people are now of the belief that just about anything can happen regarding the 2016 presidential candidacy 

the overwhelming drive for those desiring clinton, hilary to run seem dusty ... and this would be because she is not running (not RUNNING) ... she is skimming the process from the elder franchise ... and I heard this before she even spoke 
and we watched her like she was in slow motion ... avoiding contact---refusing dialogue 
what was she waiting for? her moment slipped by while she paraded on past laurels, which are now in serious question and drown her words ... those cheap shots that we hope most are well beyond ... expecting far more from an accomplished and seasoned politician that she is ... but did she become overly seasoned? what we saw in one episode was a person acting as if she was above the grass----the roots of challenge ...


which brings us to cruz, ted ... the one hailed as: Cruz's victory in the Republican primary was described by the Washington Post as "the biggest upset of 2012 ... a true grassroots victory against very long odds ..." wikipedia

but is he grass roots? the self-righteous attitudes we tend to move away from ... as it smells of something undetermined yet ... not sensual in Spiritual Wellness. what comes out at present is: he fibs . fibbing can grow into an enormous handicap ... and evolving unstable. this type of handicap is exactly what you see: a handi cap----a convenient escape, and man if often not aware of this within himself ... yet, the signs are there. do you see? grass can overrun gardens and snuff out the blooms ... evasive it is ... unyielding and irresolute. cruz is too young in the breach.
 he is too young in the breach. 

what will decide the people's choice will come with events. events will sway the majority. this man cannot control no matter who or what he claims---or what he promises the people he swears oaths to serve. is it not 'treason' for a highly positioned public servant o display and pray one thing but act secretly in another? this is something to pay attention to.
will christianity 'win' out in this coming presidential election? we say, no. but it will not be without parliamentary procedure.