cold … wet … cold … wet … falling from the sky … bridges … bridges … bridges … 
people must move and move quickly, but the world is where? and the churches are caught up in what? self-stylizing … gee, how can I be more unifying … with the world …?

men are liking young boys and girls more and more? why is that? the bosomy meteorologist on the evening news not doing it for them? the splashy ads online no matter where you turn … can't even read a political article without a hoard of bikini clad women showing off their breast implants, and things … and j-lo butt, although I didn't watch the show, only celine's performance  … the next day. maybe man has become immune to her---she … little girl never quite able to grow out of that costume fetish, so man goes for the real deal, because he can power-monguer such a small frame. it just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

art? for what purpose? what is its teaching? what is the statement?

the men will lose interest in the show. he will begin to gain interest in the female less female and more like male. it will become a more practical arrangement. 

we need a caretaker in the seat of the white house …. not a gun slinger, and not a president ignoring OUR NATION for religious politics that abuse. 


so, islam teaches to turn the other cheek? oh, sorry … wrong teaching … wrong religion. we saw this a mile away. the law suits … yep. who/what is involved in this spectacle? like we said: it's a PERFORMANCE

keeps getting weirder and weirder …

the question of worth … hmm …
the boy was never abused … confused, maybe, but not abused. this is bullshit, and it is becoming increasingly clear on the question we posed a few posts back: we would need to ask the islamist his purpose in the world. WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN THE WORLD? 

IS THIS YOUR DOING, OBAMA … if so, shame on you! that money is needed elsewhere … like the parents that lost their child to the demon at the football game … it is needed for the PROTECTION OF ALL YOUTH! not for religious politics … unless the young clockmaker's family is planning on using it for the refugees … 

we'll wait to see about that

instead of teaching this child to work to establish a necessary understanding, in a world of religious-political terrorism, where nations are experiencing a lot of suffering and fear … they DEMAND … DEMAND … DEMAND, rather than coming forth with a statement saying they understand the fears in america, especially given the 911 attacks, boston bombings and other concerns just within this country alone, but the recent terrorism and … but no. do ask WHY this family is suing? this is exactly what we were seeing and … what will be coming forth in droves. does america have the money to settle every complaint from brown on through to the next generation of …………….

like we said … a performance. it's not about the SAFETY of all the children at the school … it's about what THEY WANT. this looks like a con job. who are the lawyers behind this? sneaky … we are going to reveal you for what you are.  

maybe those blasting others using islam to attack christianity are starting to get the picture … then again, maybe not … maybe they are the ones BEHIND these spectacles …
like we said: I can't respect those who don't respect me. 
y'all can take your codes and creeds and sharia laws and stick it in your peace pies … 

and someone PLEASE make a trade for the POET sentenced to death, for God's sake! we don't need to pay for a man convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison suing america over a darn beard … make a trade! if he wants the real deal islam make the trade.

so, folks … bottom line here:

WHERE AND HOW IS A NATION, ANY NATION, PERMITTED TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS? like we said on the constitution … it's a damn choke hold. it may be the wiser decision not to send your children to schools … if laws to protect the students---THE CHILDREN---are caught up in the wiles of industry, and the politics of the religionists, how can we trust government to protect the vulnerable? they are pandering for votes! and likely don't even notice how many children are actually slipping through the cracks … parents, neighbors … criminals … stinking demons murdering the kids---tossing them into rivers, shooting them … raping, knifing … beating them to death … abandoning them … sodomizing … drugging them. does the US government even hear these stories? or does it only count when its a terrorist blowing up children? and some don't get that it is also children dropping those bombs and swinging those knives. who can you trust? hmm? seriously, enough with the pandering … make the damn law and stick to it! no matter who it is … black, white, green, purple or the rich! no matter which religion or which school or which institution … laws are laws, so, the time to lay down laws is NOW! 


he's probably in mexico by now

gee, all kinds of stuff going on :(

as if it isn't known

take this comment:

“Widespread condemnation”? Only the two organizations cited have done so. And even they blame “the Vatican” even though it was Pope Francis, as absolute dictator, who enacted the law shortly after being elected which criminalized leaks and who fully supports this prosecution of journalists. No one in the media, including RNS, has done so.
Even though the information in the two books illustrate the lack of transparency during this pontificate and lack of accountability (as the authors note, those guilty of financial malfeasance are not the ones being tried) and that the pope et al are pocketing charitable donations, RNS joins the rest of the media in stating the books prove Pope Francis is “reforming” the Church’s finances.

one can't help but ask what the government and paid media are really up to. and the people … gosh, i am just astounded at how little they make an effort to know what it is that they are paying into---supporting! when I saw the movie SPOTLIGHT, and the part where the 911 attacks come in … I was like, oh sh** … wow, I did not put the two together "time-wise". right in the middle of this very serious investigation, these attacks happen? whoa … could it be? the orthodox do not believe in coincidences, so … maybe we ought to ask them ……….. yes?

oh man, get me away from this bag of boom chicka pop.! drk chocolate sea salt kettle corn. three things i love:
salt, dark chocolate and popcorn!

okay, here is another food i can't resist:
regarding the vatican leaks

Like all States, the Vatican State burocracy wishes to do its business in secret, and only be accoutable to itself. The only check on the abuse of power by officials is their fear of the consequences of exposure. In this case we have strong evidence of widespread common law crimes including massive embezzlement, and even murder. The “crimes” of those on trial are insignificant by comparison.
By the way, is morality even a concern of the Vatican?
What would Jesus do?

What would JESUS do? well, first he would raise his staff and poof-----all gone. no, seriously … what would Jesus do … 
we look to 2 corinthians 5.3 (for starters) if indeed, having been clothed, we shall not be found naked.

gnostic lit: no one enters the kingdom naked

nakedness in gnosis is a place of redemption (the red line). nonbelievers don't like this word because it brings back memories of lousy sermons. I have a keen imagination. while the lawyer-to-be was groaning in the pew at age ten or eleven listening to pastor drone on and on about redemption, I was racing into a burning building saving lives … "the hero" daydreams :D … or a veterinarian saving the lives of many animals … and so on. the lawyer-to-be was already saying, there is no way anyone can be that good … there is no way that that happened and that … and that and .. he was listening to the words of men and asking questions.
had I been listening to the old pastor I would most certainly have agreed with the lawyer-to-be. I waited … for my time. I knew it, too. always a believer … but not always convinced on what these men were preaching on. I guess a few minutes in at an age where I had to sit through the Orthodox Presbyterian sermons was enough to switch channels. but why and how could I believe? life bore miracles that had not yet been explained. I was seeing change in people, too. and the time I had a high fever when I was very young… they came into my bedroom … alarmed, talking loudly … left and later returned. I have no idea what they looked like or even what they said, but I later realized they were there for me. many days … many times … because there existed something within that was showing me things. I felt like I could have done anything I wanted and done it well had I wanted it … but I wanted to see things. I wanted to create things. I wanted to play as hard and as fast as my brothers. I did not like the stereotypes for me, but I liked being female. not because of dresses and high heels and lipstick … as I could take or leave these. I was versatile, and so is God. redemption is knowing what you have been gifted and using it as a sort of return gift … for neighbor, without demands. the more I saw of what I was being gifted the more I saw that I needed to gift … somewhere somehow. sure, I helped in the usual way … where my children attended school and other activities, including church, and in the community … but there comes a time where you know this is it. this is what I have waited for in 'me'. this is the first step in hearing the call to your ID, when you can voice in a way that others cannot. I have experiences that might blow the minds of a quite a few, but I cannot share these here … 
redemption … when you hear its call, after having made it across the line … suddenly realizing you are so much more fortunate than so very many … it hurts enough to move and keep moving. this is not a hurt that messes you up; it is a hurt that cures you. it does not matter if people call you names, as these are just words, but do not ever allow them to tell you that you are delusional for experience. you have a duty to many to straighten that crooked sword. 

continued …

I was just thinking … college students and even some high school students are required to have ID cards. my girls when young had school cards with important information. I am not sure they had to carry them but … hmm … trump is onto something we were saying many posts ago. we were concerned about the kids, abduction and abuse … negligent parents and caregivers, even teachers and staff at schools, including priests and nuns, pastors and the like. who comes into contact with children, where children should be and where they shouldn't be? my feeling is that we do need record of who where and why and how? I was thinking of the criminal mind. how can we identify negligent parents and stepparents and … men and women preying on children and even women … but I guess we could include any vulnerable group … the elderly … believers, nonbelievers, gays … in places of extreme beliefs and practices … 
anyhow, my feeling is that we want to know where criminals feed and when they come into contact with the vulnerable … those they can harm. it does not seem off to me in this day to have this kind of identification. I would not hesitate to give info if it would help save lives … help security in their job. only people stiff-necked and or hiding something would be unwilling to cooperate. if a law enforcement officer wanted to see my card why wouldn't I show it? to get into certain places one must show this card. a lot to work out but why not? what are people unwilling to share? targeting certain groups? not if everyone is subject to this requirement, and those needing help can more easily be helped … right? instead of drivers license you have a card that states where you are a resident and if you drive, along with other necessary info. if you are a christian, muslim, hindu and an officer finds you shot and lying on the side of the road they might be able to find the attacker quicker by knowing the religion … maybe---yes?

if i put down no religion, just "gnostic" … and they find me lying on the road would they look for the pope? ;)


"Fistfights have been reported in several congregations around the nation, and several ministers have reported death threats."

- See more at:

fistfights … LOL!

hey, david gushee … have you ever been booted out of a congregation? subjected to harassment in a congregation? sabotaged? censored at a nonreligious art show? a female? no, didn't think so :) it is happening in congregations not much different from your own … I HAVE BEEN THERE TO WITNESS THIS … or I would not be here sharing what I share. 

probably most of those religionists/pastors/priests could stand to have their credentials checked, along with their damn creeds! 


the recent vatican leaks

doing some browsing. this is interesting because it is the one thing that has actually caught the attention of politician---finance. the clergy sex abuse was mostly ignored because there was no money in taking down the institution because of these crimes … not for the religious elites. too much power. a lot of money and business deals. the vatican made sure they had a hand in the game. kids, just kids … poor kids, too … lots of 'em, and they could act like it was in the past. what voice would rise high enough to drag these criminals from their thrones and face the judge on the cover ups, the porn shops and the abuse? there was more money in protecting the institution than protecting the kids. but now this … the pope hasn't said a peep, has he? he could be made to look like the flu on this. the whispering in the dark. keep his name out of it, they say, like all the other stuff, but then … 

there's the concern about what the youth will say about the abuse. the abuse of children. you know, with hunger games still popular, and they will be looking for an establishment to attack … something that resembles torture and abuse … lies, corruption and … they may be looking at a pope in an old sagging institution hiding behind lies. pretending to be something he is not. president snow and pope jorge. hmm … now, can the politician---businessman afford to get on the wrong side of the youth? by looking like they were a party to these crimes … assisting in hiding the abuses … how about law enforcement and judges … mayors, governors and even presidents. oh boy … wonder if they are looking ahead on this.