after cbs weather reporter states her opinion. 

obama preaches that RIGHT MAKES MIGHT

but who-what is right in times of bloodshed? only those who believe that violence solves violence will believe in right makes might. would this be david gushee's view of thick not thin wins every time?

look at history … emperor constantine and the the RC … infallible pope (as institution, ad btw, the current pope said this not me/seems martin marty at RNS reads only what he wants to read on that infallible petticoat, and does he HEAR anything>)... the crusades … JUNIPERO SERRA and his mission in the california 
regain, what it did to the mostly gathering people there, and obama said nothing while pope came to our cities and celebrated this terrorism on native people. how about the inquisition? death of women and children in catholic hospitals all over the world … often these are young wornen and children that were raped. 
so are we to understand that what obama believes is roman catholic under islamic mission? the two heads merging as one bigger head to achieve their one world religion? infallible and demo-gothic?

violence breeds violence, folks. your troubles of militant fighting will never cease and you will NEVER achieve the peace you SAY you desire because you get back exactly what you put out.

you follow the opinions of war-mongerers and preach that it gives you power. huh, who did this but men following men claiming to be peace prophets. religion and state married to behead the least of these. for that's what it comes down to. 

honestly, I am truly exasperated by your inability to understand this simple teaching: thou shalt not kill. it carries a weight for the youth that they should not have to carry … generation after generation after generation and … where is HUMANITY in these acts? this is not HUMAN; this is animalistic behavior of the worst kind. always will be. you are animals not yet born into the realities of man in his institutions. you cannot see your own demise. no man enters the kingdom of heaven naked, my friends … so you tell me what obama is preaching … against Spirit of the Living God? he sold a lie  to get voted into office by saying he would pull out all 
groups from these regions of war … and he tells you a lie by preaching that you should sign your life away to bleed and die for his administration. have you ever known a nation not engaging in derelict warfare? have you ever seen a day without this bloodshed to know what is Peace? 

because you allow false teachers to lead you and your children to kill (all because of oil?) … you will lose loved ones ON the teachings of your chosen leaders of this ideology. 

and what has your leaders said about NPP? has obama ever spoken out against this terrorist group the way he has spoken against those he opposes … of another political party? never. what did he do instead? so is it his desire to have you die on the battlefields of ignorance while his own chosen live 

wow, has he been deceived. 

obama and his admin reuse offensive tactic. hmm … nothing new under the suffering sun. suffering because man is as Mongol Empire, forcing its way into the territories of others using militancy. obama REFUSES to admit what lurks within hundreds of communities of america. he looks the other way while his administration design bulkheads. a war is coming on you and you have allowed it … led it right to your doorsteps to inflict your children. 

and yes, america will be at war …again. and will they blame the jew?

if you do not want to die for their ideology of right makes might, the opposite of peace spoken in the Writings, for these world leaders rather than for Truth … then state your case for no militancy now. get yourselves aligned in positive and truly progressive, revolutionary appeal … now. engage in MOVEMENt that says no to obama's war … for that is what it will become known as: OBAMA's WAR. because it is coming and it will be big and it will impact you in awful ways.

SPIRREALISM will not permit its family to be pawns in war-mongering of these men. 


read HER LEFTNESS' comment about the name marcus not sounding like a jewish name. lol … bernard marcus was born of russian jewish parents --new jersey. are we to expect from the left that these be born of american jews in order to be jewish? or direct of israel? if so … how far back one must go in order to be true jew ;) or should we ask how far back must one return in order to be of the House of Israel? in that case, the name thiel is most definitely of angel-sounding providence :D (tale salathiel as an example). but hey, we don't follow the ignorance and limited vision of the left for our Truth, or even the political right, and certainly not ethnic names … for deliverance. good grief … 

as for that 38 mil … money in your pocket does not save you from a nuclear blast unless you can afford to buy that new boeing plane the obama admin is planning for its hierarchy. it says it can withstand a nuclear blast or did I read that incorrectly? this reminds me of the uprising in turkey not long ago. the hierarchy having orchestrated that uprising (
with its leader gulen protected by obama's prelates in the US) had helicopters waiting and they hopped in and zipped out of the area to PROTECT THEMSELVES while others having fought and died for its leadership and ideology and others still are facing arrests and imprisonment. which should tell you that obama admin plans protection for itself but leaves you and yours … where? people spending billions for themselves are really saying what to the world?

the story of CHRIST did no such thing. its wealth was in the EXPERIENCE on Truth. gee, how man has made such a mess of life … for so many.


some dogs didn't bark because they knew the deal was already made! (there's your exclamation point, your highness of the Big Left Foot … soon to go in that Big Mouth) … and lefties have to prove where and how in that deal already made  existing pipes are leaking! (there's another exclamation for you, your highness of the Big Left Foot … soon to go in that Big Mouth). demanding proof but unwilling to give any … wow, just wow. I would hate to see what they do in a court of law. oh, wait … they are their own law when it suits THEIR agendas … that infallible word for their infallible agendas.  there you go with lazy man's purgatory  …again … a-bitchin' and a-howlin' because it looks "good" for their industries, however … like their master the pope … have they bothered to do the homework needed before accusing others?

 do the damn homework, silk and your highnesses of the Big Head Left, and you will see why some dogs did not bark over hotdogs and piss. 

howzatforya … hmmm? obama, your mangod, did not tell the truth, dear ones. too many cat naps when you should have been paying attention?


we have to ___, we have ___ and we have to start ___…

spoken like a religious politician ;)

how many times did we say: POLITICS IS RELIGION … religion is political?  and what did I say on RNS at least one time? roman catholicism is a race (body of people born into certain beliefs and principles which determines how they act) 

are you finally coming to this place of 
agreement, or no?

and do understand that not all animals can live together … forever. the dinos died off. can you imagine them living off the land today … together with people? and this is true of bodies of people. history has shown time and time again how some things are removed that others might be able to seed and feed, but if some bodies take up all the money and all the space (politically-religiously), with derelict beliefs and principles, creating harm … and … there is a stifling, a parching ... and things go terribly wrong.

I hate to break it to you but some larger animals will be disappearing from your lives. they will be in your books but not in your seas, air and land … homes and hierarchies. 

certain beliefs on the GODHOOD will change quite substantially.yes! and this is what we have been trying to tell you---WARN YOU, RELIGIONISTS---for several years now. if you be the dino you go bye-bye. there is a NEW "kid" in town … and I know what {this} is :)

but there is also a serious bad on the attack :(



now why would GOLDSMITH abruptly halt the recount… that was already in session? any ideas?

if the OWNER of a building says you can use HIS building if you pay a certain amount of money and cover the costs of its use … do you think it right for owner to go back on his agreement? right smack in the middle of its use? well, one might first ask, was there a time limit set in the agreement? did the owner have some understanding of how long it might take for the group paying for the building's use to do what it needed to do? and is there some damage occurring to that building while the group is using it, and if so, what does that damage look like? if you look a little more closely and seek answers … you might find the building not up to code and is why it isn't holding up well under during its use. you might see that it has faulty wiring … is a fire hazard or … 


WILL THE OUTCOME ON THE MICHIGAN RECOUNT SHOCK THE NATION … in some manner? or do we need to see 2-3 more state recounts before we see what needs to be seen? WHO-what is in the captain's chair making the final decision on this recount … and what are its motives for deciding one way or the other? 

what are little girls made of? some are made of seeking … honestly, and acting … truthfully. others?