added---next day:

I was checking the news earlier this morning and found it odd that I was not seeing articles on this (president opposes ...), so I went to the comment board of this article and found only 10 comments. "That's off," I said, "there were more comments yesterday when I posted this on OWA." I clicked on the comments and one commenter was yelling, wow, where did my comment go ... and some of the comments after mine?!" Another replied that his gets deleted, too. 

I found this strange ... when I see 1,000+ comments on articles all the time. I don't usually read these, and when I do, it's usually only a few ... but to have the comments deleted on this particular topic, and to not see anymore articles written on it is a bit suspicious. Could it be that our government is censoring and deleting what it does not want the public to read?

how so like other countries we know ...