mindset … catholic mindset … is a real thing. it probably makes up 90% (maybe even more) of the world of man. most people don't know what we are talking about when we say "catholic mindset", but look, see … it's right in front of your noses. but what is it? 

you don't know what it is because it is all you see. it's likely the only way you see. leave it, and you begin to see it, and hear how off it really is, if … if trying to gain understanding. no professor can teach anyone, let alone the youth, how to READ, and process … to know truth from untruth. why? because it is not something you TEACH … it is something that must be EXPERIENCED> 
didn't JESUS say call no one your father … call no one teacher. who is your teacher---your father---but ONE …
this is to be experienced, not taught as an absolute. THE ONLY ABSOLUTE IS TRUTH, and there is only One Truth. and Truth is not a mandate. no man holds all fruit and is why the powers of prophets (islam, roman pontiffs ...) are illegitimate. if JESUS is a myth, God is Prophet as Christ lives within. 

are you beginning to understand why JESUS died that you might live? and when you LIVE 'you' die that CHRIST might live within … which is another way of saying the TRUTH be told ... not lies.

american education is founded on catholic principles. think roman catholicism and you get the idea of what we share here. 

take this news article … 
two questions here:

is the news journalist telling the truth, and is the journalist giving enough info to understand if its true?

is it true what brown says?

both are false. here's why. the journalist is paid to announce something anti-republican which leads him to state 'WITHOUT PROOF' as his witness, but there may be proof should the powers on these issues allow proof to be presented. it was no secret that the DNC refused important info about those emails and it's no secret they paid big money to "own" the press and a lot of people reacted to that by not voting for its establishment. are people waking to the fact that these parties are full of bullish**? the DNC again played the force-feed card, but their candidate was as so many have said … full of a lot of baggage. it may have worked for obama, a newer, younger face, but would not work for clinton, and do understand something here …. the election ain't over yet. more news to come.

brown's assertion that people voted in MA then traveled to NH to vote is not true because …  those engaging in voter fraud did not need to travel. they have others to do it for them ;)
and this just for starters

now what do you think the outcome will be on stein's recount in wiz … con … sin ;D

maybe she knows something you don't---eh?


we posted something on this in SPIR some time ago.

we find it verrrrry interesting that this should now be asked of OBAMA. verrrrry interesting, and we await the outcome of several important … things.

imagine being accused of something and put to death … imagine the children, the parents, the siblings … and after some time, it is revealed it was false. someone or several … lied. wow, you need to be absolutely sure of a misdeed before you sentence another. and are YOU free of these crimes that you should accuse another? from our vantage point you and your family, daily, are in jeopardy. all it takes is one  lie and a lifetime of pain and sorrow and terrible misconduct follows where man is in charge. look at what happened with female?


going to address this a little:

first, fast eddie? wow, tough audience. what religion is he?

it is no secret that during christmastime most christians celebrate traditions passed down. these vary in ways most jews (of judaism?) have never seen if … if pontificating on the topic of christmas. these traditions are very rich and most important for people. like one used to the changing of the seasons year after year. it feels off to not have cold and snow in winter and heat and water play, and grandiose flowering in summer, along with the wind and the rain in spring and the colorful leaf foliage in autumn (you should see the numbers that head to NE in autumn) … these traditions share in the family in a similar manner. it's necessary for a healthy Being. we are not talking about religious ceremonies necessarily, but traditions. for me the seasonal change goes hand in hand with our traditions. it would be a little depressing for me to celebrate christmas in hot weather because I have always lived in areas where there are four distinct seasons with a dramatic change in climate. and I have almost always worked out of doors as much as I have worked in. this is being of a well rounded place. and it would be impertinent of me to speak on environmental issues if I had little experience with this. and this is true of religious holidays and TRADITIONS of others, but I also know some religious rituals are so intertwined in family traditions that it's difficult to know one from the other … at times. but the truth is, religious people like religion. if raised in this, schooled in this … working in it, these people expect there be a religious quality to it. I do not feel the need, but I do see religion in traditions even when not specially labeled as religion. it's what you make of it, but it should also include the element of the new … have you grown? can you let go of something or add something if necessary? this is what makes CHRIST real, and what makes Christ alive. and I am not talking about partying and over indulging in things … I am talking about those things that help child grow healthy and grow happy in his small Being. not stifled or suffocating on feed that might bog him down or even allow him to much too soon. this IS the sabbath that should be kept holy. child looks forward to something that allows him importance … allows him his IMAGINATION. and imagination is far more important than people understand. and it is a necessary place for child, of all ages. 

america has overindulged in many ways and really needs to scale back. this is clear, even in the christmas chaos spirit, but it should not be struck from the nation or devalued because others desire a form of political correctness that suits their own version of living without … or to force a secularist agenda in the world because that has been a trend for a while. enough is enough on both ends of that deal. it's all been done … nothing new under the sun unless you engage in the new … and we are not talking about inviting oppressive demanding discriminatory religion as the new, because this is not new, and it's not the answer to man's downfall. it's not the answer to the rise in mental illness or the dependency on drugs or the abuses. 

the christmas tree in our home is not like most of the trees decorated for public display. we have a tradition the day after thanksgiving where we gather at a farm and choose a tree and a series of activities follow, which involves baking and our "christmas" movies (and yes, grinch and rudolf are on that list ;) the tree is decorated with ornaments we have had our entire lives, and each year a new one is added. the same goes for the decorations. some of these are gifts from family and friends. this is our family---this is our home, and sometimes there are new faces that join in each year. but I know this will change … many things are coming that will impact all of america. enjoy this christmas, please, as the next may not be what you are used to.



the decorated tree is a harmless seasonal custom in america and should not be removed for religious militants. if you start removing these harmless customs, including the candles in windows of stores and other things, you  start something that will continue and continue and continue … and before you know it you are ruled by something extreme. the tree means different things to different people and so do candles in windows and other traditional/religious decor.  newcomers, no matter how devout in their religions, will just have to adjust or go elsewhere. when interviewing for jobs, employers and employees should be up front about these civilities and customs, beliefs and such … so that people make choices that best suit their lifestyles. has it really come to this, folks? but okay, if we are to address all things in public how about addressing the way women are portrayed? denied? and why the increase in partnership rather than a decrease with unjust political religious? and a number of other things. this is what we have been saying. cheerleaders at football games? why must women be dressed that way, esp in the cold? we just shake our heads however, and say … mankind loves his sex symbols. can these cheerleaders wear sweat pants and sweatshirts and do athletic feats to cheer and entertain the crowd? riiiight. the men would probably shoot me. do devout islamist men complain about the scant dress of women in america? does this offend them? riiiiight. picking and choosing to suit agenda … and under the current admin, citizens are facing a serious dilemma:
 how much do you give to religious extremists?

the tree … it brings a bit of the outside inside. the fresh smell of pine. ornaments the children made while young … at those school bazars and … some even have photos of them … as children. the christmas tree in our home is not a gag gift … it is …
do this is remembrance of LOVE.


the prayer rooms at schools and universities

some colleges/schools have chapels where students can go. most don't but you do have a room to go to if you want to pray, yes? and why would-should a university have a room just for muslims to go to prayer? who pays for this? should every person attending university have a room suited to his beliefs and practices? also, is female allowed in those islamic prayer rooms while males are in prayer? so … what are you really DEMONSTRATING to the students about justice and equality. under obama I fear obama would have indulged to the point of serious imbalance and a contriteness that would have the nation in peril. this is serious, folks. the future is not to slander the prophet of islam? 

PASTORS, PRIESTS, RABBIS  … let's take a serious look at the prophet of muhammad, which YOU have not been willing to do. to hell with the roman pontiff, he made his bed … but you cannot deny the reality of this islamic figure and what it represents! you pretend justice while wearing a blindfold. silly you … a child can do better. you are not getting to the root of the problems. a child may say to a person, why are you so fat? and parent says, shh, that's rude! the overweight person feels the sting, but should understand that it is just a child speaking. he may think that the child is poorly parented and may say something to the parent, but remember, the child in this case does not understand what he just said. he only sees something he knows to be fat and he asks, curious as to why the person looks much different from himself and others. OR… he knows something about fat from having heard a family member speak of it, and how he gained the extra weight while working at the ___, where he was without time for exercise or better eating, and put on lots of pounds, and his doctor told him he is overweight and must lose weight for his health. IOW, his life is in danger if he does not lose weight. the child has heard the story and wants to know why the person is fat. this was serious to him and he desires knowledge. he wants to know more. to him questioning the fat is not an accusation but a question. why are you so fat? he genuinely wants to know why---what happened? is there a story? if so, he wants to hear it.

parent may not remember that child was present during the conversation she had with uncle who told his story of being overweight. parent may get angry at the child, punishing the child for speaking what she saw as rude behavior, and child quickly learned from that punishment to be quiet on certain topics, even though he is very curious. he is silenced. stifled … because 'adults' do not remember what it is to be a child or … they were a different less curious child. or maybe, they, too, were silenced  … silenced from the start and in this thread of living grew up in a sort of flat grid … plane ... of thinking … a source of denial. 

we look at the islamic prophet, the source of islam, and we ask: why would anyone believe him to be good? he did terrible things. it does not matter what period he lived in he is a bad man. he raped children and he lured in men to rape his slaves and he, too, had sex with many young children, young women and young slaves. and he used mass murder tactics to gain power and control. 

you can't get any heavier in moral and ethical decay than the islamic prophet as a source of religion. AND YOU CALL THIS PEACE? we think you are delirious. heavily drugged on religious attribute where you cannot see the vine before you! this is not saying all muslims would do as their prophet, but why in G-d's Name would they think him right? good? righteous? truthful and … of Love? to us this is a sickness that many in the US have succumbed to. 

so … please share, religious, what is your view of the islamic prophet? is he a suitable prayer partner?

you have not even spoken out about the clergy/staff sexual abuse of children and how your partners, the roman catholic bishops, have lied … denied the truth and …. continue to hide this evil in their institutions. these are criminals which makes you … ? how in G-D's Name would you be capable of speaking TRUTH regarding the islamic prophet? you are incapable because of WHERE you are. how you think. and so you shall receive what you have paid into and supported … what YOU believe … and if this is betrayal, pain and suffering, loss of loved ones, denied certain rights … so be it.



I was just bopping around reading a little here and there after … about a three hour period of feeling peculiar, a foreboding sensation … and I came across achy breaky dance's comment to a rever.end's comment to gushee's commentary, and I started laughing out loud.

whether you like what breaky writes or not, it's true, and we have been sharing on this here and there for about six yrs now, and it ties in somewhat with what mark silk writes on marriage (orthodox verses roman catholic), and the pop-up pope knows this and is why he pretends to look 'encouraging' while most deafinately discouraging. he plays silk like a fiddle, and silk like most of the RNS writers think their god is godly good … but he is a liar … 
as they will soon see, and won't their hopes be dashed:(

which journalist I wonder will realize this and break from the mold? acting  … moving …? I have a very good idea, however, it will take a different FAITH perspective to make his work credible. 

how do they not see the lies is what I have asked repeatedly? have they no sense in these waters? the word is: they are drowning in the catholic glaze put out for them by this pontiff. he agreed to be nostalgic and poster boy plaster … for political gain. business as usual. and silk thinks this is worth his time, or anyone else's time? +sigh+ … please GOD, when will they ever learn? answer: they have to experience it, Photini, in order to know that they have been deceived.


look at it this way:

the vatican had to play the political card with this pontiff, but not just political … pop star political. they tried to create a phenomenon … looked like good at the start but it was not hard to see the plaster covering over the corruption, neglect and the denial. we waited until pope announced "the pope is an institution" and that's when I was given to go  …ahead... to share. it was not for me to attack a man solely on his outfit … I was to call out the industry and where it deceives YOU! 

but you demand signs. okay … there are your signs, what now? too busy in denial? too overweight from feeding in your own rightness? your own ethnic religiondom? your own titles? hmm … too busy in your politics to know WHERE Spirit of the Living had moved? most probably do know and don't care about God as Spirit so they wouldn't know. their gods were/are more important … so they don't get a whiff of scented breath and they dry out. you see, I have known for years that ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY (such as Greek, Antiochan … ) would be growing and growing in america. these are relatively young in the states and fighting with their old world bishops. some bishops near and far are corrupt, money grubbing … and the parishioners know it, and  I have heard from the orthodox priests. I have witnessed this with mine own eyes. but the orthodox christian church will become big, and recall we said many catholics will flee to it, but this will not go well. orthodoxy in america will become political. they always do. when they become big they become more political. it's true with any religion: islam, russian orthodoxy, roman catholicism … it is the case with political evangelism … and the ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN will become more evangelical in their efforts. the popemeister  as institution wants a piece of this, but they also could not afford to distance themselves from the islamic brotherhood (you will see) … but orthodoxy will not align with islam so rome will have to choose. and we see it choosing islam, as this is more easily managed from their affairs … and is why so many catholics will flee from it for the liturgy of orthodox christianity. you see, roman catholicism was never really christian at heart. it's a lot of talk  … a lot of staging of events … a lot of broad clothed hems flying around in the faces of the people …all grandiose and very expensive, but it lost the pulse of the people.

what was it we said, bishop kallistos ware? recall what we said about the temple? 

but I am a gnostic and not of these affairs. the Writings I undress for Truth that you might know Spirit.



people use and accuse PAUL of the Writings … improperly. Paul is not speaking of the marriage of you and girlfriend. you and boyfriend. religiondom by way of rome desired a gilded pass. they used this marriage of one man and one woman as their crown, without their own vendors doing what itself preached. look at their cardinals, bishops, archbishops, popes and nuns and priests. what do you see but men and women of dogmatic religion telling you the catholic of universal form (this is how they SEE … you) what to do ... but they will not do it themselves. the Writings warn of this but, the powers of that Day and this Day ...refuse the people the Writings. it first established itself a crown and because it could no longer deny people in this area, it printed the texts for its members. THEIR members … as this is how they SEE … you. you are a slave to them/it … the cult of religiondom. but they still insist they are the authority of those Writngs, Writings they have added to and taken from … to suit themselves---its agenda (abstinence and annulments and indulgences a joke clearly evidenced in this Day but your governments continue the disease fr their own gain). and professors and priests and popes and pastors who continue to devalue the Writings … continue to DEVALUE YOU. even those claiming to be "progressive" … even those claiming enlightenment … deny me, deny you … THE TRUTH. they hit at others, throwing stones … but they never step from their own ignorance and high-mindedness. their own self-righteous attribute, born from an idea man self-inflicted … in the world. 

very dimly, they stay seated for their own … seats of power and dominion. until they are unseated by their own brothers.

the message of JESUS almost thoroughly missed. I laughed out loud at breaky's comment to the reverend because the reverend is exactly what breaky produced. the irony becomes … satire. like the title: STANDING ROCK ACTIVITIES SEE POPE FRANCIS AS SPIRITUAL ALLY

SPIRITUAL ALLY? which spirit? in ignorance man in his medals does not see that pope betrayed them in canonizing as one to emulate  … its JUNIPERO SERRA, who, along with the roman catholic church's dominion, took hostage the native tribe in the california region, claiming itself authority … abusing, misusing and murdering many … for its own power head, but would not pay restitution, instead elevating the terrorism and its leader head by a sainting platform. didn't the dakotas see this? who misled them on this platform? and the protestors of the dakota pipeline don't see the irony. actually, when I read the title of the article/commentary I thought it was SATIRE. I laughed then grew angry. and was shown not to bother reading the pc.

the abuses … such is the disease of deception in his lordship you bow to. a two faced leader of political religion. the pipeline protesters will lose because they look to improper leaders. look and see the demise. the evidence is clearly showing face. what you did to others you did to yourself. the pope brings death and destruction wherever he is used  … impertinently. and wherever the CHRIST is used improperly … people suffer. why? not because of anything Christ is, but because evil knows its can have its way in the ignorances of men. men in denial. men desiring power and money over the health and wellbeing of neighbor. men elevating his own dynasty or his own memberships or his own elitism or his own chosen celebration or his own ethnicity or … his own legalism or … his own in arrogance. and using the pope will show you how to lose … breath. look and study the pattern. what do you see? it would behoove the catholic to ditch the pope arsenal asap … or face a severe fine, SPIRITUALLY. 

the message of JESUS is missed. how? in our story of weight, we speak in metaphor. this is how I am used. not all my stories are a teaching using Spiritual metaphor, but I do not tell untruths. in IMPARTIAL PLACE, one is without the weight of dominion. forcing teaching on others. I even asked why I am not out there sharing Truth on the Writings, even on the forums-comment boards where I see error or need of justification … and was told that I would trample them. if I went out and wrote what is shown to me I would trample them and this is not … allowing them to EXPERIENCE naturally. you see, Spirit of the Living God is not bound by man. no matter how much these authority figures born of manmade law insist on his doctrine .. he is in error of the wealth of the Spirit. no man knows the day or the hour. th one left in the field is the blessed … the chosen … for {this} work … the other? removed. man has it reversed, of course and … so it is the case with the roman catholics and their gods … and those bowing to these headships. 

JESUS lowed himself for Truth to be revealed. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS in the Story? do you understand what this is teaching you about your places---titles---in society. man has it reversed. he thinks all his credential and elevated status where he stays, not moves, satiating his appetite, often at the expense of others--- his attire … is somehow worthy of {God}. but the Teaching asks that you leave---move out of... those seats for Truth. this does not mean you ditch your experiences through receiving those titles or even some knowledge acquired, but it does say these need to be reviewed. you are being asked to leave mother and father of your birth for REBIRTH …  proliferation … unto God.

stories are abundant in the Writings. I could share on the real and the false, and is one reason why I call these THE WRITINGS … so that no one is confused. so why does the roman pontiff confuse his members? saying one thing while doing another. hinting at change while he knows there will be no change. he even toys with the hearts and minds of the women … as deacons. never a priest? it is his dogma and dogmatic principles like what his institution set up in the world that crucifies the CHRIST. this is part of that Story, folks. you don't have to look far and wide to see the big heads of this false doctrine. it's soooo big TRUTH is hard to unfold even as God says: the burden is light. so why is the weight of rome sitting on top of you all? why do you allow this to TELL YOU WHAT TO THINK---denying you your experiences and … your Gifts? and with all that noise going on out there … there is only hope that Truth be heard. who made these men GOD? if anyone seeking has in the slightest been fed by the Spirit of the Living, he knows almost immediately that the roman catholic in its dogmatic ways is the false teachings spoken of in the Writings. this is not saying life in the Spirit of the Living is an anything goes destination. responsibility and discipline are important facets of living, but the marriage spoken in the Writings is not what the man has conceded to. is it working fr ya? I am not talking about partnering with someone you understand to be good or right for you … and having children … we speak of Truth. 

the RELIGIONS out there do not speak Spirit Language in Essence … they speak male dominated articles. take this ridiculousness: rc says that JESUS says a person cannot divorce. huh, tell that to the evangelical noncatholics out there. lol! even the rcs are divorcing no differently from their protestant brothers. the vatican knows they are in a boat without a paddle on that one. abusive spouse and no divorce? how merciful is their god? how about those annulments? it is truly unbelievable that people still think the doctrine of rome is Truth.   how about:  saying no to SSM marriage yet more than half of their prelates are gay, with many of them sexually active. it's like … do they think people idiots? but the truly scary part is how governments still use these men as if they are superior thought …

it is like dealing with an aging family member with dementia … that should no longer drive the car. at first you won't pull the rug from under him by taking and hiding his car keys, but you must be on him at all times, watching carefully … like you would a toddler … and if the member is not capable of making safe choice/decisions, you must remove the car. let him play with his keys, but if there is no car … he can't get in and hurt others. not even himself. 

do you understand what we are saying here? your governments are failing you as they use for their own party initiatives … but when are you going to break from these "parents" and move … out?


was reading an article  about the AAPS, " an arizona based group that promotes libertarian principles in health care and an array of far-right conspiracy theories about other topics"
I always take these kinds of statements with a grain of salt. why? because government is FAR from sharing with you the truth about many things, and the same goes for law enforcement and homeland security. 

last night while listening to the local news a reporter announced that someone was taking a walk in lawrence, MA and discovered the body of a boy. he is missing his head. imagine taking a walk in your neighborhood and you find a beheaded boy. imagine what that image would do to you, your child … but that's not all. the reporter also said that lawrence police said that lawrence residents are not in any danger. just like that. boy found beheaded, then police inform the residents that they are not in any danger. huh, how do they know? they don't know who killed and beheaded the boy or would that be who killed the boy by beheading him, so … the terrorist-murderer is on the loose … in lawrence, or maybe … in your neighborhood, along with the fake UPS delivery man holding a package, having forced his way into someone's home assaulting the resident. the delivery man was wearing the organization's uniform so the home owner opened the door thinking he was getting a packaged delivered. imagine if this is your child, your elderly mom or dad.  

and the reporters writing these articles are sure those cases of conspiracy theories are wrong? hmm … what are the theories … in all fairness, a link to these should have been provided in the article.

one of the things that never seems to get mentioned in articles like the one posted above on heartland terrorism is the fact that most of the terrorists are angry at government. government. maybe it is government that is to blame for the terrorism … 
but which government? 


a pope as institution for centuries demands the world obey its mandates. government aligns itself with its religion. man in this paternal marriage announces the gnostic is evil, doing satan's work and must be silenced … tortured, jailed, even murdered, and even in this day … the roman pontiff makes a statement regarding gnostics, warning the world. :) can you imagine if he had said the same of judaism or islam or … greek orthodox christianity?  judaism, but esp the roman catholic church and its offspring, including other religions having made its bed in catholic moral thinking … make up much of the world , the pope's pedestal… is the biggest establishments of power and control in nations, including so-called developed nations, where war-mongering and dishonest politics marry into it … THIS IS THE WORLD living under a hierarchy of catholic mindset, born of patriarchal dynasties ...

 are these really all that developed, mature? and what do The Writings say about the World? this is not difficult to understand unless you are catholic. 

now .. is that paternal parent a good cop or a bad cop?

and please understand, the jews and the law of rome knew the world to be reckless and warring and ignorant in many areas … and took advantage by setting up their higher houses. their LAW as a dictatorship. they built themselves hierarchies on the backs of the people … and demanded they be called holy, righteous … gods. placing themselves ABOVE you, expecting they you honor and bow to them and their creeds. they are the masters and you are the slave. why do you think the CHRIST would come>and you think ME evil? atheists over time saw that they could seed differently and they have. can you blame them? I don't blame them for saying no to your gods, but they haven't said no to dishonesty and hypocrisy in their own ranks … and this makes them not IMPARTIAL but partial and … less credible on the fountain of Truth.

how can roman catholicism along with those many "professions" claiming authority like rabbis and priests and pastors and popes and patriarchs and bishops and archbishops and cardinals and … imams and theologians and scholars and such … prove they are in any way factual or telling truths while siting in the halls of injustice? their political feed. their teachers have ridiculed and blasphemed the Light on Love and they pay for play … in their seats of power and dominion. while handed certificates that title them are these really above you? add more elites to obamas workforce and who will till the soil? obama seems to have forgotten what got him to those tables. 

how about you?