to the bridge ... 

over the weekend I watched the two STAR TREK movies with chris pine as kirk. I'd seen both a few times already, but there was something I needed to see in each. I knew this. I don't just sit down and watch a movie without some reason for seeing it. there is purpose in everything. if you believe this then hope is not an obstacle but a price. how much is one willing to give up to see it.

why must one give up anything?
 if you are traveling to a destination ... let's say ... you are trying to get out of a place that is falling apart, experiencing a severe drought ... corruption and disease is reaching high levels so, you pack up your car and begin your journey ... but you come to a large body of water. just barely can you see the other side. it is almost a fantasy it is so far away ... but you know there is something on the other side of that body of water and in order to survive, you have to somehow cross it ... 

what struck me about the first movie was the end where young spock is conversing with old spock. without getting into any time travel specifics, they are both in a physical form. this is an impossibility. if young spock had been conversing in the spirit with the old ... it is possible ;) reincarnation? no, but only can this be possible if what came before was, is and will be. physical form then becomes purposeful for what? what is spirit ... good or not good. 

last night 60 minutes did a segment on dimensions. I did not watch it as I was busy elsewhere but I heard a few seconds of it. a woman said something about dark mass ... 7 dimensions? I will have to look it up ... but she is saying that man has far to go to understand the universe. indeed. in truth, man has just licked the surface.

in the Writings there is a passage where Jesus says to a woman caught in adultery: go and sin no more. I wrote on a forum several years ago that this is an impossibility. why? was Jesus speaking of adultery alone or was he referring to all acts of "sin"? actually, he was speaking for RESOLUTION---crossing that large body of water to get to {this} place. if one viewed adultery as the source of all sin, we would need to understand what it is. was there another word used in the Writing to describe it, instead of the latin form? yes, there was another word used. there had already been a misunderstanding of the FEMININE DIVINE in the Godhood beginning in both judaism and christianity and ... based on the religious of the day in the time of Jesus, females were primarily property and of a lesser person in all matters with the exception of giving birth, especially the giving birth to their "masters" and "husbands" the sons. what Jesus speaks for was not adultery but conspiracy---conspiring to commit a dishonest act. the act is inconsequential to the purpose. it is the purpose that carries the weight. what is the reason behind it. money? survival? lust? greed? hatred? forced labor? one sees only the surface of the deed in the story and develops his form of morality and consequence from this ... not understanding that the LANGUAGE is not latin or even english ... but something other---intended for other. why did man choose the word ADULTERY for that passage and so many other passages? why don't you ask him. 

okay ... if stuck with the word adultery, how can we rectify in its usage? how can we cross that large body of water with a word like adultery? we look at the beginning: adult. 

need we say more?

 ... is there a problem, officer?


okay ... there was 45 sisters within a 15 minute stop, and the roman pontiff spoke with each one personally. was that a "God bless you, sister" NEXT! "God bless you, sister." NEXT! "God bless ... :D 

the purpose of sharing this on the website was because? the roman pontiff is a man ... he is a man given a title, elected by a group of men. they set him up on a pedestal, wheel him around and around ... while flags wave and people cheer and take pictures ... he rides on the coattails of other men and ... where and how is the world changed? popes have been in the world for quite a long time, many ... many, MANY having abused and murdered in that title. show me the big money ;) ... show where and how these moved people to make it to the bridge. they claim this current pope is hope. hope for what? a better tomorrow? a bigger and brighter and WIDER church? a return to politick?

in the second star trek movie kirk and bones are running in a jungle of red, yellow and black ... while a group of natives chase them and shoot arrows. spock is trying to save the species by blowing up a volcano before it erupts and wipes out the race. kirk makes the decision to let the natives see the spaceship, and the natives did; they saw the enterprise rise up out of the water then started drawing images of it: their new god. spock goes strictly by star fleet federation regulations and files a report. kirk gets into trouble and loses his position, but of course that is not the end of the story ... is it? he goes on to become captain kirk.

how does a believer weary of the pede-stalling ... get people to see the enter prize--- the real God, and how does he get these to stop wasting time and money on histrionics? how does a believer growing weary of the patriarchal dominion with archaic juvenile game show prices remove a padfoot? 


a couple of comments regarding the movie SPOTLIGHT and the clergy/staff child sex abuse ...

now, please note that some "names" lead to nowhere. 

Pope Francis is correct in continuing his reform agenda for the Catholic Church, despite the illegal leaks of confidential information to two book authors by two Vatican employees.

Pope Francis’s reforms — in just the two years that he has been pope — have already resulted in the greatest revival of Catholicism in modern times.

He must be commended for his humility and his persistent efforts to improve the lives of poor people.

and ...

The pope’s “reform” is replacing the old crooks with his own: Cardinal Pell whose only prior financial expertise was cheating sexual abuse victims out of an adequate compensation and was termed a “sociopath” for his cruelty. The pope hired consultants like Promontory and Big Four accountants who had guided the largest financial companies in skirting regulations and hiding their transactions which brought about the Great Recession.
The pope’s other “reform” is instituting standard accounting procedures, not to make Vatican finances transparent to the public but so that he would know where all his money was.
Another “reform” was encouraging his prelates to give the appearance of a “poor Church” while maintaining and prospering their hidden assets and giving a pittance to the poor.

* hmm ... wonder if the greeks are big fans of the current pope ... ;)

oh, and in case you have not seen the movie ... kirk did his research ... unlike some men we see posing. now for the real question: who is being dishonest? and for what PURPOSE?


wow ... this is crazy! one cannot help but ask if this is a revenge crime. 
seriously, what mind shoots to kill a child like this ... what mind allows children to be abused, raped, molested ... trafficked ... shot like this? it is difficult to fathom a mindset like this. it is difficult to fathom a mindset allowing a woman to die during childbirth ... it is difficult to fathom a mind allowing a 9 or ten-year to suffer in this, even die. WHEN ARE THESE INSTITUTIONS GOING TO BE CALLED OUT FOR THEIR DISEASED MINDSET AND INVESTIGATED PROPERLY? 

you catholics may be deceived by your popes but WE ARE NOT! it really appears as if the pope's popularity has not done a damn thing in the US. hope? looks to us like things just got worse.  but, you know ... like an admiral in star trek, the vatican does love a "good" war. and they will get it.


hey, dear white christians and ... jennifer harvey ... there once was a man and he blamed EVE. maybe you can start from the beginning and ... while you are duking it out, take a look at the gnostics. 


how sad ... didn't we write something in a previous blog about a driver?

maybe the pope and jennifer harvey can write something about the road rage and recklessness on the highways. not sure those dying are white or black ... does it matter?