"The 1st Amendment has a clause stating government shall not endorse religion."

so, what happened on the BIG plans for this month beginning in PHILADELPHIA  ... the US GOVERNMENT does not honor their own Constitution? the Constitution of the United States---the same Constitution they swore oaths to protect and serve---along with the citizens of this, the same they expect citizens to honor and obey?

or does WASHINGTON get to pick which RELIGIOUS they endorse and spend taxpayers money on ... regardless of the clause NOT TO ENDORSE RELIGION in their Constitution?

gee, I wonder if Obama and co. are prepared to go to jail for breaking the law.

the above quote was taken from a comment board regarding the davies incident ... 

so ... how should one interpret this in a language that serves the people in a fair and just manner? 

is government permitted to elevate one religious figure over others, or spend mega amounts of tax payer dollars to host a minister of a religious sect? also allowing him to present sermons on public property, obstructing the rights and privileges of those not in agreement with his faith and beliefs and practices, especially if discriminated against and treated badly by him and his religious organization? has he paid for these venues or are these coming out of the taxpayer's pockets?

valid questions ...