important info---thank you RNS

When my youngest was two years old, she was given a roll of pennies by her grandfather. She carefully studied each gift handed to her from a small stocking. When she was given the roll of pennies ... she looked at it briefly then asked, "Where's the big money?" 

Of course we thought this hilarious ... she was also the one who at 21/2 when asked what she wanted to be when she got older, in a wee voice said, "a writer and a bicycle tire." 

Franklin Graham might be slow to get the message, but we really need to ask who is paying out such large salaries and why? Where in all his instruction on "the life as a Christian" (and I use this label loosely as it's never been fuller clear "what constitutes a Christian") ... did the Writings instruct the high end salary for self? for self---right? Let's be clear on this ... it is for himself---his lifestyle with his family? How large is his family? 

I cannot speak for other believers in Spirit (often do question, and challenge), but we are devoted to the One, and in this FAITH ... all money made (and not without the necessary work to receive) must go toward the building of a LIFE Source ... where our purpose and PASTORING is relevant and ... revolutionary. It's about moving mankind toward Spiritual Awareness ... not for religious sequestering. Its focus is gnostic prevalence through Spiritual Gifts. If that scares Religionists  ... what's to say?  

But we must be honest on this ... what we sell (the Trilogies---Spirrealism Art Tours, OWA art, etc ...) will go first toward organizing and setting up our place of operation, which happens to be the house where I reside and do the writing and the painting. I hope to remain here and build the New Order of the Faith (not a Religion---a Spirit Art Movement) ... and the intent is to provide a place for growth of this movement. There is nothing unnatural in what this needs. I have worked hard in and on this old house for 12 years and I would not like to sell it ... except to the Spirrealism movement for closer concentration. The grounds are important too ... as these house my little buddies ... the herbs, fruit producing shrubs and trees ... and the wildlife (btw, saw my hummingbird again today ... sucking on the pink and purple Rose of Sharon) ... and this, too, is growing and changing. There is much, much more to this Movement, but this is enough shared for now. SPIR carries the manifesto and ...

So, where's the big money? ;)

Peace and Love