we posted the question in the previous: where is the anti-semitism in europe coming from? what's behind it? what's causing it?

I googled: why is anti-semitism on the rise in europe 2016  … and right away I found articles 2, 3 even 4 years old, but nothing current so, maybe I have to call it something else or, maybe I need to look at policy to understand why.

below is one article that mentions anti-zionism:


also, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism_in_Europe


was reading here and there and found this, of interest:



I am no stranger to guns. I grew up in a family of hunting and fishing and my dad worked part-time as a gun smith for a friend, a night or two after his full-time job. I was given a gun when I was young and later, a shotgun that belonged to my grandfather, which I never used ... eventually removing it from our home when we moved ( the joke was: the only time it would get used would be when our daughter's dates showed up at the door ;) I recall on a couple of occasions being handed a gun by my older brother(s), and told to shoot if the 'thing' moved, while he went off to go to the bathroom. 'the thing' was a rat, or some rodent type critter. I was 9 and something like 12, and both times I prayed the thing wouldn't move because I did not want to shoot it, but I also did not want to undergo the wrath of my brothers if it did move and I did not shoot it. I can still feel the moment, "God, please don't let it move …" 
and there was the few times I did target shooting (not at any gun range). it was strange to hold a gun and pull the trigger … and BANG … so loud … too loud for me---too scary to hold a weapon that could so easily kill. I was not to be a gun user. I was not to be a hunter. 

now, this issue of gun control is tricky. the psychologist's article is a long one and I have not read it in full, but it does bring up valid points. those anti-gun never having been exposed to guns aside from a bad experience really do not 'understand' the gun people. this is not a judgement nor do I say this to discourage gun control laws. far from it. consider what is written by the author of the article. I do not agree on all that I have read so far, but like I said she makes valid points and anti-gun activists need to gain some understanding about their own reasons for feeling the way they do and how they go about expressing their views. also, when push comes to shove, they will lose … because like we shared in the previous post … using weaponry to kill people that you believe pose a threat to you is saying what?


Mr Salkin, do we really think this is about tears? Or is this more about CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Power, should it speak its point from a pleading position (weak) or a discussing position (strong) How many times have we seen this president choose anti-respect, anti-democratic stances: discrediting those who disagree with him, preferring secrecy over clarity, disowning our Constitution, to name three. Often, daily, at will. This crying is not w Biblical cry, he is continuing his trend: divide, confuse, and misrepresent. His tears are doing what his 2014 election actions did: giving social security cards to people to whom it is illegal to work: divide, confuse, misrepresent. One of the comedians said it when Joe Biden said “I will appeal to the grown up wing of the Democrat party”. The comedian said “that is a small group”. We need action people in our country and less idea people. We need relevance and less theory. We need more parents and less children. Respectfully.

- See more at: http://jeffreysalkin.religionnews.com/2016/01/11/obama-guns/#sthash.f6dDSxe6.dpuf
* note: obama is using the deaths of children (sandy hook) to illustrate the need for gun control but DOES HE FAIL TO ADDRESS THE PARENTING OF THE SCHOOL SYSTEM-MEDICAL SYSTEM-SPECIAL NEEDS EVALUATION TEAM-THE DRUG SYSTEM-DOCTORS AND OTHER HEALTH OFFICIALS-parents looking for help within these …  of adam lanza. he is sneaky in his tears, and I agree with gary's post that obama is NOT getting to the root of many of these crimes! look at the home environment on many of the deaths of young people, even those shot by police. we posted an article regarding adam's education-evaluation a ways back, but here is another article of importance:




but you are not addressing WHAT LIES BEHIND THE GUN---who/what holds the reigns? even if you eliminate ALL guns and even gave law enforcement billy clubs … what of the explosives? and the machetes and knives? and ramming his car or truck into people … if man is of the indoctrination---the mindset---the teaching---the parenting---to kill what he fears-what he opposes---what he hates and what he deems a threat to his agendas---his ideology-system of belief … or his mental state at the time of his decision to terrorize or rid himself of what he fears, despises, or laments, and do understand this ties in with the adam lanza fears and struggles … and please take into account that somewhere in these cases there may have been physical and sexual abuse to them as children (think of the man in ohio who kidnapped the 3 females and beat and abused them for 10 yrs) … he will find a way to terrorize---to commit acts of terror---to murder and to maim. 

what in this are the lawmakers missing? 

added: wanted to again remind the readers that these posts are just glimpses. one might say, hey, you contradict in saying one must be of solid foundation within but scripture speaks of being pliable. this is a very good and worthy topic to discuss and I rarely see it addressed … in any topic. recall we brought up the number 8. the number 8 is a symbol demonstrating the inner and the outer---the upper and the lower (the outside is inside and the up is down where it sits as a vertical-placed symbol <how we know it>. as a horizontal, there is a forward and a backward depending on how you read >back to front or front to back< these are places, not solid … you see. what rests behind the 8 is what you can see should you look through "the looking glass". what's behind the symbol. it is transparent so it's not hiding anything but it does require a closer look. one must move closer to the eye to see what is inside, recall the eye  … full of light or full of dark? 
now, when we speak of solid we are, of course, referencing that part in the new of the Writings that says: ON THIS ROCK I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH … the rock is TRUTH, not a caliphate organization with the purpose of taking over the world ... or a megachurch in toronto singing its own praises. there exists a foundation whereby truth can be found, or founded. without {this} it's an every body opinion … and atheists do not understand how and where this exists ... while religious bound to doctrine or sacred texts, refusing to understand these were of erudite language and not a forced metropolis of ancient thought, miss the teachings intended … but there are layers of places in these teachings so man man is not completely ignorant on the mystery; he is able to rally in finding common tongue in some fields … but overall, man is not accustomed to looking (thinking/reading---UNDERSTANDING) in the way of the rock formation. the pliability is how one is used. is the one being called (usually where one is shown an area of need, hypocrisy, unjust system, corruption, suffering, malpractice … and has some knowledge, influence and capability to call attention to it and make change) is WILLING to be pliable in this usage, helping to create that rock formation. it's a servitude of evolving God and Man.