topic: the rumor of the tumor

uh, it gives me the shivers when I think how "doctors" (medical professionals) have, at times, used citizens as guinea pigs. "she doesn't really have a tumor ... but we need to operate anyway ... coz I want to experiment on something ... experience something, share something with my disciples and colleagues and INCREASE my wealth and my prestige!" same with lawyers and ... pastors and ... priests and ... vaticants and ... 

a vaticant? you wonder. vatican members and those supporting the vatican that behave in ways that SERVE and SALUTE vatican ethic. good or bad? recall it said: WHY DO YOU CALL ME GOOD; NO ONE IS GOOD---EXCEPT GOD ALONE. which tells us what? there is no infallible church called the roman catholic church---no infallible doctrine---no infallibility involving man ... did you hear that? involving man. so, either rome views itself GOD, or it deceives the people because the men of rome are not the Holy Spirit-------that would be an impossibility. a no-brainer---yes? that is assuming infallibility has any connection to goodness.

no barking up that tree incorrectly. it is what it is ... any ETHICAL PERSON OF SENSE AND REASON UNDERSTANDS THE NONSENSICAL NATURE OF CLAIMING MANMADE DOCTRINE INFALLIBLE  ... HISTORY shows us this time and time again. people choose to live in a state of DENIAL> and when people refuse to admit the bad, and deny investigating doctrine and teaching in practice(s), they are in no way loving neighbor as they are of the art of partiality. you WILL know them by their fruits. if people have nothing to hide they do not hide behind ____ and, investigations need not become witch hunts for God's sake! if of a purpose to do what is honest and safe for the health and wellbeing of communities ... even the world ... there should be no resistance unless, unless there is dishonest intent in the investigating (keep this in mind for later).

allow us an example:
man of institution often follows a channel of secular reasoning. it is reasoning reacting in the mindset of its day, and is often minus Sense, Reason's partner. SENSE in gnostic awareness is not limited to five senses illustrated in the journals of science and medicine. sense is a deterrent as well as a determining 'agent' or ADVOCATE that assists Being in discovering his ID, and it warns within the process of man and God and what is. if man is bound by doctrine/teaching/practices ... THAT SWEARING OF OATHS, generally speaking ... he is not able to glean in the ADVENT OF RENEWAL within sense and reason---SPIRITUAL WELLNESS. this is not saying that institution does not assist in the process of helping man to find affable ground, where he is not militant and obtuse in the ability to be reasonable of personage ... it is saying he is bound to institutional law---manmade law. why none of it is seen as "good" or man acting in "goodness" through his laws is because GOD IS IMPARTIAL and somewhere someone or some group is undermined, denied because of these laws---oaths. the laws are not truly just and not truly loving neighbor as self. but ... things are as they are ... until the vexing ... 

which is constant.

in the case of the rumor of the tumor ... the vaticant mind is planning for its future in a reacting to the vexing. his is: people are the g-pigs and we need them to pay our bills and to increase our wealth and prestige so, how do we deal with the "decentralizing" plan of the pope and how people are beginning to react to being on common ground with the protestants and ... (funny, they had no issue with being of the same with the muslim ... but the protestant? unless they are really slow to react ;)

okay, they essentially have two, possibly three, but primarily two channels of thinking:

and I know one because of something I started to write two days ago where I included marvin gaye, and in my research, knowing his dad shot and killed him, I learned that his dad was given a lighter sentence because they said he had a brain tumor and gaye the younger had drugs in his system:

Initially charged with first-degree murder, Marvin Gaye Sr.'s charges dropped to voluntary manslaughter after examining a benign brain tumor in Gaye Sr. and discovering Gaye had drugs in his system at his autopsy. Marvin Gaye Sr. was later sentenced to a suspended six-year sentence and probation. wiki

brain tumor ... should the roman pontiff have this, he may be excused or demonized, meaning he could be accused of BETRAYING THE ROMAN CATHOLIC PEOPLES, by going against that holier than thou infallible docs. ... and for generally being dishonest in his raves or ... given a lighter sentence.

the vaticants can use memoranda in an attempt to save their sinking ship. IOW, save face by saying the pope was clearly not himself as a pope should be because of a brain tumor ... and they can see that he does have one through the media and vaticant 'professionals' AND ... and they can do away with this member speaking in ways apart from their highly esteemed doctrine in the same manner they did away with wesolowski ... and do know that inner members did share with me some time ago that there was talk of ... you know ... which I am not concerned about because I see his usage. 

they can also use pope to canonize another of their own: he died in battle ... but this only depends on the direction the herd moves. I won't go into these details as these are many and varied.

now, in the demonizing, they could say he was stricken by a brain tumor BECAUSE he was not in league with 'truth'---theirs ... remaining within their esteemed religious dogma. 

ah, but all of this is tiddlywinks compared to the Master's Plan. if it is time to remove what must be removed it will be removed ... for the continuation of Prophesy: the Evolution of God and Man. and since when did the vatican ever care about the Master's Plan?

it would be best if jorge resigned ... and hey, they can go about it like the days of old if they wish---make it a big tahdo---and go the exile route ... their choice, but do get him out of the puppet mobile. we have work for him that is far more worth his Time.


and on the matter of who was the brainchild behind the extermination of those in the camps and ... take care what you insist you know through the agendas at hand ... because there was a hand in this from the very start. it spurred the brain demon to do as he did ... and history does repeat ... does it not? as evil tries in every way possible to carry out its plan.

what speaks behind the face(s) of evil?


The Great God Pan


“Palestinian officials said Netanyahu appeared to be absolving Hitler of the murder of six millionJews in order to lay the blame on Muslims.”

More like Palestinian officials and their internet parrots are absolving the Mufti of his support for and collaboration with the Nazi regime.

Regardless of who came up with the idea for the Holocaust when, Husseini supported the pre-Holocaust Jewish boycotts in Germany, made Axis propaganda broadcasts, recruited Bosnians for the SS, called for “Arab countries to solve the question of the Jewish elements…as [it] was solved in Germany and Italy,” sought to have Jewish refugees redirected to Polish concentration camps so they wouldn’t come to Palestine, and on and on.

The extent of his support and collaboration exceeds this site’s character limit for user posts.