Jesus was a refugee child? O'Malley needs to go back to discerning on Jesus. Jesus was not a refugee … and this is why we do not view his belief system (roman catholic by way of politics) as of The Christ. I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the father but through me. I AM is not politics. IT IS NOT POLICY. policy is of "caesar". was o'malley using the name of Jesus to sell an agenda? :( 

what happened to separation of church and state?  

why is o'malley using his religion for his agendas?

how convenient for him to use the name JESUS for his own purpose---selling an agenda, but … isn't this what the roman church did from the start? it sabotaged the Writings and forced an opinion in the form of a institutionalized religion on the people then crusaded this opinion throughout the world.  

and it has been no surprise that his holy father, the roman pontiff, would be of the same agenda: Politics
and why he and his chosen, cardinal dolan of new york, would say that his belief and faith and that of islam worship the same god (along with many of the same agenda) and would take very public steps to align himself and this institution with the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. and interestingly, while discerning I was shown something about islam, but first … the immigrant crisis … syrian, latin american or any other … is another matter … and should not be used in the NAME OF OUR LORD. so, o'malley, leave Jesus out of your affairs as you seem not to understand your own oath swearing, and the connection to your religion, roman catholicism, who uses not the Christ as its redeemer but the roman church. you have no right to say what you said and where …WHERE are those saying they believe in Christ Jesus that they might chastise this politician and where are the ATHEIST DEMOCRATS to chastise o'malley on using his religious beliefs to sell policy? and soon the muslim follows using his prophets(s) to sell agenda, and how easy this would go over within those voters of growing religions. hmm … 

two wrongs make another religion?

now, what I saw on islam:
like roman catholicism (catholic meaning universal, along with their product), islam believes in a universal purpose … for the world to become islamic. how else is this to be achieved than through a brotherhood serving under one god, or serving the same god? the politics throughout the world is quite clear in that islam is the fastest growing, along with orthodox judaism … *lots of pregnant women maketh this happen in case you are unaware on the numbers making up growing dynasties. denying women certain INFLUENTIAL seats is another way to keep the female discriminated against … actually, it is more of a bias, a bigotry and maybe even a form of racism if you can understand how race is more than a body of man, that would include beliefs and principles along with a culture. and do these patriarchs and their followers deny female her culture? her beliefs and principles? (we shared on this a while back). 

two wrongs make another religion?

Jesus, NOT a refugee …  continued … 

the roman catholics need to wake up to the very real fact that they are adolescent believers without a proper parent mentor. the roman pontiff and his recent gay marriage book is just another hype called politics hypocrite style. who in their right mind follows the hypocrite to his death? who pays into this his entire life thinking he is of SPIRIT in just means? denying female … denying gays … a constant betrayal of denying architecture. but CHRIST is not bogged down in any of the pope profits or its citizenry. think about it … whatever roman catholic church said the people had to obey and many did because they were buried in these scepters. no Light … no Life. if the church of rome said their system was THE Authority on God all the poor and needy under this had to obey. they were FORCED through various methods to obey. and those that objected, resisted and dared to speak against the church of roman catholicism were silenced … and some still are. what else did they have to go on? and many members used and use these ordinations for their own worldly wealth and esteem … to keep their lavish houses and land and … PROXY. 

if they were/are denied certain truths … and life … what else can they go on? and to be fed a steady diet of saints roma style with all the blood and torture and mass executions and imprisonments and molestations and sexual abuse andy he constant denial and cover ups on the corruption and the crimes … elected officials within this dictatorship … is, well, not of THE CHRIST. never-never-never. it was and is a lot of scheming, manipulation … POLITICS ... to serve its agenda and … nothing has changed. we are waiting for this current pontiff to step out of that obscene seat and tell the world he has been dishonest and has betrayed the people. 

but why wasn't/isn't Jesus a child refugee? because he belonged to none of what we just stated. he wasn't fleeing any of it. even if you believe the story of joseph and mary rendering to caesar on that trip where mary gives birth in the stable, this still does not make Jesus a refugee. one could easily say the town was full of refugees fleeing from other nations and other religions and other dictators and took up all the resources, leaving mary to give birth in a barn. quite naturally, perhaps, among the honest animals ;) delighted to have a sweet smelling child of God in their midst, and likely appreciating him more than the world ever could … or did. 

I have no doubt that Jesus was of the Community of the Essenes. the Writings and limited bio on him give rise to this. not much is known about the Essenes and they were in small groups scattered about and … were a clean, purist group of believers. Jesus was of a loving community where female was understood as a gift-bearer. men and woman of equal nature in life. he was sent within proper parenting and learned well … and knew what his work would be. he came out of the safety and comfort of this to a world mean and obsessive … unjust and derelict in its parenting to walk the prophet's walk … on Truth. Jesus was no refugee. 

sometimes it is the case that you go not where you are wanted but where you are needed, and you do depart from family for the work of the Spirit. 

take this for example;

this morning I read a comment by the researcher/author, betty clermont. I checked in just now and saw that  … RNS had deleted her comment. SILENCED her, which is what the rcc is very good at. now, WORD OF CAUTION … HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN TRUST THESE PRIESTS THE POPE TELLS YOU TO CONFESS TO? first of all, many are homosexual and many are actively engaging in sex along with heterosexual priests (some bother to do their homework; some are in denial … and many willfully ignorant and … many silenced) … which demonstrates hypocrisy that their pontiff is unwilling to admit, along with his behavior and denial in ARGENTINA… regarding the clergy/staff CHILD sex abuse.
so, how can you trust these clergy … and staff? what if pope/vatican/institution desires you confess to the priests that they might record or videotape (we have already seen how they love to use videos for their agendas) that they can have something TO HOLD AGAINST YOU ……? TO SILENCE YOU, say … when you discover crimes, corruptions … a priest molesting a child or misusing women and … immigrants/refugees … stealing money or … you are afraid to alert authorities because … because the church has something against you that could ruin your reputation … hurt your family, cost you your job …

hmm … something to seriously consider, folks. I have been a victim of their misconduct … and their lies. very bad parenting … very sad. 

and you trust these men with your lives?  

when it comes to their institution, and let us remind you of what they have SWORN OATHS TO AND SERVE (along with their titles, credentials and paychecks and … where they are hiding their own crimes and dishonesty, elitism and recklessness and overindulgence) … the institution, their reputation, order or … political policies and where they are in cahoots with lawmakers … THEY MAY VERY LIKELY BETRAY YOU, LIE … DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SAVE SEL, regardless of the harm to others. I know this first hand.

and lastly on the topics of hypocrisy, dishonesty, denial, willful ignorance and selective parenting which is none other than partiality or SHOWING FAVORITISM … we ask the rabbis, priests, pastors, reverends, and other clergy … we have seen where you have praised this roman pontiff, where you are a fan of him, highlighting him, admiring him, choosing him as your example of generosity and good works which I assume you understand as God works? what say you about the unsafe conditions and the very obvious hypocrisy we see in his conduct? are you of this same? using him and the rcc, along with islam, the refugee and the immigrant, for your own self serving? to keep people coming to religious housing or for government policy that serves you and those just like you? might you lose your title or your seat as influential voice ... should you speak out against this hypocrisy? the discrimination and the bigotry and possibly even the racism coming from the roman pontiff and the caliphate religious … the dangers of these confessions within a notoriously dangerous and corrupt vatican? where clergy and staff, including very high towered hierarchy were involved, having said and did nothing to save child from horrible abuses, along with numerous other malpractices, crimes and torture  … to protect institution, title and reputation? 

WHAT ARE YOU PAYING INTO THAT YOU MIGHT CONTINUE TO HIDE YOUR OWN INFIDELITIES? and unjust practices … because you are looking quite … unbelievable … and … you will lose all if not a credible witness in what you say you believe. where are your SPIRIT MENTORS TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE ABOUT YOURSELVES? WHAT YOU CANNOT HEAR FOR YOUR OWN DESIGNS … 

recall: I never knew you … depart from me you of lawlessness. whose law? 

Note: “writings”, in the first line of my last comment, is intended to refer to Scriptures &/or other honored/authoritative writings written specifically for “insiders”, whether those insiders are Christians, atheists, or anything else. Such writings, in and of themselves, have no effect whatsoever on “outsiders” (and are none of their business) — even if those writings order insiders to affect outsiders in some manner.

As long as the insiders keep those orders inside their own personal/spiritual/existential boundaries, no harm occurs, and outsiders wouldn’t even know about the writings, unless they asked (respectfully).

Only when insiders take it upon themselves to act on those writings are outsiders affected. Such actions clearly presume inequality, advocate trespass, and sanction cruelty; they profane outsiders’ beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are.

And those insiders are trespassing on other people’s property.

- See more at:

how is it that atheists and others do not get that any law or practice can be discriminatory and elitist … denying and destructive to people. man is quite adept at showing favoritism in every field he claims authority … whether science or medicine … politics or church affairs. get real, key! you live inside a bubble ;) denying the FACT that people voicing on any topic are claiming some form of authority that is likely to be in opposition of another AND HARMFUL … many might say obama and co's choice of the iran deal is a writing that is praised and honored and revered by you and others but can and does harms millions and is why there has been a rash of stabbings and shootings. get real, key! wake up to the histrionics and AUTHORSHIP of governance that incites terror … POLITICS IS RELIGIOUS!!! and does destroy also! it is not always about your understanding of what is religion or what is right and wrong or what is truthful and what isn't. LOL! bubble-wrapped thinking with a label that spells i-g-n-o-r-a-n-c-e. 

and allowing your god obama or any other in a seat of governance (representing foreign aid and nation) to speak for all people of america ( when he said 99.9% of the world was in favor of his iran deal is none other than an UNTRUTH) … is what? YOU LIVE IN DENIAL, key … get over yourself, please. your comment does not solve the problem of "the doctor" and all the DAMAGE AND DEATH THAT THIS HAS CAUSED (playing god?) including psychologist and psychiatrist …  and those promoting and supporting and paying into WRITINGS NOT CHURCHY that incite terror, bigotry, racism … discrimination that have to do with bad policy. what has obama done in 8 years about discrimination against female … and THE VIOLENCE against her ... AND what has been going on in ALL institutions where clergy/teacher/staff child sex abuse is known and allowed to continue? no proper INVESTIGATIONS ARE PERMITTED because obama and others (both sides) do not get it DO NOT FEEL OR SENSE ITS SUFFERING AND DAMAGE AND ILLEGALITY AND INJUSTICE ... because they, too, live inside a bubble of practice and are removed from the reality of what is.

get thee out of your own opinion and BREATHE some fresher air.

Jesus did say we would always have the poor. huh, the WISDOM OF THE WRITINGS IS SORELY MISUNDERSTOOD by many, atheist and believer and to deny the VOICE OF REASON BECAUSE LAW SAYS NO TO CALLING OUT HYPOCRISY IS JUST ANOTHER DICTATORSHIP LIKE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OR A FORM OF SHARIA LAW … oops, obama … your address will be a cell before it's all over. this is not the democracy I understood to be fair and just, and it appears you send woman back to the dark ages … and silence the victim. 

and we did say the atheist would be silenced but … we also said he would bring it on himself. what you believe may be what you receive---------yes? 

walking in france with charlie magazine then telling your own neighbors to shut up is hypocrisy from our vantage point so … where do you stand, people?

does it take 30 years for vision? please, Lord, tell me it ain't so! I watched/listened to 60 MINUTES where ray was featured: no money and no apology in ALABAMA. the man in CT received 6 million for serving less time unjustly. the woman had to start over with next to nothing. ray was not angry. let's be angry for him because he deserves a VOICE more than sympathy. his was a lesson in HUMILITYthat few understand.  

silencing the much needed voices does what to the injustices of the world? it builds itself an empire to rule unjustly  … it builds itself a one world religion. history repeating? nothing new under the sun? THE WRITINGS, as you say, are not what YOU THINK, at least the Writings I hear are NOT what YOU think. 

and the following comment?  come on, people, how much longer are you going to allow this atheist to lie---to twist and use to suit his militant agenda? the evil within him FEARS "Jesus" … it fears what it does not understand. it is the illustration of what denies truth. 

“Many seminary programs don’t even require courses on the people side”

I’ve met priests who say they have barely spoken to an Atheist beyond a few words. They wrongly think Atheism is like a disease they might catch.

Seminaries clearly need to confront the claims made by these ancient texts more directly. That is where the population is. Two words are destroying religion very quickly – “GOOGLE IT!”

Religion simply cannot survive this kind of international scrutiny. It is best for Seminarians to know that before they embark on this incredibly unrewarding occupation.

There is compelling evidence which suggest Jesus never existed
but was invented from ancient Jewish texts:

“you shall love your neighbor as yourself…” (Leviticus 19:17–18)
“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.” (Deuteronomy 6:4)

And, of course, Psalm 23.

he has posted repeatedly how the old is bad bad religion but where he wants to disparage a human representing just and decent practice he misuses to negate truth. we already posted on the prophet walking the galilee to address the injustices of the time … IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE TIME … and, within Spiritual Metaphor. the atheist here is a devil wearing the robe of whiteness. a whitewashing is how it is understood. please-please-please someone honest call him out on his arrogance! he knows better--- he is abusing, denying the truth and twisting for his OWN elevation: militant atheist. so … was LAPIDATION an appropriate practice of the time of the hebrew scribes? who called out this horrid practice and showed it to be hypocritical and unjust? not to mention awful … ? the jews? this atheist is a liar and a fraud. atheist, is this your authority on sense and reason? to allow one of your own to represent you so unjustly and so dishonestly? you know what he has written about the old … leviticus and other books … so, where is your voice on his insolence? 

can't hear you? because you are not where you need to be?