GREEKS AND ... it is a good thing to catch these deceivers and bullies ... and murderers ... thank you

more will be discovered


hmm ... read where a bible group (group studying the bible) believes that the world will end today, October 7, 2015.

"the world will end today" ... they say. [tapping my finger here ... not sure why this happens only on certain occasions, but ... I take note of this when it happens]

I spy with my little eyes ... a white strip or stripe ... a band of white? now what in the world could this mean? one less bible group (a credible witness)? and where in the Writings does October 7, 2015 say: END OF WORLD ...? 

bone? well, the Writings do speak of the rib of Adam.

now ... what does bone and a white strip have to do with the end of the world?

;) will have to get back to you on this

adding ... 

okay, this is what I hear:

The FEAST is not the sacrament of communion; it is THE FORM OF THE HEART---its SHAPE---to find its way.

yes, this would make sense as... 
strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few be there that find it.

well, we can see how this might be the end of the world for many

oh, I get it :D ... the bone was a tool for carving (sculpting)  --- writing ... cleaning the teeth? ;) ... 

the wolf and the lamb shall feed together is referring to:

the house of aaron will announce its "prize", where the lamb shall lead 


oh, wait!

ATHEIST MAX HAS ALL THE ANSWERS (in his GOD-JESUS-RELIGIOUS-hate-mongering-pretending that he cares and understands what is humanity ... uh, huh ... not)


“that day and hour no one knows”

This is another example of where the Bible gets it wrong. The humanity of 2000 years ago is already dead and gone. Because Humans are constantly evolving. We have changed since the Biblical era.

Furthermore, we know exactly how and approximately when the world will end – long after the deaths of the last humans. Our star will explode in 8 Billion years. That will be the end.

But humans will be gone long before that. The earth simply can’t sustain our current population or our complex systems for survival – for millions of years complexity has always spelled doom to a species.

you will know them by their fruit

JOHN 6.3

3-4 It was almost time for the Jewish festival of Passover, and Jesus went up on a mountain with his disciples and sat down.

soooooo, what will happen for max-pad atheist max(s) (of the world) is that they will begin to DISAPPEAR :D