yesterday, my birthday, I watched the FRONTLINE Netanyahu at War. 

I would like to add the following for some clarification:

in addition, I, too, noticed so few women having been interviewed and it had me wondering about the whole shebang.


still going at it on the wheaton upset? hawkins wants to worship the god of islam, wear her scarf  … now let it go! the whole abrahamic religion thing IS and always will be about r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n NOT God is Spirit. Spirit is not what man thinks despite his ravaging mind and caliphate designs. I do not worship abraham  (never did ;) so, there is no question on this for me. if you are of the NEW in The Christ the answer is quite simple. caliphate is not new covenant teaching and new covenant TEACHING is not abraham, muhammad or roman pontiff. God, I wish I could show you what I hear---what I see in gnosis … it would enlighten in the most astounding way but … man loves his religious sequestering.

in James 2. 20-24 … faith without works is dead. WAS Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with works, and by works faith was made perfect? And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. And he was called A FRIEND of God. You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.

James is speaking in erudite {language}. the verse is favored for Light on the Word of {God}. we do not believe abraham actually existed nor do we believe the event with isaac ever happened. the story is a Teaching for greater knowledge of Spirit. we do not worship abraham, a man, just like we did not worship mary, a woman, written of in the NT. these represent "parents" or parenting … these are SPIRITUAL METAPHORS in gnosis. abraham, becomes friend of God, and mary as wisdom through WHERE the Prophet on Truth is born, are partners in Light. one is [father] the other {daughter} … working together for …


you will read things from christians like: christians worship abraham as Father. in my orthodox pres upbringing I was never taught this. God as Father, yes, but never abraham as Father … which leads one to consider where and how "the church fathers" came into vogue. these were what the roman catholic church and the orthodox church said were the teachers on the laws of God, and of course they built themselves some very tall spires with much wealth and riches, leaving many to suffer under their religion, but to one of gnosis, and not even of my childhood teaching, we do not worship abraham as Father, nor do we worship what catholics and orthodox call fathers, including that holy father so many bow to (eyes rolling ;) … this would bring us far from Truth. and any man could claim truth, as we have seen throughout history, including politicians in their morality and ethics … scholars and theologians, chemists, neuroscientists, psychologists and so very many others! so, to say that christians worship abraham as Father to us is poor teaching … and as we have shared above and in numerous posts …  the prophet on truth knows the voice of reason and where this finds parent: the masculine and feminine within the Godhood and how this is paradox on love and where Prophesy comes into the verse (more like verb) on Truth. 

ADDED: and one area in all this GOD worship we have written on before but should touch on---again … THE EUCHARIST---THE LITURGICAL ASPECT OF WORSHIP (think gr orthodox and russian and …) how does a roman pontiff reconcile the two while building his doctrine around the necessity of these? those who can and those who are denied? forget that one was 'offended' by my commentary about the wall and the rosary … which the offended failed to see where women are offended by not being allowed the wall, the priesthood, the seat of the imam, bishop, pope, cardinal, archbishop … (lots of influential seats that have a direct influence on the people---ALL people ?) but pope fran had no reservations about praying at the wall of the muslim brotherhood ... then he has no reservations regarding denying his own members the priesthood and … the eucharist …

now, in saying both worship the same god is he saying the muslim can receive if he has confessed to the roman catholic priest? all must confess to his priests to receive? hmm … sounds manipulative on his part. mafia members receive … divorced and married gays cannot? and yet sexually active gays serve as parish priests? pope refuses to acknowledge the truth about his spires, and his liars.  

I have no issues with harmonious rituals that play a part in worship unless these are used as power tools to deny and refuse … deceive, manipulate and serve as stumbling blocks. I do not believe any of these are necessary because the take and eat-take and drink for one like me is a daily operation … in the hospital … and can only serve "me" where is serves neighbor.


roma through the roman catholic church and others … added and took away to suit itself. it's a religious thing. it's all about religion and what religion can do to lift man to a place of power and control and is why it involves politics, and is why politics is religious. instead of man moving into Spiritual Understanding, religion dressed itself for worldly success. when Jesus said, take up your cross and follow me … he was not acting the creator like in frankenstein "walk this way":) the one following was not being forced into a mold, a box, a scepter … wisdom is pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without PARTIALITY AND WITHOUT HYPOCRISY … now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace (UNDERSTANDING) by those who make peace … make PEACE NOT SOW CONFUSION. Jesus was calling man out of the mold … calling him out … on his religious strife and religious hardship and rituals and practices that had become stumbling blocks for the people  … what had become hypocritical and diseased. this involves man's mindset---what he uses to think a certain way.

who/what sows confusion? who/what shows partiality? who what is hypocritical? who/what bears the staff for murderous control? who/what dresses for men to bow to him and those like him? who/what orchestrates media for its own purpose? who/what refuses to yield? who/what is stiff-necked, believing itself authority on the unseen?

if the pope says that the god of christianity and the god of islam are the same, why do you believe him? because he is the pope? since when does a roman catholic pope carry truth on THE CHRIST? he is of roman rule and sequestering. look at his seat of power. he is no prophet. he shows not relevance but insignificance. call no one your father … do not swear oaths … his is a seat of FORCED significance by using the hard earned money of others to elevate himself, and to have the congregations swell him to a high tower symbolizing ignorance to the one carrying the cross. 

we shared this in SPIR, when the pope was elected by his council, I asked about this man and was shown he is spiritually immature. religion he knows … politics he knows … but what is of SPIRIT? hmm … look, see … where he stands and where he builds his martyrdom. he is of caliphate ordination, sent out to appease the masses … but what have you seen happen since his adulation? did the world become more peaceable? less violent? less hostile? follow the trail … the patterns are visible in every port. watch what will happen in mexico. … mexico that was spared a major hit by hurricane patricia (do not think I was not aware in this). watch what comes. 

who is wise and understanding among you? 

christianity may worship the god of islam as the pope states, because roman catholicism worships the god of islam, and many claiming christianity follow pope and not Christ. pope is not God of Spirit Holy in the realm of the believer in The Christ. he is of roman catholic domain, a manmade religion to suit its own recognizance. there is a difference, people, and roma does not hold the keys, despite what they claim.

the people are receiving mixed … confusing signals … from the press, from speakers, commenters chosen to represent something … policy or political party, even a religious stance.

take this from a link we posted in a previous:

PEGIDA members held banners with slogans like "RAPEfugees not welcome" and "Integrate barbarity?" while the counter-protesters pushed the message "refugees welcome."

in reading this and what the article(s) sell, I was confused on the anti-semitic rise in europe. the protesters of pergida, from what I had read a few months ago, are not anti-semitic. much like any religious based group agenda whether rooted in political jargon or religious … the members vary in beliefs and practices. some are radical, some merely taking a position on policy that agrees on a larger scale with the concerns of the group, but are not mean-spirited or hateful. *take dan savage's words about a peace-party candidate "should be dragged behind a truck until all that's left is the rope" he apologized later but to ruminate in these ideas is radical, even extreme, but there may have been people agreeing with what dan was upset about but would never ever entertain this or this type of scenario/rhetoric … even to express analogy.

so, okay … where is the rise in anti-semitism in europe coming from? 

also, in looking at the protester's signs … which would you align with? all are welcome … rapists and abusers, lying, deniers, deceivers, criminals included ? … or RAPEfugees not welcome … ? in other words, if you are a refugee intent on rape, you are not   … welcome?                                                     

mixed messages not just with two differing signs, but within each sign by itself. but the "christian's" job is to help the needy. Jesus says that he did not come for the righteous but what? and this would include those perpetrating crimes … religion, politics or both  .…..  where man is in denial, spreading disease, violent … untrustworthy, deceptive, hypocritical, self-centered … and unrealistic, to put it mildly. where are the stumbling blocks to the much needed repair? renewal … forward moving in understanding these conditions and what is causing them?

and mixing freedom with people unaccustomed to freedom, coming from barren homes, poor parenting does what? if people are not on solid foundation within, but born from caliphate operations … viewing women as less than, used to seeing women abused and misused … even raped and murdered …  what is in place to stem the violence? a guide by law or example? even sex films and entertainment do what?

do you see where we are headed with this very serious situation?

now, regarding the wheaton prof … faith-based politics aside, I sensed hawkins of an agenda, and I sense other professors involved in this. to make her some type of hero or icon of freedom sends the wrong message. it truly is a mixed signal, and I really do not believe hawkins has thought this through. it sends the wrong message on freedom---religious freedom ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN. why she would be inclined to promote islam or merge christian belief with the god of islam should be the more forward thinking question … and not setting her up on a pedestal as a woman of color being attacked by stodgy white religionists when she is promoting female in bondage to a god of bias and religious denial. no bones about it, folks … stop with the blinders and get to the root of the deviation! 

and those unable to discuss the possibility of how this professor and others like her are pushing an agenda (and not just showing what they believe to be mere pleasantries in UNIONIZING RELIGIONS is part of the greater problem of why WOMAN ARE DEEMED LESSER BY RELIGIONISTS, including some atheists of their own system of beliefs who use abortion as their weapon against their opponents, thus showing themselves incapable of fact finding within convenient that they should use the female gender to mount their steeds, including their beloved authors on truth: man's law. they have had just as much time on their hands to make change ... instead defending confused professors on god worship. lol, something many do not even believe exists! if they knew something about this, they might not be defending  professors feeding into the IDEA of building a bigger, louder, DISCRIMINATING, bigoted and possibly even racist one world religion :( 

*seems one needs to step out of his dress robes to realize what they look like underneath. 

which brings us back to the pope statement about christian and muslim worshipping the same god, and his aligning with the muslim brotherhood. his was a very public display, much like hawkins'  with her statement and beliefs so … do we have a dividing here? the christians that now align with the roman church and the muslim brotherhood and those that do not? and what of those of judaism? what do they believe? one of judaism says that islam and judaism are more alike than christianity and islam, but we all know by now, or we should know, that roman catholicism and islam are very much the same, and have shown their wares throughout history very similarly … even today. and those claiming christianity? many went the way of roma to undulate while a few did not. now, who still relies on violence to solve problems or to gain the upper hand or to acquire control? a person can be for gun control in his own state yet pay into and support bombs dropping on innocent civilians in other states … other nations. a person can make drugs and prescribe and sell drugs to make loads of money or because he is too busy or just too lazy to try to get to the root of a person's ailment therefore SILENCING the "victim" … by drugging him/her … and this soon becomes an epidemic because this becomes the norm and the children suffer-suffer-suffer at the hands of ignorance and poor advisors and poor parenting AND repetitious parroting. 

what is your worth? where and how do you serve Truth? by hiding behind big labels and brand names, running with the herd, carelessly … ignorantly, fearfully … refusing the chastising necessary to help in the areas of real need?

get to the root of the problem and call it out--- the systems--- the hypocrisy--- the deception and the manipulation--- the poor parenting and the misuse of funds and people … women and children …

if you cannot step out of your comfy seat to speak about what is really going on then you are of little use to me.   


vatican, you will not win on this. your scheming and manipulating… press releases, evading the more relevant questions … posing as the new genre for peaceable voice. you are hypocrites. your populist pope is a clear sign of this, as the recklessness grows … and the ignorance lapses into confusion and fear. what have you brought on the people? you hide your own corruption, to save reputation and to continue hiding the abuse. hmm … we see where you have been delving. we know what you have done. you will not win … and you will not keep HER silenced … the victims silenced … the necessary voices silenced … you cannot keep HER as a second class, a lesser … impregnated … man ruling her. you feckless, obstinate bastards. you will not win! what comes to supplant you will cause many to flee from your graveyards … get over yourselves … you are a stumbling block to SPIRITUAL GROWTH and the health and wellbeing of many. 

mexico … oh, mexico …