the war.

have you heard of trey pearson? neither have I … but I did read @RNS where he has come out of his money pit to announce he is a gay evangelical voting for the Big H. gotta keep tabs on that pocket BOOK … can't allow it to run out of cash. esp when offered a big wad … 

that he just offered up to the people. a big wad of  … 

watch, next year when the nation starts blaming the gay man for the rise in AIDS, he'll do an about face. sorry, no, I was never gay … I thought I was but … no, sorry, it wasn't me who spread that awful disease! it wasn't me burdening the nation with such a reckless practice … and my carelessness! it was the clinton admin having offered me a big w….

who owns the MEDIA, folks?who is feeding you a big wad of WACKAMOLEY? meanwhile, the nation enters another nasty … War.

but they never LEFT, cries the conned and the betrayed. well, at least you got one thing RIGHT. so sad. 

but allow us to paint you, the new reader, a picture. 

why did many vote in obama the first AND second term? bring our men and women home. right? stop the war. no more war. and obi made promises … he did not keep. betrayal numero ---? numero … ( in case you missed that, and others).

evil lives for death and destruction and when Man is misled it uses him to use war to solve his problems. violence breeds violence. right? now, for obi to announce america must go to war again … would not be a popular announcement. right? but he has sent in his "special forces" already. right? um, yep, riiiiiiight … those "special forces" … and yesterday, I heard ash carter say that america will be putting together another initiative but this time, it is not being called 'special forces'. we are still at war and of course the bought and paid for media is using the poor immigrant asylum seeker for the excuse to man those war machines (while dropping bombs on hospitals and innocent civilians).  obama's 8 yrs of piloting the plane has come up … what? along with his special attention to sooo many military having served. medals here and medals there. wow, obi, for a while there we thought you were a frickin' general! liar-lyre you pants-a-fear. yup, obi knows, he went in tooooo deep and must now fight his way out. but he can't blame islam. god no! the people can't blame islam in obamawood! right? and the evangelicals are needed to fight that damn war so he can't really call them deplorable (shame on you, Big H.) … but a large majority will want somebody to blame. right? for the fight with the extreme islamist. can't blame an islamist whose god the pope says you worship. hmmm … so, who will be blamed for the big war a-coming? hillary and camp are playing duh, no-nuttin 'bout those hacked by russia e-mails. russia? no … try as they might. but the people have  a way of icing that cake. who might the majority blame (while trying to hide their own dishonesty and bad acts)? who will be the easy scapegoat? the jew? the jew that people are growing more and more angry with because of the …

comment ...started by an ultra orthodox jewish group … saying only god can start a jewish state ?

hmmm … is God jewish? the Writings say God is impartial, and is why all religions are manmade.  and is why I do not worship an abrahamic god. this does not exist in real time. it has meaning in metaphor but is not a real live prophet … 

but there is truth to … only GOD creates the Kingdom on Earth. and no, it is not ecumenical rah-rah as so many who say they believe in a god think. as we shared before, this is a way to hide and distract from bad behavior, hypocrisy, deception, abuse and lies. example … we have been watching the RCC with their elected political puppet go at for three years now and all he has done is sow confusion, and continue in his denial … having distracted from the serious issue of cleaning house in his orders. where a myriad of corruption and abuse continues.  and islam pays into and supports polygamy and placing woman as a second class citizen, among other things we will not mention at this moment. most of religion today is political and most of politics is religious. so no, God would not be setting up a jewish state for jews. that goes against the nature of WHAT IS GOD. Spirit. 

Ah, well thank you kimberly. here's part of that CONSERVATIVE base we were talking about (the not far-right conservative, although we view atheism as a religion).

here is my best "guess" ;) … the CANDIDATE THAT COMES DOWN HARD ON THE CLERGY SEX ABUSE … the institution of hiding crimes … the ones of political means (like those RC bishops on up) … will win the presidency for this coming term. like we said, kane is a RC and he was in the best position (along with ALL those roman catholic politicians) to do something SUNSTANTIAL … SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE on these horrible crimes and the lies and shuffling of priests that went along with it, but to my knowledge and understanding, not a peep. not a peep from biden or the other big names? this will kick the can, folks, which is what in hell you ALL need!

friendly atheist must not think very friendly of female if he thinks trump or clinton are the way to go. 

and, did trump say evolution was a hoax or is the atheist twisting the truth ;- … for his own agenda. one should not try to fool Mother Nature, atheist … or you as a  credible witness  might just go … *poof* 


pardon my need for answers but isn't this the same big company in special ties with BIG H?

BIG H: just show me the BIG MONEY!

CAmp: take the money, H! take it-take it!

the average american: but what about the---

Big H: S-I-L-E-N-C-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am talking!

____ friday …

I read that france and britain are fighting. it has to do with the children (are they?) of that jungle camp. so these kids sleep in the cold while big heads argue. when I see these images (photos) so many of these are males. specifically where we see unrest. fighting. camps set afire and rioting. the poor women are left to give birth in squalid conditions, while having to see to several other young children. these males don't stop fornicating with women while in harsh conditions. its like a ritual they cannot cease … this is seriously puzzling coming from a religious group claiming itself of peace. peace in the Writings is UNDERSTANDING and this does not appear at all … like the males of islam or whatever tribe they salute and bow to … understand the female condition. this is seriously UNJUST> who will teach them to KNOW better? spare the rod spoil the child, my friends. come on journalists … for GOD's SAKE do the RIGHT thing and call them out on this offense! question their deals and steals … don't be afraid obama will arrest you for asking these very important questions to help save lives! and the liberal left in cahoots with islamic creed and deed, or posting the truth about what is really going on in these religious odors. and their parenting … and their political leadership's initiative. if you ask one like me why the procreation is so lethal is the idea that numbers will give give rise to numbers. duh. and overtake any existing place. anywhere. unless there are things (law?) people ? in place examining the situation and speaking the obvious … not the politics of correctness … for agenda. the safety of PEOPLE---ALL PEOPLE … should be THE case and women and children a priority! not male dominant political religious hee-haw.

bernie BAILED on you dear erica! he is of the CLINTON ESTABLISHMENT NOW!  I rarely read tweets but we like that she is calling out the METHODIST's approach for power and control. too bad mark silk, david gushee and a number of other professors haven't been willing to do THE RIGHT THING.

which reminds me … have you read mark silk's most recent @RNS … the dolan dinner duo: CHURCH AND SATIATE. I mean, STATE  (their own morose tribe ;)… rubbing elbows and trying to look  … look … hmm, what are they going for? a NEW look? nooooo … no new look in that. good grief, no! that's an old yarn … will SNAP the minute you try to put new voices to it. the youth are probably looking at that dinner and those egging it on … if they care a wit about it at all, or even know it … like, like, like …dirty old men pretending they are clean and going green?

:D    !!!


and clinton is you grab bag this holiday season? 

sheesh … what do the professors teach their students? take the moony and run … for president? 

this is a sick mob, folks, and you want this for your leader? wow … just wow.



ha-ha! "catholic" SOCIAL TEACHING (stolen from judaism ;) says … 

“No one is permitted to harm illegitimately the good reputation which a person possesses nor to injure the right of any person to protect his or her own privacy.” (Canon 220)
was that before or after the RCC accused and condemned the jews of judaism (and probably everyone not roman catholic) for crucifying the Christ?!

please, pray TELL, what do you mean by illegitimately ?

this is what we call a yowza


could it be that stacked deck is about to get toppled?

ahem, on second thought, in light of recent information coming out-in-out-in from that not so russian russian hacking maybe … we should review those emails … again … ?