yep. and it appears word has gone out to the vatican that "ISRAEL IS MOTHER" in the Spiritually Symbolic ... for why else would the roman pontiff lean in for a "secret" conversation with a small number of his own on the "evils" of gnosticism, but it just happens to get promenaded to the world? LOL. does anyone really think this is not performance? intended to sway?

seriously ... the roman pontiff knows nothing about gnosis, gnostics or gnosticism. he was born and raised a politician. and his bowers are "astounded" at his "astuteness" ...? maybe the insulated in their bubble wrap need to get out of it and read a bit. the vatican has scouts that look for 'things' to 'write about and they steal, steal, steal. they always have! and when they see something like: ISRAEL is Mother ... whoa, they get scared because ... for centuries they have silenced and attempted to destroy anything that acquiesced as MOTHER ... Mother Church. they have touted themselves as the mother church for so long when they are not ... they are a race of people --- a system of beliefs called ROMAN catholic. it has nothing to do with color of skin; it has everything to do with face of pride. what they DO NOT get is that the jews of judaism were not roman catholic! and these peoples were in the lands of the fruits of light long before the pope demanded his name be god and that all should call him holy father and bow to him and his decrees! roma is NOT mother---is not MOTHER CHURCH.  it is a patriarchal dynasty of various gods, worshipping many gods. it is pagan not of Earth. it is of fleshly deeds and dogma: manmade law. 

put that in your pipes and smoke it! really now ... and do not think for one minute that the political puppet calling himself pope francis having aligned with "palestine" and the muslim brotherhood to be a special envoy for the "jewish" peoples ... FOR Yisreal, or anything related to PEACE spoken of in the Writings. far from it ... he is a master manipulator instructed by his vatican cohorts and he has led many astray and this is NOT of THE CHRIST.


I kept hearing ... "they have backed themselves into a corner" ... huh, seems they have.


sounds like a good read. I will place my order ... and I know my eldest will enjoy it as well when she has time after she graduates college in the spring. I read several books at a time over a long period of time. I did not use to be this way, but I use the writing as part of the work, once I see its purpose ... and nothing more intriguing than having pastors, priests rabbis as key characters in a story :) BC the Trilogy book one has a priest and pastor (so far) as key characters. 

I had almost forgotten that I had read another author having written on the landscape of florida, but a much different version. marjorie kinnan rawlings. a good many years ago I read all of her books but one; one I could not find. 

it's important to support the artists  ... always. it is the artists that help move man ...


how many people do you think are in the dark on this pope fiasco? misled by the propaganda out there to ensure the iran deal that obama and co devised? it's been so obvious it's near ludicrous. I despise the hypocrisy ... and what I find truly offensive is a religious zealot and his zealots sabotaging the US ... president using pope and pope using president to secure deals. also, I find it hugely offensive that the government of the US paraded an institution for this---spent time and money on this ... AS IF ALL BOWED TO THIS REGIME AND INSULATED DOCTRINE OF THE RCC AS CHURCH, GOD'S MOUTHPIECE OR EVEN OF THE CHRISTLY MESSAGE FOR political agenda ... with islam on the side. as a citizen of the US, are you in agreement on this? what if your president and the government used satanism to secure a deal, or JWs or even Gnosticism? obama behaved as if roman catholicism is the accepted message of Christ ... how little he knows of THE CHRIST. it's obvious what was going on here, but we are NOT buying it and he and his party will lose votes and credibility because of this arrangement and destructive and embarrassing use of a religious figure, a figure that is not even impartial! or nondiscriminatory! he is a patriarch demanding obedience with a history of narcism! a fascist regime intended for the silencing of those not like it! wake up people and know that you have sold your freedom to the god of instability and deceptions. if you want to pray to roman catholic gods, DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME! or prophets called mohammed ... DO IT ON YOUR OWN TIME! are you HEARING THIS, MISTER PRESIDENT?!

I think the obama knows he did wrong and knows he is in trouble. watch his behavior closely. watch where pope and co go  ... be alive, folks and stop allowing yourselves to be deceived. if you are of these agendas well then ... you are, but if you are not doing your homework and SPEAKING OUT AS IS NECESSARY ... well then you get what YOU PAY FOR! 
I read our "dear" atheist max's post about bernard law and in this he is correct. go to RNS and read the articles about the pope/vatican and ... it's there and betty clermont's comments.

in this day, where does our government come off rolling out an expensive red carpet for a highly controversial religious figure as a type of hero-god, worthy of special accommodations AND a seat at the table that is to serve the citizens of the US? does obama realize how offensive this is to female? to one of gnosis? to those having been demeaned and silenced by the big-headedness of rome and those like it? obama, a smart man, but he did a bad thing. he stepped back in time to the dark ages and he was dishonest in the process. now, as a democratic society, are you going to accept these types of acts as presidential---representing all of the citizens of the US? be honest ... what does this tell you? what was THE PURPOSE of this promenade, including the canonization of junipero serra? were these at the expense of the taxpayers? AND ... what is deeply troubling is that obama and co have put ISRAEL in a precarious position. why? because OBAMA CARES NOT FOR TRUST ... he cars about legacy ... he has already broken his promises, like so many politicians before him ... but one cannot trust the men he is dealing with to keep their promises. yah!


take this for example ...

Humanism, like martyr, is just a word that only has meaning within a particular context. Martyr means “witness”, but over time it has come to mean “dead witness” in its applicability, somehow more noble and distinct from “faithful witness – even unto death”.

Humanism, when understood within Pope Francis’ context, simply means “human agency in partnership with Christ” (no need for Wikipedia to understand context). To me it is a realization that in Christianity there are no “magic spells”, that discipleship requires willing and active human engagement in the work of Christ through His Body the Church.

No need to overthink it or try to play “gotcha” with the Church, or attempt to try and insert the pope into some power play. Rather than to become fixated on a single word, the full context has to be taken into account.

- See more at:

he uses "the Church" as what? we could say the same about his understanding and USE of "the Church". where is YISRAEL in his understanding and use IF he believes the rcc is "the church" or that christianity is "the church". he falls into his own trap. long before rome put its stamp on CHRIST and built its dogma ... there existed TRUTH ... long before CHRISTIANITY, there existed TRUTH ... long before MAN's understanding and usage, there existed a what? 

in the beginning was the word and the word was with Gd and the word was Gd ... 

you see the misunderstanding and the misuse of SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE? now, the commenter is right on in his sharing on martyr ... but "the Church"? seems he may need to move a bit more ...


check this out... a comment to the author thane rosenbaum's novel

In one contradictory breath he says “My fiction would lead you to think that I’m a Shoah “addict,” but I’m pretty sober about it in my “non-writerly” life.” (yeah right) then in another contradictory breath he says “I see anti-Semitism everywhere.” Is that what Judaism and Jewish culture is supposed to be about? A perpetual pathological obession with anti-Semitism, death, martyrdom and the Holocaust? No wonder there is a 50% intermarriage rate. Hopefully those gene patterns that create a mental architecture of egomania, paranoia and self-pity will eventually be washed away, then maybe we can be normal people who don’t see the world through maudlin eyes.

- See more at:

what we are seeing is escapism. yes ... one escapes through writing. sounds fairly sane ... the other is in denial. is there anti-semitism everywhere? no. it depends on "where" you are. if your ID is of a place that places you in a position of angst ... which many writers do in order to write---they go to places they would not "normally" go" ... in order to create ... not always pretty, nice or congenial ... but necessary, esp when one needs this for healing ...  and some can move more easily out of it while others cannot, but to ignore that it exists altogether... is, well, not seeing the disturbing patterns that exist in the world, and one MUST see these in order to make change. if commenter desires change in jewish position he must first acknowledge that there are evils at work that desire silencing and eradication of voice, often done through political manipulation ... yes?  

you see, history repeats ... not exactly the same way but it does repeat. if you are of the obama view, trusting a regime that desires to annihilate a certain sect, has even stated this, it would make sense not to do business with this type of ideal---------right? it is one thing to sit down with people you disagree with and discuss matters, quite another to do business (esp where a large amount of money is involved that would be of great use for military purposes and one can always say: hey, the US gave it to us and supported OUR agenda)) with a dynasty that demands obedience. their are madmen and there are madmen. learn the difference. we don't believe obama and co fully understand WHO/WHAT they are dealing with. if a man like obama can break his own promises to the nation he swore oaths to serve, imagine what a dynasty not in the least of a belief and practice to honor "the infidel" or to amend or rationalize with those he believes is evil is capable of.  obama must either have become of this belief in order to make the deal and be trusted, or he is walking blind ... either way, he places many lives in danger, not to mention that whole lotta dough. obama and co is IGNORANT on the wiles of those he is trying to do business with ... and people under the reign of politicians wonder how and why they are suffering? geez ... 

on the topic of murdered atheists ...
timing is everything, wouldn't you say? 20 yrs ago if I tried to share what I am sharing now, I might not be around for tomorrow. if an atheist jumps into a tank full of hungry sharks ... there is a real clear chance he will get eaten. if he jumps into a tank after they've fed, and he isn't showing himself to be threatening and invasive ... he might live to tell about it. a book sells well at the right time ... whether it's a good thing or a not so good thing. it really depends on the market---what are people feeding on? that's why you see a rash of something when a topic does well. same with militants ... if a killing gets a lot of coverage, more killing will get more coverage. something like ISIL loves the press, and in a very strange way ... some press "love" the killing, esp if they can be the first to get the story ... a cut throat industry? willing to decide and misrepresent facts for the agendas ... ? this, too, is a major problem in our societies. I don't trust them, then or them ;) and sometimes I post articles to hear the responses ... what is the reaction? but usually it's to serve a point of purpose. 

there are groups out desperately trying to condemn. they "beat the dead horse" ... (really hate that expression, but it serves the point of purpose). do you really need to slap the child all over again? do you see where we are going with this? outspoken and militant atheists cannot expect their religious "fundamentalists" to support the atheist's religious freedom in the land of cain. it ain't going to happen. brother against brother ... why? because one is already ___ in the minds of the :0

okay ... moving on, it is sad, very sad ... but like I said to the "christians" being murdered in the mid east ... get out! kick the dust from your feet. don't just sit there and sermonize inside or out ... your presence is not wanted ... you serve to give the militants and the creepy dishonest and the evil the press coverage they so desire. friends of those people---HELP THEM GET OUT. spend your mission money not on the big-headed hierarchy who keeps setting up shop in war zones then crying about being persecuted ... bring those people to safe housing, for pete's sake! 

when you get yourself killed, you don't get to tell your side of the story.