"Regions of the world with high levels of poverty, limited domestic child protection measures and easy access to children are being targeted by offenders. The policing …"


 and has EDUCATION SOLVED ANYTHING IN THESE CRIMES, ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH? or is 'church' and state in bed together to protect their institutions and ideologies  that desire sexual deviancy and allow it to continue, putting even the most education-minded areas at risk!

no child is safe where church and state are sitting together eating from THEIR safe feed. 

hello, roman catholic timothy dolan of NEW YORK … you and yours having your last supper? you will be choking on that pig feast … very soon, Deceiver. 


why did JESUS sit with those not like him? to hear their grievances. not to pad his ass … because HE WAS NV-ER OF A ROMAN F'ing ASS and ITS STATE.

once again the roman catholic church USES the TEACHINGS of CHRIST ignorantly and inappropriately. 

who pays for this spectacle and the horrors involved? you, and you and you and you and YOU! you and your children and their children and their children … and HOW do you now get to the ROOT of these ills? the crimes and the lies and the corruption where these politicians, going in and defiling each other, are like a great wall, having layered and layered (padded and padded) to protect THEIR interests … which is not FOR you or your children. THIS is what JESUS was TELLING in his ministry in regards to the sins and the deceptions. THIS is WHERE you should be ANGRY-ANGRY-ANGRY! but you are not. you are careless? irresponsible parents? glorifying those who have perpetrated and covered up the indecencies to keep their wealth of institution … their power and ACCESS to the vulnerable. the roman fat ass church and its state which is YOUR policies and governance is bleeding YOU dry. and you sit there waiting your turn at the pool? what poll? it's contaminated!!!!! why are you wasting your time on hillary and trump? or why do you seat yourself at that table of hypocrisy and complacency. asleep, ignorant or … are you part of that illicit feed? 

hmmm, I wonder … those associating himself with the RCC WILL be viewed as evil. watch it commence …
now ask yourselves … was it wrong to not want the PAPACY to come to AMERICA then …. or now? do you now see what happens? what was attempting to grow OUT of rome became embedded no differently … and now europe welcomes in ANOTHER caliphate institution? 

good grief, will they never learn ….

education? the blind leading the blind. selling their children into ignorance and sad affairs. who is protected in these waters? on that desert of institutional corruption …

and another … of MILLIONS. most  not caught or revealed:

and I can just hear him  … "they wanted it. those kids wanted it." you lousy, disgusting MAN … the majority of those kids are vulnerable, from broken homes despite the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and EDUCATION, taught not to flee the abuse and report, taught to keep silent, silenced by big, fat, despicable, lying, hiding crimes and criminals, INSTITUTION and its malaise … port MINDSET. 


but WHERE are all the Pastors who say they believe in Spirit of the Living Christ? padding their asses? hiding and covering up their sins and the sins of their fathers? glorifying their saints and serial offenders? playing politics with their church and state drivers … of ignorance and dishonesty?  I never knew you and it looks as if WE cannot count on you to do the RIGHT thing. 

go back to bed … you waste our precious Time.

what happened in the RCC in the 4C? those who know their roman catholic church history are either freaking right now or drugged, no having heard anything at-tall.

you are a pawn in their game. they use YOU, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR GRANDCHILDREN to fight their bloody wars and … they rape and misuse your wives and daughters … they are called IGNORANT. know them by their tasteless pursuits.


just REMINDING ALL OF YOU … it's not our GOD. it never was and it never will be. THIS IS NOT SPIRIT OF THE LIVING CHRIST. it is roman catholicism. 

just reminding all of you … your sugar pop pope fran is not our GOD. he is roman catholic institution. he said it himself. what did you understand? and why haven't you responded appropriately? are you confused about right and wrong? are you confused about hillary's silencing of bill's sexual crimes? are you confused about whether a person can be dishonest and still be your leader---your child's leader? and trump? ha, what's to say … you brought this on yourselves. 

but what in GOD's NAME will you do now? are you stuck between a rock and a hard place called the marriage of roman chrislam church and state?


there are some who do not want to be a victim of the "church" peace accord and some who do not want to be a victim of the state peace accord so … what's to be done? a forced, dishonest, incompatible … reckless and negligent marriage of the two is, well, not good. and these hot button issues are not the only issues. as a matter of fact, there are issues FAR MORE IMPORTANT to the health and wellbeing of societies. let's look at the doctoring practices, which include MENTAL HEALTH, and the number of drug companies feeding the public through these enterprises. just say no to drugs taught in the schools lasts how long? 6th grade? maybe not even that long as athletes begin a process of high powered drinks and pain killers for that get up and go in order to endure the aggressive sport and overbearing expectations, and my-my the chemicals kids are exposed to today is alarming. if you are exposed to things that cause you and your child to become ill, you will likely become ill. man can start with cleaning up his act. 

then there is the issue of environment. what should man cease in his activities to keep the universe from utter ruin? man is of destructive attire and it will take sooooo much to change "his mind" on this----------BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. it matters not if you are gay, straight, transgender or alien to planet Z … all misuse. society is such that you can't help some things … in order to render unto caesar or to keep yourself engaged in/with people and society … you are required to misuse to some degree. 

but why these pew issues? what is the nitpick of these? politics bludgeoned the people in dealing with these, for party agenda. per the usual … use and misuse of people/group … same with migrant and poor, black and … same old same old. there are enough bakers to satisfy every group. there will always be people willing to make money any way any how. so why the bludgeon, lawmaker? you love your feckless power-mongering, that's why, and those militant play militant games. you love these articles that you think make yourselves look good, just … more decent than your opponent, but oh, my … you do not see what is coming your way. 

businesses should not be involved in the employee's health care choices. they should provide safe places to work, which often---too often---like schools-education---they do not. employers should pay their employees enough for employee to choose his own health care … like choosing cereal from the shelves. some don't want the headaches for the life choices of others. I no longer want to be responsible or even be around …  people doing drugs/alcohol or behaving in a manner that puts lives in danger … on the road and … WHAT IS GOVERNMENT GOING TO DO ABOUT THAT AS THEY DECIDE TO SATISFY THE POT SMOKERS? haven't they got enough problems with people drinking and doing drugs? my doctor is thrilled I take matters into my own hands regarding my health. I research … I listen to what's out there. but more often I STAY AWAY from the junky life as I desire to know the pitfalls … I desire to know what is the better for me, my family … my Work. what good am I to others if I am half alive? incoherent? care-less … 

but why should employer hire people not in keeping with a drug-free, smoke-free zone? maybe employer should get smart and not hire drug users. people who take drugs or do things that irritate their health---keep them from being healthy. it may be if they eat right they wouldn't be so damn sick so often … or if they eat less and … do some healthy activities that do nt cause them suffering down the road. it works both ways---yes? employee can always say no, too. no, I cannot work for your company because it smells bad. it supports drug use …it creates a dependency on unnatural belief and practice. it is not truthful or properly informing the public … much like our health industries, religion and government. huh. 

people should be paid enough to choose health care and if they spend all their money on crap then maybe they will learn. how else will they learn? if they act like children what must you do? you limit the what? but man won't limit as he does not care because he loves money and control,  but Pastors can limit the choices. yes? what is said? mina gets buried what happens? Pastors, it is time to distance your BODY from the ignorance of society instead of trying to engage while subjecting your children and more vulnerable to some serious, serious dangers. tell government you want NONE of what they are up to. the wars and the sneaking in of refugees/immigrants (yes, been watching this … many charity liars out and about---gonna get investigated and booed off their sandpile stage). tell them you are not willing to pay for recklessness … including their deals and steals. 

Pastors (true bishops), if you say you are of the CHRIST of the NEW T  … you are not to be government …  by a disease that will kill you. misuse you and destroy your children. they know not what they do … let whatever god they believe in judge them here there ---wherever--- ... get the hell out of the way … that people might grow. what YOU need to focus on right now is cleaning out your own body. if you must move away … move away. 


your best offense is to get out of the hub.


as the bigger story becomes more available to the public, we begin to see a man of extremes. we said several times that it may be … what you believe will be what you receive. a man is given a life. what does he do with it? not everyone is poor and living on the edge … no job no food … many are married with too many kids. how did that happen? but to be abusive … to wife and child is saying a lot about this man. what happened to him and where did he become "bad". who-what led him to threaten others with a gun? then the accident. hmm … then drugs for brain ability. but we or at least I … still don't know what took place with the law enforcement. why was he engaging with them in the first place? was he driving poorly because he was on drugs? this is a crime in itself, because who ends up suffering when accidents occur? the drugs may stop the abuse, but what is the result of --being deponent--- on drugs? inability to listen? hear the law … enforce something? inability to parent? pain killers take a person to another place … and no, one cannot be used in {this} Work while on drugs. 

and that includes religion and or politics. when something becomes your god other than the desire for Truth in Light on Love (God) … you have established a stumbling block. how many stumbling blocks have you as a vocationalist/professional set up for others? doctors, pastors, priests, bishops, popes, pastry chefs … and on and on … what becomes your priority? reputation? ideology, despite its great failure to prove itself consistent and honest, trustworthy and fierce in just means? what do you ignore that you might stay? what do you feed your consumer? as you are … 

none of those called to witness shown in the Writings remained in "profession". these were likely rejected by many of their peers, thought of as … odd, peculiar … no longer did they feed in the same channels they once did. Truth, ever present, unchanging, dynamic LIFE … began to transform man of medals to Person of milestones. stone, rock … one step at a time creating distance between what he was to what she is.  

and religionist goes, what? she? what are you saying, God is a she? 

religionist has been taught that God is male, a super man. religion teaches this, not God. if you step out of ODing on religious dogma and walk a while in the shoes of your opposite, you begin to understand what you are, and what you are not. 

opponent? your opposing self. for man it would be she. but in oder to understand HE, man must move from she to WE. recall we spoke on the ORDER of things in and of the Spirit? if you are questioning your own life choices and searching intent, growing in sense and reason, CONSCIOUS of SPIRIT and where---how … this 'sees' … you begin to see you and who-what you are. this place shows you the bad acts, and where you might be right. but it also shows the inconsistent feed. the dishonesty and the hypocrisy. if you say you are not a liar why vote for liars to lead? if you say you are not violent why vote for war? if you say you are opposed to rape and abuse of women and children and the hiding of criminal acts, why support those acting criminally? why support a criminal system? if you say you are a believer in the Living Christ why do you use substitutes like popes and priests, PRESIDENTS AND … instead of the REAL PRESENCE? (you will know them by their religion and their politics?) if Christ lives within would that not MAKE you for … Truth? but where is the Truth in seeing? it is in that relationship of HEARING, the marriage of two … HEART ASCENDING TO THE MIND> and if we desired to make this a simple illustration we might say: he comes to she. in understanding this you begin to understand the Writings in a new Light. 
but one asks: is she the mind and he the heart? is head feminine and heart masculine … of the Godhood? if you have read gnostic lit … where JOHN speaks of something many find wayyyyyyy over their head (barbelo/mother-father, the first Human,the holy Spirit,the triple male,the triple power, the androgynous one with three names, the eon among the invisible beings, the first to come forth) and find glimpses of understanding in what we say, you are getting there. 


who can argue this? seriously. now stop bowing to those patriarchs. they are a stumbling block to your saving. 


I am not of any of this. had pew or lifeway or whatever asked me these questions I would have to say … you question me on things I already know. what do you mean? asks the pew. I am what I am. but what you do believe? asks the pew. 

hmm … if Christ LIVES within, what are you? I do not have to guess or seek man for the answer to what I am. I KNOW what I am. :D and no man can tell me I am not what I say I am. he may try, but will be proven by his fruit? I can tell you I am not of the ABRAHAMIC RELIGIOUS and may be why so many religionists attacked me, aborted me, said untrue things about me, and is why the roman catholic church and others like it FEAR one like me … hence the bad behavior on their part to undermine and degrade me. trying to sabotage what I am makes ME stronger. how strong am I? but force is not my place to witness. and Spirit of the Living God is not a forced place of remittance. 

I am astounded, however, at how little people know or understand themselves, their FAITH being … maybe they are so very distracted? if you are not aware of where you need you are not aware. if you are not aware in where you seed, you are not aware … if you are not aware in where you breed, you are not aware. 


if you are gnosis you are not insulated in your agreeing. this is stiff-necked posturing. is a gay man wrong to be gay? what do I know? I am not gay! but I can look to his deeds to see what is his fruit. what does he do? he is He? what makes up "him"? where does he feed? is the medical and mental health professionals been honest and upfront about any physical practices on any group or being? only where they desire grants and … hmmm. reminds me of jurrasic park: what? fund us for another three years?! we will go to the island … youch. much coming forth.

it bugs me when theologians intreat. like eating candy and loads of it for self-satisfying venue, and money. it happens. they take a work of an artist and dismantle it through their mind and words. but what is in the mind that Thought must pass through? is SHE welcomed or mitigated? if man loves himself can he love another? it would depend on how well he knows other and where other agrees, feeds, seeds. one cannot love what he does not know. we might also state … one cannot love what he has not earned. have you earned HER Love? or do you just take-take-take … ignoring BARBELO? how many fall hard because YOU dismantled the Art of Life? carelessly, recklessly … improperly. I look at the exaggerations of man's deeds and go yowza! what a butcher job or … what was a child doing handling such a treasure? 

The bride has entered.

come out come out whoever you are … oh, John (of the cross). he has been hiding because … why? 

The sweet garden of her desire,
And she rests in delight,
Laying her neck
On the gentle arms of her beloved.

where was John (of the cross)?


wendy m. gives insight into the minus information on the ramsey case. did you know that the little girl had been misused and horribly abused … by her parents? many suspected based on the details coming out. but did you know … her own dad's sweater fibers were in the crotch area of a pair of undies too big for her, found on her and ….

and not only too big but not even hers and … listen to the video. how do you explain this information without arresting the dad and sentencing him? these were her parents, and justice could not be served for that poor girl? people knew and people know what happened as they were PART OF THIS horrific act on the little girl, put into an attire, and a vocation, not really of her choosing as she was far too young to know things and far too young to understand that these types of pageants draw some very vile … men, some too close.

I communed on this case and heard that the dad committed the murder. mum did not, but lived in a vacuum concerning her husband's affairs and … her awful care of her daughter. a big show  ...cost of ... her little girl, her daughter, and now, after mum's passing, the greedy propagandists want to kill her son. those that feed on children never stop. look to those creating a suspect when they already have one, and you have your answer … in these horrid affairs. and I also heard: he carried her around like a doll. but I disagree on one thing wendy said. there is a bogeyman out there and he has not stopped his evil acts. 

please, take him out of circulation … along with his bed fellows. 

but why did her own dad kill her? to most it seems unimaginable and to friends of his it must seem impossible. but evil does dress in clothes that fool many. so many, it makes the world look evil … because too often large numbers follow bad and evil, without knowing, but also … because they are in denial and do not want their own seats looking tainted. you know, like military and law enforcement and certain PUBLIC OFFICE positions. the dad killed his daughter because she had started to ask questions and she had … begun to talk. she had a voice and he knew he had to silence it before she told anyone what he and his thugs were doing. yes, there is more than just him that sexually abused that little girl.

what is it about some men that believe a female is really only for his own sexual pleasure, no matter her age? what was it that placed FEMALE as second class … a lesser in the eyes of not only men but women, too? that she must strut her stuff and sexually lure, ENTERTAIN BY WAY OF HER SEXUAL APPEAL … HER LOOKS … HER BREASTS AND HER BODY PARTS … or … her VIRGINITY AS INNOCENT … to be accepted-approved, or is she only good for satisfying him and his buddies … or to have HIS babies, babies, babies … to make men happy, serve them in some of the most undermining ways, his warring and …  poorly taught and treated during her entire life. or to sell herself in some degrading way to get the job. how many actresses and … have done this to get the part? more importantly,

who-what set the stage for female as _______. 


another victim or justice served? we can't help but ask … based on the LAWS of the united states of america. the man was caught selling drugs. DRUGS THAT KILL YOUR CHILDREN … LOVED ONES. to us, drug dealers are assassins, because millions die everyday all over the world … due to drug use, and gang violence. drug dealers are assassins so … did america rid itself of an assassin or … was this man a victim of law enforcement being trigger happy? 

then there is the issue of his MENTAL HEALTH. isn't there aways an issue of mental health where people do bad things, or go against the … framework of man's authority?

down through the ages man has immersed himself in treaties. many of these treaties treated the big man but left the little man … out in the cold, marginalized and misdirected. big tech bills push impoverished people into a "tent" life … or a camp life … like a refugee solution when you have wayyyy more than you can properly deal with.

why would a nation take in persons it cannot heal? does a hospital take patients it can't treat? who-what is responsible for this mass misuse and abuse? 

or is it drugs YOU rely on to do the work ... to solve all of your problems. 


read this earlier in the week and now come back to it. everything in its TIME.

in SPIR quite some time ago we said: admit the good …but do what with the bad? you will have to READ it … before both SPIR and this site are taken down, because both will be taken offline and paired with something for upcoming use. the atheist militant yammering online about how horrible the evangelical is … no matter the purpose of his work … trigger happy for the most part, is without hearing. without understanding. does he discount these worthwhile efforts because these are what he calls fundamentalist christians? is the fundamentalist christian SELECTIVE in its projects or going to where there is a need? where he is shown a need? likely both; however, he can only help what he knows. yes? in order to truly help, he has to know the jew (in this case) … in need, and remember, the outcome? you will know them by their fruits … yes?

 most people do not know the need as most do not know the root of the disparity. it is a fairly simple fact that those without a way to grow healthy are in need of "supplies" and attention of a certain type to establish a foundation for healthy AND SAFE living. 

now … is RUSSIA as ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN nation under the leadership of putin and kiril NOT of understanding regarding these jews? why are these jews living so poorly? orthodox christians, do you have an answer for us? WE ARE ASKING YOU ON THIS ROCK … what say you? or are you of a different set of beliefs and practices than brother russia? and this would be true of ANY group in ANY nation. if the atheist, for instance, or the LIBERAL, is pro-LGBTQ … (whatever this includes under that label) belief and practice, why doesn't he see to the needs, including the sickness, of these. why shouldn't he provide the necessary $$$$$$$$, food, treatments, supplies …  and … education and … same for the refugee and the immigrant …….. why not have those in agreement with bringing in hundreds of thousands of refugees PAY for these---everything they need and … be RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIVITIES, BELIEFS AND PRACTICES. if a child refugee comes to me, I raise him up as I see fit---as I believe. not as atheist or islamic government says I should but as WE believe. I cannot give child a religion that I do believe in ---that I am not of. 


and this SHOULD be the same for all groups. let the islamists PAY for theirs, or those they understand. let each BODY see to its own needs. this is the proper way for edict to work. 

do not expect me to pay for the billions of people using something I do not agree with, otherwise you become a nation of fascists … as we have shared already. WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN? uh, no! nope. I know better than to fall for that. liberals demanding I pay for his sexual preferences like that of porn, or prostitution, or smoking weed … or the catholic conference of bishops hiding their crimes, denying female voice and worth …. no, no, no, no , NO! to support and pay into these industries goes against my CONSCIENCE---is a great BURDEN to my health and wellbeing. there are too many people and too much pitfall and too much carelessness and reckless behavior … I do not want to pay for the warring of others and I do not want my children to suffer under these fascists regimes or ignorant ways. it's hard enough with the influences of others in big establishments to speak and be heard but to also PAY-PAY-PAY for what we know is not right for us is … a no-no.

come on, people---GOVERNMENT---wake up!

contraception. what about it? if this is a personal choice you buy it. but-but-but says the ---- if you and your sexual partner want to keep from producing something unwanted use a condom. if you can afford cigarettes and booze, and drugs, and the latest in technology and that expensive footwear, you can afford a condom. and a condom will help protect from unwanted what? unless saliva, blood … semen on skin---open wounds-pores---creates something unwanted. do the math. if an act produces something unwanted, something you cannot afford to feed …  don't assume others want to pay for your unwanted creations. orphans turn up through more than just unwanted pregnancies. war is a creator of orphans. just look at syria. and there are enough orphans and UNWANTED children in the world right now for every person wanting a child without actually giving birth. it's up to you if you are willing to do what it takes to care for child as child needs to be cared for. now, where are the standards set up for this? who is giving children---babies---to unfit 'parents'? too often we hear of an infant punched in the stomach and skull fractures having died by adoptive dads and moms and … what of foster parents? legal guardians? who is responsible for giving unwanted children to unwarranted people? who gives precious life to someone HE DOES NOT REALLY KNOW? 

agencies, of course … and sometimes parents of child. 

abortions. what about it? is this killing a life or saving it? 

roman catholics don't play your morality game with me! your headmasters are ignorant. they do not KNOW what happens with Spirit of the unborn, and neither do you. is your God a merciful God or is he a wrath-filled God? just ask your FATHER, the pope. he cannot see his own mote. sad, sad affairs. has he ever considered that he as institution brought this on the people? look, and you will see! what has roman catholic dogma injected into the world? is catholic now paying the price of its ills? and this will be the case of all things both good and bad. why blame Spirit of the Living for what man seeds? and if man abuses and murders Universe, it is UNIVERSE that will move and shift and oppose that which tries to end it. wake up, people!

GOD IS NOT YOUR SKY FAIRY PUPPET THAT YOU CAN LIQUIFY AND DENY!!! it is far more than meets your groggy eye. 

but what of doctors performing an abortion or a hospital that is roman catholic that prohibits this? who is paying for that hospital? where did the money come from to build that hospital? if roman catholics build it and take care of it then let them decide what should be but … a hospital should be available for raped victims and those needing an abortion, without stigma, and … the doctors/nurse treating patient should record enough info on patient to have record of reasons for abortions, where and how … why. this will help medical profs to make CONSCIOUS decisions about where they work. and you should have access to those records (not names, unless these are predators in your neighborhood that are raping ). also, let man pay for his acts. if a man impregnates a woman who has very good reason to abort, let him pay the fees. we need BISHOPS not bozos, please. we need HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY bishops and get rid of the religious State governing your underwear. you should be permitted to choose in a more PERSONAL way and not the distant ego-nomics of church and state where your money goes and how you and yours are treated. 

who wants to pay for nuclear warheads, raise your hand? if you are dead set against it, don't push that button that will allow your life to go poof. 


addressing abortion…
government like religion loves to complicate things. ask yourselves WHY a woman (not speaking of a child right now, but a woman) would need/want an abortion. a. she got pregnant and does not want the child (this would include cases of rape) b. she got pregnant and wants the child, but the man who impregnated her does not want the child and she can't afford to raise child by herself. c. woman is sick or in some way unable to give birth. at what point she found this out is a REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION---why-how did she get pregnant if she is not able to carry and give birth to baby who needs the best possible chance at survival. and in these types of scenarios, who is getting her pregnant? husband? boyfriends? does she need to get OUT of these dangerous environments? if so, who-what will get her out? d. baby in womb is in some way not growing in a healthy manner, or not what mom/parents desire in "child". e. careless feeding.

in all of these cases there is a man involved. a man who assisted in getting the woman pregnant. why isn't he also RESPONSIBLE in some manner for baby/child? it makes no sense to us to place this burden solely on the women and it in no way makes sense to us that others should pay for what careless men and or women do (in these specific cases where carelessness is involved). BUT it does make sense to us that CHURCH BODY, NOT GOVERNMENT be involved in helping both woman and man in all of the above pregnancies. AND ... if CLAIMING belief in THE CHRIST, the cost should come from the pockets of the GOOD SAMARITANS in this church body, and there is a BODY of these in almost every sound "church". this is what PASTORING IS, folks. birth to LIFE. 

but what if woman has no church? will the atheist see to her needs? what if woman belongs to a church that shuns her? she should leave ASAP … and seek council elsewhere. and not some celibate locked in his ordination that tells her, follow your conscience while sending all the parishioner's hard-earned dough to the big, fat head of institution so they can strut around like kings hoarding slaves.  or … religious tells her, you must give birth to that child regardless of the circumstances! but a REAL PASTOR who is willing to WORK WITH THE BODY IN LOVE, not one in ignorance and denial. denying that men impregnate female young and old does not solve the issues surrounding these affairs and please for GOD's Sake get government out of these delicate and very personal situations. 

but where are the churches in these situations and where-how are they helping their attendees? does attendee follow sound advice? if not, what can you do? you teach them nothing by being the goad. 

comment from RNS board (Hyde Amendment)

This is about the law. Since abortion is legal there is no legal justification for abortion not to be covered by medical insurance. The fact that you may be opposed to abortion is irrelevant. Many people pay taxes that fund things they are opposed to and have to deal with it. Do what others do - try to change the laws. I am somewhat conflicted but I am a man and will never have to deal with it and if I were a woman would likely not like having my body and reproduction controlled by clueless men, most of them motivated by a misogynistic god.

The rate of abortions go down when woman have options for birth control, which is another thing some try to limit or control.


oh? "we believe-we believe- we believe" in government agencies? hmm, these kids will be fleeing to america in … three years? why? you asked. because europe will be overrun by islamic supporters and many will be afraid to speak for fear of retaliation. you don't have to BELIEVE me, folks, just watch it roll … out of control. you see, when you live an insulated life, in your cubicle of convenience … and read only what the media wants you to read … you don't see it coming and it's on top of your before you KNOW what hit you, unless … unless you of "tools" have a firm hand in these takes.

ox and ass yoked together a field does not produce … well. 


but what about families? children and buying health care? asks the average citizen of the US. how can parents afford health care for their kids? like we said, choose the cereal from the shelf that you believe is the most beneficial for your health and the health of your family. isn't that how you like to live in america? aren't you really just a boxed product to the health insurance companies, the banks, most religions and the governments? so make the most of your health by buying the cereal most beneficial. maybe this is one way to reduce the number of children people have who can't really afford them … to raise them in a healthy and safe environment or TO KEEP THE PLANET FROM BEING OVERBURDENED AND OUR UNIVERSE FROM UTTER DESTRUCTION. or maybe you will forego the cigarettes and the booze and the trips out to the porn shows, or the prostitutes you pay for extra sex, including the preachers and teachers of the law … and all those crash and burn movies … and junk food. maybe society will indulge differently if they are really held accountable for their own behavior. why should WE pay for your extra indulgences, and bad health products? why should we pay for your sexual interests and your boatload of babies by five different men? why should we pay for your many vices and habits destroying your BODY? your constant stream of drugs .. the government obviously does not care about you---not really. they bullshit their way into offices and steal your money for their own ass-padding … support big banks and big, fat religious establishments like the RCC that do not care about YOU, their consumer.  that really have not solved the bigger issues in the world despite desiring to populate it with more religions determined to out populate everyone else. 
huh, and people bitch about the confederate flag being exhibited in public places. well, shoot, what of all that stuff that reminds us of disrespect and abuse of female? viewing female as some big-boobed sex toy? or that constant reminder by patriarchs and the governments that employ these and bowing to these INFLUENTIAL AND POWER-FUL men who DENY FEMALE HER PLACE AT THEIR DAMN COUNCILS, regarding holy books and holy writings and WHAT GOD IS? what about all the degrading, despicable WARS and love of WAR-WAR-WAR that reminds us of just how awful powerful positions really are using violence to solve violence. what of the constant reminders of their gods who abused hanging loud and proud for gnostic to see, or the one crucified by these industries … imagine how awful it is for one not like you.

I AM A MINORITY … why do you persecute me?


Spirit of the Living Christ does not work through trillion dollar nuclear plans. these affairs are NOT the Work of the HOLY Spirit and this "peace accord" is not of us nor is it the way to Peace spoken in the Writings. if you say you are a believer in Truth of the Living God you are not engaging in, supporting, paying into or voting for these affairs. you do not spend your money on it or anything resembling it (mimicking). man is deluded, deceived, misled and sometimes downright evil to think THE CHRIST is in any way using it--- a part in these politics, plans, deals … business … governance … religion. so …are these nonbelievers making these plans? believers of religious gods like military prophets? who invented the nuclear war missile? 

you will know them by their fruits, people. people believing in other gods, like RELIGIOUS gods and POLITICAL heroes and education for mass destruction and enslavement (all these ideologies like what the RCC and others like it have for sequestering, for power, for control and new york's grand card dolan … bedroom antics)  … as their god … dwell in these affairs. you may call LORD, LORD! Jesus, Christ, but … (5: 50am, just as I am typing this I heard what sounded like a faint shriek-'eek'---just once---coming from the pantry/mud room area off the kitchen and I thought maybe my jack russell terrier had caught a mouse. but she is older now and not so … quick, although never has she caught one as this was never her thing, but she is also not where they might be, esp late at night or very early in the morning. I checked and saw that she was still licking the peanut butter I put in her bowl :) … so what was that sound? the mice look for warm shelter when the cold approaches, and will move indoors. as I am cleaning and painting the pantry after having closed off that way/door to the outside---back way … I found a wee mouse one and 1/2 inches long at the bottom of the lint trash can. how did he get way down there? looking for something to make his bed, perhaps? we don't put food in that can. but it was an easy catch. I took it out to my large compost pile far away from the house and along with his lint bed, I released him. later I saw that he had burrowed into the bottom of that nice compact pile as I saw evidence of this. there are food items to his liking in there. he will have to make his way without my kitchen and pantry)

 … but if Christ is within as is witnessed in the Writings and those of {this} seed, you know these to be lawless affairs. 

can you even imagine THE CHRIST using nuclear war missiles or even seeding these thoughts to use against opposing forces? this is unconscionable in my place of believing. YOU must decide where you belong, folks. WHICH BODY ARE YOU A PART in the Story? 


maybe BANKS AND EKSTROM can do a follow up RNS article on the US flag, it's origin and the meaning of those colors and see what comes forth.

the colors in the US flag/nation/military/religion---politics meant something to certain MEN creating this emblem. they were at a place in their time … carrying ideas for … something(s). how I came to this … finding the above link about the US flag … I was in my kitchen deciding what color to paint the wood cabinets (we don't have wall cabinetry so we are limited in our storage space, but that's fine with me as I do not like big chunky things protruding from the wall above my head ... in small places, esp since we have some beautiful features like a large bay window and a nice looking mantle even though the fireplace itself is sealed). as I studied the existing colors in the room, which is fast becoming one of my favorite rooms since I repainted, rearranged a few things, added some nice art pcs for the mantle, released the wall of bigger framed/glazed art … and switched tables with the dining room, bringing in the big table … for company and a more welcoming seating area, esp while cooking with our new stove --the old one was in the house when we moved in and it was really old! … I realized my taste in color combos is often very different from the "ethan allen" look you might see in stores. although I have some warm, sea blues like aqua, but not too bright, going on in the walls and woodwork … my accessories have these blues coupled with cranberry and caramel tones, like the long tablecloth which was a gift from extended family on my 50th B-day (thx to my amazing niece, K) … the tablecloth is very middle eastern in design. this is what is helping to direct the room in terms of color. eclectic as it is … because it is an old farmhouse … I am able to see how a cranberry color would work on the lower cabinetry AND a small unfinished book style shelf where I keep my dried fruits, nuts … which will help balance (weight) the large brushed silver and black appliances. I've worked with cranberry before and find it rich and … lovely. how this led to the US flag is that I don't like the red, white and blue of it. it's too harsh---too staunch somehow. the white with the red alternating is what creates that sort of black and white scenario that has never been a combo I like, except for maybe candy canes but these are too sweet for me to eat more than a very small amount. and it's not because it is stripes. I like stripes! but that red then white then red then white seems lacking the real Story's ESSENCE and IMAGES. why not instead of the white use the color the native peoples used in their arts, including their tapestries? why not a soft turquoise? and a pin stripe of caramel alongside a more cranberry (deeper red) or a red less RED :D. the navy and white stars is okay with me but I would be inclined to make the stars gold rather than white. 

wouldn't it be fun to change that room a bit? be more true to the life of those harvesting the lands before "white" man came (as is said). hmm? is that sacrilege? I am not stuck on what one small group of men decided on that  "god" at one point (spoke) in history … are you?

an atheist's comment (RNS article: NJ crash this week) about "God" he has never experienced and since he goes by his own version of what LIFE is … he shall SEE what it is to rely on it.

"we still, I assert, owe thanks to the God that gave us life and has the power of life and death over us."

Firstly -There is no need for a God to be involved for us to have life.

Secondly - Why would a God want to retain the power of death over us - it's not exactly the attitude of a well-adjusted mind is it? More the retention of power through arbitrary violence and the inculcation of fear as performed by Stone/Iron Age tribal chieftains.

Thirdly - If you believe in a God who has both foreknowledge of events and the ability to avert tragedy you believe in a God who actively chooses to permit suffering and loss.

I think that any being who idly stands by and observes anguish that it could have prevented is bad. There may, somewhere, be something that, somehow, fits one of the many descriptions of "God"; there's no good reason to think there is but it's impossible to prove there isn't. In the unlikely event that such a being exists good, caring and deserving of thanks it ain't.

I am done here. 

Thank God.

you know what is said: kick the dust from your feet and … 


to more or less demonstrate our point:

if you are unsure on "the fruits" … my, not having read silk's usual bent view commentary, look at what he seduces---produces: HIS FRUITS are … read the comments to his art

as of 4:12 AM Monday October first week

the comments from the ATHEIST LEFT-ISTS---liberals---of silk's mentoring are telling: hate and ignorance. assumptions. blanket feed and fascist instability. 

wow, silk, if this is what you made at RNS, we are wondering what you CREATED in your students at trinity? 

allow us to add this: in case you are in the dark on these matters. one significant point …
who pays for the LIBERALIST's causes? (give this considerable time and think on all this entails, including USE of particular religions and groups/race/ ideologies … and what (liberalist) desires silenced, eradicated … for another much like what it silenced, and forced out? (voices. beliefs and or practices, work ethics different from his own) and what (liberalist) wants TAUGHT in SCHOOLS, AND SIGNIFICANTLY AIDED THROUGH GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE). just as you pay for the "evangelical's" or any other WHERE there is a loud mouth or a large  CAMP/PARTY agenda/INFLUENCE or CAUSE … that desires something for itself and/or is pandering to groups … to maintain control … for power … for influence … and is in a position to be AUTHORITY and THE LAW over you and how you live. having control over your choices and your children's choices. what you end up paying into and for (no different from paying into and supporting war where PEOPLE DIE, both sides, with many often caught in a methodology not of their choosing which raises the QUESTION: are YOU are murderer?)

an example:
FREE SECONDARY EDUCATION. liberal's cause? who pays for free secondary education? please ask: what exactly am I paying for in voting for this? is it professors using their positions to silence your voice and the voice of your children? or curriculums that include specific IDEAS and OPINIONS on topics as law---the authority on these topics? for example: in choosing the RCC's views on … GNOSIS. their stance has always been anti-GNOSTIC. one like ME, and what was fed to society beginning in one place and spreading throughout the world very often through force "gnostic as foe" has established the world's view of 'believer', how he should think, how he should view GOD, SPIRIT, etc…  and recently their current pontiff's comments regarding the gnostic. he warned of a specific sect of gnosis. so what exactly are you having to foot the bill for that creates [society] through WHAT ... LAW imparts? 

still unclear on these ports? 

civilians die in war. people not choosing war as proper or as PROSPERITY are murdered in warring factions, those camps-parties-schools-ideologies using methods of war to do whatever it is they do---whatever it is they believe, desire. the democrat like republican, and others, use War, like dropping bombs, military means involving guns and other art of war to destroy what they do not like, what they believe is a threat to their belief and practices. and they cannot understand why americans use guns and bombs to destroy what they are not in agreement with or what they do not like---what they are at odds with? what kind of mentor/parent/leader/advisor says DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO and only when and where I say this is good? what kind of IMPARTIAL belief and practice is this? it isn't impartial. it is law according Man. 

'innocent' people like CHILDREN are murdered in man's wars. now, to help you understand the severity of the liberalist's leftist stance … there are people who are of a conservative place but do not indulge in political warfare. this is not their GOD. they do not really feed in these waters as an ongoing practice and are not of what many atheists say about them and what they believe. they are slandered, to be kind in saying it … they are painted as something they are not. they are accused and blamed for just about everything under the sun while watching the sun worshippers commit murder. hypocrisy? a person cannot even question anything of the fascism of the liberalist/atheist professors of kingdom come without being blasted into a realm of incoherent offense. why is that? and what will be done about the abuse? misuse? and the fascist initiative? will they receive exactly what they believed? what they injected into society? if the youth turn on them … they brought it on themselves. but as I said, I AM done with that stuff … trying to clarify those hills, to make room for sustainable LIFE. I have been shown the SPIRIT will see to it. could it be that what was in some way 'protecting' america as a nation ( not an easy task) will no longer BE? all that can happen now is for Spirit of the Living to turn EAST and what does not turn with it turns into what?  if your god is politics and teaching done your limiting way then it is what YOU seeded that YOU will have to live with. 

I leave you to your murderous affairs