in commentary @RNS  (see previous post) an ISLAMIC calls out the hypocrisy in government… having to do with $ given to unjust nations to combat terrorism … because his denomination of islam is being very badly treated in PAKISTAN, an islamic-ruled nation. author's sect is being denounced, a heretical doctrine, and is not being viewed as muslim. the problem that arises for his sect is that authority (current powers within pakistan) is treating his group very differently from the group in power, both of islam, both worshippers of islam's founder, and using force to get its way …which is an effort to convert all to its sect of islam. author claims his group is peaceful, nonviolent … should be permitted to practice freely, without forced agenda … coming from the seats of power in pakistan. IOW, it should not be forced to convert and should not be arrested, tortured … murdered ... because its belief differs from those in present seats of power.

a question: where is the AMERICAN DOLLAR in saudi arabia's power seats? and iran?  if they (saudi/iran) are as terroristic as the terrorists they claim to want to destroy … what is america and the UK doing for the authority in that nation? AND a growing islam (with various sects) within the US? another question: is obama's right is might ideology really just a disguised form of terrorism on those not of the numbers to fight LEGALLY and within the realm of truth justice … the forced powers being used against them, assuming their oaths are indeed nonviolent as the islamic author says? and how does the choice of keith ellison as party chair fit into saudi arabia's plans?

is author correct about the hypocrisy? yes. and we pointed out that america's alliance with saudi arabia, under the democratic OBAMA ADMIN is also a hypocritical oath, especially while democrats complain about trump's choice for secretary of state in his relationship with russia's putin. 

and need we point out that the mass exodus is the effort on the part of ISLAMIC POWERS to flood other nations with islamics to broaden their power base? roman catholicism did it and islam is much like roma in its messianic oaths.  

a commenter claiming itself "peace lover" on the author's pc posted to spuddie (atheist): In fact, the Quran said in terms of government, the main focus is justice not religion, per se.


in the previous post we left off sharing on the video presented by RNS, which involved charles camosy's views on abortion where he used his master, the man calling himself POPE FRANCIS, as the author of truth. 

IMPORTANT FOCUS: is his master the author of truth? 

if a believer and its Body, of any ideology, engages government (forms and matriculates) it will overpower and become as authority. this is fact. where government (state) as a body through its headship ... (president/patriarch/emperor/king) permitting religion (per se) to engage (forms and matriculates) … it will overcome the existing to gain power for … whatever is its mission (agenda). this is present in the chronicles of history and … is shown in the Teachings on Truth. and is one reason why we warn. 

the patterns are available to all. 

this is why we spoke boldly in the previous and many times throughout. to warn of what will be if YOU continue on your present course. it's like one saying: don't return that way while you cannot see or hear (darkness) … because the king will attack you and torture you and possibly murder you ... for conversion? … for information? someone said THE MAGI were jewish … and what did the Angels say to the Magi? DON'T RETURN THAT WAY …for the "king" will … what? what was the king looking to do? what was his agenda? what was his form of justice?

look at the inception of the roman catholic church. look at the inception of islam. who-what is the author? how has its authors behaved? what is its agenda? both are of poor use of females, even children and … abuse, torture, murder for conversion … for power and control. and yes, much seduction, manipulation and deception with all types of mind games to lure in the vulnerable, and  ...those hungry for power.

does the MESSIAH matter? it matters a great deal. in the Story of the NEW TESTAMENT, did JESUS kill anyone? no. did his disciples (those 12 +PAUL) torture, enslave, force conversion or murder .. any one ? no. judas betrayed, but JESUS knew it was he who would betray. Peter betrayed 3X and JESUS knew he would betray, but even in these betrayals, Peter did not murder. 

one can honestly say that even though words interrupted by atheists like "execute them in front of me" can be understood as something not violent and certainly not mass murder or maltreatment of other … the Story of THE CHRIST is not about a mission of violence, or to gain power politically and religiously, using force to bend the wills of men to the ideals of a madman, a lunatic, a conniving dictator: a doctrine of screed.

words are like smeagol's tricksies and is why the doctrines of ink are to be a cautionary tale. he says-she says-it says … peace loving and … but it/their master has done what? what we find truly offensive is religious using JESUS for power gain in state. popes come to mind on these offenses. and for manipulating the minds of the youth? for money and special treatment and … to act as AUTHORITY to garner allies in the power grab … the money grab … the influence grab.

the pope of rome and his disciples are not ...islam is not antioch they were first called christian.  the RCC was not there and was not of this stream. this was a 'name' given to the people living there. those following Christ … by whom? who started calling them christian? and why CHRISTIAN? one would need to understand what CHRIST is---what {this} means … to understand what is christian of the Life in Christ: what was happening. and it was not motivated by fear and torture and war-mongering-power-mongering … seduction, forced conversion or deceit. it was not misusing female, treating her as less than a male, and lying to gain parliamentary procedure. the jews of that time were not just in light of truth. if you do not see even the simplest facts on how this is, and how the oppressive regimes that came after, often using JESUS for their own gain, for political power and use of innocents …and … dismissing the Christ entirely to manipulate society and gain precedence in seats of government … you are in ignorance. the dark.

where has the current master of roman catholicism mentioned the Christ?  


can you hear what we just shared? were you able to see though the ink to the meaning of "the man"? theanthropos: GOD AND HUMAN. are you familiar with … 

God became man that man might become God  …?


let's go to the NT … the jews demand signs

how many more signs do you need?

CHRISTIAN is derived from the greek (koine), seeking wisdom. but wisdom is folly unless you have what? 

remember, the "greeks" were the seekers of mind … with an ear for the heart … and the greek as a tribe moved into belief of what? the triune GOD. the early believers were beginning in AWARENESS of the marriage of heart to mind. if you read any of the ancients of the wisdom texts you recognize a movement. but the basis of some of their teachings was and still is … grounded in ignorance. they moved from the family way to a different type of family, but a family still immersed in the shadow of man. I can look at the texts of The Philokalia and know who was self-sciencing and who was serving … in the One. and those that ignore the FEMININE as a part of the deity of Truth is like a glass half full. man mired in his politics and his religions without the SEnse of self-justice is the glass half empty. there is a difference ... but do know … the more you know the more you will be expected to bear. hierarchy did just the opposite. they placed the burdens on the people they deemed themselves authority over in rule and law (including their Spiritual Place and this, my friends, is serious … highly serious, and a precarious motive), not themselves, knowing more but not sharing more, and certainly not caring or carrying this weight, the burdens they placed on the people. so … over time they fell into ignorance. they parade themselves like the emperor's new clothes except that many hierarchal figures know they are being dishonest. they are public figures demanding rights … to keep their slaves in chains. to keep their sentinels in charge. to keep their coffins filled with … $, power, prestige and … praise.

in ted chiang's short story called UNDERSTAND … a man having almost died received a hormone therapy in the hope of reviving him from his vegetative state. once he realizes he benefits significantly from the hormone, he agrees to allow himself to become a test study … until he realizes he is growing smarter than his doctors, and the CIA and … everyone he calls "the normals" as he believes himself to be the only one of his kind, superior in every way … esp after stealing the hormone and injecting himself ( he has to flee the CIA and the doctors at the hospital who begin to fear his superior mind) … until he meets his rival. his rival's mission is to be the savior of mankind in the world. they do mind battles until leon realizes his rival spent more of his time while in superior state studying the minds of people to better understand where change is needed, while leon (main character) is in it for self-glory. self-asthetics. and beauty of the mind, and how it is receiving the world, or not. but how long would that beauty last if the world destroyed itself? the trigger in the story, interestingly, is not that these two matched wits, and played each other in superior mind games … but that leon's rival, desiring to save man in the world had to murder a drug dealer to do it … and the premise of his work (if I understood what was happening in the story) is that he would need to continue murdering to continue his world-saving mission. 

interesting that we should read in today's news that the dictator of the philippines is on a potent drug. huh, the signs are everywhere. now … how is leon's rival in chiang's story any different from something like the RCC or islam or both … government fascist, thinking itself right meets might? 



read where the current roman pontiff ate with the homeless … I sat with the homeless,  in the cold of december, on a bench outside … the front of a church.. even bought them some special italian treats that they weren't getting at the shelter. I did not get 70,000 emails afterward. but then I wasn't selling myself as a world leader. 

what do obama and pope george have in common? they both want you to believe they are the final WORD. 

pope's obsessive tactic to make his political rounds and to make insensible statements like: atheists go to heaven and christians and muslims worship the same god is … an effort to place himself as THE FINAL WORD. when the christians and the muslims and the atheists realize ----wake---to pope as institution's antics … there will be hell to pay. 

obama, the obama of "the future will not slander the prophet of islam" … in his efforts to merge christianity and islam, like pope as institution, to create their WORLD RELIGION under the guise of each … is a case study in malpractice. what obama does not understand  … he plays with fire in his lack of knowledge and understanding regarding caliphate institution and how each operates … for domination, and will use women ad girls to rise. 

in the movie ARRIVAL … there is an exchange between louise and her daughter hannah, by the water …just like youunstoppable. CHILD is unstoppable? *much to understand in this scene and what it means for Humanity.

think on this a moment. what it will mean for the world … under a world religion that looks like roman islam, 

and ask yourself … why we have come forth to lead.


under his islamic prophet that the future (his browner country of youth?) is not permitted to slander? and please take note, again, of two very important concerns:

1. no guns? okay, but how does fire, explosives, knives and vehicles plowing into crowded streets and sidewalks sound? or rape … overpopulation and charter schools under the ideology of someone like gulen? under obama's protection… what else is obama not admitting, and protecting over other more serious needs? in eight yrs of service what has happened in the US besides a ramped up climate of hate, drug epidemics beyond the scope of the agencies trying to tackle these ... and look at the brutality of crimes? the gays got their marriage licenses (rah-rah, although like we said, all marriages should be called CIVIL UNIONS if under government laws) and the demands of gay+ is rapidly becoming a recognized religion … another religion, but will it stop the horror of disease and the crimes on women. children and the elderly? where is all the TIME and money going?  energizing unjust leaders in unjust nations by forgiving them of crimes that continue, including the clergy sexual abuse of children in the RCC and other places like it … without CHANGE OR REMOVAL of the environments that create victims … is doing what? and he wants to continue with his agendas using his "experts"? his browner experts? :D (this is not an attack on color as color is not an issue for me … if you have seen my art :) … it's a question of leadership under obama's advocacy). 

2. his prophet's storytelling is permissible, but not one like ME? as I may slander the prophet of islam in my storytelling or … be accused of slander because oppressive, caliphate industry fears me and wants me silenced so … 

they already tried this and what happened? obi-man does not know what he is in for … 

“I’ll spend time in my first year out of office writing a book, and I’m gonna be organizing my presidential center, which is gonna be focused on precisely this issue of how do we train and empower the next generation of leadership,” Obama said. “How do we rethink our storytelling, the messaging and the use of technology and digital media, so that we can make a persuasive case across the country?”---US president barack obama


you want the facts on what will be … I will give you the facts …

1 over time … roman catholicism and judaism will fade. many roman catholics (attending parish catholic) will have fled to the eastern orthodox churches. 

2 gnosticism will grow once people wake to the GOD DILEMMA, and begin to understand the MASCULINE-FEMININE of the Godhood and what this means for person. many of these will be the atheist having moved from atheism. gnosticism will remove islam. eastern orthodoxy and modern gnosticism will not be at odds (does that scare you roman catholic hierarchy and roman catholic elites?). christianity will be a major factor in the parenting on truth but not as seen by the caregivers of today. christianity will become as a broken vessel … built for two. 

what of the jew?

I fought for greed and gods. this is the first war I've seen … worth fighting. ---matt damon's character in …


went to holiday/christmas festivities in northampton, MA a week or so ago. it was a cold night and parking on main street was off limits because the festivities were being held ON that road.  it was nice … but we noticed large vehicles stationed at either end and to stop traffic from king and pleasant streets which are located at the intersection, crossing main street. on king were two large construction type vehicles … rather than just a police car … we figured it was to prevent the tragedy that just happened in germany and what happened in france.

remember as a teen how you would go out to shovel snow for a few bucks? a gang of ten to fifteen teens went to a man's hour in NE asking if they could shovel his snow. he said he didn't need any help. they attacked him using a piece of wood. I suppose all the other houses that allowed the gang to shovel were afraid not to? using force to get money? but how much? what happens if your elderly mom or day, your grandparents, or your child answers the door? what happens if you don't pay what they want? they destroy you, your loved ones? these are neighborhoods not typically criminally active or considered to be crime infested … so tell me religionist, and nonbelievers … what YOU think is causing such threatening and terroristic and illicit behavior? bad food? drugs? poor parenting? lousy teaching? dangerous influences? they are their owns gods and expect that you do as they say? and they believe they have a right to what is yours, including your loved ones? 

this is your life … now, in america and …