so, now, in NEW HAMPSHIRE is it? … no word "christmas" is permitted on info sent out to public schools and to be used in the public relating to … what was that? socialism? atheism? marxism? communism? annihilism? WHITE IT OUT, is what they must do. WHITE OUT  the world of the WORD christmas. it has the name "christ" in it so, that must be a bad thing according to those who still use words like "execute" and …

riiiiiight … 

are we a democracy or are we a ______________. so, what IS that one world religion that obama, the UN, the lobbyists and so many others, want in society? canned corn? ;)

"science and religion are sister forces working together for advancement and the uplift of mankind." ---Rbt A. Millikan, winner of a nobel prize for the achievement in isolating the electron. (borrowed from UNDERSTANDING THE GR ORTHODOX CHURCH--constantelos)

so, which world religion? islam? atheism? marxist fascism pope jorge style? should we remove christ from all man's lifestyle so that the jew can rule the earth? oh my! will I be accused of anti-semitism … oh, wow, ANOTHER "ism" … in the world. jew in the Writings is not saying one of judaism or one jewish (ethnicity). where and how did man get this wrong? and who made it so that luther's writings were MISUNDERSTOOD AND MISINTERPRETED? and who/what misuses the words of Jesus … and Paul, and Thomas … and Philip and John and Andrew and … Matthew and Luke and … 

so, what is meant by jew and gentile in the Writings? jew is of the world and gentile is of Spirit. this is not so hard a teaching to understand. was luther overly zealous in his quest for spirituality? ha … not unlike many others, including those thinking themselves God's Author. who/what thinks itself God's Author? and would not all of mankind be of some jew? life and death coexist. learn to read the Writing in the Light of this Day … and not solely in and through man and his institutions or, you will be judged by these. and … understand that jew is as is life ;)


in one of the previous posts we said something about "it happening in NY time" … I went back through but could not find where I had written this … anyhow, it begins here:

we have said so many times it hurts: Spirit (God) is filtered through human hands. 

this is the honest to God's truth ;) rain may fall from the sky and water those crops … then again, it may not. when it comes to addressing the manmade rules of the world, who better to address them than man. only he can prevent forest fires … no? yes? what is this gun-loving thing with the politico-religious? it's a bit freaky. what exactly is the hold-up? oh … right. seems the government overall is not protecting its citizens---DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS. they all huddle and make noises then come out with a statement they feel best suits their ties, but have they even once considered how raped and murdered men, women AND CHILDREN are stacking up to those mass shootings? 

BULL's SHITE. the demos are not doing anything more than the repubs. the store owner where brown stole cigars and got shoved … what demos cared about his predicament? what was done about his situation? ah, well … half the businesses got burned down … guess that solved the problem, right … or no? someone is paying for all that property loss? is it the US government? [cough-cough]

the demos, shouldn't they be under the microscope, as well? things are getting awfully stuffy … the abuses never being addressed. who is getting paid to keep these silent? who/what is failing the children in all dangerous environments? and the women? they make more money off them pregnant and undressing for the …. 

dime a dozen? huh, they are all hypocrites if they think just gun laws is going to stem this nasty disease. baby, it is just beginning! if you want protection, you will not find it in government … and as for religion? what's the difference? show me the big money!

maybe, just maybe … if the governments started being honest about their worth … in their work … and started acting like they really care about the citizens they have sworn oaths to serve, PARTICULARLY THE MOST VULNERABLE, including the US vets, who have bled and died for them, instead of pandering for votes … the situation might change, but hey … if you think Spirit is a fairytale, you are on your own or … if you think Spirit is doing aerobics in a chalice at the hands of a vocationalist of religion for the righteous catholic … or a creed or a TV sermon  … well, you might just be better off bowing to a milk dud. man chose a looooong time ago what he believes in and we see its face.   


well, well … still pandering to the clockmakers, prez? now, remember we spoke of the 'ring'? (earlier posts) … 

if you are going to start investigating you need to do it in a just and fair manner … INVESTIGATE ALL INSTITUTIONS, including those suspected of abusing c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n and women … oh, hang on … isn't that what they ARE DOING? 

wake up wake up everybody everywhere wake up wake up everybody do your share … sings the purple dino

adding … like we said in posts a while ago, if the investigations start, those dishonest and those planning at evil, will high tail it out of those areas being properly investigated, did you here this, prez? PROPERLY INVESTIGATED … not a skimming over because you have ties here or there. because … it feels like the catholics and their darkness on those roman catholic priests sexually abusing children, stealing money and … and they say they never knew? bishops playing dumb, and yet they covered up many MANY things that would cause any law abiding citizen to ...

okay, added:

check out the artillery … including the bombs, in this newly wed's home … does obama think this couple was planning on opening up a gun range, an army training facility or was he planning destruction when the time was ripe … when he got offended or angered by something someone said or did. hmm … there is mental illness and there is mental business. 

and the third part?

also, if CA has the strictest gun laws in the nation, why do the politicians use this INCIDENT as policy rather than a red flag on their democratic process? from what I can tell from the 'drug' pushers, theirs is a dishonest channel. they are not stating the facts … I am not a gun person, and clearly we have shown both on SPIR and here in OWA that military is not our profit, so … there is no agenda on my part to promote anything but truth, and the big question is … where is the truth in this tower of babble? it can't exist where people of a patriarchal mindset are not being honest, but also not allowing for the truth on the facts to be served in a manner that provides for the citizens an honest share. it is noise, noise and more noise … pandering for party politics and misuse of these awful crimes.

 the candidates will show their garments and their tailors through the upcoming incidents … watch and you will see. the table is turning as I write … 


um, if a catholic decides he is actually a nonbeliever will he quit his job selling "christmas" items at the store he works at? the USA has had a christmas tradition for a very long time … some use the "christ" part of the tradition and some use the "mas" part of it and some use the whole, and some ignore all of it  … now, should we stop the stores from making ends meet in december/january? because a former catholic turned atheist gets in a huff about christmas? now if these atheists want to PROVE that christmas is BAD … if they can somehow demonstrate through their methods a fact that christmas tree lighting is a bad thing and harmful … we are all ears ;)

then someone chimes in: what if they started called it muhammad tree lighting ceremony, how would you feel? well, I would first ask that they check the history of muhammed then decide if this is a worthwhile person to celebrate for all citizens, including little girls. what is CHRIST? can anyone actually identify this "person" … presence? what {this} is? if it scares the atheist then maybe atheist needs to see his psychoanalyst, and maybe his psychoanalyst can give him a freudian view of fear and how to manage it, or another view  … whatever that may be.