an orthodox priest once said to me: you think like a man.

no, not really … what he recognized in me he saw of himself. I was there to reveal this to him. did he struggle with this? oh, yes … and he continues to struggle with this. did he see me as heterodox? a female protestant? ;)

read the gnostic verse they call the revelation of peter, where it begins:

When he said this, I saw the priests and the people running toward us with stones as if they would kill us … up to where it says: For they will denounce you during these ages, since they are ignorant of you, but they will praise you when there is knowledge.

continued … 

some will say that God is unknowable and will build their credential around this. some do this to keep himself cognitive in the realm of sisterhood. his desire is to rally his forces for carriage often careless and poorly attended. in this he breeds for worldly destiny and the pleasure this contains. man asks, but he is unquestionably devout; how is it he is seeking worldly pleasure? look at his words. for what purpose does he serve these? to enslave others? the fruit can be toxic. know its limits. 

God is Spirit. Spirit is without gender … has no use for the marriages of man. but what of the masculine and feminine of the Godhood? are these not our man and woman? subjective. in the Spirit there is One. the masculine and feminine is One Person. the ENERGY of Spirit is unknowable but can be experienced. the ESSENCE is … knowable. how is this? if a man found a diamond beneath a layer of rock(s), does he toss it aside for more diamonds? he takes it to a dealer to garner its worth. where did this come from? asks the dealer. do you tell the dealer its location? 

peace is unjust in the hands of the dealer. 



why do the words of gnostic text sound slightly familiar to the believer in Christ but still … he cannot ascertain its origin? he was taught to fear these words, to ignore and even condemn those of gnosis on this. so, why is he unable to gain knowledge here? he is still sitting on his mat. where? christianity. judaism … roman catholicism … and. these are of the old vessels in this day. man must keep moving within the wellness … striving toward HUMANITY. the "beast" does not stand still. it hunts for recruits and will use the lethargic … the poor in spirit … the arrogant,  the lazy, the ignorant … the careless … the ….  

Added--------people may say, christianity a mat? judaism a mat? roman catholicism a mat? even [political party] … a mat? well, what does it look like? what do your leaders do to engage you? what are these men and women saying to get you to follow them? are they honest---truthful? keeping promises? listening to the greater needs of the people? where does man stand to fall hardest? 

overpopulation leading to pollution beyond his wildest dreams. 

who/what encourages populating? who/what IS populating more than he can safely and honestly feed with one or two jobs? who/what is relying on GOVERNMENT to feed and care for the overpopulation which makes you the housekeeper … yes? without care and concern for the health and wellbeing of all? is man running family farms that he should have so many in one house? is it that he has many houses and many farms? where are his farms if he needs so many children and wives to seed, grow and gather? who/what is not being up front about his spending? who/what is dealing in overproduction? where are the most harmful consequences of over producing? drugs? sex? cars? planes? excess … 

LOOK at the sheer size and the elaborate decor of the institutions … when so many are starving, struggling for food and shelter  … for just the opportunity to work a job that will pay the basic living expenses. who/what needs the excess for their gods? their prophet? who/what denies its members in order to have estates … fixtures and expansive systems to regulate not the welfare of the people but its own elite orders? 

how much longer will you pay into what is not yours to pay into? how much longer will you support failing governance stealing your money for the poor penmanship of their lawmakers and the deals that they make that goes against your conscience and goes against what you believe to be fair and just? who/what owns you? why do you allow these sorry affairs? the misconduct and the failure? 

and … there are these:

more than you realize. and the imams know it. 


look at hawaii … 53% asian and only 2% black. do we rush over to hawaii demanding the blacks and the whites (19%) become equal to the asian population? does hawaii have cultural beliefs and practices that cater more to the 53% than the 2%? most likely. the minority is a minority in that area because of what? vermont has something like 1% black. why? honestly, I have no idea other than to say that it is very cold in the winter, along with much of NE … a lower % of blacks than the south and southwestern states.  

we share on this to get people to start thinking why there are growing clusters of one race or another … and how people endure in these places. not all states can accommodate the needs and wishes of every group, especially with the addition of religious beliefs and practices and the desire for these to use government for its survival. 



added: we posted a comment (see posers) regarding the gnostic and the sect gnosticism

as we have shared, we are not of gnosticism. FACT TO REMEMBER: not all gnostics are the same ;) … only where you see a system taking precedence, such as religion, which can and does involve state. take, for instance, the conditions of those of gnosticism and why these men and women were wary of society. remember they lived in a society ruled by phantasms of rome and the ideology and practice of other dictatorships. there were stonings and canings and hangings and burnings and lashings and all sorts of torture and punishment and murder for sometimes the simplest infractions, which were not infractions to the gnostic … such as, speaking out against hypocrisy: stating a truth … stating an obvious … sometimes even DEFENDING another against a wicked regime. people flocked to watch the beheadings and the hangings and the crucifixions. imagine what society looked like to one of gnosis when average parents attended these horrific punishments and even brought their children to watch---taught them to hate the gnostic, and others not of the same mindset--------dynasty they lived for and under. even today, when no one helps the odd man out … the one speaking out against the hypocrisy and the lies … but sits or stands … watching the spectacles … even when he has been shown evidence that the system behaved badly, society incorrect in its dealings and favoritisms, state favoring their own like-mindness and denying the voice and often the advise of others, where practices ring alarm … the people behaving ignorantly, unaware, misled, poorly advised … misinformed, even betrayed……. the "herd" running in this direction or that direction out of fear, hate or avarice … usually because they are being misguided on the facts. posers everywhere serving self agenda keep this swarm in motion. the world looks evil---yes?  the systems the gnostic lives among are death-minded and punish minded regimes ... of CHURCH AND STATE  can and does look off, even evil. no?the passion for violence is everywhere. violence for violence being their mantra. 

poor and enslaved women, which were and still are many …  had every right to look at the world as evil. yes? no? those attacked or demeaned and denied voice, just and fair practice … a life free … could easily view much of the world as evil. not earth and seas … not flora and fauna … not child, but mankind as unjust and dishonest and brutal. how can one not see this? how can the anti-gnostic like atheist max and so many others not understand this? 

now … why might an atheist turn to gnosis or even some form of gnosticism? when he begins to see where he has been betrayed by the state that he believed was in place to serve him and allow him freedom from oppressive religions? when he sees the corruption … in what he trusted … the secular arrangement? when he discovers agencies that he defended and trusted were lying, engaging in serious malpractice and dishonesty? when his own atheist brothers are caught in serious dishonesty and improper practice … and bigotry? hmm … something to consider. 

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