what do you believe? there are jobs and money in researching and acting on clean energy, but how do you move them to understanding? the political web is a mess. and entertainers (including popes) trying to play politics looks bad, because if you take a close look at their own yards of waste … and how each lives and promotes excess, waste and poor teachings for their lifestyles and work  … it takes credibility away from the scientist using the populists for promotion of its findings. I am one who hears that the methods currently used to gain oil and gas is far more destructive than even the science on it is reporting, and this troubles me greatly, and what is the cost in making change?

meanwhile … buddies of the white house are …


don't you see the double standard at play? demos complain about trump's choice for secretary of state and his connections to russia … putin and … while their connections to saudi arabia and … are okay? when was the last time you checked the worst offenders of the environment ? we posted it … do you homework, bitters. 

fric and frac
religion and state

follow up from previous on the jews education (see previous post: the ROYAL priesthood)

torah shmorah … salkin' is a politician if there ever was one. I am near 58 yrs old and I have never known a time the jew wasn't actively engaging in consumeristic endeavors to make money. books or no books, the climate has not changed for this tribe. if anything the piggy cults got piggier (check out the amount US homeland security gave the jews in grant $ … the tune of 110 million … will post, again, a link). competing with the asia and india? hmmm … 

this is a whitewashing to look … ?

now, given the dangers ( attacks and a lot of sexual abuse and hiding of crimes … in private, religious, elite and public schools ... preschool up through university )  and the failure of many american schools … wouldn't YOU say that the school system in AMERICA, not israel, is in need of 110 million worth of grants to PROTECT the students? are the non-Jewish schools in israel receiving the same perks and press as the jewish schools? huh, yup … gimme-gimme, and how do we know that some jews aren't making up hate crimes to … gain protection through money. 

once again … allowing the tribal heads to make the decisions is really setting children and families up for what? 

take care what you brag about, salkin' … pride cometh before a fall?


Thursday … 

when I was a teen some group drove down my street and blasted the windows of the cars in front of our houses. aiming the shotguns in the direction of our porches while shooting out car windows. this felt very weird. ours wasn't a neighborhood where crime was happening. you almost felt like you were in a dream. "did that really just happen … to us?" who were they after? what was the point? a drunken--high splurge of energy? 

and I told you of the time I was surrounded by a group of black guys while in my first year of college. they would not let me go down the stairs, and I was INSIDE one of the school buildings, where the cafeteria was …. a very public place. and how about the time I was chased by a man who parked and got out of his truck … while walking to my apartment. 

yesterday, in a completely different state …  in the news a few neighborhoods got vandalized. car windows smashed, broken fences, wrecked christmas lights … 

how many elderly folks have been murdered due to a drugged up youth going haywire or a burglary within the past five years? how many schools and work places have been attacked, students, workers murdered? how many female walkers, joggers have been kidnapped and raped, beaten … murdered? how many children have been assaulted and brutally beaten and starved and murdered in their own homes!!! and the jewish organizations want their safety nets? they want protection to keep doing what they do? what are they doing? getting educated? about what? FOR what? 

what might be causing those "hate crimes"? successful jews in the marketplace that get 110 million in grant money from homeland security? government showing favoritism to one tribe  over others when so very many are in need? and what if every single crime reported in the US was reported as a HATE CRIME … what would the department of HOMELAND security do then? sorry, jew, you are no longer the chosen …? you no longer qualify for the lion's share. 

and one might ask  … in all their "success" is the nation any wiser? any less hypocritical or less selfish or less fearful or less judgmental or more BELIEVING IN GOD? any less war-mongering to solve problems? do we have the jew to thank for the corrupt and dishonest congress and poor sportsmanship and the marginalized, and the way youth are behaving in their anger? what are they angry about? why the RISE IN MENTAL ILLNESS? 

and what of the blasted environment? 


keith ellison

seeing something seriously troubling. will the proper channels be taken to see if this man is a safe candidate for what he is being advertised for? bernie and elizabeth may be "nice" people, and academically smart, but I do not see where they, along with most of their team, are capable of making safe choices for america … at this time. it seems they have allowed themselves to get caught up in the flurry … and what in the devil aren't they getting about ellison's promotion of business in saudi arabia? you see, these two socialists, along with those of money agendas … are really losing ground … big time, and they will likely assist in costing the democratic party all that it is.

imagine a store in your area that beheads its employees for speaking out about oppression and illicit behavior, and arrests them for not dressing according to code set up by political-religious men---tyrannical and delirious, determined to undermine and demean female and keep her down, treated as less than a male … demanding obedience and conformity from its employees in the most inhuman and ignorant and terroristic ways … would you do business with the owners? if so, and you give it money for its entitlement and the power to enslave and destroy liberty … are you worthy to assist in leading a nation claiming to be civil and just and of certain freedoms?

what is wrong with american government? what is wrong with those in charge of leading america?

it seems the democrats in favor of this man for dnc chair are in denial and unwilling to go through proper channels to see if their choice is right for america. we see something very troubling … and even though those pushing their agenda while ignoring the necessary ... information needed will come forth.



mine aren't journalistic reports like you see in the following article. love the name OLIVER DARCY (think I will use it in one of my stories!) but he failed to mention the update on assange's questioning/trial regarding the sex abuse allegation. and allow us to share that he has wanted to share on this, knowing it was not rape… having evidence that shows it was not rape … but as I was shown … the rape allegations were being used to target assange (a big boy tactic if there ever was one … only powerful establishment parties with hands on the 'dicks' of finance and purgatory do this kind of stuff). there is evidence by way of texts that shows his accuser was acting in a consensual manner and it even sounded as if she was seducing him (*sigh* of course it happens … and men often use women to do this/ think HOUSE OF CARDS rachel). hopefully assange learned a big lesson from this, but you see … if something NEEDS to come forth for a larger purpose, say … the wellbeing of a majority being undermined and deceived by a few … or should we say a group here and a group there and … in seats of power … someone like assange would need protection like where he is, otherwise he may very likely have been murdered by now. in a sense he did it to himself. I can understand his desire to get out of where he is, but some things must come forth before that can happen. and remember we said that he will tell who his sources are in order to save his life. and why not? from what is shown to me, it is important for these sources to come out … much coming … much.

but why would assange speak? do you think the pressure on putin right now, even if the US big heads are misleading the world … not to say russia under putin's orders does not hack, but most nations with the capability and technology do hack, INCLUDING THE US! … is causing alarm in russia … russian relations everywhere? this is huge and putin is not going to sit idle on this, and the US intelligence (which I do not trust, btw) is setting up a big scene … it's all intentional to drive the squirrel to the nut. it's forced, and it's deceptive, but the heat will be on assange to speak. both he and russia are saying no to these election allegations and we have said what? it's an inside job… within the dnc. so … JEW, what have YOU to say?


obama is misleading the public on this. he must confess the "promise" he made to the muslim brotherhood and he must do it ASAP … or


started to watch/listen to the video @ RNS with the catholic people … which is actually the current most secularist trend of pope-lapping. boy, when the truth comes out about their god … man will never look at himself the same. first of all, it's too obvious that RNS is biased and bigoted. hard to get away from these labels while parading a roman catholic pope… suiting institution biased and bigoted. what RNS (its body) can't seem to get through their noggins is that roma does not speak for CHRISTIAN! the triune God is not roman catholic! the pope does not speak for Spirit of the Living. pope as institution is NOT God! it may be their gods, but it is not AUTHORITY on TRUTH! this is their biggest and loudest mistake of all. how can anyone post election in any stage listen to people harboring this arrogance and this ignorance? they keep going back to the dinosaurs and saying: evolve-evolve-evolve! … and we are saying, um, folks, that mindset will not get you out of your dementia. you will keep making these same mistakes over and over and over. like walking into a brick wall … over and over and over … because each god you choose to lap up is as blind as you. 

charles speaks of the independent party … LOL! if you bow to an institution claiming itself authority and infallible … how is independence even a term in your efforts to make PEACE? about anything? it's like walking up to bat with a toothpick in your hand. :D :D :D

well before the election ramped up, I posted a link to EVAN FALCHUK's INDEPENDENT PARTY IN MA @RNS … now, can you guess who-what thoroughly ignored me, a female, a nonreligious, GNOSTIC? and charles is now thinking independent party? I am really laughing out loud on this. and not because he and so many others did not see this ahead of time, but because they limit their ability to catholic thought while I am unbridled in the Realm of the Spirit, but ROMAN CATHOLICISM IS THE NUMBER HATER OF GNOSTICS, refusing to acknowledge the gifts of one like me. look at their history and recently their pope made it clear how he feels about the gnostics so … how in any way is this panel IMPARTIAL … willing to listen to one not catholic? they speak of justice and equality and peace, but how just is denial of those not of catholic mindset? I was shown way ahead that INDEPENDENCE FROM ESTABLISHMENT or establishing voice apart from big religio-political institution is the direction that is needed in this Day, and it's not new, not really … but what big, fat heads are in the way … besides the pope's head? ;)

and seriously, be honest, how will any independent party be able to speak through the noise and the false news and make change in america if the catholics continue to bemoan their assets? to fight their same bloody wars? change of mind is needed, but if charles and those like him cannot see abortion as something other, possibly something necessary in cases, then how will anything in american society change? he is bound to roman catholic principles and refuses independence! and, of course, this holds true with any religions of state, and state using religion for truth. state remains in a chokehold on many topics.

spuddie is correct,

religion should not be interfacing state.

religious … roman catholic, islamic, judaism and … and those making money off of these in the face of state … is like listening to the miners and pullers in the stairs of the tower of babylon. we watch them drag their stuff up that high tower and each is at a place on those stairs, complaining or discussing something about the tower. and it sounds like that's all they live for … eon after eon.

also, there's this peculiar idea that something like roman catholicism has a right to tell others what to believe … what their experiences should be. the triune God, my friends, is not a mystery if you know God, and God knows you … it's not a stagnant place, however … not of a tower that you bury yourself in mud, slaving for a caliphate institution ;) … do you like not knowing what is God?