imagine yourself ... cup of starbucks in hand ... strolling down your favorite street ... beach front ... nice view of the water ... fresh air (for the most part) ... your dog by your side and a flood of refugees show up ... streaming onto your walkway creating chaos because they want something ... despite the fact that THEY ARE NEWCOMERS 
then ...

the mob ...

the mob?

which mob? the rush of refugees or the 100 angry protesters ... (stay the violence, please)

if people do not speak up ... what do politicians do while sitting on their high haunches? 

they get dethroned is what happens

now, picture this ... a policeman out patrolling that same street but in a different country ... comes across a man screaming obscenities and scaring the citizens half to death ... or selling drugs to the children ... stealing from storeowners ... or driving erratically, esp in zones where school children travel to and from ... or on dope and harassing young women while looking for a 'piece of ***' (as they call it) ... man gets aggressive with the officer ... gets shot ... 

"the angry mob" comes out, but these are called protesters not "the mob" ... because that would be a slur

is there a difference in the fear? the anger? the temperature? between the mob and the protester?

what makes one protesters ---the other, the mob?  the politician's labeling?

who/what contributes to society in a safe and constructive manner? who aborts law and offends neighbor?

who is responsible for the law and order of public spaces? keeping them safe, especially for the weak and the vulnerable?