walks without peace, erdogan.


if you think the US or the EU are in any way of sense and reason, you are barking up the wrong side of the tree. first< we do not agree with your handshake of a government under the militancy of islam. it's a contextual error of insignificant parts, however, the US with one hand holds up a flag waving it proud, saying how just and smart and civil it is while handing guns and money to militants, terrorists and liars … with the other. look at the clinton swamp under obama … FBI and state dept illegalities and behind the public's back dealings … in error of their duties. the communist run mechanics of liberalism under the democratic;lag is hypocritical to say the least. you won't find honesty in america within the headship, erdogan. it is run by arrogant elites wearing deceptive cloth. 

look at the sweeping division in a nation that had potential. that had the money and the freedom to become something edible. but you know the bad taste that money breeds. just look at obama's bail out of wall street and the clinton's love of their almighty dollar. hogs and thieves. look to the Christ, man … roman church and state are illegitimate bed fellows. 


allow us to share in an area where many religionists and atheists are without understanding. if you believe that GOD holds no favoritism, is IMPARTIAL …do you promote in any way, manner of education … information, teachings, public address … that female is less than a man and incapable of holding and carrying out certain positions? do you deny female her right at the royal priesthood or … in the caesar of roman church initiative... law, orders and public dominion … female her right to become a vocational priest, or a bishop, or any other profession, life choice … in a civil and just society? in church or state instituted, do you deny female her right to be in these areas … of her choosing … in a civil and just society? do you praise and populate in a civil and just society institutions and orders, and businesses, denying her or allowing her the right to choose?

what does it teach you … 

when people with access to public services write about the promotion of male industry for men, excluding female? when people of public services praise and promote men denying female the right to choose? what does this say about the people? would you say they hate female? think her a lesser life form? second class citizen due to her birth as female?not capable of SPIRITUAL ENDEAVOR, or pastoring, or management of church affairs and the people attending? 

what does it tell you about people who parade, praise and promote industry and men of industry that deny female a seat at the tables of work having to do with the priesthood and bishopric? 

these could be journalists, professors … even presidents., right? and they are journalists, professors and presidents. 

should you vote for a president promoting industry and men of industry that flagrantly denies female these choices? do you want to give thousands of dollars to schools with teachers and professors who promote these industries that flagrantly deny female these rights? do you want to pay TAXES for these industries denying female … 

america is clearly in the dark ...ages because why? and why do you think the children have been sexually abused and women sexually abused in the manner that they are … since the beginning of man, and still … today … in democratic society? do you think SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD is stagnant? unmoving? bound in decrees made by religionists of male dominion? 

GOD is not within male dominion, folks. God is not fluid … not fluent and not favoring in male orders. God does not know these ignorants. government and institutions of academia and religious news services of course know these male orders because they promote these male orders, praise them, give them YOUR money, deny female fair choice, equal pay and equal part in the body of life …  and they lie about their position of care and justice concerning that body. they are deceivers and they are teaching you to deny female, asking  through misinformation (a form of deceit) to accept their promotions of male orders as "god" … and they demand that you carry on their ignorance because, within these people promoting male doers is something not of Spirit of the Living. again, is it hatred of female guiding them? poor in spirit? flagrant ignorance? dull 
attribute? a bullying nature? arrogance? what drives people to promote industry that refuses … denies female equal and fair and just choice … in society? 

___ I had a dream early this morning. it had to do with Greek Orthodoxy, and of course is related to my experience within this faith, but it is telling me what happened with man and what will be … what is coming. and I did say several yrs ago that this would come, and that I would become a bishop of the New Order of the Faith. there are 3 on the move. religious news searches are busy promoting their male industries, along with the pastors and priests and professors and presidents … of this ideology. but there is a REVOLUTION afoot that they have not heard … and it does not deny female her rights in civil and just society because it IS civil and just, unlike those pretending to be civil and just but plagiarizing for selfish and hypocritical oath … understood in terms of 30 pcs of silver and war loving attribute. 

in my dream the greek orthodox priest and I met, again. this time the exchange was far more just. actually, he repeated several times that … his toe was severely injured and there was blood all over the place. he stressed that there was so much blood …all over. that would be his kicking "me" out … that ABORTION he forced on female. yes, there was a lot of blood and while I grew … his toe hurt like hell. but I did tell him that what he did --that abortion-- was very dangerous … very dangerous. not just on me but for billions and billions and billions … having suffered and died under male dominion. yes, a lot of blood all over the place. as I hugged the greek orthodox priest, I noticed that I was much, much taller than him. hmm … and when I came to wake, I was shown that Greek Orthodoxy will allow women priests …as I had said would come. 

you all can live in your ignorance state … I am moving away from you. 

and you gotta wonder, and ask that big old question … if male dominated institution is made up of more than 50% of men fucking other men … do you really think they would vote for a female priest? do you really think they want female around their affairs, who might say, um, yo dude, aren't you supposed to be celibate? do you really think that deceiving the people is the right way? the right thing to do? this interferes with their choices, right? having a female in there just might show the deception and the lies and … it might interfere with their sex lives.

gotta wonder … gotta ask those questions. yes? now if you are so politically correct that you can't and you won't allow another to ask the obvious … you got a big hell of a problem. 

and check this out …

the student is silenced by …? what he says is true if you follow the trail of emails leading you directly to big H's money pit. she is out of touch with the people! DOES NOT CARE AND DIDN'T WE SAY THIS ALREADY? the youth see the inconsistencies and the hypocrisy and the lies but are not permitted voice. wow. because communism liberal democratic style will not allow the people to be heard unless they praise big H, and kiss her butt voting for her. 

you people should be ashamed of yourselves … bernie, too and elizabeth warren … what fakes, what liars … what sell outs. you are a bunch of ignorant elitist hobnobbing pogs!

and check this out:


and here you go obama style communism: future america, thou shalt not slander the prophet of islam! 

is this what you want? to be silenced by the democratic fever of his communal liberties under … roman kiss-lam. seriously, playing with words here … but serially? I mean, seriously? you THINK it can't happen to your kid in your country? under this admin and counting  … you are in deep. as more and more islamists build their empires in the US, you begin to lose voice. 

never, NEVER … do business with caliphate industry, folks, its mission is the will of control. haven't you learned anything from centuries of oppression under roman catholic empire? wow, just wow. it plays out before their very eyes and the commie pogs can't see it? unless they are in league with it for reasons they have not put forth … in transparency and … truthfulness. hmm … what say you, americanist?

huh, this would make some really awesome marvel comics: The New Generation.
although I don't bother with the old

the commie pogs verses the _____

what are you?


three things:

1. why the wad in the mouth title? do you remember bazooka joe … and the jowl of a certain mobster?

2. you may wonder why one like me would write the word "fuck". we explained this once, but we ask you: isn't this the language you understand?

3. I was shown I would not be voting tomorrow … that something is up.