this is a no brainer!

the christian sects should be receiving these ASAP! it should come from their purses, too. what the heck do they receive from the government if not for helping others? 

sign them up … like we said before, CHRISTIANS GET THEM OUT OF THERE! 

and the muslims? well, where are the muslim based countries taking in the stranded and the desolate? where are the muslims taking in their members? taking in refugees at their expense might curb the breeding practices. or are these not the right kind of muslim? 

c'mon people, do not allow obama and co to tell you how to think

pope and co is all for everyone else taking in refugees but what about his priests and bishops? they have more money than your average family trying to send kids to college and get a meal on the table … pay the bills and … the bishops and priests have what expenses? hmm? 

are people daft? do you think the vatican cares about these destitute and dying? look at their history!!! look at the women still dying in their hospitals! look at the rape victims! 

Good God … people can't think through this stuff because of a bunch of potheads sitting in hot seats?

try this christian sect

ask them if they would be willing to host families … get them involved if not already.

I just sat down at the computer to post something I had been shown a while back. it is time to reopen this … before, when we posted on it the pope was the proud papa of his newly ordained popularity, but now that the table is indeed turning, there is reason to share again. before logging into OWA, I took a peek in at rns … and what do we find?

A couple of things

1. Evangelical Christians should avoid making Holocaust references. Back in the day they were enthusiastically anti-Semitic and supported turning Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis away.

2. When it comes to the vetting process for refugees, not one of these conservative critics has shown they even know what they are talking about, let alone show knowledge sufficient to find fault with it. The argument is based on ignorance and blanket assumption.

3. Evangelicals are caught between two competing and rather repugnant values. Do they give in to their religious excuses for being indifferent or hostile to those outside their own group or do they try to open up new avenues for converts?

larry is beginning to see what pope and co had planned all along: CONVERTS. the special ROMAN CATHOLIC schooling in france to help the muslim understand how close the two religions really are (but the rns article used the word christianity not roman catholicism). remember this posting? and we asked questions? so, this is what the vatican had been sculpting out through all this loudness here and secrecy there  … *won't post all the articles and events and the pope's words … do your homework. connect the dots. so … what are we really seeing? if our calculations are correct, what was pope and co up to? remember, their numbers were down significantly and the priest shortage, and those still attending were not always towing the line and certainly not following the doctrine as instituted by the institution … what they needed was a shot of what? they need bodies and lots of them … so? 

think about it … the "welcoming church" ads, because the institution had become so dry … … desperate refugees … lots and lots of desperate refugees who are strict religionists … and would certainly have no trouble adhering to the rc mandates and … the money---oh gosh! the money they would receive in this … government money … 
the pope hinting at being liberal (media buzz) but not changing anything substantial within the organization … just keeping things status quo … holding out ... but making a lot of noise like the abominable snowman walking into a courthouse  … until what? hmm … 

kinda like watching old cartoons. remember these? yep, that one will get hit over the head and that one runs in place going no where and that one … quite predictable because why? the roc needs the poor to survive …

and the chaplain in reserve:

Chaplain Martin


Pew research printed a finding regarding a 1938 poll in which it found that 67% of U.S. citizens said they didn’t believe any peoples from Germany or others under Nazi persecution should be admitted into the country. When the horrors of Nazism became more apparent, in 1939 there were a few less that was opposed to admitting them

As far as religious ethics are concerned, did those responding really read Mark’s article. Read it again and you will find many religious groups representing millions of U.S. citizens, are against STOPPING the current flow of immigrants from the middle east.

I actually believe brother Max has some good information as he noted the number of middle eastern persons who add greatly to our nation. I can see why they drop their religion in the U.S., because its difficult to maintain it in a nation where many people that see it only as the enemy.

- See more at:

sure ass max would know! can you see who/what is still in the dark?

IF THERE WAS MONEY IN IT FOR THE GOVERNORS THEY WOULD BE ON BOARD … but they are struggling with failing bridges and worn roads and a host of other concerns … like a drug epidemic? CHILD SERVICES … child welfare agencies??? what will a mass of refugees cost in the long run while these governors can't service what they need to service now? with winter coming on for some of these states it's expensive so … WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM TO RECEIVE THESE REFUGEES? let's talk realism here, folks … the governors say threat and for a place like MA with the BOSTON BOMBINGS BAKER IS BOUND TO BE UPTIGHT but … there are major money concerns!!!

note: the brothers that dropped the bombs in boston ---do you know their history? but do you think mark silk has any understanding in these areas? he sits at his desk … blahblahblahblah … blah, like the teacher in the peanuts movies.

do you think me harsh? what is harsh is those camps! those poor women and children!!! good God! and covering up to keep the numbers flowing … deceptive minds … and those who allow women to die in hospitals because why? 

wouldn't it be a table turner to see those men pregnant … bloated bellies … screaming out … dying … 

young women fighting off a hoard of diseased men … children even, raped and raped again and raped again! 

you know, a thought came to me and it sent chills  … adam lanza. when he was young he went briefly to a catholic school …  but left it so soon. why? I will have to go back and read that article again. something is bothering me all of this. there is something not right. I knew it from the start. I remember the text the day before the incident … there is more to this awful story …

here is the link again … 7th grade

and this:

suffering from severe mental illness that no one knew about? and if people did know … he was free to rome the school halls?  are his parents then responsible for not informing the school of his mental illness? how does one like this slip through the cracks? is it possible for someone to murder someone and NOT be suffering from one form of mental illness? 

I watched the video … colleen walking down the hall and into the bathroom and phillip comes out of a room and follows her into the bathroom. there it was. that was it. they had the trash dumpster in the courtroom and they pulled out her bloody sneakers. there it was …
that was it. 

I recall many many years ago when I was young asking how anyone can murder someone and not be mentally ill. I remember one day while I was young … a teen … and a young man a year younger than me, still a child really, would not be at the bus stop with us … ever again. I can still see his face. his glasses … the color of his skin and his hair slicked over to one side. he was always very quiet. his mommy murdered him, his dad and the dog one night. marital troubles we were told. my friend and I were curious. in shock I guess … but curious and went down the street to see. we had to see it. it was like something out of a movie … but we had to know it more than just a story in the paper. we saw one of the bodies being removed, covered of course, and we saw blood in the street. the daughter was in college at the time. imagine her horror. I was still too young to fully understand that type of horror. I feel it more today than I did back then, but I will never forget his face … and his sister walking her dog. she was quiet, too. something inside says, could you have done something? could I have done something? could I have befriended one of them and been a light that might have stopped this horror? 

not only do I see them … I hear them. innocence has a way of speaking you know, but you won't hear if you don't listen.

atheist … watch your language. some people are different from you.