re: comment section
we don't really want to post this article but A-mAx's (militant atheist) lies implore us to share (again) a little something ... 

first, a-max is a liar and a fraud as witnessed on rns comment boards ... if you should be interested to see ... the slander is most definitely apparent there ... where else he trolls, I do not know ...

a-max, an ardent roman catholic for 44?50? yrs (he has posted two different numbers)---also a rc sunday school teacher ... has NEVER understood the writings of any believers ... let alone the Writings of Christ. He continuously disparages Jesus, never having know the Prophet. It really is a sad affair---his hate mongering---we find him ignorant, but ignorant with a racist agenda. 

he has an agenda and we feel he is being paid to post as he does. we do hope someone will take action to cease his inciting of hatred ... and the lies.

HE HAS LIED ABOUT MY WORK ... twisting words to try to plant in the minds of the readers ... LIES about us, individuals, even groups of people. HE IS A RACIST, but he thinks because he is an atheist he can get away with stating things he forces as fact about all believers to DISCREDIT THEIR REPUTATIONS ... and get away with it. He is wrong. 

seriously, he must be getting paid to incite hatred ... there just has to be a "religious agenda" backing him somehow for him to be as persistent and as dishonest as he has been. does he post some things true---yes, occasionally he posts valid commentary---facts on some of the abuses in the institutions, but to rant continuously to undermine and disparage a LANGUAGE he does not understand shows bullying, slanderous agenda ... and inciting of hatred.

posting evidence of wrongdoing---the hypocrisy ... indecencies ... to HELP uncover the harms, esp of children, is one thing, but when you are not taught properly ... when you are biased and racist, you cannot understand the points on what is written. for instance, in his comments about luther ... the meaning of what is meant by "jew" and what is meant by "gentile" ... you should not be misusing the writings of others ... if you DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THESE ARE---what these mean. 

did the rcc "attack" and harm those of judaism ... yes ... has the protestants attacked those of judaism ... yes, because they DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS MEANT BY "jew" in the Writings! and A-max, the  militant ATHEIST does not help the understanding of this in his diatribe

those of judaism, luther was referring to the mindset unprepared and illicit ... not what man understands as of jewish traditions. even as a child I sensed this understanding, knowing that God was not partial. G-D would not ATTACK people ... and if people choose apart from "what is of Truth" as GOD GIVES CHOICE, and if people get attacked and harmed, it is man doing the attacking and the harming---MAN IN HIS AGENDAS ... so, jew can be those in policy of denial and judgement---PARTIALITY--- and persistence apart from WISDOM. 


John 8

was it not hebrew scribes that took Writings and interpreted them---adding some and casting out others?