I post this because I do not want it to get lost in all the political warbling. 


yesterday it was difficult to find a news article that gave a true portrait of this young man, but the words of teens and young women tell the truth about this terrorist, and if you can READ, it looks as if he was TERRORIZING FEMALE long before he committed murder. this is a sign … why didn't SCHOOL AUTHORITIES ADDRESS IT? why was he still at school? why should young females be forced to behave differently or walk in fear because of this young man in a place that should be SAFe but isn't. again, you see where your children especially your daughters are not safe. it's accepted, isn't it? that a boy or a man would touch-grab-grope female as if it is his right. and did these girls tell the authorities or did they FEAR the outcome for "ratting" on a fellow classmate--a MALE? 

look at the result of his troubled mind. nothing good … I repeat, NOTHING good, comes for these males after leaving high school. they go on to abuse, rape or murder.

but will this even be mentioned in the debate this evening which I will be sure to NOT watch? two candidates with their own "illegal" history … the clintons … trump … and no one will mention the notorious bill clinton's sexual deviancy. no one is BOLD enough to tell the truth that people might see what is RIGHT behavior and what is BAD, CRIMINAL behavior. shame on you democrats. your party ought to be removed … if your society promotes this indecency. yes, indecency … because you ALLOW it in your world! you allow it in your lifestyle  … YOU ALLOW IN YOUR CHOICE!

away from me you of lawlessness. I NEVER KNEW YOU. and I don't want to KNOW you. we are not the same. we are not alike. I am not like YOU.

same with the abuse of children in your "holy" political orders. supporting these criminals----these crimes. 

are your children safe? will they be safe? why would you think that the schools and law enforcement and politicians and priests and popes and "pastors" would care to keep your children safe? look, see! you are proving their is no Spirit of the Living God by your choices. 

and look at those shot this summer … a deaf man who had committed no crime(wherearetheprotestsonthisact!). a man holding a book who had suffered a brain injury, and others. 

this … your happy, clappy world? and you think hillary will be good for you and yours? has obama been good? have any of them created a society worth keeping? things are looking quite dire for the youth "of two" … what will you do about it? are you even capable of doing anything … 

the real question: do you even care?


when "JESUS" and the followers of Savior were teaching/preaching, they showed there is no Light where the whole body is dark. they called out the ignorance that man might see its disparity and the lawlessness of its kind but … nonbeliever continues to say there is no God. hmm … what must we do? be crucified that YOU might see the sin? huh, the irony of it all. and then there are those speaking with the forked tongue. they say do this and do that and parade themselves like holy apostles while hiding the crimes of 
their fathers, and brothers and … Hypocrites! cries the One. and those do and say offensively supporting ignorance and they trek to their holy lands as if they are pilgrims of true Wisdom when they are deniers of their own secret pacts, steeped in indecency and deception. they use others promiscuously for their own gain. they whore ---pimp out---the women and children then cry allah, god, savior, lord … bless us this and that and what in hell are they? liars, hypocrites … they live in denial of their acts---who-what they are.

the cretin having groped and slapped teenage girls … the same one that went to MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS and received a thumbs up-a-okay go ahead and continue in your feed … relationship … report goes on to do what? where to whom? what are these health professionals? what DIDN'T THEY SEE?! or maybe their formulas do not WORK! it tells us nothing and the families of those suffering have a RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED FROM THE MOMENT THAT BOY CAME INTO THE WORLD AND WHERE HE WAS TAUGHT!!! who taught him to abuse female and that he could get away with it? muslim upbringing? islamic upbringing? turkish upbringing? american upbringing? or all of these listed? 

what did he witness that told him female was to be treated with disrespect and loathing? I am looking at YOU right now … do you feel the heat? the sting, perhaps? 

you have been warned. 

I think of the MA math teacher who was murdered by one of her male students, the one that sliced her neck with a box cutter. what was his motive? anger? hatred of something while in a mind like a two-year-old temper tantrum? but with the hands and strength of a grown man that could force and manipulate and abuse … rape … murder. having seen these acts on tv and in books and maybe even his comics? and in the news and even where 'special' men got away with rape and abuse of women, girls, children by lying and hiding the evidence … politicians, priests, pastors, presidents … football players … bishops … 

online everywhere …. a broken child from a broken home in a broken system? and the government thinks that all will be solved with more technology and more education in that same system? wow, super in denial. if the EYE is dark … how dark is that body!


from david gushee's comment/commentary pc (in part) from RNS:

Here is a sentence in your post (gushee) I don't get- "that Christian ethics in America was almost always about America, not about Christianity or the church." This statement certainly fits a narrative that Christianity in America is compromised by nationalism. 

imagine the people fleeing europe. what were they fleeing, looking for, desiring of liberty and certain freedoms? imagine those born in america and going into politics while still harvesting in religion. look at the founders of american law, constitution, etc. these are OF catholic mindset, for sure (a universalist subset of rome). they had not moved far, or far enough to understand the early rise of CHRIST's Kingdom because … it had been hi-jacked by roman catholicism and then by the sub-sects, not having been redeemed. and it was about america … and continues to be about america. american religion and american politics are nearly synonymous but in a way that spells trouble … like pigs in a blanket, or a sack. each commanding for its own enterprise. the church spoken of by JESUS in MATTHEW is not america. america is not the power of the Holy Spirit … if it was,  wouldn't you have been told ? ;)

if AMERICA is the church, Savior would have told you. did Spirit tell you america is God's Kingdom on Earth? :D :D

which is saying what? go back to the beginning. return to the way of … the way of what? I can just hear the church attendees squinting and scratching their hair on this one (trying to get through all of that sticky hair spray). 

the following is an excerpt from salkin's (RNS) commentary pc regarding leaving religion:

But, as for behaving: it is relatively easy to stop participating in the Jewish community, in synagogue life, and the ritual life of the Jewish people.
Second: Jews have this thing called "culture" to fall back on. 
Christians don't.

how long has Christianity been in AMERICA, salkin? BEFORE YOUR TIME AND YOUR JUDAISM? and they have no culture? huh, me thinks salkin is full of HIMSELF and his "jewplace".

read my lips ;) … christians have a culture. 

Angels said, even third graders have a culture :D!

salkin should give up his comedy team and go into politics. and jews wonder why people are anti-jew? denying a people as cultural is like denying they exist, but those of the old jew HEAD never did like CHRIST, so why would they understand anything or anyone trying to find their TRUTH.


from silk's commentary, a comment to his commentary
no name or avatar … may help to keep the atheist-leftiest-selfiest liberalist from choosing ground before actually READING.

It is difficult to say why the religious folks break the way they do since both of these candidates are probably the most corrupt and dishonest two people who ever sought the Presidency. Calling Trump supporters "uneducated" is a little careless. Perhaps "less educated?" Just because someone fails to complete college or did not attend at all does not mean they are "uneducated." And really, what does "educated" mean? I imagine that most of the students who graduate from your school are not really "educated" persons. They have received the tools to become educated persons throughout the course of their lives. Whether they will or not is another story. And easily commanded? I doubt it. Many if not most fundamentalist and evangelical denominations originated and grew because people refused to be commanded the those at the helm of the so-called mainstream denominations.

sensibly put. and evangelical used to mean something much different, but look at history if you cannot figure out the truth about the lie. even educated people are dissing education because it's become something other than what they BELIEVE is correct or worthwhile. some very important FARMERS never went to college and imagine what mr. silk and his kin would be like if not for many, many … MANY fields of work. a little educating never hurt any Body, but a lot of education turns the world into an oil sty. is obama's EDUCATION POLICY working? his islam mandate of our future will not slander the prophet of islam a doctoral or dictatorial one? 

I left university to find a paying job :D as I was paying for my education and found that I was not getting my money's worth, nor was I in any way "impressed" with my teaching, which was in the fine arts. so I went looking for a better school and while looking I worked two, sometimes three jobs and guess what? I became an ARTIST. I wondered if I would ever go back but … it was never to be the way for me. clearly, I was being shown the way.
does this make me uneducated? education is in the EYE of the Beholder, so a relevant question on this might be: who holds you? 

 I was never the starving artist but a salivating one. 

and allow us to REMIND the followers of the TEACHINGS on Truth that the illustration of the dishonest tax collector is found in trials. and … it used to be that a farmer growing vegetables would trade with a farmer growing wheat and barley … and there was the farmer of the figs and the date trees. and no tax was collected through these trades but a bad crop was tendered how?

a response to the above comment on silk's commentary:
No. They're not both the most corrupt. trump lied 11 times in the debate last night, Hillary once. Throughout the course of the campaign trump has averaged a lie every 3 minutes, 15 seconds. No other candidate has Ever come close to that astounding rate.

"Less educated" works for me. Less educated is less educated, despite your efforts to spin that. Less educated does not mean stupid. I have 5 siblings, 1 has a bachelor's degree, 1 has a graduate degree. The other 4 are not stupid.

Most students who earn degrees are indeed educated. Your argument makes no sense.

now, would YOU want THAT … as your commander-in-chief? this commenter is either deliriously … stupid ... or willfully ignorant … regarding the clintons. okay … okay, they will receive what they believe … 
then let them see how much they like IT.

the leftness we sense is a 'he' not a she and is paid to post  … in typical liberalist fashion. 'she' sounds too agey. 

the first few comments I read on the mosque blast in germany (sept 26) were honest assessments of the "situation." people saying, what do you expect? well, we expect that the influx made a lot of people angry and fearful and merkel and her gang made a deliberate attempt to establish all those against her overreach as xenophobic, muslim hating, racist bigots … and now she will have to face that noise. creating a beast of ugliness often rubs people the wrong way and not only do they react to being presented dishonestly they react to what all should be reacting to:

Now the police wake up? Where were they on New years eve?

If Muslims feel anxious, perhaps they should. With rare exceptions, there have not been unequivocal condemnation of Islamofascist acts of terror.

Until that happens, until there are churches and synagogues built in Saudi Arabia, until the Muslim world disavows the parts of the Qu'ran that orders killing or enslaving of infidels, there is no reason for the Western world to accommodate the barbaric beliefs and to submit to the Sharia-driven oppression. The saying goes that there are radical Muslims and moderate Muslims - the radical ones commit acts of terror, and the moderate ones applaud. Surely, there are Muslims who do not think that way, but we haven't been hearing from them.

How many Mosques in Nice have gone up in flames since the latest terror attack?

Because until this so called "backlash" gets real, the Jihad will not end.

---and there is a comment on this same news having to do with denmark. I will see if I can find it or the events there. 

Honestly, what do they expect? Progressive leaders flood Europe with a tsunami of migrants, both legal and illegal, with no respect for the feelings or preferences of their tax-paying citizens, who will have to foot the bill for these newcomers for decades to come. Not to mention having to stand by and watch their culture and national identity destroyed in the name of 'multiculturalism'. Several years ago, Angela Merkel herself admitted that multiculturalism had "failed utterly". Oddly enough, her solution to this was to invite in an uncapped number of migrants from cultures that hate the West and everything we stand for - other than the generous welfare benefits that most of them will continue to receive for years. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the UK will be 50% Muslim. Why is it "xenophobic", "bigoted" or "far-right wing" to object to that scenario? I'm sure many Germans feel the same sense of outrage and betrayal. Their country is in the process of being given away.

here is the comment:

Muslim migrants attack locals in reign of terror across entire Dutch city of Zaandam, Sept 24, 2016: Shocking attacks have ripped through the Dutch city as a mob of Turkish youths terrorized locals. For months, migrant youths have uploaded videos of themselves beating up random citizens and intimidating police officers. During a fight at an outdoor market, a Muslim attacker is seen wielding a crowbar. Another video captured the gang laughing while they beat up a passerby after knocking him off his bicycle. In previous videos, the gang nicknamed the Erdogan warriors? by local press, have shown off their weapons while boasting that they will ?kill? people who anger them. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte described them as sc*m and a local councilor made a formal police complaint after being threatened.


had to find the incidents on a jihadi watch site?going on for TEN YEARS? and who has heard about it? who filmed it and showed the rest of the world what has been going on? any lawmaker politician, law enforcement or PASTOR not standing OUT and speaking against this BEHAVIOR is a disgrace and is not doing his job to PROTECT the people, the laws and the well being of society and to stand on podiums lying about others being muslim haters is ignorance. wake up and smell your pot boiling over! 

america, wake up for it is already in your …. 

but who-what refuses to TELL THE TRUTH about what is happening? who-what is refusing the journalists the REAL story? and who-what is paying into this chaos and the coming undermining and destruction of your neighborhoods and communities … including those malls. and who-what is refusing you important information that will help the people make the better choices for the YOUTH, and who-what is caught up in political agenda without regard for this oncoming disease? and who-what wants more digression and confusion and more systemic illness? give an inch take a mile IF you have inadequate leadership … in these times. who-what is making decisions FOR YOU without regard for your safety and well-being and the safety of your families? who-what is DISTANT from the REAL problems and turns a blind eye to the abuses and … who what only advertising for PROPAGANDA purposes to make his party platform look good and just and … oh, using Jesus inappropriately for his own ideals? how convenient when this platform is not even a believer in SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!

are these incidents an EYE-OPENER, or has academia reined---ruined your ability to SEE AND THINK CLEARLY? tell your god, education, WE said that he is a numbskull!

obama and his camp are going to get back exactly what they put out. to create a national dilemma of indecency and dishonesty creating something that was minimal to appease his own god of ignorance …  using muslim and islam … the way he has is going to be a backlash he and camp will NEVER FORGET. there is your REMEMBRANCE< salkin, and the rest of ya.