have them all investigated


it's not reading the quran that radicalizes the youth; it's seeing images of dead syrian children?

okay, who is killing the children? and like we said, shouldn't it be the orphans that we bring into the states first? as these may become raped, impregnated and radicalized? where are/were the parents of the youth in these instances? 

and our politicians and "bleeding" democrats and roman catholic religionists want to create MORE of this type of angst in the US? WE ALREADY HAVE THIS GROWING IN OUR SOCIETY and not just in the muslim communities … as you can see from the many terrorist/radical acts these last few years. 

POLITICIANS, LAWMAKERS, RELIGIOUS AFFILIATES, ARE YOU WATCHING WHERE THIS IS HEADING? and to bring in more destitute while so many youth are fighting to stay alive … struggling with depression, mental sickness, drugs and so much more? where is the parenting in these hundreds of thousands of cases? where is the proper mentoring? could it be that this is a vicious cycle now coming to a head? 


I read a comment recently that said: I stand with my muslim brothers and sisters. 
the statement was from a liberal ish woman having shared that she is not in agreement with what she understands as "the fundamentalist" views on topics such as ssm, abortion, climate change, and now this outcry regarding the refugee. my question would be why stand with people---any group---advocating discrimination and bigotry toward anyone? people seem not to understand what they look like when they demand rights for all people to be and do what they want (BRING THEM ALL IN AND ALLOW THEM THEIR RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS … NO MATTER THEIR BELIEFS AND PRACTICES?), but not christians? where christians are opposed to ssm and abortion? … meanwhile they advocate for others with very similar if not the same beliefs as "the fundamentalist" they oppose! and not only similar if not the same views as say, kim davis and the pope 'francis' on these topics, but also the weightier refusal: higher seats for women

and not aware in … the massive pollution caused by overpopulating.

have they looked at what they stand and support of the muslim beliefs and practices? if we are focusing on beliefs and practices to have freedoms in the US and elsewhere, which is what this comment was addressing in the form of the refugee being brought in as an islamist, where and how is the muslim belief and practice different from the christian that the "liberal" disagrees with and would not stand with or support? there is a big messy face staring out at these people going: yo, you look like a hypocrite! you sound like a hypocrite! why do you support fundamentalism in islam but not in christianity? it makes no sense. why do you support the muslim's denial of women, the lesser position of female in the islamic doctrine and beliefs? and you stand with the muslim despite what you consider to be discriminatory practices … but decry the same when you see it in the christian? have you bothered to ask these muslim brothers and sisters where they stand on your beliefs and practices? 

can't seem to find it in you to do that can you?

it gets to be laughable after a while watching these doormats get walked on and dirtied up, sometimes it's even a bit sad.

one would think the fundies (as the libs refer to the christian---usually the republican christian) would be thrilled to have the muslims come into the states. we know the vatican is determined … more votes for their anti abortion agendas, and what about ssm? divorce? 

what breeds a nation? what forms a nation? what exits communism or fascism to be more "democratic"? is democracy worth it in this climate? when the democrat/liberal behaves no differently from the hypocrisy and denial of those they oppose, where does the nation choke and remain stagnating in its own pool of insolence? with a body of people sitting in complacency, waiting to follow what will not force them out of their complacency. these take what they feel is the safe route without looking up to see exactly where it is they are being led. 

also ask who/what instigates these petty moral adjuncts. who/what likes to overwhelm to fuel these flames that keep people unaware in that push to negate the festering breeding grounds of hypocrisy? generally speaking, people do not want to hear the truth and like to gnash and spit with little understanding. would this not be a militant? would this not make up the militant's frame? he goes out to see where and how he can …. master over those he opposes. take the current roman pontiff … take a good, hard look at his pontificating---do your homework on his speeches and where he has insulted and capitalized on his position as pope of a very large, bigoted system---and ask what the vatican has to gain from it. take any politician and ask these same questions and … ask which party, institution and culture they are advocating. then ask which culture you want to find yourself in in five years. ask why the US would spend enormous amounts of $$$$$$ on climate change initiatives while pedestaling religions that are breeding and growing in huge numbers. FACT: the fasting growing religions in the world? islam and orthodox judaism … both growing in the US without significant change in beliefs and practices. US homeland security gave the orthodox jews 110 mil this year and each year this agency belonging to all citizens receives the lion's share. now the muslim is complaining that they need protection and now we see even some christian sects saying they need protection.

ask who/what is bigoted, even racist, discriminatory and creating the mindset to deny and refuse those not like them? who fashions this mindset? permits it in our societies, even paying homage to it? TAKING THE MONEY OF THESE AND THEIR VOTES TO POSITION SELF WITHOUT SOLVING THE REAL PROBLEMS---WITHOUT GETTING TO THE CORE OF THE DISEASES. USING THESE TO MASTER OVER THOSE THEY OPPOSE, EVEN WHEN IT'S THE VERY PEOPLE THEY ARE TAKING MONEY FROM FOR THEIR OWN USES, and not the greater good of society.

could it be there are many people in our nation who fear more of this same mindset but are afraid to say it because there is a heavy hand smacking them down should they share? calling them islamophobic … or anti-semitic or racist or … bigoted?

it is not so black and white as the "liberal left" and democrats want you to believe … or even what republican christians and roman catholics want you to believe. 

a must listen to … the WOMAN speaking on freedom