what happens when you are in a hurry to get something done? let's say you are a criminal and you are just minutes away from being caught … what happens? let's say in atheist's grand fictional story his antagonist is soon to be brought down from his high tower … the great evil ravaging the lands while in secret council planning the worst offenses … is soon to be revealed as the perpetrator of betrayal and extreme acts … what happens?

a diversion. in the case of one in a hurry to get to a doctor's appointment, he might find himself in a fender-bender. in the case of an evil interloper … ? 

let's see if you can herald the truth on this. let's see how aware you are. it's dynamic and we have prophesied this from the start but … where are you in this story?



nasty business. and it's news because the rising tide wants it to be news. it wants to make a point about immigrants and refugees. and we get it! there is no need to push the agenda beyond its fair share. no need to use this obviously (and likely drunk) sad incident with photos to demonstrate how ugly people can be---EVERYWHERE---and that includes sharia run nations. men beating their wives and … forcing them to wear certain types of cloth in a certain manner? and denying them THAT SAME WEIGHT< WAGE, INFLUENCE, SEAT< STATUS, TITLE AND … which makes this somalian's point somehow less than realistic coming from an enslaved religious situation. that is what many americans don't get. and what this poor woman does not understand about one like us. we don't agree that her head understands what she says. 

we are all the same? really, muslim WOMAN? are you the same as an american non muslim woman? are you treated the same as a male within your religion?  YOU AND I ARE NOT, and I repeat NOT … the same! you may not get it, and clearly, you don't … some females living in america and the whole of Humanity want for unjust religious to stop with the injustice. we don't want this "idea" permeating our shores. we have been waiting and working for a very long time to MOVE mankind more toward HUMAN and away from ignorance, but you come in parading your religious freedoms, which do not look like freedom to us … and you, like roman catholicism, and all the rest of MALE DOMINATED DOCTRINE … drag people right back to the dark … ages. if you want to do it to yourselves … that is your choice, but do not ever expect that I should respect what does not respect me. and do not think I want my tax dollars going toward your ignorance, and your parading of religious ideals in a society struggling to move out of its … 

deafness (spiritual connotation on that). and btw, speaking of deafness, does the hijab make it hard for you to hear the cries of the little ones, or the elderly … in trouble?



okay, jacob … here is honesty, again … 

CHRIST LIVES WITHIN ME. so a day here and a day there with a man playing liturgical life, often DENYING FEMALE this same position? … nah, you can have it; you in your high life, sitting in your high chair … does not understand the Place where Christ is not in your dogma and maybe not in your liturgy. I understand Liturgy in a way that you cannot, religionist, and this is what makes me sad every single day I Am … as I Am. because you cannot hear me. I look forward to the day where men are removed that HUMAN BEING might be born. 

the arrogance oozes from their very pores … and so a lesson must be learned. are you prepared for this, jacob?