they love it ... it's their tease ... all the brutality ... and fatality ... and the vatican loves this! it's in their culture! the junipero serra honor system ... 

they need fighters ... for WAR ... that is their way of recruiting ... the military zealots willing to use force ... along with the self-mortification ... you know---THE ISLAM MARTYR SYSTEM, and all those virgins just waiting for them ... and that oh-pus die ... hmm ... now that is a strangely peculiar belief system ... and they cover it so well with so many things so that the people don't know ... all that lovebombing and ...

ick ... what a disingenuous and deceptive practice. the horrors abound. 

"the hispanics are going to the US, where so many are leaving the catholic church! what are we going to do?" the vaticants ask.

ah, no problem says the vaticant head chefs ... the US is ripe for warring ... we will take advantage of it ... look at how history repeats through our system ... we get what we want through using the poor and the panicked, the frustrated and the lost ... the disillusioned that feel their government has failed them. look at their youth, guns here and guns there ... killing teachers and peers and parents and placing bombs here and there ... they are in the mood for death ... so, let's do our usual ... it's worked before! and those unaffected by these acts ... well, they go about their business in their comfort zones, so ... we can do this right under their very noses and they won't know it.

"yes, master ... we will send them to war to do our killing for us, and regain control ... yessss my precioussssss ... we will ignite this festering boil to explode and they will again be obedient to us!"

what mindset honors the junipero serra disease? what government allows this in their country ... to infect the youth? are the politicians so damn lazy and so damn ignorant they can't serve the people without trying to ignite this type of archaic ignorance? unbelievable, and yet ... remember who we are dealing with ... 


the hits just keep on playing, don't they?

and the US government gives money and supports countries wallowing in indecent code: