklahoma banned Islamic sharia law from being implemented, only for that ban to be overturned by a court. Does that mean one day Oklahoma and maybe the rest of the US must implement sharia law?



look at the RNS comment, mark … and walk around it and see it from every angle possible. what does it say to you? first, I am NOT american. how many people in the states, visiting family, arriving through marital arrangements and on the wings of the right or left through this current and sudden 'desire' to appear loving, caring and not bigoted (more to try to prove thy neighbor bigoted and using the non american for political agendas) … are not american, not caring about america, what is america, what it stands for, what is strives toward or even that it has laws apart from his/her own state of affairs. these want something that may not be what american is used to, abides by and endures through. they want or need what they want or need. the want and need may be very contrary to what is currently an understood style of life and living, but a clause permits them the right to their freedom to believe and practice as they want or need. where does government say enough is enough? where does government realize they have bitten off way more than they can chew? where does government recognize their dysfunctional parenting and where does government grow up and out these 'freedoms' that are not really freedoms at all but more a choke hold to damn the nonconformist of government's policies based on each and every rage that comes down the pike … and the herd bashing begins because of a few that are good at firing up the censors. who is wise among these? who can see in hindsight?man so easily forgets what history brought forth from the missteps and he parades himself as if he has some channel of divine or titled guidance when in reality his is quite ignorant and in his push for agenda, he brings catastrophe on many. one does not have to have any clause to see in this  … one does not have to care about any of it to know that man is running with the desire to cover his own steps … where he refuses to be responsible for his inaction and poor attention, and he refuses and refuses and refuses to address the realities of these and even silences those who he feels are challenging him where it matters most. 

sharia law. huh, what don't you get about sharia law, mark? the same you do not get about roman catholic law? 

We must post a-max again to ask a few questions not only of him but all commenting.

Samuel Johnston,

I don’t mind SPECULATING that a god might exist.
My problem is only with those people who say they “know”.

- See more at: http://marksilk.religionnews.com/2015/12/17/do-jews-worship-the-same-god-wheaton/#sthash.XXWbIv6Z.dpuf

"My problem is with those people who say they know."

you see, folks, he makes it his problem. he chooses to make it a problem. he cannot allow that a child, for instance, shares that he experienced something that a-max cannot explain through his system of beliefs, so … the child is a problem for atheist max. what does a-max do about the child that experiences something max has not, and cannot, explain? a-max sets himself up in an overbearing position to undermine and demean child. yes? a-max grew up in a system that obviously never awarded him experience of God, only practices formulaic and teaching that rendered him without experience in and of Spirit of a Living God … when then does a-max just not say that his life offered him no SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE? why must he judge and disparage believers? his way is of militancy and not a parenting position. this is a damaging way and should not be permitted in a school type setting should he think himself worthy in this. to say no and shut it down----silencing child---because you have nothing to share?

now, is there more than one god? man can make anything his god … of something he gives himself to in utter appreciation, guise and rights. if TRUTH be GOD---SUPREME BEING … one must ask what is Truth? what is God? how does one come to understand that he might experience this and arrive at a place of knowing God … or knowing God exists, and in this process coming into the knowledge that evil also exists … evil in the form of spirit, something he cannot see at work within man that causes or creates bad things to happen and people to choose badly? if man is never at a place of resistance that he might receive, he may never know of God as a reality, or know that there is a stream of evil. but what does the resistance look like---sound like? Spirit does not work in the ways of man; Spirit works in the worth on Truth … which is saying that if man desires knowledge in the prospect of Truth being real---as Supreme Being … he must recognize at least a mustard seed of faith in his worth as something more than just man as man. there must be at least some desire to want to know more about himself than just what he already knows, or thinks he knows. like an athlete wanting to improve his skill … strength … a farmer desiring what comes forth from the planting of something … the warrior is one that can channel the precepts of truth and build the other two. warrior is one in the Spirit and is ready to do battle with/in the unseen. she is not given in to formulaic address and will die in the fight, which is really a place of admittance.  

a careful person would not allow an unskilled surgeon in to do surgery, or one without mentor to train one for this task … a-max can understand this, so why is it he cannot understand his lack of Spiritual experience for knowing God or even knowing there is a God and what might be the worth in this? he does not know what he does not know so why does he have a problem with people who say they know? does he think that only his experience or lack thereof is relevant? or what matters? it is seriously illogical to think the way he presents his arguments. one can argue what is Truth through the fruits, and this, my friends, is coming coming coming … and challenging of the gifts of the SPIRIT, but to deny what you don't know and have never experienced, and deny through not knowing and not experiencing is … quite off. nonsensical. 

the truth is, and what we have shared on already is that the atheist will be without words. yes. his arguments of the no god and the fairy in the sky nonsense will fall flat. he is already sounding misplaced in this climate. he will be overwhelmed and left to whatever he chooses which may render him without standing … so, he may want to consider getting off his horse and taking a walk through the field he has not noticed for all his racing. the horse has to feed somewhere … he cannot go on forever without.

he will be seriously outnumbered and not relevant in what is coming forth. he will have no skill in the fields. 



the teacher knew exactly what she was doing and she should be asked to apologize to the students offended or resign. one can show calligraphy without picking out what she knew to be a questionable "statement", especially in that particular area--- A PUBLIC SCHOOL. you see, I don't agree with this nonsense …  for agenda … that causes major problems. if this had been a statement from the bible the atheists and non christians would be going through the roof, so no … not a proper choice on the part of the teacher and I have no doubt that she knew it. she should be investigated before a panel, which includes the students and the parents, explaining WHY she chose that particular statement in a PUBLIC SCHOOL SETTING, and get to bottom of this! if teachers are going to behave in this manner, taking advantage of situations FOR THEIR OWN AGENDAS without care and caution for the students they are teaching … get the hell out of the classroom or shut down the school and send the kids somewhere else. if GOVERNMENT CANNOT GET THEIR ASS IN GEAR ON THIS PARENTS NEED NOT BE REQUIRED TO SEND KIDS TO SCHOOL … let them learn someplace else.  and those choosing to remain can be influenced by whatever is the belief and practice of the teachers, and if the latest trend is raping a 9 year old then it's your problem, and the problem of the poor girl having been raped? … well, we will find you and kick your careless and ignorant ass (spiritual connotation on that)


getting back to the wheaton professor's opinion on god of the christian and god of the muslim being the same god … ha. clearly she operates from the old testament "of her own making". because she is ignorant on what is The Christ. but we are not surprised she has missed this veritable TEACHING. many claiming christianity have missed this message, and it does not surprise that mark silk's commentary on it @RNS would dissolve into an atheist's commentary … with susan of judaism? showing her total lack of appreciation for what JESUS did for the jews, both of judaism and the jew of the Writings, which is not necessarily the same; like a-max, she dislikes Jesus. okay, susan of jewland, had jesus not ignited the "no throw zone" would you have ended up in a grave of stones? pertinent question to be sure, so ... susans and silks of the world, give credit where credit is due! y'all seem to want to pat yourselves on the back (right a-max?) without realizing what came forth that might have been good for the jew AND those that came to form judaism. one cannot deny what the Prophet on Truth was here to bring forth that man might move OUT of his obstinate and unjust ways, unless one resides in willful ignorance, and loves this more than TRUTH. susan can accuse christians of treating jews badly, but she seems to want to pick on the ones who are actually supporting ISRAEL, so, do ask, who betrays Israel? symbolically and geographically? she should be asking rome about this. they stamped out a version of christianity that suited their agenda … easy to pick on what the herd picks on, eh, susans of the world? easy to miss the bigger picture for your own mote? 

point is … one cannot reach TRUTH while in a fountain of frost. one cannot discuss the GOD OF THE CHRIST while embedded in the old skin. the wheaton prof thinks she speaks something revelatory and uniting but what does she try to unite? does she try to plow ox and ass yoked together in that field? one cannot pour new wine into old skins. so … what happened on silk's commentary? its old news. it became an atheist's feed. this is not saying atheists should not be permitted voice … it is saying that there is nothing new in what both silk and hawkins preach. it's been tried before and failed. do you know your history? one cannot sew a new patch to the old … it shreds and frays and turns into what? material used for something else? can it be used at all? 

get with the process, please. to have atheists speak on the topic of God of THE CHRIST is not relevant. it breeds inconsistency and the a-maxs and susans of the old militancy come tromping in to try to undermine what THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND for their own bigotry and self-serving agendas. susan can beat a dead horse all she wants but it's not going anywhere. whining about what the 'christians' (of roman mindset, let's be honest, susan, shall we?) in this woe is me all the live long day is not going anywhere in the story nor is it of value sitting in old vessels. 

interesting that we never read comments by susan that have anything negative to say about those of orthodox judaism, or its teaching/preaching. she reverses her angst for what she believes to be the fundamentalist christian. susan, how does it feel to want? because beggars whine for food a lot. who will give her what she demands? she refused what we had to offer. this shows one how FAR man is from What is The Christ
now, if wheaton prof, silk and susan and all those many "converts" of the three religion god called … what do you call yourselves now that you are all of the same god? whatever … but if these desire the roman catholic god of the popes … and the muslim god of their prophet … and christianity according to hawking, and silk? hmm … good luck with that. you won't find me there. 


okay, so … do you now decide that you would rather have a prophet that had sex with a 9 year old and used militancy to form his religion? is this what you desire to teach your children? because what I am seeing … ah, no … this is NOT going to go down well. should government by way of the votes decide that this prophet is an UNACCEPTABLE model of how man should behave, especially in light of the heightened focus on the clergy/staff child sex abuse (watch what happens at the awards unless the academy is owned and operated by the rcc) … the muslim in the states not willing to remove this messenger from their curriculum will likely leave and we say, bye-bye; come back when you are willing to grow out of the old ways. 

allowing a child to eat unhealthy food results in obese, undernourished and unwell adults. praising and worshipping discriminatory leaders does what for the health and wellbeing of humanity? the old roman catholic gods must go … and not to replace them with imams and orthodox rabbis of bigoted and discriminating agendas. is this the america you desire? and to think it will just fade away in a democratic society that can't seem to bag sharia law because it lives in ignorance on its own futile purpose … well, life just keeps on gagging. 

who/what suffers while congress is on break? who/what suffers while the dead heads bicker over who/what is god? 

mine own eyes have seen the coming … of the Lord ;)



it's not reading the quran that radicalizes the youth; it's seeing images of dead syrian children?

okay, who is killing the children? and like we said, shouldn't it be the orphans that we bring into the states first? as these may become raped, impregnated and radicalized? where are/were the parents of the youth in these instances?