okay, have it your way … exactly as you all want it

let's see how that looks in a month or two

new year for me … turned 57 on the 9th, and I must get back to other things.

from this point out I will weep. I will write weeping poems and weeping letters and go back to the weeping paintings and I will have the main characters in the two trilogies … weep (actually, I like the sound of this.) … hmm, now that I think about it, I was doing the weeping thing 6 years ago when I first started reading eastern orthodox theology ... and when I was engaging in The Philokalia. I remember posting somewhere that if you are going to engage in this, have tissues on hand. 

{big exhale} …. I am done in this arena. I will be … the fairy god in the sky looking down and where I see suffering, pain, horror and death, I will weep … and it will rain. 

 almost forgot … two summers ago I had put these lyrics as part of the end of Brother 

Watching him dash away
Swinging an old bouquet, dead roses
Sake and strange divine
You'll make it